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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Richest Oscar winners

Feb 27, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane. Today the guys discussed the richest Oscar winners.

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Headlines brought to you by eighteen -- cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible am by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do precision. Fitness equipment. Tough new security measures. Boston writes for the 2014. Boston Marathon band backpacks. They along with the by the right -- -- so called bandit runners we run off and even military marchers. May be barred from the route to BAA announced yesterday serve military marchers and allow military guys to run. Where back in the thing with the BA's emails to military groups that traditionally marks the 26 point two mile course. Cole will not allowed to participate but Davis. Who's the spokesman mark -- Mark Davis said the told help matters to -- -- I imagine common. Think fail to come around let the military guys march run whatever they wanted to do the bad news is meant -- -- was gonna where Batman cost. Know what cost and no cost -- trust and so they're Groucho Marx will not be seen know all those people that wouldn't drag you know these wacky you know and they can't Wear costumes. Our runners up to check any bags. In Boston Common in the morning walking half -- retreat and after the race water bottles larger than one leader. Are also banned runners went online to criticize the new rules should be a BAA said. Were set after discussions with -- force. Runners and I think if you don't Littman and here entrance opens them accustomed to terrorists win this -- -- -- theory you agree with that. Does affect you at all now among the big you know a backpack. You know you don't have. -- big big water bottles or anything no I think it's dangerous -- too much water before race studies show on electric a little bit of water. I'm looking forward to the first couple hours right here in the studio I'm guessing that day. And then and got caught it -- the right or wrong and then heading back to we had plans in place to be at the finish line those plans will probably fall apart they will be. -- absolutely not happen and -- we will. I think -- arrive from somebody who started. Immediately fifteen should leave here. Asked what kind of your group leave a soft tossing things that a Claudia and sausages because -- that was a story about the got to ask him he -- here I'd be adopted and sausage. Although -- pay forty bucks in -- word is. Yes. Was I find my way -- GPS that reference. Sausage for a at the airport was more than willing to do it and I told -- forty box on my account of the import costs for morning. With -- said at this before which Dutch in the old days of the month EU you drop me. Was happy to -- in the elegant. TV the night at the Logan Airport temperature in the airport before that one haven't let that one what airport and driven to the one province. About what you've never driven Logan Airport in your life I've never driven I've ridden there wasn't paying attention. You York be the car loans sausage and Jerry could point that it would have that he gets stuck where hole yeah I don't if you you -- -- GPS right. -- You did not wanna do you that you were impressed that at all last -- if you wanted -- response he just looked at mile. Two in that wanted to do was work into is currently two -- on -- -- that. And as you know market cap for a month surely you you have seen him wanna do -- great fares well I was. Yeah -- in what you -- -- a daunting task to find the airport when you understand how easy it is to get a lot daunting task that has an airplane on engines all the planes taking off from you know in the -- it wasn't so easy but nowadays it couldn't be easier -- it's almost like being in the normal course. But he pulled cart action pretty much well as it turns out my car didn't start that they got in excellent. So you couldn't you know fuel switch you need to feel like we speculated that you never been on the plane before that accurate I have been on -- plane multiple times. You but you don't really need the money. Is she in seem interest and to what he funneled cash -- forty -- at 440. I did for eight at 635 -- I said forty and the -- was 45 and to give him 45 bucks UW and done well depends how did it mean because it's like public good and no -- -- awful at a given forty you know Hamachi makes a longest drive from the airport and back QB did come back here we go home well I don't know. True true it was Leo it was sleeping here anyway. Who's going all -- minutes Max twenty minutes for forty bucks sausage up with a gun to your head right now it's at Logan Airport can look at GPS how to do. Get on the -- can go east. Two good starts so -- after the obvious right now that production you said that I would have to tell you how to get. -- he said. I wasn't thinking at the time it. I was I was well shocked by the questions is expected out pilot is yeah captain austere and rush out. He's got them back and ask somebody sitting of the week is I saw those things. Ending days. -- cast a glaring national spotlight and Arizona governor Jan Brewer a Republican. Veto the bill Wednesday with a given business owners the right to reserve. Refuse rather service to gay men lesbians and other people on religious grounds. We've the governor here Greg. Senate bill 1060 cute does not address -- specific present concern. Related to religious liberty in Arizona. I've not heard of one example in Arizona. What business owners religious liberty has been violated. The DL as broadly worded. And could result in unintended. Negative consequences. That's is a huge national story big controversy over the last couple weeks Sports Illustrated reported that the NFL which are planned -- the Super -- their next year. Started actively exploring its export to section second option which is the sex and option which is Tampa. So they were and -- move -- -- -- fighters to be that's frightening here's my take it is my take on -- I'm I'm file an action filed in America voted for -- with the California. No problem. But I got a problem with this if I I have a problem with people being told McCain can't do things within their business telling people communicate -- You're -- gonna happen and I mean soon someone is gonna walk into Muslim owned bakery. That's I need genomic music cake I want you make a Mohammed I want a picture of Mohamed on it. Them big nose on big bulging -- okay. There was saying get out of my -- will YE a home that's religious grounds right somewhat and I know that's an extreme example but this is a slippery -- what it. If you own -- place if you -- restaurant and you don't want gay people TV your restaurant were married because it offends you religiously. You have the right not I think give the right not to serve I would do for my -- I probably wouldn't go there they did it. We -- separate water fountains and I would not well -- to make that ride in the back of the -- I would obviously not do well we -- Is essentially you're like you're saying. I don't -- only whites and coming to this diner but -- either religious objections -- has -- -- has anyone and brewer by the -- shoot two or three -- day Purdue that's. As as anybody had their religion. Violated she said she's seen ask for here and seen no evidence of anybody writing in earlier years I -- here here's a long list of here's the template that was set -- I think was in Oregon. Or is that if -- a wedding photographer. And you're. Catholic religious sort every don't believe in gay marriage a gay couple wants you to be harder for the wedding and you saying no it and then they get upset that you about it and and -- legal action. That happened -- -- After the Colorado why -- they just say I went to the Supreme Court. Right and they put I don't as a photographer break out of business. And and militant gay couple that could just go to the next dollar and go to the next baker. Who say you know. And you -- to get my business and I go to the next I don't have a talk again amused that I ever go either restaurant -- -- he's not a lie you don't set. Religious objection resorts believe. I'm like Obama was a year ago and I am against gay marriage -- two years whenever I went to five when I go to restaurant that that didn't. Chose not to serve. Gay couples like probably wouldn't that -- personally it's it's stupid. But hardly tell somebody that they can't do that and I like -- here's what's really frightening is the NFL getting involved in this and I'll predict this to within. Five years NFL will tell states. That they have to approve game there's. -- half to. With the whether it's through the courts here. And the courts hijacked. The issue ports in states that vote for on the referendum. That state has to approve allow legalized gay marriage or they will look at the soup global. And you do you think that's far -- probably not. Not just they're clearly -- here I mean that's that's stuff is going to happen yeah that is scary the NFL could do that or any business take out of towners you know. Say if you don't approve gay marriage and by the way in again the it was the clintons were against that Obama was against the a year and a half ago so it's a radical thing appeared in favor of traditional marriage but. It is the greatest political campaign in US political history. Gay marriage. Proponents have won the day and they will continue when the -- within five years. The NFL will be on board and not just the NFL you'll see the other. Conventions in other sports and in businesses located at that if you want important and it's not in the world you can be on board that. On board that marriage -- and if so you're -- I mean I don't hate you. And I mean what are you against gay marriage of course courts against. I mean I'm when I'm not like a finger to the wind kind ago Obama I was with Obama a year and I went left. Barack and I were in and moved shell were on the same page a year and a half ago and -- were in the trenches together fight and W buy -- a good fight. Why don't make your character finally admit that you guys aren't you married to should be able to get actual right. Two or three guys should be agreement to grow -- would not allowed to do the polygamy argument. When a lot due to relive a problem epic -- once -- in favor of -- -- And -- at that and this interest -- study wealth X dot com did this. Who do you think is the wealthiest living. Oscar winning actor actress. The wealthiest living. Oscar winner winning actor or actress right. Mel Gibson. No not on the list not the top top Hank divorce number to the net worth 315. Argue that day alone. -- -- -- I want to run game. I thought this was a terrible went over. And over in a great movie subpoenas aren't any movies read what -- yes -- true easily character development fielded dreams terror and rate movies. -- let me -- let me -- sure older or younger than Tom -- older and older and mr. -- Redford. Robert Redford is not on -- among all. The guest room we've never won as an actor director. All the on line. -- -- -- I don't well he's won three Oscars as an -- Jack Nicholson Jack Nicholson 76 years old 309. The million dollars you want actors -- it -- It. True there's the reverend -- and as those laws be guarded by men with guns I love this I don't know but he didn't and a lot. Here's a -- that top ten Texas 215. The -- three. It's 300 has sliced -- The dollar cost one as incidents writer in not -- that structure -- best picture he gives our producer that. You start -- Barbara Streisand who's number three Harrison Ford's going to be as I've never won an Oscar Sean Connery is fifth. George Clooney is six. Michael -- seventh at Hopkins eight. And tied for tenth Robin Williams 150 million Sandra Bullock who is going to make their saying eighty million dollars for gravity is -- 150 -- that. Here's a quarterback aren't you protected blind side when you look at him you think of me. Others. If she's on number ten spots. -- The book that accurate portrait read them in a blind side of various -- she seemed to -- book inspirational -- It does -- about it and it's it's about football's much it's about Michael. Obviously the evolution of the pass rush -- Mark Taylor. I needed to watch it just to see the cameo from saint Nick Saban was great training camp. Yeah they go to that that's headlines brought to you by AT&T are at fault lines opened 67 -- -- -- 79837. We'll talk Cooper took on a sheriff Thomas Hodgson when we get back I should take two on from Amman has fascinated by. What's on the common line John got mugged. John is in the car. They guy I don't like what's up. Went yeah. -- and the cowboys at Eagles. -- And big day why Ted -- And coming out those what are afterwards. And again the date continues to be fun. My buddy of New Jersey area they went back to their homes and I decided that it actually. I had that 400 because that would banker as -- -- what libel. And I went to the maitre. They sent me a cab will be there about five minutes just go around the corner and looked in the cab that cab stand. I go around the corner and -- -- giant guys inside of offensive line and want him soccer and they want them takes manatees at pier thirteen Timbaland. Hit the wall at the Rolex watch. Take my glasses my Blackberry. I literally had not a guy on. I could not get taxicab. Completely back in my hotel. Called the least reported incorrectly to the station to file a complaint. But it's against their liabilities drive from one to their hotel or anywhere else and western -- And I said wait a minute I just got -- victim and you will not drag me back to my hotel. So long story short. I 5000 dollars in dental work at a nice porcelain and act like Entergy dot -- by. Well back to the airport no idea whatsoever. No passport. They go go with this gentleman he was about six or seven African American. Swept through. Any had a nice 44 and the -- mug instead of US Caremark -- you'll be sitting with the fear flight could have been any nicer. Game all week before Christmas. A battered bruised and at the dentist every day for a week I'll never step foot metal and again I don't think Matt Light and now. Did your wife by the story that you had no money when you got back from New Jersey. Yeah if he noted that. My my buddy Bobby tells the similar thing happened. You know fight them or in rock if he grew up in brushed or anything. In the -- innings out of his mind you know drunk yes and -- -- -- -- -- -- Punched him bag beat out of a knock all the teeth though. And it was awful but no more players walking around with -- -- -- -- publicly -- would like Matt Dillon missed about an area that at any never girls girls the league in the time of day until. After he has faced punched -- get the news choppers worked out well you'll upgrade a happy ending another was like Forrest Gump wasn't a happy story got it's like force -- It hey even get a deceit did you he had is that it's such easy and -- yes and she not right it's -- TC PG etiquette with him. So we think we do once -- get a -- -- more than once it live once they do them. I know that they did was that -- -- positions that would suggest he may be more likely get too but I six I don't think I. That someone -- a sequel that's their app. At. And then his son grew up and saw dead people. That's not good for anybody right right everybody a Saturday morning unless and check out -- playbook with bill Acosta and Jenny Johnson Herschel to combines new England's left the game with its passion for food -- heads into the kitchen. With the order of the blue ox in in Lian and learn how to shape up at Mickey -- blocks and senator. -- playbook Saturday 11:30 AM on nests we'll be right.

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