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Jackie MacMullan, ESPNBoston: Brad Stevens only certainty on Celts

Feb 27, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Merloni to discuss Rajon Rondo's unexcused absence from the Celtics game in Sacramento and how the organization feels about Brad Stevens.

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What sign our model or not -- 37 WEEI your calls all day at 6177797937. AT&T text line. Is 379378. Bad win. For the Celtics last night with a focus. Our focus here can't let games like that happen. When you're looking for a lottery spot -- the ball was on the Comcast up three post last night with -- Draper Jackie joins us. As she always does on the eighteenth the outline of Jackie brought to you by Toyota -- in a by commonwealth mortgage Jackie not -- Dario. Hello guys I don't have anything to offer in terms of incarceration. I've never been and I've never been imprisoned I don't have any good stories I'm not sure -- on today. You're the first caller about an hour that's a legitimate reason. On the left hand and it. I think is right at a local matter exactly what you went where I would -- that I was running a drug -- that are. Massachusetts I was -- in the whole thing. We -- some new details we're gonna have coming up this hour on this as well Jack I'll I will stay away from that I will focus on. What you watched last night over at the the east Comcast. Palatial studios watching the Celtics played before we get to the off the court. Out Rajon Rondo on the court and thought he summed it up pretty as it's likely that without Rondo last night. They get blown out he was complete game changer in his second game back off the -- paid day off over the weekend. You know he was during the Olympic Games he you know he set the pace. He had great energy. He made good decisions. Bolts packed dishing the ball in and taking shots you know it worked a lot on his perimeter game. -- during this this injury to -- me -- and you know I was five or six from the free throw in my goodness that's what you trouble party for that I'd go to. So yet he you know he had total command of the game there and unpredictable for the immature wasn't the only one he tends to do this when he can't assist her. And I think he gets up for guys like Jeff Teague who you know has a similar skill set not as talented but that similar skill set quickness. I'd like to think he's the quickest guy in the -- it I'll set up perfectly for a big game by -- and that's woody that's but he gave us. -- -- -- Remember his first start out there it's letting it up with 29 point nine you know I mean -- looking at -- and -- another although this is it actually for him run up as far as salary goes into. And you know he can do this occasionally and it's why he was a high first round draft pick what he was drafted. He has the capability of doing it but again they keyword opportunities consistency. He did it night in and night out. And he would have been available to -- Celtics. And when he was so that's the problem right. He just -- streak shooter and boy he was on last night and he took that wants follow lay just beyond the foul line with the shot clock running down means. Well I was pretty impressed. It was an impressive performance individually in a tough win for those of us who are hoping. They find -- way to the top lottery this story was not how to play last night the story's been. Jackie last couple of days. Rajon Rondo not traveling with the team from LA to Sacramento and it's people have been texting us -- talked about this and -- a phone call lot of people saying it's not a story I. I feel like it is the story because it speaks to the decision the Celtics have here they're gonna resigning of they're gonna trade ever they'll let -- walk in a free agency -- think. That last what's gonna happen is don't get anything in return for John -- so as they try to figure out a we -- long term with Rashad or are we gonna try to trade him. I feel like stories like this have an impact at some level because it speaks to whatever the relationship is between the organization. Amber's John how did you receive the events of the weekend. Well I mean I'm not surprised but let's start with that. Rondo is known he you know one of the issues that Doc Rivers -- and at the end of their -- together and they're all pals now because they don't have to deal with each other -- -- One of these just got applicant was Rondo thinks he's smarter than everybody else he thinks he's above everybody else. And that's a wonderful quality at times positive self talk when you're out of court and you wanna prove that you're the best. But you know listen. He -- he should act them I -- if -- said that the Celtics look I wanna stay behind my whole family here they're in LA I'm not gonna plainly Sacramento. I'd like -- to. Dictate you know the private table where you gonna be what time -- gonna be in you know get some parameters and I think -- might that -- I don't I don't think it would have been a big deal. The fact that he didn't bother to do that if that is in fact -- went and I guess we don't know a 100% for sure do it we have to be careful there. That you know is annoying now is that a big story now it's a big story if you don't -- -- against post planes that the big story. You let him play this game anyway but here's what I do think it is significant. If you wanna be a leader if you wanna be the captain if you're the guy that can stir the drink for this team. You have to your leadership matters and it and it doesn't matter what the team's going to get. Leadership matters -- you keep going back when you're losing five in a row when he had a horrible West Coast trip when when the trade deadline has passed and all those veterans that were hoping they were getting out of this mess aren't getting the match. That's when leadership matters that's when the real guys step up and say OK it's -- -- want to implement that we're gonna make invest in this situation. And so the timing that this kind of bad and the other thing is. The biggest thing. I think if you shut up his coach now whether he meant we're not I don't think he did he probably wasn't thinking. Because he thinks you know these guys think about themselves right it'll take about how their actions affect others how it -- I'm sure when Rondo did this he wasn't thinking. Economic Bret -- looked back today and I'll show them up and now and -- blow -- blow this off I guarantee that was in the process. The thought process he probably wasn't thinking at all he's probably think you know what I don't feel like on the Sacramento I try to stay in LA with my family. Still but he did the the ultimate. -- telling -- what he showed up -- -- It's coach I've got him to the beautifully never mentioned by name last night in pregame. Said you know I thought it's a good question you know all about the city doesn't I've talked about a lot clearly was not happy with how it went but moved on from itself. Tickets based laundromat I don't think it's a huge. Huge deal but I don't like Ron Ronald comment afterward the -- had a chance to say you know what. I should've done it was in the communication. My dad let's move on a college head. Yeah I didn't I agree with Jack give it to me result more about the C and his Jersey. You know -- and that leadership in. People -- Very emotionally like criticize him because talking about leadership and and you get the guy that signal you're right he's an awful player like I never that was never that would never said the -- leadership thing but right here's what the league said Bret Stephens in the Clinton days in gaining just talked about publicly -- And we all those lot of things that happened publicly could could just come out and said I don't understand we are talking about. To be public we did talk about it before he left in -- -- internally is not terribly -- usually Doocy. You lie at the right. Blair yes but I think you know what don't I can't I think if they didn't do that it. It's one thing that's very clear to me. I don't know who's gonna be -- -- at the end of the season my guess is not a whole bunch of those guys on the team but this one I know who's gonna be left standing. His name's Brad Stevens and they gave him a six year contract a lucrative contract and they told them this is your gig. And in any political that a complaint I wanna be traded at a elected satellite that they consider every wonderfully you know what. In you'll have to be done because we're keeping him. And I think that was the message that -- resonating through this and I think that's why they did it and I applaud them for. Make it clear this Brad Stevens. He's going to be here the rest do you guys it's that the UN the U wanna be here not because if you don't want a -- line with what Brad Stevens is doing what he believed then. What he believes in and I believe that he didn't believe in what Rhonda did. Then you make your choice so I I'd like that I was okay. Attic I I felt like Ainge. Change the big -- began all this with -- pat asked about it age could've answered and I feel like Jackie it's good to fall below what you said. I sort of wanted this to get out I think they want this to be plotted to I mean old with a Danny could've easily passed over Steve when Steve called bright and made it indicative. Could become a non starter right there when 88 it's the question yeah we're looking into it. -- US sources say doesn't have permission. I feel like they they may be of frustration level has been had they felt like look we all the barrier because we want people to know about this we wanted to feel some pressure. I'll try national park coach and organization by not corn -- with Sacramento. Well -- -- and I'll go that far I think people that found out about it good for Steve it's good reporting he was on the trip. He knows he means very well he's you know put in that -- so. He found something out. In and you know I don't I don't know I haven't talked to Steve about I have no idea how he went about it or how he trained to do anything. But it'll he had his sources he had a story to story probably gonna come out anyway so I think Danny probably felt all right he's got this story I'm gonna say. Yeah -- gonna talk with Rondo because I think it gave the panel that it's a big deal. And it doesn't mean that I don't think that reflects very well indeed any I don't think it is as big -- deal as everybody make it out to be. But but it's an issue it's a -- issue and then run the committee. Doolittle kerosene -- last night -- beat up by the way he behaved and you know the old the old fashioned blame the media are -- that all the they would. You know what my bad. I should handle it differently miscommunication. Might mistake but I'm ready to move on I'm part of this team I'm here on the -- actually had to do. -- -- Jugular -- -- a -- of a baseball make some changes -- collusion rules in different sports and I know now it's -- kind of joked about this four point play in the NBA any bigger court Demi. I don't think anybody really wants that is is the thing you think is here is what exchange does it seems like every sports make -- change is -- NBA think that. Well the look I've won I've heard. And the one that makes a kernel of sense to me is -- ignorant. Higher intensity and too many guys you know dunking guys bikini in -- a leak a day to dunk. I've heard that talked about. I have heard also been talking about making a bigger trap resort like but like an international game a bigger keyboard or trappers like more space in the key. But I don't think anything can happen you know the four point play and -- goodness and just getting used to the three point shot which is a gimmick in itself. You know the three point shot what it's done is made bad teams have a chance in game. And I would include the Celtics among them by the way and certainly Dick -- -- -- we're just down to the -- Of their -- their roster right now with not a single big guy on the floor Andy -- tallest big guys that Dexter Pittman was -- a ten -- contract and everybody else over six foot eight on the floor last night. They can stand NBA games that they shoot threes which to me is is again. So why we want to make to gimmick. Twice what it is and four point I don't ever -- Eyesight got expanding the floor that's the one I agree with David playing with the size basketball courts it's guys like Bob -- sure we're playing and you compare clueless why do mean. And make it a little they want a little bit longer bit wider specifically Jacqui right to give as the players today like. Apparent Shaq to Tommy heights and as to Sanders sure is different animal -- I would expand the court I agree with you four point play. Make the court a little bit bigger as the players are bigger and they work in the forties and fifty on. That's the idea of like the eleven foot -- -- and and that's I've heard that stuff I've heard it spoken. Those two things will happen well before four point play can assure you that. -- Jacqui great stuff as always appreciate the double talk you next week. All right guys please stay out of the -- you still need I mean you know the one thing you worry about it don't -- which should be think -- man. If I commit a crime I can be Donnie young with Smart little let's not let's not promote that -- Jackie and noble we we have we have some winds up there already rated talk about this issue we got more debates how -- are at -- --

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