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Discussing the future of the Celtics: ESPN's Jay Bilas with Salk and Holley

Feb 26, 2014|

We talk about the future of the Celtics with one of our favorite basketball analysts, ESPN's Jay Bilas.

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I did bill's gonna join us here in a few minutes while talking to -- really one of the one of the some he's one of the smartest guys in this business would you agree that I do agree that he's like legit Smart not just sports Smart he's actual Smart. The we doubt tribe called quest lyrics I think it's just young cheesy that he -- No -- I don't know if basket. He's been doing it for like two or three years -- -- it's like a bop thing were to sort of happens automatically. But he had doesn't every morning mini it basically uses Twitter to do he follows nobody is adamant about it. Does not follow anyone. Or not follow yeah. The only spits out information mostly uses it to rail against eons ago. A script and I like -- that's our promise that any use to do to make fun rafter. But now rafter is what he moved on to CBS. About a box or something Barbara Boxer that I think you know completely -- -- Marshall Gus Johnson yeah an hour after reading other media delivered again. I think he's he's gone -- -- as both CBS and he has via those sort of belief which I don't understand how that works but somehow he's able to do. As a judge here in a few minutes as we talked about lead Rajon. Rondo and in and how you feel about is. Going away from the team celebrating his birth the -- prioritizing something above being around his teammates traveling with them and -- them in Sacramento. And and I'm I'm I'm screaming at loosely you know not everybody agrees that he actually did that. How important is it is you're -- whoever the Celtics again a draft in this year's in this year's crop to find somebody who who has the personality. How much are you looking -- personality. Amongst the NBA players are drafting the talk about a lot in the NFL. Right Johnny men's health and and work against him Ron Jaworski said they wouldn't have him and his top three rounds -- the hell out of that. Is personality driven it's not just as his -- don't -- says I don't. Don't jaws is think about it just is not strike me as the kind of guy who is. Really caught up in the personality of the player he is a film junkie and this is what I saw on film in this is what I saw that the football do it. He threw this ball here. I didn't recognize the coverage in this situation scrambled when he should've stayed in the pocket and it is second congressional all the stuff I don't think he really cares about. All the stuff -- most people do what John immense though he has won titles polarizing guys. It and we all of talking about them and in anything Johnny Mandel does -- man yelled traffic. Ticket. And Johnny Miller Zell tweaked a Johnnie -- and they'll have this gesture during game. We're talking about that because he's like as a kind of a jerk but I think with him it -- -- in that analysis I think he's just. Basing -- on what he sees our film David. I'm with them there's nothing good come out and and claim my guy to shut up my guy clowning but. Welcome back to the number one pick. About poverty was for IB let's bring -- -- -- on right now he is not only works for ESPN and CBS but also brand ambassador. For UPS the official just ex partner the NCAA in association with sports that leaders that LC. Producing the UPS team performance index for men's basketball which comprehensively measures often to the defense of data. So -- for so we appreciate you coming on today what we of course. Are talking about the Celtics and and what they're going to do in this draft in the assuming they're somewhere in the top three to five. We know who the candidates are we know sort of what their games look like on on a college basketball floor. -- more inside their personalities if you were looking for one of these young guys to be the franchise changer the leader of your team going forward. Is one of them have the right personality for that. That's a really good question I mean I think if you're looking for a franchise changer. It depends whether it is in the short run the long run because there's you know -- libido of Kansas -- the franchise changer. -- along the lines of why you want but you know when you don't know whether you're gonna matured into that. I think he's got the the temperament to do it. But. He's a great kid but you just don't know. I do think that your -- Parker duke is is probably the safest choice. Basically. Music big time talent. You know not there yet defensively. He needs to be more alert on the defensive but as an -- -- player he's he's you see him just kind of making improvements we can balance wise and in his even that didn't -- that twenty. He's been a double figure rebound in the second half of the season. And he is -- -- different spot on the forward can be more effective. I would put him up there I don't think. I don't think -- Wiggins is ready. Just yet but he's improved a great deal is more transition athlete. I don't think he's as good Parker but he's he's really really -- and I'm not sure Wendell Wendell usually handle from a Kentucky. We remind me kind of a black went off. Which is that's good gap you can get -- -- I think give the Celtics who have Sacramento would be happy with that. But it -- you know you're picking for the long term is how will you take it you have all those guys available I don't know why I think I don't Parker person. Indeed. In the united have a tough choice between either -- -- Randall. I'm glad you mentioned -- Parker have been raving about this story that Jeff Benedict didn't Sports Illustrated cover story the educational depart Parker. They're really gets into some of the details behind the scenes interactions between coach K. And Parker and you went to duke and and you know coach K very well I was impressed with the honesty -- the back and forth the level of communication. That they were able to have with that familiar to you when you read that story is that is that something you looked at and said oh yeah I remember. All Mike's saying this to me many years ago or do you believe that. Maybe Mike has has grown as a coach and he is able to do things now communicate that way now that he wasn't able to do to do then. No well yes and no I mean he's always been. I -- Ended trust for the and that's something that drew -- to him because he wasn't enough famous coach when I chose to play for him. When he recruited me you know I don't even think he'd ever played you -- those so he'd never coached that it would turn McCain when I've played for him. Until I played them. But you know he was gonna put me in different ways that he that he is -- Jabari. I was the player that put the -- -- him. Yeah he -- He told -- who's gonna do a little bit different value and tell me I did I didn't have a position new thing you can do right now your position is is right next to me. Started four for four years I was fortunate to do that. But he's he's he's got a great job with Parker. Of teaching them how to be a star and one of the things whether it was Graham hill ashamed that you guys like that. That are. I would call reluctant stars because I don't think they were reluctant but. They -- fit in you know there's such good guys to -- -- One of the things he's able to do with them and say you know what it's okay for you be the best player. Did your teammates want you to be the best player to do. And make them comfortable in that role that the team's star and now he's got a unique ability to connect with guys like that. How much do you think LeBron had to learn that. I think LeBron had that pretty early on I covered him when he was high school in fact I think the first game he was -- -- -- -- I I -- I was one of the guys that was on the team and you know I remember saying and I could compete for a time say -- about political player -- -- mean I think I'd never seen anybody could is that. Colby Garnett one close he is about. And in the most physically imposing you name -- most skilled. But I think he was groomed to be the man and and I'll tell you I'd like. I think I had a guy that is is -- the hype and media spotlight but he's had. He lives of people who aren't it is not a good guy he's a great guy and for him to be. As as good guys he is -- been given. The opportunity to go the other way. And then people would look bad tonight I think speak really highly -- -- he's he's a terrific terrific young man. Arguments and MB and make the projection at least I'm always high -- to get their -- the projection of Hakeem Olajuwon. That excited me a bit but it made me think of this. How hard is it to you project high school players like LeBron James summit that at the age of seventeen there are seventeen or eighteen. High school college players. The pros and what are some of the accused who -- some of the keys you look for. To make that leap that this guy will be this when he grows up. Well some of it is. You know the NBA -- comparable you know you look at you look at what the -- -- just like you would if you're trying to. Decide what well how close were -- trying to put into how -- get comp. And so you look at it dead their body type they're skill level. -- do all the analytic stuff. And -- in wooden -- all the numbers and then some of it goes off your experience and then what you know about the about the game what you see. We try to project that and I think you have to accept that you're not always gonna be right that you can't you can go with all these measurable but you can't measure of their heart and potential. And whether you know whether in their determination as to where they're gonna realize that you try to gather all the information you can comment. But you know I've been I've been right. Thankfully I'm way more often are wrong. But you there's some guys you think they're going to be phenomenal and and their other guys that you think -- going to be you know that -- that they have a chance because south may turn out to be terrific. So you know you take the good with the bad you do the best he can win when you are wrong you look at the world why why did I miss there. Like I thought the Greg Oden would knock it out of park. Now you can argue that well he just got hurt. If you haven't gotten hurt bands that I was comfortable with my evaluation. But he did get hurt and and you know there are some people that you should have known you can get there is on the body style. I'm not one of those because there are a lot of doctors looked -- -- they didn't like it so. Long waited waited saying that that you do you do the best you can with all the information gathering that you can do and and -- tried. You try to stay humble about the fact they look you don't have some magic guy -- -- -- that you yet the best personnel people. They do their homework in -- in the gym all the time and I tried to do that too. And and take some pride -- that but even with all that even with all you do you're gonna -- to be wrong sometimes you have to accept that. WEEI you know one of the stories we've gone over the last two days here from Boston. Away from the team was suppose he. He has scheduled day off but didn't go with the team from LA to Sacramento stayed behind. Two to celebrate his 28 birthday and they're so we're taking this as. Not captain like behavior what do you remember of Roger on Rondo the person the teammate the potential captain from when you covered more college in his that culture. Like Norman high school and and he. He came out at the same time he came out a year behind Sebastien Telfair. It's hotel there was you know coming out of New York was -- is Blake exceeded -- the big shot point guard going straight to the NBA disposal. And that's where. That's what -- was probably what. Eastern high school. And I thought Rondo was that a high school player than it was better player better prospect of help -- at times I think that's a thought that the one year when -- when not talk about health care benefits on the draft. I think -- -- Rondo was to effect. You know the one thing you question was his maturity. And I think he's done a really good job in the MBA. But I do think he's been a handful of times. And you know now -- -- if I could be twentieth again -- party do saudis like it is part of who can't blame for that but. You know. I think you have to pick your battles on these things and as long that he's performing on the court when it's time. There are certain times it looked the other way. And I wouldn't get too worked up over this. But. You know he's not performing -- that you can look at -- different areas they have committed Dario. But I wouldn't be I wouldn't be willing to draw the line that you know -- a road trip to Sacramento -- worker replies. But. UPS trying to figure out the most efficient and well balanced of all of the division one men's basketball teams throughout the country where can people find out more about -- All the web site is about Politico you can look at all the -- if you PS dot com slash sports then I think. Yeah just for me it's great for my every day evaluation team. -- -- we get for the NCAA tournament. There's -- PST performances that can really help you make it your -- Because you know while you try to go sometimes with with what you've seen. The numbers can be illuminating and and help you make of my -- if you -- -- your -- -- your -- -- whatever you're -- -- -- -- OJ we appreciate it -- just minutes and Thomas always good to talk you'll do it again. -- -- -- -- jail Phyllis is on Twitter at GA ability joins us there be the AT&T hotline and now wanna give back to what you said about Rondo. But just what it takes to some of these kids who they are what. -- -- the most famous coach when I chose to play for him. Also why is Jay bill -- like hipster band fan when it comes the Mikey -- He's -- day I went to suggest you before it was cool to go to -- jet ski I heard about him way before you -- -- he told me put the -- and success. He also made my cheap shot ski that's all can -- will be right back W the.

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