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Our ex-con friend Rabbit joined the show to discuss Aaron Hernandez

Feb 27, 2014|

Rabbit said that in his informed opinion there is no way the guards were unaware of the fight.

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You can't come here and act reckless into euros doesn't knows when that person that I can hear. Let acted the way I want that today you get changed by a build those six way. You can change by the pays your way and now they're on the patriots don't live my -- -- They make the right decisions. It's Erik -- and Gagne you know you are right there. Next summer still gives the children here is that there and can't act reckless says Aaron Hernandez I mean he wasn't a killer Belichick turned him into -- -- Changed his wings and PCP. -- twitters blow up -- let another. Twitter world blow rabbit trying to threatening rabbit is trending on Twitter. I take -- About this appearance -- now. Talk about -- joke or trial and Hernandez trial on over the federal trial will not be televised play along with me here for a second. Both are going to be on television but you can only watch one from giving the -- that question I love. Ernie and which what what did you see you about I know I know I need to I don't I thought this because we're gonna put Belichick yes. I'm proud to be understand I don't actually get -- out of a burglary circus while due to testify. Is on the joke ever testify now. We don't know him -- test. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those say that's her name is because. You know some of the principal's office and we wish to know the characters in right here you all guys -- testify though check in. Crafted these guys to be called upon his -- in the civil suit -- well yeah called to testify to got a gut shot me I. -- -- Probably be alive right couldn't get it right and you may get that whole list of witnesses album dead by the trial. Our expert on this kind of stuff. It's a pal from. Infield rabbit rabbit long time no talk how are you my friend -- quote I don't. Would -- agree that -- at the at. Which struck would you choose. I'll definitely Hernandez yeah -- -- -- -- regarding north and a couple of them. At least have a chance to get off. Is there any -- -- -- in prison was it was and it was that I -- a jerk move. To beat up a guy who was in handcuffs and he wasn't yesterday two days ago. I'll tell you why that -- That happened off our colleague got so warriors they think that occurred there in the whole first of all it's even segregation on -- unit. He either probably every bit Iraq you know is obviously a reason that the -- from the rest of them so. He didn't it and he thinks -- Hernando -- -- in the Soviet sit there and just keep Staunton -- -- culminating in doing -- -- Warner. And I guarantee you what happened. That the CEOs like when he was coming out in cops who you are coming back -- shower or you know outside record company so I guarantee when you come back and the seal agreement taking him you know talk crap that Hernandez in the crowd -- simple bottom. There's no way that you can get those two people never get out in Akron area so. There's going to be an investigation onshore and they're gonna check the cameras and not normally it. But I'm -- -- world turned that -- but if they look at the last hundred data to a camera right on the spot light like hundred -- also dependent -- by Apollo was moved on. If you had to guess rabbit you say you would say that that happened because somebody intended it to happen as opposed to by accident. All 100% and you're going to happen on accident it like six or the -- the war on guard the audio. The law and -- you -- you would come out one album in like a bubble in -- open the door and all look at everything to make and how well there's no way. It happened -- go back I was. He can and it couldn't have done not that -- big huge shipment in Europe and the crap the ball pops Hernandez will look like a bitch basically if you didn't altered them. You know what what you get. If you had to guess rabbit what are the repercussions what what what is the penalty for this forward her name is it. What are you gonna normal for a little bit which is no different for him and he was already knew that sell any -- -- the only thing it now will be felt like one hour. But they say one -- day but I don't think you are uncertain under the mobile county state you don't in the an arm. Basically. If it were pressed charges which I don't know all they would look at that the fans is that the the discovery gets are different if the discovery. The video video on YouTube and everything I don't know sheriff for what was I don't want WOK if there is the video and -- show that the guard them or much throughout. So I don't know what the press charges but if they do that I'd never gonna go on rat. You know I mean he's not gonna report that the -- a similar in the post and never have. You buy it hasn't it it's on video indicate charred embers and even ultimately going to apply in any case it's this -- Bright are you buying this idea is there a reason while these associates Fernandez dropping dead do you think there's connection. -- -- seemed pretty used it seems pretty obvious and I mean all of a sudden. Everybody its history and order to implement many people aren't. The right out the crap out of the textures and. And he got called him. Where you are you know I recommended to me I would like right over there aren't going to certain -- and wait you can write the president as well you know let them read -- and stuff like that about public on the white it's that fast. They one of the textures and ask rabbit to repeat what he said a couple of months ago when you called a news and Eric Hernandez used to come to Springfield did you say to shoot. Won't eat you know we got taken would do anything it would buy each you do whatever you -- you there and I got shot actually -- will put. He was there shoot one you can -- or drugs or shoot people are. What would he shoot. Into overdrive bark like I am sure you didn't have a problem going to work. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- rabbit that talk could be a good -- behavior and grab the idea being good. Yeah problem being in the world so I'm a -- knuckle mark. No promise -- good -- -- check in position and don't matter at all. It's too bad casino is going away he he got arrested in Florida. But it. Wouldn't. Be a complete game can be can be your muscle -- yeah yeah and I mean. Somebody had backed him yeah I mean you got to get all ganged up you know what the deal will be the canyon. That it would be a good -- that -- meals cook for a sit around -- -- cook in order to get -- tell acts well or you guys. It. Anybody in for fifteen days but -- -- or should that be like the locals with -- with Marlon Brando in Apocalypse Now -- -- when he walked by -- bowed down before this -- -- to be hanging from treaties immediately -- would that you'd just on the place we will take -- -- -- get to the fourth and final -- Dennis and -- -- about a good friends won -- and invite you to join us on the FM side. Thanks very much honey dew donuts and -- Sticks and on the and Karen and if yes -- -- that Israel muffins and -- minute hands actually had one this is gonna Hungary. Number one of those big east home commitment for the -- you cannot yeah. With cream cheese and -- like that that -- -- ultimately -- put on the medical Blanche. That hate him yesterday and usually break up to -- baked lay's potato chips on top of that he's I didn't do that yesterday not all that I'd want to acknowledge that the cubs have Turkey. Swiss -- is no hot chocolate. All -- -- a coffee break off your coffee America good -- excellent that second cup. Our Bristol county sheriff Thomas Hodgson next Dennis Kelly.

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