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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Blame Game Edition - 2/27/14

Feb 27, 2014|

Today we tackle four topics revolving around the 'blame game' in sports, and who should and should not receive the credit for a team winning.

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But now our Silicon Valley school. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Fun game. -- -- Well we've solved it finally -- -- sports radio and W -- and I can't do agree about. You've worked on. This in honor of him speaking like a different human being on Seth Meyers they're telling him at all. He is really strange -- of course featuring John Legend could. Or force for occupancy beyond your technology ally in business to manage -- now let's see beyond manager technology MI integrity windows and doors why Kanye. She stands on is the blame. Game all the blame game we're playing them the day. Day. Who we blame report that a lot of people bet right now I'm very. Absolutely or question who do you blame -- there Jessica Parker being so ugly -- is not ugly. -- you for thinking Robert Byrd Phillies a beautiful we should not stop it. It -- so it probably try to Auburn person Andy who will get down on -- -- would -- -- I would get I think they make a change and be with you use our current person. You would be blown away I'll take that -- Well. Product and I will center on a fellow cup car. York and fear. At Auburn person that you knew her. You would be obsessed. Which sweltering is that teachers so what's more active than you'd ever shot right about it yet. Now. To close them cover -- sure this is quick for more attractive -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While I -- saying. Whatever what it. All right the patriots have been to three AFC championship game in a row and I'm not on the super couple who deserves more blame for the pats post season failures Brady. -- -- -- Her name. Game we -- that. Brady. -- Tom Brady to Obama steal my team but you're gonna get you look at. In the first -- You know 07 hired high scoring -- highest score profits at that time FL history. He did not play well along with many of his teammates let the quarterback gets the blame. As we saw this last Super Bowl Peyton Manning it's always comes back and quarterbacks don't blame him for that. Not playing well I blame them for not playing well -- these giant. In the second -- Including not being prepared very early in the game giving up points giving up that statement so -- urged. Other -- Wales it's Bill Belichick because of that too tight and dolphins Michael you know will never work for any team to a tight ends. I'll start to gimmick that's the collar right that gimmicky too tight end offense. -- ST from Fall River today I won't give you that but I do think that probably Belichick more than radio although both need to share and it is because. -- what's around the -- both with Jared earlier and who to blame or by Gary question I'm saying Belichick I think I've given you the answer I said Bill Belichick. I blame Bill Belichick more. I just think if there was more around rating in more on the defensive side of the football the patriots would have faired better -- -- -- when someone else yes. I don't know let me just let them any. And combat Pakistan out of there and my man Pakistan out of there. The person just. You'd think because he's been injured they've lost to view those games that's the problem. Since you started that state they're back in 2006 Brady started to grow up in the downhill from each other quick -- would Yoko I kind of agree so we -- umbrella and are -- tiger and and it. -- -- Carmichael tanking has been a hot story across the NBA this season the box 76ers and Celtics are -- tank Mota who deserves the most blame. But the phenomenon of tanking in the NBA I don't blame anybody for this this is just the nature of. Basketball unfortunately. Is the one game played with -- only twelve guys really on your roster only five guys out there once star players may. Basketball -- the way it is that's not anybody's ball I guess lame doctor James Nate Smith. -- creating the game that way that's the NBA. You need to have star players in order to win in that sport and tanking helps get to the star players blame that's the way -- Muslim David Stern were changing the lottery system. I don't know he was trying to stop thinking. With two or three teams so you don't have -- with two or three teams now you have up to ten. Go back to that original system where there is no pale there's no payoff. For tanking you may get the number one pick for being the worst team. You may get the campaign. And I don't think it should be anything like -- waited for this team is that bad so its way to have a better shot here picked lower than that whenever now -- go to a flat out. Lottery system. You -- red baron. You have heard -- young parent there you know overseeing the entire process and you just draw -- -- about the perception that wanna miss shielded. But David Stern wanted Patrick Ewing in New York to go back little old lottery system. Factory. Jerry Jones Dan Snyder Donald Sterling Jeffrey -- all deserve blame for their team's failures. So which owner in sports deserves the most blame for their teams socket are you just mentioned. Jeffrey -- is definitely the answer. I mean Jerry jones' teams don't stink right I mean that they have a whining for the most -- and -- had just trying to describe we have made I don't know what do doorway trying -- sterling that terrible owner he could be on the meat -- number two the -- wells are awful and Arizona and sometimes -- won despite themselves are yet they went went to -- -- Jeffrey -- is like the worst human being in sports who owns the team. My hatred for Jeffrey -- knows no bounds and it's all because of the way he steals from the revenue sharing system. I think it's the most filthy disgusting thing in sports here's a revenue system revenue sharing system set up. To help teams like the Florida Marlins compete with the Red Sox yankees -- that are -- which I think is a good thing. You are good they'll -- a lot of money takes -- pockets it uses it for himself. And that doesn't spend the money and his team I think that is this -- it gets an ownership should be about owning a team in the public interest and he doesn't do that at all he -- it in his own interest and nothing else. Different look okay that's a really go once -- I'm gonna give you a contender for Jeffrey -- Well -- it affords in Detroit you mentioned Matthew Stafford how. You know he's not gonna win a super ball nobody's gonna win the super folder for a long time have won a championship -- he gets he gets here. Elvis was doing his thing but let's call it 1957. Ever want an NFL championships since 1957. They have never ever been to a Super Bowl. They hired Matt Millen -- allowed him to drive draft a receiver every freaking years bid. When they moved on from Matt Millen. The public and M and thing if they went up from Matt Millen to Martin Mayhew who also sucks as a general manager. And it keeps making the same mistakes over and over they fired Jim short break it -- short ever get a real coach but again. Jim Kolbe. This is a bad organization so. It is it is all it all starts with that -- I don't know that a door was taking Kabul and support are taking competence over evil before -- carnival Jeffrey -- is are -- incompetent and -- -- Tony Romo take a lot of blame for the cowboys stink -- over the last couple years Terry Jones came on defended him and said don't blame him blame me. Many players have been assigned blame for their team's failures which player in recent history least deserve blame for their team -- Well you just mentioned them younger and -- talked about Tony Romo. Who has taken the brunt of the criticism. For the cowboys failures you say 88 cowboys in the conversation always goes back Tony Romo I've been here when it was glory hole days and I've been here when it was. And so head and said that. I won't Mason -- get -- through now. The probably blaming Romo is it that catalyst this guy. Off the hook the guy just spoke about glory hole once Gordon and Jerry Jones you want to some glory hole it's what you should. Like -- -- got a lot of money but you know what NFL glory hole step away from being the general manager of your team. Allow somebody else to come in and may cool measured. Mark decisions about the future of the Dallas job I totally agree you you know that person should do first things get rid of Tony Romo it's all his fault -- Limited under the I'm trying to think of somebody or I don't extra ambulance department -- a Carmelo that's -- Carmelo Anthony the next. You take from the knicks right now all the benefits of Carmelo pick Carmelo -- the next coaching staff included. What's your -- from the New York Knicks. What are your talent level they sock. Today thought gen art to let it all -- -- all products. Playing golf for Carmelo Anthony and getting a good job of coaching last year from Mike Woodson this year not so much but get a nice job -- -- Don't have anybody that you would want on your team right I think Chandler now that now. And the -- -- are not about now. Certainly not Raymond Felton. So Carmelo destination bring -- back to run that thing. You get the -- get the move into their direction is still doing it a true I don't have an undisputed he must have been looking for one and I have come up with a good. About the brawl on -- before they started winning but I think he was very much at fault for another -- -- pieces -- good guys are priceless art. Miguel Cabrera and Josh Beckett from 2012 doesn't deserve the blame. -- -- but the entire opera doesn't deserve all I don't blame now I needed to Terry Francona nobody deserves to 201269. Wins his next year for. I think I got hurt. A-Rod body's down times terrible. They registers every -- guests it was a match if most of these people deserve the blame but I think best players when they don't win generally deserve the blame. Thought I don't I don't really buy into the question. I think all of these people deserve the plan to do the best player and your team and your team stinks. That's your -- some of the blame shortly don't win it now okay now now street. He generally deserve the play -- you just -- I'm not I'm not saying there -- got our world in this that you have to continue. To tell me about your theory. Here's your theory kind of back you know vast lakes. -- -- -- Now because mostly it's the coach of the or the yeah yeah you always -- GM budget for Bernard for bringing in that got off. If the players' fault I noted that GM is the one who decided the top players should be the man. All the millions you GM's fault yet but don't -- -- play odd and egging you do they are who they are. I mean that that the GM needed to know that -- to go to visit Iran was that kind of got a lot of the work I've advocated it perfectly you to Wear those guys deserve the blame at the GM should have known that that's the wrong player to bring -- -- In a finals -- -- -- you -- I -- I don't -- -- buy my own feeling. Got one yet Marino as the best -- lie I got down yet. -- lowering and Darrell Sanders do but you don't want nobody blames batters and -- ever heard Barry Sanders blamed for the problems of the lines never got blamed. -- does a good article Moreno is because a lot -- -- and Emory and that's my. We've always been there at the -- patent never never patent --

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