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WresleCast - The Hardcore Legend Mick Foley joins the show

Feb 26, 2014|

Hardcore Legend, Best Selling Author, and Stand-Up Comedian Mick Foley joins the show to talk wrestling and comedy. Mick will be at Comix Comedy Club at Foxwoods on March 23rd.

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Welcome into another edition of WEEI stress test site -- host Ben kitchen also known as young -- from the -- and Holley show on WEEI. Every afternoon 226. Today. We have a legend of us. An absolute. Legend. A hardcore. Legend Mick Foley is joining the show today I can't wait to speak with him. He's. A very interesting fascinating person -- you're dressing -- if you go zone on -- stand up comedy fan. And I am so glad to -- make performing and doing well in the newest venture for him. He is an insanely versatile. Performer with a repeat. In the ring on the Mike writing books reading children's books. Cameo appearances on Saturday Night Live. And now stand -- comedy which to me you'll only tweeted he's gonna have a -- somewhere down the road it's inevitable at this point. But Mick Foley's joining us in just a minute here. We're trying to get his opinion on some of the things that's been going on he's been taking to Twitter being very vocal now. The current product Daniel -- CM punk Batiste. Everything that's going on from wrestle me -- now he's been very vocal sort trying to get some of his opinions but I don't know if he's on a a hiatus from talking about it right now -- he's been told that she got up I highly doubt anyone to tell Mick Foley to shut up he is. An absolute character and one of the all time greats if you haven't read any of his books -- from the beginning it it truly is one of the best books if ever read. Through any genre. And it's just passing these stories are great if you don't wanna read it. I believe you can find the audiobook version of it and he tells the stories himself. But you can also deceive yourself some timing. Go buy tickets one of his comedy shows is going to be foxwoods at the end of march march 23 believe it's Sunday night. And it's a comics comedy club so just check it out on fox its outcome but right now we are joined. By the great Mick Foley at how are you doing. -- doing great -- dislikes the GDP yoga video. Now feel highly motivated to come two. Fashion -- its visit to express regret. Something like I don't know how to pronounce that we will just take -- looks -- everyone knows we're about Susan's. -- those sites -- that's. Yet Libyan foxwoods. Tells them the favorite. Favorite stories one of which may include. Diamond Dallas page and I can guarantee a good night's brawl. I have to say this there's only two books in my entire life that I've read more than once the old man in the -- Ernest Hemingway. And your first book. Oh yeah everywhere -- look that's that's pretty good company right there. You know it was actually Hemingway who led did battle -- MTV's celebrity death match. And I remember going into the atmosphere Pia national and really give my all to the voice I was you know. -- to be one of finest best. So who also agreed that matches the -- on the lines in there you know like to tore off you know the my competitors arms and bases that said. Farewell. Farewell to our. And then you know him. And -- -- there was this. Clearly -- from the but from the going to. As I guess we know who met bell -- It was very good but I -- I guess says really giving my all that I have the guys in the studio is that there have been celebrity's actually committed to their own voices in this city including you. Yeah this is one. -- it feel like. But it does not everybody looks -- this is -- to save my sense of honor that you do that I really I really enjoyed it really did. Chosen Tuesday. Unless they're real quick talking a little wrestling -- I really wanna get into your comedy career. And what your influences were but I -- to talk to you briefly about what's been going on right now on in the WW. And you've been very vocal on Twitter. You chastise them. For what was going on the royal rumble. And you haven't been very happy. About the CM punk thing to dinner Brian -- non push. Would what's going on how well you notice. Unfortunately. I just says invalid silence. Last post. A -- says everything enemies say. And it seemed to have be overkill. Some might -- guilty about it ligament honestly say I did say that. I -- -- do it. But maybe they have maybe you know best maybe yours -- wading they would sit on the -- -- I think timing is everything and you know he can you can. He could make people wait too long whether they would be lose interest so. I'm just -- count on those people in charge knowing more than I do. And the and hope for a great -- -- I'm sure there will put on a great Russell Branyan they use. -- into the net you know they have been network. And so even people who are you know angrier or not. Well built by the current product go back in -- is that I would have -- happy but I ordered the network plus side. It's -- they're going to be -- just five and and wrestle mania will be. A great -- You know we have great event but I think he needs -- back from you know from from. There's now is as -- guys you know like you know a little bit about what's going. And I think. -- it's been -- is. Hopefully hopefully some of the elements we're -- We're seen it was -- Well they certainly were seen. And I ever wants to know how your TV news. Our you know what went to throw bricks serenity the for -- conclusion that they -- when the rubble. And so I didn't really think that was sort of my TV -- in jeopardy. When it became clear that he didn't. It was administered. You know what outside the -- -- brick. Making commandment my kids existed in dollars and put the -- is TV and so I ordered it on another practice that. And with TV in the house. Which has less to break. You know low less fragile items surrounded and then I think my wife thought it was like the 1970s. I would throw it through it like papers would escape the dangerous gases in the explosion. -- -- -- Tried to appeal to make kids who have their own YouTube channel -- who has probably -- -- it's. And the editors Kevin anti climactic I went outside it is later was that side by. Former Yankee backup catcher Sal Fasano and and mask my daughter's TV which was in the work anymore so. I think I think. People he did technically smashed TV. It was a little side of protest and my kids should have felt this so got to. Elaine as it was. It is still got a lot of -- Which is but it -- didn't stop my my youngest chastising me sound quality was terrible. You mention -- WW network and I think it's fantastic. For example I'm a huge. Yacht sort of watching an 88 and -- really the biggest time for me in my life was that attitude era. With yourself and so called on the rock and DX and all that and there's so much. Great person so many great performances from you in particular. On the microphone and that's what really captures me at this point is who's great on the -- on so it's not a surprise to see you transition over. To stand up comedy considering how good you were on the -- and people like -- -- are trying to transition and do little standup comedy but it's little different for him I'm do you ever talked to him about that. About the standup comedy and transitioning. -- you know. Adult was an open invite. Reform would be anytime our you know our paths cross certain -- They -- trip. It's a shame he was even taken off the last paper viewer assume them to issue doesn't mean. Minneapolis. I think you know there's there's guys -- now we're here because of these shows are going well. And obviously up -- Quite frankly you will be over one it's about -- right now is the one in -- was so would appreciate help but they've been that the show has been. You know doing really well and now we've got a lot -- address social agenda jump on board the book shows without actually having a show you know like. These -- open through Q today. And then so. I think that's a little bit of a slap in the face for guys like me -- and dolls themselves you know -- -- out -- off nights in an open mics. Is trying to get ten minutes here -- minutes there in my case should I -- did those things you know went out worked nonstop. And later worked in in little places we're out of time the audience is trying to tread a you have -- my -- my stories down. And so -- they get on the stage you know it's sort of got. You know get in the hundreds of hours. Experience behind me and I've made a lot of mistakes in front of the smaller crowds in so. When I get out there you know and on the featured guy that silly guy. I I over perform you know people don't know what to expect and they get a lot better shows they're expecting. Now won't we all know the story and how you got into wrestling is that moment at Madison Square Garden super fly jumping off the top of the cage. But what is your standup comedy moment was there a moment. Or a particular comedian they just said -- I gotta try this this is my next great venture. Well in -- mean it was. I mean that the moment we're -- who requested them. Bill off the top of the steel cage 83 was where. Whereas as -- it would make people feel that -- in ways that I feel. But. I'm not sure there was some will go back to request go back to the question I was answer -- text. -- It's totally right on scatter and myself. When I was asking was is there a particular comedian or there. -- yeah I you know what I told this joke the other -- It was a tribute to Stephen -- Those still told the news still the funniest joke I think this clever. I went out there I was in Minneapolis. And on. -- and about it joke teller. I was storage this is this is this is as -- one liner. I said I don't pandering -- world but on the outline what I. And subsidy and that's where you know the people -- That I love the twins applause I said Nicole and -- Separate events to direct tribute to Stephen writer -- the first combination that really made a big impact on me it was. -- -- -- -- rising stars ten year anniversary. This guy's ball Austin guys view rights and ideas. This zone and so llamas -- Can't believe they're still doing it after all these years and any laws they said Fred and Barney. And I was is up and it's just had. That what judge so many great how excited do so openings money's -- the first summit so. Richard Belzer was the host and now he's been as dramatic actor but I thought that he was -- Sam Kennison with that real confrontational. Stuff. And then and then -- any -- -- with the like performance art with the except that he intentionally bombed it and you know having a a heckler. Placed in the audience. It would -- that could be genius so I mean that's so -- was you know listen George carlin's. Class clown in Steve Martin's. He's a wild. While the crazy guy were you know we're moments -- this is this is great but I never. There -- really thought about it you know until I had a chance to speak to colleges. Following my. My first book and -- realized and there's really -- to be said for. Telling stories that make people laugh and but justice. -- -- is doing. Moves that make people -- You. Very much satisfied wrestling fans for very long time. And you are satisfying standup comedian fans right now and it's interesting to say. I get to catch glimpses of your shows on YouTube which is great -- stand up comedians I think there's no better venue to. To get your message out they're trying to promote yourself to YouTube to get you to come to the show and if you don't know. -- will be at foxwoods on Sunday march 23 at 8 PM at comics comedy club. The show starts at 8 PM tickets start at 25 dollars on foxwoods dot com. And we'll put some more information up here on WEEI dot com to what you guys know where you can buy tickets. One last question for him back up. Favorite joke of all time do you have a one liner one's favorite joke. Didn't hear that that's the favorite jokes about it -- Steven writes on my favorites he's got some great -- I cannot go and another another Steven Wright said. Is woman walked up to me it's love Jewish cowboys Sudanese. Hello my name but people story. Stand I would fight -- but I. Lucky Joseph legitimate. But so can have ordered two more days ago absolutely -- is there will be meet and -- After the show for no additional cost in the you know I do I -- teachers and -- herself with people bring their own item and I sent that photos. With -- are you know that it's part of part of the answers so that that. No extra cost. And also for the wrestling fans out there -- people wanna help -- it because of that area. A out wrestle mania injuring vacation raffle. All the benefits going to local Wayne RAI and and which is the largest anti sexual assault. Group he -- the United States. You can win this unbelievable. Vacation package -- -- people want to check it out go to my web site. We only only dot com slash raffle. Fantastic and we can find more information -- fully dot com and any of your events coming up you are coming to Massachusetts for a couple of Indy shows. And doing stuff like -- again checked that out it real Mick Foley dot com again. March 23 comics comedy club at foxwoods. You -- CM 8 o'clock show starts in 2.5 bucks gets yen and as nick just said. Meet and -- after the show I can't wait to see the question answer because I just want to see the bizarre questions to accomplish and how fast you are atop her head. But yes I guess some stories lend themselves better to. Great answers and stories and others is best people the -- creative questions. Courage sounds good thank you very much -- we -- all right Rasheed joining us and we'll be. We will fill up the comics come go to fox -- guarantee that. I appreciate that say they have a great day. You to thank you very much. About. I was Mick Foley the great V legend. The amazing Mick Foley when my all time favorite is very great of him to join us and and it really a short edition of the WEI arrests -- cast would really do appreciate it however I would love to have gone into more times but. More stories with him but he's gonna save those for the comedy show and you gotta go see that comedy showdown at foxwoods again go to fox -- stock car buyer ticket there. Check it out if you wanna see. What mix style like -- is -- in a comedian to go check out clips on YouTube it's fantastic stuff that's very interest in a great stories. If you haven't read his books before. He tell some of those stories that are fantastic. And it's adjusting actually hearing it coming from his voice. So. I edges truly am very appreciative that Mick Foley could join the -- test I wish we had two or three hours with him to talk about. Everything about the business of know what's going on right now but unfortunately he's keeping his mouth shut as he said. But. I appreciate you guys listening and I appreciate him coming on. Again any information you want on -- real Mick -- dot com you will become a terribly Webster mass and a couple of other spots here amounts. Shortly check out the schedule. He's great guy he's just the the guy you wanna meet and shake your hand and just have a quick conversation with -- he's probably the nicest guy that I've ever interacted with in this business and it'd just only to have Vanessa. Which is awesome so thank you guys from listening really appreciated check this out next times -- -- will be back for our next edition of WE guys Russell passed.

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