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Rondo skips a game and blames the media

Feb 27, 2014|

The guys opened the show by discussing Rajon Rondo's latest comments regarding his decision to skip the trip to Sacramento.

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-- Makes me laugh and -- little. -- he called John Lehman sell it -- -- but he said written in the and complimentary way yes yes it was. -- Say that word. Yeah actually we just played as a -- your finger that's he said the same the -- along the lines of the you know that's the way guys -- great. Cocky confident players that's what they are right there Rondo led the club implies that that -- arrogantly ignored keyword. And most of the great ones are then yeah I'm coming Tyson talked about yesterday pregame and said Bill Russell wasn't -- arrogant big news. It is fine on minute points so at times soon as anybody gets into the media to circle the wagons I mean brought. Rondo was wrong here and we all agree with that -- -- like it. Mean obviously he's brought -- the idea that you blow off the trip to team -- have a little birthday party with mom is wrong don't you wish it would blow off last night's game to a kid -- beside the point I mean if you if you wanna lose you know that's beside the -- I don't think Brad Stevens. Is trying to put the worst team we can on the floor a Brad stevens' dissent. Not a whole -- captain sets that tone by blow -- old team off. -- You could say and and and stable pat writes this it's different degrees of degrees of murder here in this would be you know manslaughter wouldn't be first degree murder -- suppose. Which can't say that he was wrong he can't say that he wasn't selfish. He can't say that this was a bad wolf a bad tone Africa -- has does is. -- -- -- -- -- -- This is weapons charges carry weapons here who sang and he's carried until you play a gravel and a double homicide -- study suggesting that people were criticizing -- to -- -- which. The anybody's do ID -- a -- saying it was a silly selfish act on its own. Not a big deal but indicative may be of a bigger and with everything Brad Stevens said yesterday. Action would ever in Brad Stevens didn't say -- right ruling gives you an indication what the coach bought about what Rondo did. Exact all that we're in -- internally and and you know that bode well we've sat down and talks and you know we we did that Monday so you know. In my in my mind and you know almost foreign and you know when Danny gets back in town they think you mean spokesman there. So essentially to let Danny do with the -- a little you attacked spec and but he didn't exonerated him he's he's not joining. Members meteors circling the wagons and leave -- Rondo alone he's. He's just a special strong hand is -- our stuff complicate these are selfish guy who apparently is not all in. On Brad Stevens. First season here in Boston and he didn't help the coach by any means and he didn't have a good example as a -- should be captain let's give Brad Stevens another opportunity to. Put out this force fire with ground. I think that the. Biggest things right now is is so for me to move forward and for us to move forward and that and I think it obviously it's something that that is it's a great question asked some -- certainly has been a lot of time thinking about that but at the end of the day I pass set point. So I talk so you know I've had discussions with him before and after. Yeah. He set -- Saturday and -- -- birthday cake none he of been a call yesterday I'm calling yesterday are so many levels backwards. Wednesday. Think about this. The 37 win at Boston Bruins with 79 points or lost. To -- seventeen win. And 34 point buffalo sabre which they lead with these these two seconds ago show and that nineteen win Celtics. Beat the 32. Win pox horrible. Horrible win and speak up backwards we went from 84 degrees to twelve we backed up 72. Degrees and. It's a rally here of the biggest fools what we'll be living here in the -- it's mean just a natural. Well what was supposed to be animals right you know you believed that you yes we all the awards and -- different than -- -- on a lot of animals that go from you know and beautifully the degree weather in the sun. The birds fly north in the when all they are Smart enough they're Smart they do they are Smart if you put our brains in a bird it would -- backwards and by -- And homeless people who came. Muster up the -- -- cheer them on the bus ticket. Goal from Toronto out of Miami everything they show yeah yeah what do we do we go the other way if you ask yourself that lie about it. -- of the cab or whatever and say hello we do I think you know. I think living in. Fort Myers. Would not be for me it's not real intellectual here well you need. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Place Fort Myers is very nice I would certainly spent winters there. Essentially say people at Fort -- stoop. That. Right -- that's that's exactly. And it's -- -- -- -- people bounce help -- Smart as we yes Africa if they're Smart Smart so bad that it would never elect Elizabeth Warren they're much of the week until this point how did you get intellectually stimulated that you made -- back here to of the universe. Well what happened to -- drove through chamber Ol and let the U whacked it media you went to the -- over milk you at the pocono in. In in Davis Square or something that. Second copy shop I would -- -- -- shot the breeze the category. Poetry. Talked about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some -- area 86 today -- the guitar you talked about Joan -- usually you know how awesome game averages. Right. Whatever -- to marry to gay people. To use the popular -- right right yeah that's right -- of the year hopefully this back and -- you know the people -- merit one he should go to Saint Patrick's Day -- in -- eyes and then -- -- -- the -- joined the parades are -- that jobs taken Marty -- -- -- lost is going to officiate brought the word that properly oh no we didn't worded public and I apologize by people. Just -- out Osama. That cult theory it if you talk all PB ages about women for -- -- sexist that's -- -- in -- does this year's what -- that of snobbery it's not obvious it's obvious why IQ was almost under. So I think it sounds like -- -- comes back here and -- of the office with. LB. Sits down with Curtis Assad. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And a wrong step back for second but. What's like in Fort Myers for you June. I don't wanna live there and jihadist -- strictly a matter whether it's not a matter in the ankle downs frequently -- you're still working. So what -- it worked. Out there in you or shall full time from. I was listening to him this two guys with -- an afternoon news shows -- on the SPN radio down there yes yes they do all my money out that's the and they do national issues boring as hell but that's the only way some some program directors like that. They would tackle the issue with the average on humans all right. -- cause basket. Word Florida's Gulf -- Yeah stuff like that -- Have your views about into the Fort Myers blitz right 5 o'clock I heard it it was it was a great. Aquarium. Leaps and bound. Are both fair. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And she's ruled on and you know having this profits and probably. It's seven degrees in Boston album -- talked to five different people with but it was a very random people on the street pulled out of the -- although Specter could pull off an elected to what you could -- we could sit there and talk about. The trafficker in on the hike on 128 article that I do it from bullies. I don't know what buyers like foreign countries I'm up and wanna be in America time isn't. Thomas believes it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- In person at four others at. If not need to buy anymore yeah blah so so people in Fort Myers -- stupid I I. Yeah it marks the first element in -- -- -- back you know my ability to withdraw idea a statement that it's rather stupid people for Mars -- stupid people in this code are stupid people everywhere. I don't feel like it's -- real place that my problem when I duplicates of -- otherwise we -- -- -- even at all although many little spring training -- right down there. It is a real place and unfortunately it's a real -- real traffic. You know it's got crowds and lines and it's kept a lot. It's got a lot going on if you wanna feel like got a real police department to ask you for no apparent reason for its real cops. Even the wild -- was gone issue last year but while Portland next hotel. Watcher date with the babies walk very cool but think that older than I know it's the gentrification. -- Fort Myers, Florida where that is right with me or -- pushed out into the wilderness where and and that's that's okay that's progress. It's a battery back in Boston. Well it's nice to be around him friend. Is always in Little -- cents a -- come out -- -- -- -- Honest to god it's this this bull bull pat wash for him meaning there was everybody used to jump on and say it's not that that it's not that it was complicating. Luckily I'll probably understand rob is one talked to OK too because you know he's community guys get the MB community assistance of the -- us. You know this is yes I realize in most people hate the media and defend the players most fans. This call for an explanation and of the generally you know people and good players have talked to media. In this case he's the captain he's the leader peace be it's rude to the young coach the rookie coach I mean screwed animal or. What you could call for a little enlightenment here hell Rondo and maybe could say what many had just said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Indicates that sort of bad guys now I wouldn't get his car. And and making himself late for a game when he threw a water bottle through a video screen during a Doc Rivers video session. And go through just call it a -- for help but rather read a -- via via the media has done a lot of Deke move things well I -- -- The ideas and -- -- just minutes later yes layered. When when Ron Jaworski said that the -- Celtic in the third and aegis. Broke it broke that yes the game to broke why won't work in the NFL. And -- -- A hole in the means they. Divers. But there was so when people on the Jaworski in this year's appearance on deploy. Again. If the movement from the old days or you Michael Smith in round one and these guys things to talk it's. -- I missed some it is as Jaworski that. Even if you were what's the difference it is okay my divergent -- you know edit with a different set of prism and it's another example of just how far we've gone down that shocks and wrote. Where you'd take a shot player. And the first instinct much in the medium to the Twitter verse it is. To defend the play protectorate and I feel the opposite that that was refreshing here. Jaworski -- very objective analytical guy who looks at film. Say this might not work in the NFL he might be. You know Ryan -- -- -- might be JaMarcus -- amendments. That player but he might -- -- -- the reason some people -- -- has moved out of -- because he -- -- -- Controversial -- if he goes and does this drama you know to -- I don't think maybe I don't know I mean we don't know have you ever seen any evidence whatsoever of -- being agenda driven his comments I don't -- -- well I don't think -- and yet I'll find some examples of people one. On the and -- and all of this is just in the ESPN does it. He's trying to feed the beast I mean it is doing because it it's a few months ago is going to be one and greatest quarterbacks embers may be starting to do this stuff I that's two opinions and year. -- -- an -- quarterback. Analysts and but he said -- member -- -- a slob yes and Jaworski took a beating but that can't predict hot again you said. I defend them honest. Do you think you would look at film epic its. OK maybe. You know -- -- one of the greatest ever and he looks at camp -- Physical tools which -- off the charts are correct and say. Great team. Great coach -- party in the history of Nazi type games he's gonna be one of the all time best is that outlandish -- aqueduct. -- -- -- -- -- -- And you -- And people in the media -- -- When you projected numbers we. Look at look. At ten years the reverse is all. Jaws on Johnny men's jail. I'm a big believer nickel you know that but clearly. You know who knows bands cellmate fault I'm not crazy about him -- trivia I've only located at five games. I wouldn't take the first three rounds but that's my hours it really complete right now but. He has. Not -- a whole lot to me. And then and when they did this one of the shows that ship play that interview. They showed a budget gaps of mistake yeah fumbles and -- in -- -- real bad pass him. Don't watch or go to you don't see ghost who often I mean we saw arm against Alabama beat Alabama on the road as a freshman was off the charts. He won the -- I voted for. He's spectacular. And you know what else. We're all rooting for. Right because he's most interest -- most fun guy to watch play football quarterbacks in the the most fun position to watch and sports. In this is one of the most fun quarterback shall oversee. So what he's doing is thrown cold water on all of us when he says. I don't think it's gonna work right but when you did you see the -- of low lights. For some bad picks -- -- really bad pay. It's beyond that though and I'm sure jaw slot we spent 72 hours in the film room yesterday watching John -- tape and they say I don't know this for a fact but I read where they say. Much what he does when he looks good scrambling is because he chose to not throw it to open receiver and scramble so what looks like a good play when he scrambles and make something positive about well what could be a negative. Is really a better place. And isn't it Joe's job to distinguish between X one a fund -- yes and a good player that would translate the NFL because. You watch how let's see how often he stepped up in the park in elect Brady Manning the great want to Aaron Rodgers. Step up and deliver its a hard thing to learn when you're such a great supervisor. To stay there be patient step up in the park -- because he's too short he hasn't instinctively and host of alignment. But and maybe that's not a fun highlight the show but you don't see the traditional. In a five step seven step drop and step up in the pocket -- of a boring. You know tenure now right just it just isn't part of the highlight package but just saw he saw five games they were. -- bad the they broke down his QB rating in those games vs the other ones and posters that game -- a pitcher but isn't that kind of a servers for us have a guy breakdown his bad game. Surprising to see the sober analyst who would do something like this and have a guy so far -- have seen nobody admin zealots at the top six -- so I mean. The safety it said you know at ease the twentieth best prospect 25 that's what -- -- -- of the fault he's a four -- quite used to be my fifth pick right. The -- third round at the same mean up to in the top 85 players is that you don't want ED IE. I have no doubt that a number of NFL guys teams feel the same way right. They watched the same films -- I -- try to lots and wound up they think he's third round count with a big Mike but he's not worthy of the top ten. Rightly ought not worthy because he's obviously a very good athlete and did you hear -- began. There would be a commitment to a certain kind of offense if that guy. So -- backed up and John -- -- with your offense is built around Michael Vick. It's very difficult to find somebody else who comes in and runs that very same office. Not necessarily nick pulls that it stepped in in without -- rung up at the way he did it didn't miss a beat and that -- in the season but. I don't know made known to do you build up -- round them regularly get certain yet what right. And he's he's going to Cleveland convinced now he's going quickly -- It's depressed well. -- -- announcers say it's not for days ago the third round and politically well absolutely to a popular organization as it too late for him to become like a great baseball player you know go away one's in Brussels and the like Russell desolate at Saint Louis and Cleveland -- me I'm playing baseball. It seemed good baseball player James -- -- the -- right or maybe Google for these could go free throws console though some maniac here you're just approved -- -- I'll throw problems. You haven't a slam slam yeah but I would put them too cheap as they always afraid the break it by a new one. Slamming. And have adults last -- like maybe in the saying -- I don't believe me -- I would just don't break anything it's. You know it's like to break one club set. -- like. This Kamal broke all the from the way I put them away and put them in the basement and it but all over the to punish you throw anything in the ocean of frustration model well -- a bunch of balls that should. On purpose to -- the problem and -- -- must model. If you. That part three -- ninety yeah it does anyone seven drivers in the in the ground for drivers it is sandwiched. Missed some would -- things on the hit -- driver into the ocean just to do all to ought to start. That's sure that before -- -- that you have some extra golf balls I thought I should -- that they can -- today. Over shot. Carty Don and about 700 times that -- it in the why do it again 61777. I 793 set to reduce the real quick as they're going to be calling you names I don't know. On nine -- and no doubt as to which it stands for Myers like all of this true Miramar lakes would -- to sit around and a good point. That's good -- -- that was the most -- forces at the end of the week. That was good that was a good story that was in Houston look realistic. Here we go a week ago -- did the did the the wolf we'll get street has got a new plan that we're aware of our lakes. That's what's again CU reprisals he retired. Talking about stand their July August you want but he's gonna be retired -- -- you know -- -- people -- gonna be retired -- like you act like well I love for my Beagle likes Africa I mean -- actually we wanna live there and never come home just at the same. My point is I I can't see this guy retired. For three months a year is going to see before you budget and just living the retired. Shuffle board and he'll be going cardinals are we going among illegal look at what -- of the -- that -- marched onto your morally it's very nice right. White sandy beaches of its latest right now how slick the Truman show it's -- you know artificial I'd love affair on. Annually by artificial. That god didn't make that -- the you know all I know that. I -- so that's a problem for you down it's clean it's got to stand a bottle those sharks and their -- by a public that he minute and they don't let strangers in so that's good -- high security built and he can run -- him which is strange. You couldn't run. In public. The -- you insert that fountain at the beginning of mayor Marley that Israel put their life -- that that's you know that iguana. That was artificial synthetic yeah. You know it's got -- battery operated you know quite tennis. We got heart and our yeah you got what she they bought she -- you should take. Come visit every winter. Cool that -- -- got to plot that place and looking at huge -- and a yes. Will the cage like a little break we don't need we don't need hotel makes eagle that will -- bridge and he noticed there with the public what's the deal. -- last. This would be a beach that I would embrace it is it's all set up for. They have and the banners up there and shares were able waiters her life that I read on if or the infinity pool pavement and -- yeah I was -- to artificially appropriately. Big juggling X one -- amendments and elsewhere civil trials that we hung out we were trying to figure it was -- and that -- I don't know them. There are new around here what can we don't -- your cat around and it's dark that public. Advocate posted. -- I tell you that. I -- ID. But we hung out walked along the beach and we can go down we can Muster in the winter one guest room as we can share no it's it's actually -- this is going to be -- wing and into what the beverage -- wink -- point we gonna win. -- Oh and I have though. Details today of services for those. Sort of less intellectually challenging is that those challenges that -- all you they have arena is funded programs -- read -- -- that we could save as well. They haven't hit it advocated it. If it was a matter of paper they have sailing -- put more on the the big artists like -- and -- on the cement. Sailing that's clicks occurred story -- -- -- -- entities when I get back when we get back. -- intellectual -- and this is why I'm frustrated again Adobe producer. He proved it during our trip back yesterday I -- them African. -- at school but couldn't use them between the -- very strange -- the gap between them whose strange he has his head to head it. Misshapen skull area right behind them. And I don't remember cuckoo's nest that one guy. Publicly use you use big Cranium yeah -- uranium thing and he couldn't talk or any of these one hard core yet cases yet. And how they did for the move him to be on the with a misshapen skull. This -- was just like I think walked onto the plane behind him he had a HT shirt on the said the beacon and firmness. Something vintage automobiles the there are so that -- was that the guy I was him I walked the -- behind it was in every time the call the -- be bumpy flight yesterday and -- It -- so now. He was doing the prayer of the -- to some -- rocket -- -- -- -- across I abused him he's popular due to a rocking on this release are so -- held and we have a -- story for men handled we get back. And -- crime took place in Arizona. Yesterday. That brought tears to my eyes this is one of the worst things ever read about theme. Experienced in my life will deal with that we'll talk to get in a low shot in New York City and by the way we'll talk with the Bristol county sheriff Thomas Hodgson. Later in the broadcast to make a decision. Position lest we want a blow by blow gonna try to get an out of the exactly how the -- at the -- movement you know if it's as if that mister t.'s. If if what it's the details are true to punk move I've -- deep desolate -- the convict. That Aaron Aaron Aaron is being -- to. Meet Perot could beat them that's true. Men and could have -- him well through -- What you think you could couldn't handle a guy -- can -- nice. Missed it it it if he probably mixes it. Up at the very -- -- Up and we make a decision. A lot of people we've met yesterday about the Jake -- interview is really about baseball. Mean specifically about baseball know -- enough sliders and change ups and its counsel soft like that with about. Life's lessons anyways is embracing what god does yeah sniffing 10 yeah -- -- what no one would have Bradford says -- Reference at -- who was embarrassed for. So do we want to replay that because it was late in the broadcast right. Took Uga I don't make editorial decisions around here anymore it's me in trouble so it's -- you are on the AT&T text line if you'd like here the very interesting non baseball music life's lessons of those about a week I do but the problem is that we played it started talking Obama's favorite Springsteen song we don't have to -- We don't have that capability is technically 2014. Let us know if you want the other Jake Peavy interview again it was brought.

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