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Some good old fashioned fun with Soccer bashing.

Feb 26, 2014|

We have a little fun in the final hour. Don't take yourself or your favorite sport so seriously.

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I hold up a little bit you know they'll holdup with the -- Just old I don't Jordan. But just wait we're gonna play in the film loop for the rest of the hour observed a -- off the aboard got talent -- -- Jobs -- man who looked up some of the tough Montell Jordan's fault hits off of put on these yet. Know Alan well this guys is ever called Nate -- beating some of the golf club in the video shoot for -- old single. That makes sense it is on the golf course to Texas where he's wrapping herself for the home actresses get it on tonight is better than this is how we do it can be done. It's. Amazing. How the possible the -- so you'll -- thinking about bets on the same way -- thinking about and -- that Strickland. I would restrict song would get no love from our text. Texas hated people hate Drake right. -- trick people hate them. It couldn't guard got to kind of annoying kind of things something -- people I know that he can speak of mean that you're here on its own easily. -- -- -- is -- art Mississippi aren't Smart he's still exist to wants something he's -- you know something. How he relates -- a candidate you know from the dirty so often so he's playing a character. Like you play a character on radio not really liked it. It's actually who are not really new York and though. Actually I really did you have it'll split personality and there's a little of regular Indy. And some of the new York and he's lurking in there as well. Us businesses on other -- To answer for number two with -- let's ride featuring yeah -- -- -- -- It is good that the. Our practices are proven my point that I want anyone Eric Drexler played Roger exit left during his name is altering true. I don't know that. -- He hosted SNL earlier in the year it was awful these web therapy was -- and he was good at all. And you know I'm in I'm -- pretty open mind with us and I love us now I need to watch Seth -- debut the other night -- running. Wasn't perfect but it was funny he tells -- little nervous out there ever wanted up on the desk he was great many of Joseph Biden on a job like person. He's he's the greatest VP if he does not care goes out there is now -- hell you're talking about BP's -- do that stuff. As Gupta are your goals this is how we're doing is corny that other songs better. How we do it is not doing an OK thing. I'm -- protector except tricks -- I agree this it was electric grill -- he was not. Drake as the poster. I agree to -- use that phrase pose those are still using that word yet. Some influence from strippers to prisoners to present the -- and people register person -- -- -- takes over kicks over ice cream cake -- -- -- Christopher -- advocate -- present everyone on -- it's good to is that Kyle -- Lou. I do not track announcer the. And Erica. And I got right after -- in it that our brother Kyle tried calling us back I just completely in a mockery of this moment in the meantime we'll -- for an answer we'll -- to run for those under threat from Canada bread. No threat from Saskatchewan. And hope you burn. It means to have -- All league they listened Marilyn Monroe is joining -- -- and America's Merrill morale yet or one note Fred threat from -- -- had no thanks. Anyway. Why -- know how to do it yourself how do you defend your citizenship I'm so ashamed of Africa. I can't be too upset to call in today with news Carey price's injury Emmys get me out for a few games are 22 bombed out. From your native Canada -- never that I would like -- -- -- you -- your fan of the Canadians. Were you are where you are -- for the Canadians to win what were you or were you not rooting for the Canadians the way. We root for Patrice Bergeron to win. Over capsule okay and that's why I was rooting for the Canadian. -- know you said the other day you liners and they're getting ready registered as their game. Eight as it I thought the Canadians should have won because that pick -- -- Their game and topic at the Montreal Canadians game resident at Toronto maple -- game. -- -- Hate that action tunnel may at least I hate with a passionate -- -- -- think it would but it's their guests for a team on an end and then and then and then you know. The Bruins coming America's immigrant. Well Tim Thomas -- -- actually anyway. That crew that we get that point five games left correct. And that. We nobody -- not talking about it I beat this stretch run. This team is going to go by Iran and -- gotten it -- can stay healthy that there lines and and promote the top they have had runners on where. -- -- what are -- just -- do you think this team with the best in the Eastern Conference. After tonight the -- three point behind -- The game in hand tonight that three point behind it. But and kept it that. But what he's been doesn't really matter -- -- like Don -- used to do when it seemed it get down the last ten games in the -- Roland. And they go on and what and when it matters. That's what what you know the -- -- throw it up to the what you know that we need I don't understand it waking comes on went to the yet Danica. That third line is what I'm excited about. Ericsson tonic and Kelly I mean there over the top they they get going to pick up put up numbers is either sorry. Briefly before the the yeah. That's -- electric -- and I missed the last austerity those thirteen twelve game mean we haven't had two years but. That's that's gonna promote -- it. That's right that we have noticed there alignment so stay healthy and you've got missed the boat if you don't jump on the bandwagon and. They've gone beyond and micro. 44. To meet the and I know for a fact the Bruins change there game what might just be a birthday so they could celebrate with. 44. I think in the -- -- your year. In April. Your opponent that's. My hard Freddie like banks and get irritated bred in Saskatoon. If you believe that keep finding out these things about our caller Stephen -- is actually not Fall River. For from New Hampshire actually love the Canadian -- from from the dollar is actually can not them. How messed with America because then that editor of great announcement you know he really -- you really like it hates Montreal -- launcher. But that comment that he made after the US lost. To Canada. Accused is rooting for Canada and when it. You write about the Bruins I mean they win tonight they will be three point behind Pittsburgh for the best record. Maybe three point behind Pittsburgh for the best record in the east. Which is good I mean he's right there they're team to jump on -- in good shape but I'm not. It's not like I'm watching these last 25 games thinking OK they've got to get the number one -- girls that are in trouble they've got to shall we something. I know who they are well put it if I know they are averaging an additional come along and economic you've come along because this time last year -- tournament the Bruins. And they start to struck down the stretch up. It you wanted to see -- learn violence there where I learned my lesson learned a lesson on TV because at Berkeley he got -- and headlock and as I can't well. You know Mike in my time between the boards I got time between the board got elected -- You know you haven't been where I've been physically could squeak out a bit where I -- you don't know what I know. You talking about have nothing to do with this is not a predictor of playoff success he was right. What they get hot down the stretch when -- hate what they slide into the playoff if that that's true life. I hate that he's right not because I wanted to be right I'm happy that I was wrong -- but I hate that that's true. I hate that the regular season is no predictor of success in the playoffs hockey. I -- that that's true. I hit -- at the end of the you're saying okay sixteen teams make the playoffs and any of them can win like is that part of what makes it good but also to weakens the regular seat I'd like to watch I like it because in hockey. 88 over 17 over two is actually I'd like that to better get to the players got a shot. Okay well. The eighth seed all. That effect are they weren't favored to win. They got hot this is why they beat the number one seed or this is why the 72. And you -- well it's possible. Other sports and you get that kind of while I can't believe this team upset the and I liked -- I like it what's it had to playoffs I don't like it that we're sitting here OK the Bruins lose OK alone. Indiana loses in the first round. NBA playoffs Miami Heat in the first round but shot at the starter and it also won't happen and it never happened. And so in every case it can happen in football because you're not going to be playing in the technically not playing the first on it right what if you had. And I last year I guess it's possible San Diego if your daughter's birthday it'll be on this and maybe one gain in India can happen in one game that's part of what makes football different. Now people keep saying -- you two faced bastard you bust on for -- root against US hockey but you root against US soccer what's up with that. I don't against US soccer as a hate the US aggregate US soccer because I don't want soccer to succeed in this country. That's the problem what he's talented and that you -- that in. -- and I'm just I was sometime images from the other room I will Q now -- pipe down. Root against US soccer do every year -- warriors whatever comes out how often -- -- -- -- care route against -- country I can root against US soccer one is for the benefit of our country. That I root against US soccer because to become a big thing that would be my biggest fear. Or. That affect you it would affect me out. Well partly because of my job if I wasn't -- radio hosts that it would probably matter less to me but this is entirely personal. So -- it personally so I do -- I can't think of anything worse than having to talk about soccer actually instead of just making fun whenever I can't think of anymore. Did soccer fans really wanna talk about soccer they will reveal all the sudden -- World Cup and the US becomes a soccer country in the next thing you know the saying hey we gotta do soccer segments from the program directors come -- and while you know if you wanna get good ratings got to get soccer -- soccer. -- are talking soccer. Talking what do rules and even the soccer leagues -- -- while legal. -- a soccer league that is but in the meantime you can just listen to soccer yes and to be Vietnam probably as you know he's got a great days there was an -- It. Soccer etc. it should suit you were there was suit it was somebody else's. Somebody over. You know I called my associate of the revolution apparently there was state of the -- on Comcast's ago this did you get a cease and desist letter -- like about it. Calmly written letters saying. Would you mind changing you know we kind of have this name already and by the way the next letter will be a cease and desist letter to it was confusing and six people -- -- Most of whom were watching it from England. People who left the United States that are now -- You know I can't stand it I'm rooting against I've always root against US you can always and forever I hope they lose I hope they lose battling. I love the United States and refer country in general I don't believe it is a matter of principle. That I don't want soccer to become a bigger deal in this I don't believe two of the United States -- stereo I don't well that's a huge accusations this is this is McCarthyism all over again. This is the -- that an American this is un American activity Q are you. A -- call you out a -- committee on un American categorized. You are -- I'm I'm calling you before the committee. It is very American I think it's patriotic to hate soccer the -- I think I'm doing the best thing for this country David's in the car I did. I don't doubt heads up out front -- a prepared Michael Ali thanks David. No competitor in the cockpit and he's got what you. About soccer yeah. Why can't -- why do you feel that socket. Support that should be spoken out and walked out coming out. -- -- Why should -- and I am I understand. What now what's understand you -- How important are your stance is the most Barbara -- The sport if you haven't been to -- in. Europe -- him. If you are poor real soccer game -- oh. They have to go to another country got to fly 678 hours just don't want the war. A vacation to Italy or paying. Tell me I'll tell -- -- not gonna go on vacation to France and instead of sit around Paris and eating good food and walking the streets and seeing the sights. You want me to go to a soccer match while on the air how dumb do you think guys now David how dare you. Above everything else. You can get a ticket and -- the water column called fish kill them. Ice off 50000 people they were crazy about it watching the Seattle founders the owners and he got to come to the age you'll love it once she's he would. Terrible -- kicking -- ball back and forth like a bunch of sixth graders it was -- not be more -- and enjoying all. Mike are you going to -- open minded yes. So -- that -- okay I've played professionally in Europe it's a different ball game in Europe. I understand the only American who haven't thought side. Really -- in and for what it's all well that's not why -- -- not our kids it is a game that I want okay. There's a more Jack what else is Jack have to say about this. Say any thing about his party in this town as long hitters certain defeat saying number one that it's true number two that the next chance. They have. To be in town that you're standing right in front of the truss install of the player you just ripped. How much true I want you to go. To Gillette Stadium. And say that -- that are of I don't know -- what your goal. And they're who has coached the revolutionary how he spoke I want to go to Jerry Joseph -- courts are regarded elected lawless Jay heaps. What's gonna go to Taylor Twellman not disarm -- you interference -- who interference now plan for the reds. It teaches them how about pop out about Mike -- the other by that Regis okay. But I like it do you I don't do not I watched the reds game from beginning and ever yes. Whole game yes a whole how long they've been ninety minutes it was a long title -- Of Major League soccer they were there where they'll meet on the let me go to the championship and lose that -- -- five -- did that they -- Hollywood to the championship. Of which hold on you're but the champ of Japan was at -- tactic of opera US open -- the real detail or the great cop was -- -- -- deal yet is -- the MLS cup is another caller now yes you know about. Although they have a thing that they do in the playoffs what does that with me out of the scores what's that called them. The point differential -- -- combined score aggregate aggregate you know about the aggregate yeah I -- Well you know what the aggregate I watched and higher aggregate I think I. Covered the and offered to them about that they would much -- beat -- -- Ali thanks go to Chicago -- -- coming back got a -- a little -- you're gonna go comparable to -- -- -- Look at it is we all thought gross. Quote is -- what it's about. These orange. -- A peso a guy that's what Alina lie. You have to worry about socket and hold the United States. Basically we don't do types. We either -- a lot of people who would like ties to come back to the NHL size of the least of my -- soccer possible problem anymore -- but they do shootouts announced that at times. Don't think like a in like the World Cup -- the shoot -- happened you can have issued on the World Cup right. Yen yes and after we don't you shoot outs to decide who wins a World Cup match you can win the biggest championship in this sport. By -- kick the ball better by guessing left or right. How silly that is -- would be an improvement on that. Yeah I don't know I just think it we don't have a tolerance we watch the game took four hours and haven't been in that time. Texas ninety street minutes techsters this is seems like questioned -- tentacles. High. Excerpts as if you had testicle. You would have Jay heaps of pressure and it on the Jay heaps is like him on the show which is the what. -- of the revolution of coaches and soccer org making that up you don't need a coach in soccer we gonna tell me that to have like marathon running coach isn't out. Up coaches and soccer played -- coached as they go kick the ball make a triangle drank again in the net. Culture and soccer up next critz is in -- bill I current. But our guys. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- account on soccer spurs are at it like warriors are soccer and I like that played on the -- Based team in the Marine Corps I want to point why soccer and want -- -- Why it will hold. Its current what are. Or some straight well -- not necessarily consider straight up or not you're not at all I don't like it -- single handed hand. But anyway let's let's start with soccer gonna work our way to inward. OK you're on soccer. I don't think people want Tehran where the best players can only stop I want -- -- -- -- the game their company. That it later line and it's I don't know where -- -- -- but anyway. -- -- -- -- Superstar out there on state soap opera on for the game so what are they were the first or out at the shop around -- -- like -- whenever they get anyone here I'm. It I think that I won't talk -- and lots. I'll play all their optical ball up in the backyard. They re white and actors are players get sucked out an underdog to the day. I mean they do do that in baseball but it doesn't happen nearly as often right. Epidemic in like soccer here to take yogurt pot from Argentina already -- that the pick -- -- because he. They. Married and out of the game. Hit the golf that's him right did not happen at the end of the game then it could happen -- -- -- you -- dramatic event a lot of moms aren't. It doesn't work I would Edward -- soccer. In the everybody who was passionate about soccer you know personal start off -- look at soccer for three -- four years to like. Anyone who's gonna defend the sport all we start with how they play -- -- there was a text through. It was attacked here in the soccer -- play everybody -- Now relaxed -- -- -- under for four yards and there are other trophies and get him on the app that is now -- up soccer -- now. -- detector went the other way said. He played soccer as it did not like of course participation trophy I had a brain -- in Connecticut -- -- They would have -- our. A Qaeda little unknown act beat you got you know I love the -- I hate the rest I love the giants but I'm also I was born overseas as you know -- -- in the military of Scotland Niagara playing soccer. Some medical -- lately I've played out in on this I grew up playing on the streets I grew up watching. A play at high school a little bit. You know I still played in this state much -- and you watch. I watch I watch it I watched a watched men and women soccer almost as much a lot India. Because I just because I think it's exciting but I'm into the game. The problem over here is. Why could it be you know when you -- -- number I believe soccer's actually still the number one and highest participation sport for kids from like four up until well. All right I mean but that's because wind between 412 kids just run straighten that their soccer ball happens to be in their way they hit. This thing is that thing is -- when people get older and they they start you know they realize while I'm a pretty good athlete. They'll all get those dollar sign -- in front of their eyes. All signs that they wanna do something more on the run around in circles. Well okay what more on running around any newspaper standing they're hoping your guy hit the ball in the right he'll probably not only beat the all right as badly as part of a lot more boring now smile that's I don't try to let athletic ability -- baseball player. That. Hardest thing to do with sports -- a baseball man tell you anything to do was to decide whether to shoot left or right in the gold -- one way or the other directors who have never seen him play soccer in the street well. You know Milwaukee an urban present right I mean and other countries that recognize your importance in other countries and how fear if there's none of money to play anything else. Only need the ball you can do everything else I can't wait to you have your conversion I don't know it's not a person American version will happen you know I didn't say that because the -- I used to say the same thing about golf. And I I obsessively watched all of I love watching golf. To be fair usually fall asleep on watching it but I do love watching it. He -- you know what would have changed soccer is boring golf is I love watching golf did you watch over the weekend. Accenture match play -- -- now John -- the -- yeah. -- is all you're losing I am not at all with Graham make that you can't say. Golf is more exciting to watch out walk -- the doctors got taken not to your retirement offensive front office was she had absolutely. There's not a they and it's going out and an eight mile away at least you can golfing of the people who yelled get hole when -- -- you know without Arnold. Out that I. Really -- they get -- financed him I'd rather watch art that's about what -- you're. Before you got married your wife said. -- could be. Within the soccer think it would matter who's into subjects you know how to -- your -- that is the lowest thing you've said about me in almost a year and you call me names on the air -- the last two weeks this is much worse than anything you've ever said to me. How dare you Michael -- People matter to the American people are mad at you know it's just a soccer fans at -- are a lot of the rest of the people think this is heroics. But somebody finally has the guts to stand up to the soccer maniacs. Trying to take over our. Free country wait until the converse forced us to water comes. Don't have to you don't have to like soccer I don't but here's my problem. Rooting against the united states of a miracle. A miracle. In the World Cup and not robot could -- when did you turn into Barack Obama among America come goblet tomorrow. I am not rooting against the US -- -- I rooting against soccer and to me that is patriotic. And if it means that the US soccer team which embodies the convinced is full of Americans there may be people from other countries on the team if they're trying to win. If that's the case I'm doing something positive for the United States it's my patriotism for this nation. It makes me want the US team to lose so that soccer doesn't become a bigger deal why why hasn't anyone else got number orbit this because people don't play they haven't thought about it play there are people traveling with them all over the world. They are decorated in red white and blue in the cheer when. You know the team does something well they're confused on the soccer -- -- ever since they're the small. Group of soccer fans the believes that that's the right thing to -- that our chain and frankly can't change that. -- you're dead right so you should not -- don't know about the sport you shouldn't talk about the sport the what you are. You know I'd moved over to this country eighteen years ago. And knew nothing about ice hockey but I learned the sport I watch the sports -- here in the sport export and it is a great. I know -- transport to one talks were not altered it's like soccer but you know incredibly faster no kidding so -- -- goals which traders saying -- you need to be more educated I didn't catch the -- -- I think like you start watching -- like -- he wanted to watch more I don't wanna learn anymore about a I don't like wanting. While you watch American soccer and with the terror watch soccer I mean I -- the. Our policy you've got to watch European soccer why one of the teams and watched them for a few games away and understand skill. The at leopard isn't that gold into this and it is the typical sports. Sheen I tell you what (%expletive) I'd rather he not been Ireland I'd rather go watch rugby I love rugby I watch that I go watch I Australian rules football any number of other sports. That are fun to watch soccer is not fun to watch even at the highest level I -- in the World Cup is our higher level that. The World Cup coached in soccer is probably the most. The craziest thing I've ever heard somebody don't need a coach and that pattern like a game check on the field. Yes. She thought the same pace. -- I. Don't think -- Galleries where. And I can't believe knowledge -- the World Cup but I can't the people keep Jones who is. Sure what we don't. Understand the game. Don't argue it in the -- urged doctor about it yes you understand sock of course I did tell me tell me what what is the well what it what is it about into the strata -- he can use that to 541. Where you can use the 532. There's a bunch of different strategies you can use it depends which one. Or. Of course I do she gain. Once or you can use that others. You can use the other 35 game another strategy comes directly from each yes. Of the -- -- Can work you have to you know and that's good one but you have to execute properly. Girls that in effect don't talk about the beauties of recent world that socio economics it's not because it is with a choice. That was pulled -- it was basketball. Would be most of the top tax. Michael -- is usually the only sane person at the station. Well below that. Yeah it's all week yourself unnecessary. It's my fault that this guy's lying to me trying to convince India coaching soccer Estes. -- with the New Hampshire. Hey are you doing guys around Michael Ali first of all happy birthday to you thank -- -- -- out because it's going to be great I'm excited. I hope now I saw this paper yes. -- and how do you -- it may like the aisle from Gilligan's Island it's really -- I'll bet you that. Also whatever I want to call this to you dares say that to us over and over just figured it out to how dare you say that to me. Our -- let's get it. Madonna who call respect he played soccer. Event started talking about well you know I don't like about it -- -- when I want to replace substitute that aren't. In the fiftieth minute magic about it. But don't double lots of soccer game -- life then don't do any substitution and soccer game the hot and have a coach to substitute anybody and our home court has -- sports editor. I don't think it's soccer aren't the only real world championship. Hall sports. The world surely in baseball. It's not there. Still I felt -- at its highest level though. Not you think Major League baseball's highest level baseball in the world. It because other countries don't play it and -- gallery in the background. That the senate they weren't up. Big spot in countries that don't have a that they wouldn't play clock out. -- -- outlook will you go to England to try to get American football it anyway. Our -- some they may get one -- your -- better. But soccer long deep I mean about people going to. Ford division aimed at city that it a lot for division -- trying to do here in the United States trying to think formula all the pro football. You don't you don't need to you have you have high school and called her parents got -- got I think that the people are London would take a look at what you get taxes for high school football game and that is pretty damn -- -- -- -- and -- that really -- name of -- podcast again. W yeah soccer that's a -- about your wrestling I create that goes the rest WEI. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay you do with them. Yes usually to the podcast together. This is what you need to do you need to bring up this topic. On the soccer cast that would that first -- to better name and that's just come on bin. But he should bring it up in and get some get some opinions going here this is this is something that people are extremely passionate about the soccer community. Is is coming in trying to educate us in the anti soccer people are just distraught and once again I'm just attacks on his 55. -- -- People aren't calling your hero. Your best ever take a common American hero no doubt in my mind. People really take -- Captain America the people who love the furthest. It's a Smart which is nobody's figured out -- and as for the benefit of all of us and -- -- -- -- It's socioeconomic. It's. Gonna be nothing but a ball to the plate that is why basketball is you know -- but all. Oh and -- all all. -- Josh is in Springfield I'd wanna make it an exclusive sport. Sports it's the -- again they keep. -- My argument against -- totally we're beyond that once all that soccer is just it's I don't know it's not good it's boring to me. And I think the -- soccer so big in the world because well any big play exactly all you need to steal the ball. But I think that American forces intent to taking a big play at any moment that will make it exciting for a. I'm a soccer there's the anticipation of you know. Sitting there. Watching the anticipation of a law the anticipation of a 5050 guessing game to decide the World Cup. Where guy decides left -- is a hero because he guessed the right what a dumb that is of all things and we can argue about whether you need a coach in the game to -- the coach is now the coach doesn't soccer comes up to the guy at the end is okay. You got the last penalty kick. I think you should go. As an additional write music no no no go left. Think he's gonna dive right is that coaches for it comes -- tells you left -- -- anybody can do that. What a coin. You could trade whatever you're paying back coached -- get a quarter. Literally flipped it can't heads will be left -- we'll be right and now you can decide who wins the the World Cup. There's. Two things I can't stand soccer and Salk -- perfect I have to -- -- -- up. That happens I'm sorry Iraqis in Hartford what's up act cocky. No it was the -- basically I don't yourself thank you. I think I looked up and I think that one problem that's aka in this country is that have a group that. Lack of that and for the make and I think they need. You know great to result an eight yard gain. You don't think like that. There's there's never -- That the describe how good group play that go into play. And you know the game each and -- I think that's probably the biggest promptly -- in this country. It isn't going to thermostat tigers you know -- -- they even keep in soccer with the goals and assists and saves. You time on field. Yeah her story with. Jordan on purpose -- dives. Texas February -- -- break at this level throw it up. Regular level that way that the copilot there are soccer or how about this if you like and our ability to pound. The table. And brilliant example of LeBron -- -- bronze somehow -- they have a step arriving in every LeBron and soccer and you bring and the few -- -- some of the total number of highly -- popularity objects it's about how well -- and how how much you ride. Like how what people doubted that it Tebow Tebow would even this to pull boring for Tebow because -- -- guys to their teeth knocked out you don't ride but these -- shouldn't care is a tweet from Dan at Dan. TV man if you want an all the things from hockey that make our interest thing all the -- soccer. All right if you take away everything that make hockey great and just leave everything else that's with soccer well what what makes hockey great. The speed of the game when I start getting out of the game league soccer's just now is it -- passes hockey. It's different if you put hockey it's not different and I was fastest. It's like -- it makes that game and think about all the ground you have to you you're not on IDC they're not escape while they were -- a whole lot more on the watch that's my points put them on ice. Now we've got a sport. I thought I know they tried indoor soccer -- ice soccer tell me you wouldn't want to missile but even then it -- be more interesting with sticks and checked it a tough guys from Canada. Johnson for my agent. Johnny turned accurate downturn on their -- Aaron Niger. Generate. Either soccer fans can impurities are phones are out of that and that's as I hates salt so much that becoming a soccer fans just to disagree that's on you that's your problem. Good luck with that how fun runs and Hampton. -- I don't -- shell server on things. I wanted to chime in on the -- -- let it. We want all that now. That spiel on it oh well you'll. All -- all. What do you have us. I agree I yards -- -- -- Some guy who they. Are. On our -- in the eight. That. Op and he could be a market YE. Mean -- all -- -- and you don't know what I want your car while a lot there. Don't make sense of Iran are really don't like you don't birds are right now holly is like that's from the Eddie -- school watching -- -- not support. Woke up -- ball or not. Or I'm with the eight and a profit. Live you know and other factors that yeah let's do stuff fail adding an international sport that the rest the world compete that that's a good strategy. We need to be world that if there. Ma don't wanna be citizen on this particular issue almost that Richard if you going to be skip Bayless fonts are inevitable with the skip Bayless here to. The details of York to. Me I'm an American heroes -- say even hang Stephen. I have to start or hit the table. Host -- by the way I'll let you work to our outcome. He works out like the amount yet he is absolutely should actually -- -- him. Quote from a return no way -- create. I'm better like -- a better life what a crush human across you hear the news. Clip clip. That's sort of -- wanted to use the better -- alternative thought doesn't wanna do skip Bayless or wanted to more -- tampering and got to bring in Richard Sherman. Promote the just to remind you all the way to we have a fake call your innocently any claims to be a soccer coach that's him go ahead. Our guys up. You know I believe I hit my eight year old boy -- I grew up playing basketball and I'm still -- the plan meant that only I can talk. Don't Celtics with you that 60708090. Today the NFL draft today that might help or regular guy. You know when I was in high school in the week odd ball soccer player as a guy who could make the football team that plays soccer. But that I had chips and my kids I don't -- Barca you know and they -- -- secure at all. And all the time you understand in the game he's not understanding your real liking what you don't know about the game and how complicated the game is. It's easier that joke I still have friend my age fool joke baseball real sports soccer are real -- -- -- you know it's fun to joke. But you know there's a reason why most popular game in the world so I sent actually. 180. Degrees the other way had I become a student of the game. I understand the game and the complexities of the game. And so much you being out there it's a hockey or rotating defense is at our basketball. Is the same complexity that there aren't stock. And people that know the game and understand the game appreciate the game only to be -- and true. But when you joke about it you make eight and you you don't understand the game you're at your ignorant of the game and we don't take that the wrong way now. I don't understand I don't take a while -- -- and I I think -- I I think is -- that -- -- Sports Radio station but I think it's a little unfair the lying pretending that your soccer coach we all know that's not a real position. We're doing -- in my country you'd take. Theory on the patient and try to permanent. Watch him and nobody wants to have a serious conversation about soccer at that point we don't wanna have a serious conversation that's my point of this whole thing. I don't want the US to win the World Cup because I don't wanna start having serious conversations about soccer. That's my point. You prove my point exactly thank you. I don't have I would probably wants but -- whenever you refer to me whenever you speak to me whenever you address me just address me as corporal Stanford graduate. Because so those some accomplishment who never. You -- -- -- you whenever companies. You're never accomplished anything. So but. Those things -- -- -- goes over those -- would've done is my second year NFL going on my third I mean. You tell me who's. Okay all except that I think I've accomplished more in my fielding you have endures so you're just getting started so so arm. On the top of my field of formal role on the best. Way to players and propelled you to go to brush it off but it. I don't think you the best went through anything in sports and the media -- -- that -- -- more -- this incredible feat and you know. Who look I think -- -- Darrelle Revis is right now in my in my point four years of life. I'm veteran like that. -- yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm better than you -- I know anything about him. That's that that was done numbers speak for themselves up your trash talk -- which is totally cool mean. Excellent campaign doing like news service apparently aren't your eyes we're gonna talk about it and guys schools want guys who believes your what you're all teams with -- Richard what's your motive here to be best in a photo Warner and OK but do you do -- do you promote yourself into a bigger name. Household name moments that you can do commercials and and maybe have your own -- is that your goal. The first team all pro my goal accomplished so. -- -- bigger and better things those of muggles. -- of the -- are that is perfectly fine because I understand it I'm intelligent enough. Capable enough to understand it's rumored ignorant. Pompous egotistical. -- to. Croc. -- stick out that a bettered your repertory for years that prayer. Yeah. Actually tell you what a year later Super Bowl champion I'd like them to revisit that debate. Are on the up soccer please stop texting about it stopped calling learn to take a joke and by all means ass and do quite different to the question Mike UB and 37937. Texas any question any subject points -- an axle and WB.

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