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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/27/14

Feb 27, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/27/14

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So can -- now. 3793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question yeah. Are -- -- arguments bit hot fires here. -- will fly but had fired. Attributed to my thoughtful mood. -- does -- need to be thoughtful. Guy and -- -- what does somebody accuse us of the in my. Cerebral. Yet -- referral we were accused of being so re thrown at the -- -- you're -- throw these are not such thing. Is it -- compliment now this year. About the way this person with music complementary -- any of the questions brought to -- -- restoration specialists your property your facility manager of a cold weather disaster plan in place. Be prepared because the winners always almost over contact heiress and 8774611111. We're gonna heiress serve doc IRS. -- built what -- your birthday is aiming at. That's pretty good got to stick. As a good place to start sex in the city seasons three and four after the our troubles are adamant that. Barbara Barbara expert days ago that one of those and -- -- anxiety or you're -- to like six in the city isn't equator and caller well regulated at all because that it is lacking sub plot what -- -- not to watch it. You know that so you didn't watch it fidelity fidelity to but he was dating a female during the time of the year probably us know how much garbage he's been watching. Him. -- products -- -- 1012 episodes that you thought they were all about dated and not well release on nothing important nothing good about. That in the fact that people started naming their kids eat after character that. I can't help that I mean that's not what the conversation let's just adds that this trend now feature. Or whether it was a good palladium has its limits and vapid nature of it but kids you know people name their dogs and kids -- he. There -- guilty Smart people are given a neighbor named his dog Beckett after Josh. -- about it he said. Some guy named horse after -- more recently somebody I don't know I don't know if somebody remainder kidnapped them. And we could do the things people name their daughters to beaver. Do you think Sarah Jessica Parker has a horse face because she absolutely. I do not -- -- the little worthless but I still think she's for and I like it I'd like Portland ugly. Devlin -- of foot and of course. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Her face but now I can't at all. A -- your read it. Our charge who don't. Don't more than I could picture any other person she is an initiative was unfairly adhesive -- she looks like go for what she does if you just look at her that look at -- -- you guys see that resembled -- -- -- when I'm next question. It's all tells the truth would you rather abuse or just Parker from Saturday Night Live tell the truth. As JP looks like you're -- The -- -- you're -- you think she looks pretty durable yeah especially when she's a little flushed. -- -- like what she was square -- but -- is cute -- that Tracy Nelson. But in. At least in the you know we've we've remarks to mark the but the -- that knows -- Basra area. Forget about that and Little Rock for Ned knows the unity of next question. -- this came up -- area the area. Because there are okay. There's Parker bill Tori Spelling and Courtney Love don't don't -- -- on. There Jessica Parker or spill -- -- love this. Yes it is. Stories. Now. You -- or not because she's already half way to kill Courtney Love immediately if you don't think that go with that voice -- -- left for -- -- line it's the most humbling thing you've ever wife she threw -- effort -- -- -- Psycho. She works great. Service to all Americans killed -- GDP it is. That we would be forced to be supermarket and because she dresses well and make -- -- fashionable she you know she's on behalf. Of your masters. What's the name of an awkward. Hole. And if you or HBO. J.'s. Question -- -- entire. -- has significance of that and it. Can bet that eighty each please post photos of each of their girlfriends past and present to compare compare each of their conquests -- -- supposedly eighties there that would be great question it's really applicable you know when your celebrity should be pretty cool oh. All. Question I have no problems and the question I asked you earlier was if you saw her in person. You're telling me you wouldn't think I would I don't know or don't work. Even worse -- no room. Well it because I think that the liberty right off over she's either way. Sometimes celebrities to look at what is supposed to receive and it is -- -- talking with -- -- Oh it's -- Kate what that does this is guy it's -- it's not. Actually being series. Should. -- flight navigator which she and they're just workers and flight in the industry in the cockpit was the speech. The other thing in the back there like a weird and after that is the back of his irritation and giving it to me when I got a double talk about the with the target to -- Condit. Enjoy -- let you get what you get in the Condo at the same guy -- would concept mind that I question my question was the target question. What is -- anyway. It completely different person of bizarre I didn't know pretend that you know we know it sounds like a fashion designer. Play that's what he's getting into those fashion design and he's clearly we're going around -- a lot of progress that we have a customer. There was talk Northrop -- what will will -- trees and it's bizarre sort Myers the other. And I didn't if you weren't looking you would not know you wouldn't know that I'm -- watching a dvd or DVR last night. Person is actually Condit Webster's is like about it for -- and playing him because he sounded so different. I don't use publicist looked equate to -- -- so. Far. -- on that feminist. This is this an interim cabinet that just bothers me the texas'. About Jessica from Maine how do you treat just to adjust to remain Rudolph as a way to go that's a way to get more women to call for sure don't stop. Stop making Jessica from -- represented all women. It's insulting to Jessica added insult to all wet and Jessica is one walk and that listening audience. We don't treat all women in the same like -- we're -- -- just go like that other women listings and -- that's how they treat all women know she's one person who called it. She made a point we questioned it. She start to back away from -- point removal. Other women call -- -- a different point in just cancel all women have to have the same. Touch dial as Jessica from Maine stop it. So it's on the way you -- an understanding appreciation for the way. You know looking at what you -- -- You know it's like if you think about you sound. Carson was definitely necessary. Yes he does. How weird is that what I saw holes differently that is incredibly enough on tranquilizers and convince you shall we had about the family that Don Cheadle mean is that like they could go on Sebastien -- what. Might have been Sebastian -- -- it would -- after it happened the same guys are -- all the unbelievable that that's the same -- here -- got to go out. Four hours Mikey tall come and absolutely and don't forget you guys invited you wanted to -- -- fiftieth birthday party -- and -- greatest bar so it's going to be huge and it sounds intense very nearly made it to fifty yeah I -- And also your 44 -- moment pressed doesn't the fact that LB made it to 5044. For Michael you know. In the next few years. Most are living like Calgary at. Almost our -- start earlier not now with our tickets and chances like LB did in his in his -- you view it takes over the chances LB took in his -- you would have chronic traumatic encephalopathy before you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- you would have happened so fast that would Mimi plus you have -- number image like the most the most. The most ambitious. Night that LB -- ever had in particular have a night like that. I make half a nightmare -- Like I'm just gonna -- but now -- appropriate opera like nobody in immediate talk like Kanye does now we'll be back tomorrow 2 o'clock Mike Adams up next. Good -- everybody.

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