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Sheriff Hodgson with the latest on Aaron Hernandez

Feb 27, 2014|

Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson joined the show with the latest on Aaron Hernandez's altercation in prison.

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It is the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan nine minutes after five and we are apartments five minutes after 9905. We are pleased to have. Joining us on the AT&T outline the Bristol county sheriff Thomas -- good morning sheriff how are you. We're doing very very well to date sheriff what have you found out about -- how and why this altercation took place between Aaron Hernandez and another inmate. Well don't you don't have those specific to the point is that it's still ongoing world via these super -- -- -- About that it is working with he. What the statement supports are trying to piece of all the -- -- figured Jack simple went on part of particularly. The relationships won't -- well. Of course tiger in the world and the consortium all those things but I don't want a -- one thing that was social media. Media users which which it. He's not actually include these solitary confinement and -- nobody could either the individual's capacity discipline. Up at this point content to digital going to. But what it's just what the difference is that we. Would and it covers a violation of rules of altercation. More often than not the people who transferred to a higher level security. Well what we call waiting status. And and that means that the and so we investigations complete albeit a higher level of security. Which you -- -- court. And when and what further restrictions are in place is something like he he was taking his meals but by himself in the cafeteria now -- take the only in a cell. I don't know there's never been -- -- their cafeteria. That is the children. These. Serving himself but I talked about this -- do we keep. Here that he has moved into political special management where. Each person to -- or whether we are today when one person it's a lot of overtime. So. That that's that's no special management operative. When you go to a higher level of security changes. -- where it's one hour show room and them. And and again -- wanted -- to be -- the current. And that you do it and he would become so much speed. -- cause electrical -- nuclear dispute courtroom picture. Can you tell a sheriff was the other guy handcuffed. -- this altercation. Look I can't really -- get to that. That PPP investigation at this point but come. But that. You know that something will be. Likely talking about what's the sift through this group approval. I couldn't stand on. -- even more. It's unusual I would guess for an immediate and -- situation to be able to get access to a guy like that anyways trying to pick a number of guards to be in the area. Well look look this is this is something that converts. Part of our distributions well because there's access in the expression when his unit. What's on the concept for her -- mobile supposed to be the common -- -- unit. And it of course welcomes all. And -- for the content they are in straight so. So effective that it was a government -- common carrier you know Rick's questions will be about potential. Your normal protocols and potentially important. I'm thinking yeah. Bad decision and I'm not thinking about. You know within Google wants could be doable with the water jump to conclusion that there are a lot of factors or to put you through -- -- You know we have a lot of these young officers have been no rules -- pretty this was a busy place and what happened to this. Sometimes we're pursuit subjective if you would. There were can he went out with a series has. Atmosphere and who we view a lot of a lot of computer which in some officers and people haven't followed -- Repeat it's important to point you know people get caught up the greatly stakes big. You wouldn't be huge church with all the force one. It would be kind of things happened was there was a total disregard was here was just simply something so but he didn't follow along the procedure. We won't know any of that tool to work was completed the investigation but. But certainly that's troubling to me because we -- -- -- and this is a great place business -- you have to follow along. But you can't you can't even give. -- be careful not seem to think -- any kind of favoritism toward one -- NATO and other petroleum. Little bit extra potatoes on the plate because. That something as simple as that can create serious. Serious problem institutions -- were very strict about that our staff -- really good but again it will. You know would like anybody else in the organization we can have -- -- should support that happens we -- conceptually if we did. What are we gonna do to fix is to make sure that this kind of thing can't happen here. We're talking at Bristol county sheriff Thomas Hodgson and that'll -- heard the caller prior previous to you coming on share but he may be he he he made the point. And you can't comment on the specifically your investigation is still underway shortly to ask this as -- hypothetical where -- theoretical question this guy said and he spent some time in. Your system. That no way this was an accident was -- likeness signals got crossed and one guard did know the other guard was one guy Iverson the other. He said this was not an accident it was intentional now I know specifically you can't. Comment on this incident. Would that be theoretically possible that because one. -- Was disliked or for whatever reason a guard made sure that two guys got together that it wasn't an accident it was intentional is that theoretically possible. Look anything's possible particularly. You know -- that. But I would tell you that took my scope for -- circular increased for a communities came in here. We know our -- special agent in that situation was because she is somebody. Who was very notable. And people in prison which we know sometimes will seek somebody else who. -- and being part of the community which produces -- and some reading and we'll try to ruin the world structure of the prison -- by his. Being aggression toward that record which also so that's why exactly like the special relationship they want. Because what we have an obligation first and foremost to protect. The security -- -- -- Impeachment staff to its old. -- careful about that almost effort -- to the you know the people who need to be there either -- people who are dealing with here custody mr. communities of people -- choke. Are people have been been carefully briefed about all the potentials forward for the -- right because anything can happen in the present. But but I would Durham that would -- copy your listeners are expected with them. The president didn't. Sheriff are is DMZ offering them bags of money your guys your guards to get this information. -- look we don't believe we don't know whether it's. You don't need to go to sometimes. You know contribute a total -- here pretty difficult on the present its. -- was beautiful -- -- remember if you read articles some of the jokes or what have you got that from last week you know you're. We don't know. One week you know -- -- always looking to try to get the thing -- can hear that. That we were told that the -- Some of these -- there was an offer. For anybody can get the picture to communities in prison for the that the tour is to get the third -- of dollars. So I'm not saying that that's what he would consider it hadn't heard that rumor. -- -- But we don't come. Well -- -- -- to -- the very -- certainly you know would argue the policies -- over these technical capacity provision. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's not -- -- what it is and so. So we QB. That we would like I would suspect that. That's going wrong but the again we're we're prison we have. We have always people -- the typical sort of again. The people who were constantly looking for and it's difficult -- your. Were there any problems with. Well I wouldn't want to do to really pick specifics about any unique history you've totally put put. Like I think it's fair to say by march he's been relatively. -- -- -- Is he had me interesting visitors should tolls for you and have anybody. From the patriots is there anyone thought might -- lately. I'm not aware of that are different wouldn't wouldn't be able to feel visitors reassuringly -- -- but we're pretty notable. It -- -- a question of me what are the chances additional charges will be filed against either both of these men. Once investigation runs its course yet after the two quick questions look who grew up process works is when there's an attraction like this we look at them. All the evidence that interpretation. He should one or both. He charged that administratively. Total discipline. The reaction. Forward probably -- and the violation of the rules or was there just a single. One in the in the parties to -- Picked -- we'll get it administered discipline -- the war large to cripple chart shown serious so look so Broderick. We. Obviously. -- -- cases where people the average taxpayer's property here mentioned it to the -- break in particular premiere week we would move quickly took the court torture. I could believe that we look for restitution because we just couldn't. All the people. Who were coming here who allegedly having been -- harder maybe because the potential of our public schools lost. Because significant dependency thing. Pushed us difficulty. Continued pattern of -- computer. Sure I apologize if you covered this earlier I might have missed it I I believe I understand correctly the prior to this altercation Fernandez spent 23 hours about 23 hours today in his cell one hour out. Has that changed now as a result of this. Actually yeah actually no he -- special management which is which is -- so that they were only allowed a one hour. It at times so normally Q&A special management unit to be up by yourself. When Aaron award for -- call today. Some experts for locals and you walk around cyber -- that you just looking small and then later in the afternoon. You get another hour if you want to -- could be the first sheer written record twelve by eight foot. Sort of sense that parent and then that and that if you go to the next level of security. Involved in the for a commercial over these problems. Are you would you with good people McPherson shell and to -- -- -- Rupiah by yourself and would be true. Forward wherever in. It's -- -- I'm Stan Bristol county sheriff Thomas -- some things are much for the information we appreciate the conversation this morning. Welcome to get everything sheriff joined us on the eighteenth gallons.

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