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Aaron Hernandez attacks another inmate in jailhouse fight

Feb 26, 2014|

Mut and Merloni talk about Aaron Hernandez and the prison fight that happened with another inmate.

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What -- ID 37 WEEI your calls at 61777979837. AT&T text line. 37937. Aaron Hernandez will begin his trial in. The fall and they say -- -- exact date but this fall murdered -- -- trial began. -- be accused of murder in TMZ sports. Adam just we get off the year yesterday's after 2 o'clock. Has an accused of attacking. Another innovative Bristol county jail earlier on Tuesday were told we beat the guy up pretty good. -- at the DMZ sports here's how went down just. Usually segregated from general pop general population or gen pop as they call a right to a pot call back when I was in the I've. He was allowed to take a walk with not isolate L will take a walk and an isolated hallway. Yesterday. But somehow came into contact with a another inmate. We're told Hernandez recognize the other inmate in launched into an attack beating the other man up pretty badly. Sources tell us Hernandez and the other man had been beefing all day long. One source said the other guy in -- air nonstop clearly Hernandez's past. The 24 year old been locked up since June 26 he's facing murder charges that are for 2013. Shooting death a semi pro football where -- Lloyd. Officials had placed Hernandez in solitary confinement out of concern at -- -- target behind bars -- celebrity status to reach the jail for comment. It's so far no word which is surprising. If Allah the sheriff pots or does it surprise -- -- podshow and I always want to talk about this stuff. He has confirmed that he has the report and spoke about it just moments ago. A policy that one person's out of time and a unit and and somehow they were to an attempt -- -- time in any prison facility there are always going to be inmates who. When there's a summary of notoriety in there that William May be looking to try to raise Soros better status in the institution by -- Right creating emission limits and it happened in this case. Obviously we've we we have to look it was -- systemic failure here there was what do we do to correct the richest country doesn't happen again. Ford was or some other. Straight circumstance that could allow these two to come across each other's past that. That. We think could. -- The second and it doesn't -- -- -- some -- average job -- -- get this guy Aaron Hernandez kind of protect and keep away from everybody else is one guy. Give him lip. All day long. So that that the time that you let a modest -- and -- what -- private hallway. The dude just happens to be there -- Really yet do you protect their spirited artists well attic I'm just wanna listen I don't know how to work and but my guess is that somebody was like Diallo -- you wanna go after -- you. We're after little bit because they -- have to do pretty good job of keeping him away all individuals he was in oil was our bracket all day long and it just happened to meet in this secluded all late. Just a coincidence. Somebody wanted this to happen with or somebody like Hernandez enough to help Leo they let it happen. Or rabbit was on Twitter all day about this earlier. I'm hopefully he's around a call and give us his take is he's been behind bars before it talked about his experiences in the past that it does that sound like you know that. -- Nobody wanted to dispel this salvation this sounds like. They treated at the way they icy treat it like. Odds and other prison shows where they decided at some point it's built up sold. -- so combustible. That the only way to get this thing out and -- release. It's elective sort of meet a hallway in a sheriff watch that that's a hole with a muzzle that one guy so now it's true. Just miraculously you guys show up to the issues they either want this to happen. The big guards there one -- happily in my opinion or. They they like Hernandez so -- -- sort of let it happen and -- yet again if this guy there I saw some tweets -- and a three -- I don't know how he knows this. But John was retreating other people saying that they heard it. That this have been gone for a while much is beefing during the David this have been going off while it's got to -- Hernandez. Pretty good. Either for weeks or months not sure how long time. To get the point where they may -- Hernandez with such a good soldier behind bars we heard that'd be pretty. Could air not been an issue. This double do you solid Aaron we're going to be alcoholic saying about 11 AM. And we'll just accidentally. Give somebody else to sell openly brought it shows that regular hit a solid right because what judgment against the you know if you really want to do was solid just gonna keep away from -- -- Go to the process and deal Prius a deal with is now as we face no charges. He's going to be there why he deals this is there's a guy that is getting himself assimilated with the prison system and knows that the for a long time. He's gonna be doing this when guys riding in the got to stand up for yourself right you ought to be somebody's bitch in prison got to stand up to. As that's what Hernandez did you guys are all of us on the AT&T text like 3792371. Of the cops let Hernandez get at the guy there's no other way to let it happen. Absolutely. What does each got pick an airlock at the right time. With a guards you know Olympic hockey is over there's a sporting events during the day when this thing went on. They are watching USA Canada last Friday. They let it happen and Mike says this happens all the time. This is something that goes on because of how -- how else do you get a handle behind bars what other -- would make sense to handle what you can't. Don't let them get the frustrations out let them handle like men. If you want them to be yelling at each other that that does nobody any. Exemption of the fact that he beat this guy down pretty good. Is a good thing for Hernandez. All right guys talking trash aren't going to be suspect. It's sort of credibility that your. -- -- -- That's what he'll do what is that or somebody else like -- beat that guy that not tactic you meet down at the go through a few guys. All of the market tournament goes out works the idea but I -- my your eyes behind bars that you -- noble like domino and -- -- -- though is that that somebody two people like him okay. That is there's an officer behind bars who likes him if we believe it McDonnell he think he did which is they sort of let this happen Saturday and -- get -- this guy he's run his mouth. What ever reported this that the Ramsey sports also likes Hernandez. Has what's the worst thing that the Singapore consent. British got that speed that Burnett is -- somebody's bitch. That's what can happen. -- buddies -- text and that each other. I text him I don't think is a cellphone behind bars but the scandal you don't much more prison after he's gonna pull these letters these women. -- like off. It has been a top ranked guy over their personal count. He had -- and knocked out another inmate we already heard. Sheriff pots and never letters back and fourteen of the sport has gotten into -- letters would you knock somebody out -- DMZ bold. Your letters erupt. Naked pictures up. Attempted nail files they are five of them are opt. -- that happens. So that I take I call this a good day for Aaron Hernandez I look at this. No other way shape perform this works out well a lot of levels he gets to -- guy it'll -- away. TMZ says they actually knocked the guy out Chris in Springfield with a bottom Hernandez secrets. Dog what's up man and -- -- and to -- caller I've been locked up for an international. Situation and it seemed like a home. -- like you shared the the officer's ability seagull. That like Hernandez it's two to either walked through that same hallway. Or to release the doors at the same time that the other guys they're. In order for them -- give any other upon all the old and taco without at all. Leo this is set up as -- -- so Chris you're agreeing with your agreement are speculation that -- had to go down. Cleared out the article because -- where they're at their golf. Celebrity status I would be privately told -- you're ordered a hundred dollar part broke a couple weeks couple tired of it. Our vehicle. That you always think -- either -- -- correct. I'm grow criminal. That aren't on -- guy. -- batting order to break or a couple argued the call it looks like it all away and write it off. Well we look back at -- so like that they won't eat it -- are able. Saying Chris thank you for your call collier -- are saying much -- stop speculating. Take that's. I think I disagree with us and he's been behind bars while I was gonna do so. -- genius to figure it out I see is protected -- -- all bent out of shape we're gonna we're gonna when asked when he first went in there they're talking about -- keep away from Lotta people because they won't be particular Ron Adam and him because of who he is also stuff. The next thing you know that these two individuals the -- and found that one has given crap for a long time that would be all alone private all I. Really at all of the -- that one. Should be that hard via one of ought to comment line for Ronnie and -- honored next caller says did a lot of time committee can help us out this is well -- go ahead. -- the idea that there's no way when they're shocked that it just like yeah like I tried. Yeah he's gonna -- all -- some ultra -- without somebody open you don't want -- no way. -- -- I miss it especially everybody knows this guy's been given crap all day long all week long went. Definitely open because all I just let -- happen because technical they showed them how much argued that you can't control the president is -- -- -- Dear Santa had set up by the the CEO had do that. Content inside. -- -- leader on the -- and although it will get short putt and the vehicle by. Because they like this happened and little by little break it down and find out what happened the actual real -- for a lot. It will he definitely got it got what he did there are probably. A week. It's. That was the video where's the videos when it accurately out. All Mike's had a car he's they actually speaking of a CEO's the former CEO here Massachusetts like help us out of this thing godaddy think. Honestly I mean I haven't heard exactly where it happened a holiday happened but in my opinion. There's no way -- studios -- -- it's. I worked in it and more of the county departments her eight years and it's anything like this happened dilute the job done and able they -- -- there -- so -- -- -- -- -- -- Handle situations you know inmates procedure. This product that happened on purpose that someone at a funeral operate them and arrest. In other job in the future there there there. 401K and have -- -- -- on the that it did happen. On purpose. I mean it's very easy to know because -- who gets fired. -- by -- -- to take me through with them because. Aaron Hernandez. Who was kind of separated from everybody else was allowed to walk and isolated hallway. What did you -- another man who was being given a crap all week apparently happens to be in that same hallway. This delicate it is unfortunate that he was -- that would let this morning that he was put in baton segregation which they had segregation which is Berkeley political. You know there. Done something already that they're what they're punished and that -- But there while you're either in -- -- -- -- going to happen or you're. To cut. Minister designate and it still locked down -- out there in the one -- you're out. You're usually we used to belly chain. -- -- -- ankle -- on and you ghetto like at eight -- can -- -- opera around that our our our market committee and that one out to yourself. We had some detail to this okay just a follow up sheriff Hodgins press conference he said Hernandez fight happen in the housing unit not in a cell. But he wouldn't be specific anyone on to say that in in the unit the housing -- he's in. Inmates are not supposed to be out the same time. But they bolt were out at the same time so you'll think the -- let this happen like my question behind. How -- something like this happen -- any unit when they know hole it's only one guy had at a time for their allotted time that Hernandez in this other inmate. And up up there together is that common. The only the only title would happen is if you don't wanna -- inmates is is on -- it on a deep -- cleaning our food service or one of the details. And that can happen where somebody's you'll have to be on this ship they have to make sure every CO every shipped. -- the -- there that everything's clean and tidy little tightening and it over somebody might have been out by creating -- that I have been. You know put subtle -- to let a little bit early to get it done on time that not way or. It could've been a lack communication where you know somebody had to go to the library here but on the that medical or -- -- medical well. Some late not a democracy -- it's just so hard to believe words. It's really. I mean beyond that it is the least exciting job in the world that it's -- -- how that merits without an hour might happen everyday at you know usually. There are so regimented on all things out and I'll remove it evident and returning date they have every into these plate covered. Also it is OK so this is on video somewhere as -- same like all out so well that ample. -- -- -- Or are now in the what I used to work don't they let the court. They had -- and I -- the style they could see every end of the entire at the end of everywhere. It was -- get -- this -- -- great stuff thanks giving me anything it's his project is so much. Stranded trying to keep him away from people. Picture of that well aware there's one individual was riding all week long. That we don't even. It's just make sure this guy is this unit forever he knows -- -- -- archives to -- you know individuals don't put options -- they're not -- -- more than one guy out of his is his cell. In this unit. There was. Mike says it wasn't set up but I just can't help that happen and just negligent just happen to go down this way. Seem surprising to me gut reaction from those you were CEOs handled behind bars if I was a good mix of people followed the directions aren't. They were behind -- -- we thank you guys -- be part of the show today. Let's get a break we'll come back in the daily diamond. I thought about John lackeys contract the first of its coffee. In Major League Baseball on a year away from some big decisions for the Sox and Lackey that's next Sports Radio WEEI. No. I'm not mean that it.

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