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The State of the B's: NESN's Jack Edwards with Salk and Holley

Feb 27, 2014|

We talk pucks with Jack after the Bruins return from the Olympic break and drop a tough one in Buffalo to the Sabres.

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Bruins lose last night game they absolutely should have won I heard the excuses -- -- seventeen days off OK that's fine that's how they got down early. President explain what happened at the end of the game. That's the wanna I wanna Jack Edwards joins us right now Jack. Be the AT&T hotline what do you think about Manhattan or whatever but it's the end of that game last. Bad that lost to a bad that -- right I was. I was just. You know it's like without thinking about this today. The pure gold and 172 game six of the Stanley Cup final. It would almost. Easier to accept that I'm not that particular -- because of what it meant you know the end of the dream but. That kind of a -- because you have the feeling that the Blackhawks finally all the power abroad that they were the better of the few scenes. There was little -- which the better of the -- teams or last that it would default simple and they lead with less than a minute goal of the game. And they should've warned that there how you used the word shall let a lot like they should've won that game. And that those two point talkback the part of that one point that they didn't secure some fact provide him at the end of the year. You can -- -- collapsed like -- is terrible they let Freeport fairway and thought well this season against a terrible thing. What's your NA analysis of the Chara play who do you blame for that. That's charts you know I I'm getting -- and I think he already came clean on it wasn't aware. And you know -- any of their government is that there is that the Canadians. Hey he's an active. Capable player and he's surprised jar you attack the park. -- what that does stating that somebody was gonna attack apart from that angle without a about time you realized that he made the mistake stipulate that there was so. All four credit that that capability let. Not now what the broad -- of the city. I was more disturbed by the defense played at the end of the game and watching mark -- -- -- check out their in the final moment. Final minute when the goal was given up especially -- now ski. It's not that I don't like him as a player like Murkowski a lot I think he's either really intriguing puck moving defenseman for the future of the team. But I think it points out once again just the desperate need they have to replace Dennis Seidenberg. Because that's what type of player he won on the ice and it's not going to be char you want that one or two other guys that you can really count on right now I'm not sure they have more than charm Borchardt. Yeah I mean you know that's supported you're talking about a guy -- not work out you guys. 63. NHL games well. He's going to be an export the lesson. As a guy projected as a top -- but from the last night. He got -- run around a little bit not Justin in the final minute but a little bit out of position. Let me ask you can't teach you know he's he's got wonderful speed -- great awareness of but. A BI then and once they just -- And they're upside stated in that make him a super attractive player that in fact made him work through all the -- -- Owens because he was the man in the -- -- -- You know the fact that battery issue all -- Torre quote. Even -- the first look at what it comes time to decide which of pitching is that there which is what playoff series are all out. I'll there there is no solution to the lack of experience you know great -- come along once every other generation you don't find young defensemen who can step in. And behave as if they're thirty year old -- just thought perhaps. And we go back just a little bit I know we talked to you right after Canada beat the US. In the semi finals we did not talk to you after the US played the allegedly played the bronze medal game did not show up was embarrassed -- games so we started to talk about. How -- how the NHL should handle players in the Olympics. Is there any thing and that performance from the US to which really turned me off was there anything that performance the major thing maybe -- shouldn't be an edit in the Olympics. Well. You know the at the Olympics this is the higher. But the older is in all -- sport and if -- wonderful about it and you know I. I'm presuming that all you got yeah thirty at least want. Echoed through two electrical cover is that is that how. This great crossroads. Of athletes. Well all walks of life -- all cultures from all over the world and that's a wonderful thing and you want them. -- athletes representing ever singles or. What on a practical matter you know there's really what other sport has shot itself down completely you know Alpine skiing. Design it in and around the Olympics every four year. It's not like. Alpine -- -- not getting a bastard who -- it because they are playing like Alpine skiing straight. It's not that way and hot you know the attic so -- -- financial ground I by taking part in the and important that terrible performance by the US. Certainly ought to at prospectors in speaking at 2 or 3 o'clock in the morning in Korea and gathering you know. Hash -- rating. That that makes me what are the work to keep all. So would you then have them play again in eight years just take take. You know take the next Olympics off. Well you've got to look at it a case by case basis. And you know we're talking about. It can't -- surged at the -- -- be doing it really picked up and that it really. War shutting the league now for two we what does -- All the polls -- you know they end of the college basketball -- at all the dog days of the NBA seasons so these are. These -- good times for the NHL. The and there are -- in the -- and and shelling out during a holiday week which always is. You know it. It is insured financial impact by the National Hockey League and I'm not sure the dollar ever -- makes sense again. Well Jack I say this with some risk but. NBC's sure seems to think based on the way they were talking last night as if it did matter and watch in the game on NBC sports network last night and hearing over and over again this Olympian and battle limping in and this guy just won the bronze of this team in the -- and the gold -- that team. I mean that they they couldn't have mentioned the Olympics more between the between periods shows and even on during the game broadcast. Clearly NBC who I'm sure is gonna have some some leverage in this is being the major television partner in the NHL. Clearly they seem to think that it was relevant. Yeah well you know -- How much salt you have that we more than a grain I mean come out that swallowed NBC Comcast is in the process the swallowing Time Warner. Our captains in the process of buying out every single bit of media possibly can't. In order for there would be fewer than five voices left in the entire media world. And if one of them screaming at the top the longest that at the Olympics is important. All the money you know. Hit it in NBC's interest the -- down the NHL for two and a half weeks ago and had to get a jolt. Competing against them you know what all of which. All that target demographic that hockey the holiday be watching with -- rather watch the bulletin Blackhawks what they would rather watch. Let's say. -- figures today I mean a lot. You know I hit it that transparent. -- basic coverage in the year to make money for NBC and Comcast so that's where it is when your commentary like that red flag article all of. Are some commentary yesterday that made red flags go up and I was I was hoping that you would call them. Which didn't help bring it up again mikes all -- here yesterday. And impugned. Soccer in pale old soccer audit already wet. Said he is rooting against the United States of America because. He does not want soccer to be big. In this country please Jack Edwards Europe thought. It's a beautiful game -- play it aggressively it well and I would want -- now. With like sometime over couple Beers and explain the game until it's. The current here quite dark for a long long time. And I can't convince -- that OK we can. We can -- are in different places. You know what poor run out or an act -- -- In the sports spectrum because all the brought a lot -- A lot of take it back to late November of 2008. I believe applies. The Chicago Blackhawks. And it -- road game -- -- rigorous two road games out west like in Phoenix and our and then they've played in actual model. And then there -- gonna have three days off with a stop in Chicago before they went out and they played streak in now or. They're general manager dale talent I was not traveling with the team. For the last game. That that first half of the -- game. Plus three -- -- Because his father died. So the Blackhawks after they play a lull. Were booked the flight back to Chicago. And they didn't tell it like nobody -- the media didn't find out for another week. They spent the night in Toronto. And they took a 110 mile off stride into -- everybody made the trip equipment guys. You know coaching staff every single player. 110 -- that like from Boston to Hartford on buses. To attend they'll talent father's -- They didn't announce that they showed up with it on their day off in there one of three days between. Two or three game road trips. And you know what it if you're measured by the company you keep our -- could not be prouder than view you're well the character of the people. That I had good fortune to be around almost every day all the everywhere. In the National Hockey League because that is the charter that's what he means it doesn't work your day off were scheduled day off. Or whatever it if you it if you need to do the right thing to do the right thing. And 2008. The Chicago Blackhawks did the right thing and that kind of thing. Maybe not to that extent but in spirit as it happens all the time in the national -- it. That's a really good story and I guess I would be correct in assuming jacket if you had a day off. Coming on your birthday but NASA was asking you to travel you'd you'd probably travel with your group. What Eric thank you you do. Like your job require you to do and as Cam -- wants all the after he got. Two and a half he opted out of his mouth and convince the trainer to let him back in the game with a -- -- debate over the hanging nerves that were exposed out of the broken piece. He I eat that I don't I ordered to the -- in the rule. Military in nature that together. Every minute of every game they're not going to be a professional athlete or provoke a broadcaster for a longer life you got a chance to make a contribution. That took feel your teammates wore it for you they have your back you have there. -- ever -- like that. Ask your question are -- -- -- -- ask -- something because I share all of your opinion -- -- I -- I totally agree -- -- I agree -- hockey players are completely different -- and -- team and dedication and pain tolerance and all those things differently from other athletes. Why can't more of that why -- more of that rubbed off on other -- There as a culture that runs through a hockey. Is a really special thing and it has been forced. Not why. The guys at the bottom of the pyramid but by the guys at the top of the pyramid. And it goes back to the days of rocket which are glory how. So gullible. And it carried right on true Bobby Yorker and Wayne Gretzky. And Mark Messier and and now it is -- -- Sidney Crosby at what does some people like to make some of bill. That all the team within -- structure no one is allowed to put himself above anyone else ever. And -- do you are cracking the court and you're breaking that that link in that chain that they -- refer. I used the -- or a liberal structural. And that's what it is and and they've really believe that and they play that way and and you know it's really special. Even -- -- truly to be involved with something like that and it makes you wanna work harder and make -- wanna achieved. And it makes you understand how are your teammates are and and how -- get out the make it work. All the time. And and I you know I can't think I really can't speak for other sports all I can -- is that at -- early -- and hockey. And you know I wish for all the world is it. It happened in in companies and corporations. Where you know people give the twenty best years of their life. All pro war on a Monday and try to think what the their mailbox as you know the company want to go to different direction and and that's you know such is the way it is but in hockey. You know he makes. It's more the work. What Jack before we let you go just one more quick thing your opinion on Sarah Jessica Parker. I think the situation she's been in our television. Makers seem a little bit more tractors and she liked it. You know. Think she's okay. Six and a half. 00 like -- Oakland numerical. That it demeaning but. You know it's. She's not she's not they the most drop dead gorgeous. Example of femininity ever seen I guess. Off so the guys in the back -- jumping up on like Saturday was the object validated a drop like it -- a horse reference Indian -- -- be so excited to really make their day job either class either way Jack is great to talk to always brought to -- -- power equipment and I appreciate more than anything you tell me that I didn't need to be down. Near each soccer field in order to have an opinion on soccer that was the best part. Yeah that's our quickly want to help would typically. The jacket to target. -- Jack Jack Edwards brought to you by corporate power equipment and appeared via the AT&T -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Thought our -- is a good one on unfamiliar and because you know he he really does make a good point the question though is aren't -- -- does not hockey player no kidding. Right I mean no kidding -- I want don't have that kind of mentality of hockey player won't no doubt the question is can you do that -- basketball. Don't know if he were the captain of your hockey team that's -- not gonna work but can it work with him as the captain of your basketball team went to the next alcoholic --

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