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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/26/2014

Feb 26, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/26/2014

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So can -- now. -- 793. Set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time for answers the question generic answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question. It's answer the question what. Right answer the question as we finish off Michael hall is birthday today and I don't nobody cares more about birthdays that you now mr. birthday guy every day we get to hear -- it was -- analyst Michael -- shares a birthday waited no one note note no less than Marshall fault name. Although he's younger than you Marshall -- and he's forty he's older 41. More but -- -- a very economical manner when he thought about 2000 one's job PJ axles and you know -- we try to cash Johnny can't let that nit -- Michael Bolton boots announced that Dario lounge lizard -- you sing in the back about the -- that was -- icon on the content via. So let's just get it right Mikey -- conduct the guy who invented blue jeans Michael Holley. Levi Strauss shares a birthday review dark about who leave extra bucks if you he left off -- by the news business machines are -- about him. There's just a girl as a signal that you know -- about it you got a call -- OK I don't know we've eulogize my phone her. And you -- Buffalo Bill Cody to. So outraged as an extra ones and Steve Blake. All good friend of Kobe Robert Mathis. That sounds of a Johnny Mathis sir Francis Marion AK to -- the storm socks yes iron. Let's -- the gray ghost of its major mostly the swamp fox they had a Leslie Nielsen played the swamp fox on the old Disney. Series back in the day wait before you guys report and what Bob Marley excuse it was yesterday. Get the right -- was -- -- Monte -- That it demonic. Tool unhappy particularly so thank you man here -- here now officially adult. I'm grown up now. Also -- at least you don't this year Briton Justin Bieber. What's important to march 1 first and that's you believes the Bernie asked a passenger people on the list of him Robert Plant and Amy Adams. And got eight or -- that's one. That is. Idea that I think I have president James Capel. Incredible James -- it's all important we talked about him last week yankees' -- like doubled the size of the United States. What questions let me just tell me what's he poked her. -- Question. My girlfriend because of -- question see over and over in my girlfriend is getting kind of -- I don't like bring it up without getting in trouble there's always the same instances where justice that was always the majority of the other buyers it was absolutely that hey I'd like to get more into working out -- to do with you let's work out again would have success here which -- -- OW. You look for rain but no I don't feel good about myself and I the be good and on that -- great activity for us what he says that's great I don't I don't stay healthy. -- good for you I'm glad I don't wanna prove yourself high profile but I support you going to the job that you breakup I feel -- -- -- -- doesn't went on the run. I don't know if you're out you're -- to break -- No top she's still there's draftees -- I. Next question -- if along those lines who's got the most game with the ladies -- yours. After -- man who's got the most game. At this station. -- stuck with a lot of guys are pretty true effects of government. Thought I saw it talks about himself all the time it's the pictures of the Lima you have got -- lot of yeah -- her -- with five easily if -- normal if he get a real good game going to talk about it so much that I. But it doubt the real answers to. Gas -- -- they didn't buy anything and feel like Hillary it would add music. The writers writers the secret assassin -- -- and you don't have a Dino is Mary -- going to be net net. Are -- -- your question -- -- -- next question to -- in question are. What order would you put these companies taxi cheers and sign though of course. That's really hard that's a tough as an exercise -- great great companies. Saito was Phillies to three because of those were that was rule more days it's got holes because some longevity to -- I would have to go to the White House is yours taxi. But I think taxis or forehead and it's like taxes and amazingly on. But unfortunately those to the all time legends and a great cast a natural Mazen. But I gotta go outside and then cheers and yeah actually yeah yeah plus tax and third it's the other two. Cluster right behind just right there -- -- is the best teams and those. You don't as the best the you don't like the -- things on its could be you know what the best teams on his from the eighties by -- Ali and I there's Becker was on from the is that there you know -- Mike Garrett I don't like yeah. And a telecast to recast him -- post John Boehner cantor bull bitterness. She was stacked. -- post number yeah. I was confused her with you want from empty nest. I don't know I don't know -- post. Then we're done -- producers things over to another question if they want you know what -- -- -- next question do you have right now to get a portrait of your mother or your white gonna have to be done today. Who would you get a portrait of one. He won big portrait. Caricature of apple just as important do with this portrait I don't know it just as if you need a portrait of your mother or your wife. Who would you rather have a portrait of him it was my wife prime Enron debt for seven years. That mr. -- -- pork imports from you know. Portraits formal ones you do -- formal Victorian police. You can expect that got out of your house -- like book your may have danger in the Harmer by shortly after your own point block there at the amount in your house is known Mike Adams is up next we'll be back the guys tomorrow 2 o'clock see that if it.

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