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Brian Butterfield, Red Sox third base coach: discusses new home plate rule

Feb 26, 2014|

Red Sox third base coach Brian Butterfield joins Mut and Merloni to share his views on the new home plate collision rule.

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-- what the pressure -- a wonder how they'll prepare for a fact let's talk to right now he's Red Sox third base coach in patriots. Fanatic. May avoid a joy -- -- says patriots fan boy Brian Butterfield Brian -- little Oreo. Well are you Garrett or good but our mission is -- overdone elastomer site. All of regularly go to war that you are well. Take -- back Friday ought to come back -- and -- senate next plane the -- jetBlue -- but let me ask you guys went over this ruled the -- the collision rule at the plate we were just talking about you know does that make your job harder and -- back -- mind you be thinking about it. I look at it is indecision -- base runner going hall clinic and lead to some awkward slide and that's wrong kind of concern. Me too little. Now I'm really just coordinate. In this decision. I think that it put. There also are based orders and in jeopardy and I think that. You know I understand what you're trying to do to protect detectors -- -- -- agrees but. I would -- bring before they. Finalize saying that that it would be equal treatment and now the runners. You know what detectors -- -- Big Apple that equipment -- and they're not allowed to block the plate until they receive the ball well. Now it becomes a matter of those big bodies would -- hero and dropping down our ankles and feet and hands and -- -- and I. I just don't like this scenario right now I felt like I guess I gotta wait you know it plays out right now I'm not real happy with the decision. Would you go as far as it's unfair to the basement -- absolutely and again you know I think we're gonna have you to sleep each year we have on our part command and -- -- key. Talks but some of the nuances welcomed the new things that are going to be. A relative in the league and there's also questioned let players and coaches and I'm sure there will be a long discussion about that if we get more clarity. And then like you were guys were just talk about a couple of minutes ago -- we don't Hackett is gonna change our approach will. A contract player at the gonna change our approach where. Certain what my job in Ithaca is gonna make my job a little bit more I get called or is it like a little bit more cautious. In sending a runner so well we'll see how excited I think that. If you jump into the got a little bit there and or what I should probably just sit back and wait there's just little more clarity. Galleries -- yesterday -- human rule came out and has all the catchers the ball. In possession of any bucks a play you can still hit -- Manama ball. You're time is the ball that early is if you're probably kicking yourself in the butt down their their base could use up by ten of fifteen feet you know usually it's it's still kind of bang bang. You know even a contact Blake can still be bang bang is that you anticipate. A throw you anticipate contacting now it's just. Data I don't know do you look how William look at it when you -- it right now you just an ethical Kaczur. Some players got to protect -- protect all certain players maybe less aggressive on the contact with set. Yeah eight at an automatic talked about it briefly and I think John it's in the same boat you want to wait just to see a little bit or maybe listen to what. Be a part say when they come and talk to us so. You know it it's just it's just going to be -- real interest they just because. I think it just opened up a lot of things that might make it to go up physically. Four -- you know before. The characters credit back there Monday and chipped it -- all. The characters and started the whole thing I don't care particularly with little historical fact. The article -- -- -- long time ago. Would have a lot of that was without the ball with a lot trickier so you know the writers could say well you know I don't want tickets don't hear it played well. I'm gonna have to go in there with some practicality. So that's what happened so now with the characters don't have that year of a guy coming in and -- then I think that. The way they've always been and their mindset is to be regrets but that. Just not are a great situation perpich. I can't wait talked Brzezinski about this I mean it sounds like he is apps holy bull crap at this rule and anger at the Ross is gonna take the high road you know hampers it -- -- He represented an air somebody out here before you guys play a meaningful game you realize that. Tuesday he's currently I am sure that -- guerrilla individual or opinion aren't. And I'm enjoying them already. Ill but I know the you'd love teaching in field pitching fielding is some of these guys in -- -- have a lot of -- -- -- -- -- of the -- -- the experience -- -- -- Still a new first base she's outstanding last year the year but a lot of youth new guys try to first to go way remote middle -- to work with early in the morning Bogart's. Is a lot more fun for you teaching that game at those kind of guys introduced into the -- things you you want them -- -- It sure -- little -- grab and blast them. Look I think the thing that mix at the most farmers that these guys are a real leader and there and they're chasing me down and I love it when players young and old. Are chasing down the club -- to go to work. That's a that's where the hungry. That's the championship type attitude that. You love going out there and work with them instead of a chick -- guys that same -- with -- -- let's go let's go get better. These guys that are -- get after who I think will middle Brooks and -- Definitely get the most reps have been put your camp I know little Brooke. Bill Brooks was here real early. And when I wasn't down there when he was down their respects respect -- -- -- you're so real proud of the way. -- Willis got a lot of work real pro war we're -- you right now. Looking forward to better and better and only happened -- PD and the rest the veterans have got their back. Well speaking of the young guys I gotta talk about -- because you are quoted today in the Providence journal. Talking about this young player and if you. Apparently you seeing the same thing Brian you're seeing the same thing around your Red Sox players that you sell at Yankee players. Around Derek Jeter what what do you mean by that what's the what's that. Parallel between the two. Well I think that. And that veteran players they keep sharp eye out on the old young guys and when they see a guy that prepares them. Keep that mouth -- and is looking and asking the right question. I think they deem it quicker each each of those -- and you know my ineptly the other day. We wrote in the pill or just talk about situations and certain personnel. And goes bogeys really get an -- -- -- and and it should -- DOT's. He's doing is working is doing the right way to eco. Well I think the man crush on because. He's he's. -- good looking and their loved guys that work hard or -- -- positioning -- credit their defense so you know he's sure -- a lot. And I think that the time that he was here last year. It is veteran teammates are extremely appreciative that the cover. -- -- teammate and type of person is in the truck to him even when he built in note that he's given his best is preparations. They don't look too far left I said you know I have good luck rest campus he -- Boston at first words were hopefully. You know hopefully I'm back there you know this is not taking anything for granted and panic. When I watched him last year for the first time without really ever seen him at last spring training I was amazed at his -- work as he can play shortstop discuss these big. He still athletic we will would -- these -- him up there. Working with the the shortstop in the past. The -- same thing if you just said Lewis -- a great body control he's a great athlete ethnic. The maintain that we've been concentrating on its -- beat and that. Nobody I think with all young shortstop. To become the matter time before they know where to put both feet and you'd get there you still look they're completely -- -- -- -- that that -- Extremely athletic and when he does that right with a piece -- the explosion in the body control -- it's going to be able to be created it on your quickly. Up and went so with arm strength so. Going to be guys that were really look forward CA and killer cease -- here and try and burst. -- -- -- -- -- First get there really -- no -- Brooks do you do you see different guys and no I've seen network I saw you guys up there 8 o'clock before anybody in the morning you to sense a different. Motivation this year. Yes at all that I think that he is. Very Workman like. He's getting down into or lose some other kind of an extremely network. Properties are picked -- stick with or and basically the third -- position -- Position when -- bigger party protect them from your weight down there a lot of all it's so firm. Underneath -- that you got to be able play in a wide stance to wide position. And then in order to do that you're you're set up that you lower your interrupt you lower and when we get -- for -- goes Adam. We noticed that as we looked up he's already down there so that means it's set up the good. He's not raising up when the ball yet so he's a step ahead of the game right now as far as getting in the right position and making it personal -- It was one thing to surprise everybody Brian the last question me would be this team and the prepared a -- not surprising but defending of the targets gonna be on your back. You go in as the defending World Series champions the players have shown up here. With the turn the expletive page teacher so from an outside seemed like a good sign but how do you is part of the coaching staff remind them that. You know it you're trying to back up would be -- your approval wasn't just a one year. 11 year wonder one year fluke. Was a great question epic that thing that we noticed. It's you know we really don't have to say anything because. Those core of veteran guys come in here we're a little bit of an -- It's it's obvious just by the way they're working already and we're given a tedious drill that's obvious. But there approach in the words coming out of their mouth and in the way they're doing things that they've already put everything behind him and they want a true. Everybody that. We're for real and and and you compel. You can tell just just by everything that is being set. And the type of work to put them that that our -- veterans are carrying the torch correctly. So there really aren't really hasn't had so much and don't come in with the same approach and I think the good guys to a great job following the leader. So I was pleased that the -- waste of time but he grumbles that deals on their second days. Ago -- -- -- -- even. He's doing. Though it's only -- you get fired up when he start buying out. -- and all his veteran teammates the whole place just goes silent because they just live and die with everywhere that you sent late. And they follow what he does he's such a great leader. It but we -- we had a great data infield work. Yesterday and today you know. He's one of the first guys to repeat ground ball and just go to hundred mile an hour. Under control and you can tell all the other guys look at Richard OK I guess we will cracks and to everybody follows through. Well we don't you talk to ballot check on a weekly basis that they gave him not patriot by someone. When you find out what position in the draft -- the first round Brian please let us know I will. That is Red Sox up third base coach. Patriots fan boy Brian Butterfield -- this year.

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