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Andy Brickley, NESN: Discusses Bruins trade possibilities

Feb 26, 2014|

Andy Brickley of NESN shares his thoughts on the Bruins trade possibilities. Discusses managing the health and minutes of the team and grieves over Team USA's loss to Canada.

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And introduce our buddy -- Berkeley. Of NASA -- joins us on the eighteenth the -- brick but little Dario. I can't believe -- -- this but I wish I was in buffalo congregate tonight but at least he's got to. You lose control of local. You're back to work Saturday correct -- here right. Your back to work Saturday putter flow is beautiful this time of year. I'd like to see you guys SE -- -- washing hands tweet he -- out shocker. It's cold into and dreary in buffalo jetted off the last guy I love the -- All buffalo every now and then did the job open is already underway not. But the Bruins they'll play tonight for Peter to rally brick and don't we address this question over and over again with a week before the deadline. The next double talked you'll probably be deadline day. With a week to go what's the bruins' biggest need or needs AG see it before next Wednesday. I think you are actually are you look -- you wait let's go to -- on the Blue Line -- the team that prides itself on goaltending and team defense. Strong and we killing. And that -- on that I would further down the terms of priority. And it's you have that that tight -- -- analysis and I think you have to look real closely at the group of six or seven that they have a look like right now it's they. This group. Good but not a carrier Stewart Eastern Conference. -- at all. And -- to -- cup final opportunity to win this thing and I think that's what you address because he invited. Should. I would like to add something significant on the -- Yeah and I think it was -- -- rally ethic that he is extremely underrated may -- up for those that appreciate him though they don't know what he has done and -- I trust what he would do even though he says two weeks back talking about. Depth -- -- as a general manager lasting wanna do is throw names around writes the our defensemen aren't good enough so whatever says publicly is find the but just like deep down he kind of knows that there is a gaping hole with Dennis Seidenberg not on this team. I altitude keeping but this certainly all -- and you know. -- or what people are able to do along with his management team and the scouting crude you know I don't dilate or recruiting glow and they maybe a couple of extra -- picture becomes the Austin. Make it feel for our coach when nobody really makes -- summer takes notice that address a kid like that Hamilton in the first round. Like that a side player like Kevin Miller and allow him when he Americans are illegal learn how to -- Essentially look at all significant. To what the Bruins and has been able to. Put together an accomplished and pile -- points that is what the regular season but as we know where cops. -- different animal -- you talk about very little experience it in that -- -- are purely fortunate because the other that's and so at the way to welcome or injury collapsed. Your -- almost two years. And of course Dennis Seidenberg BO at night or China or that you want to combination. And I think you're really strong -- -- -- portrait somewhere in our war. But maybe not you're up to that certainly not a you know an indictment on his plate because I love this game and I love how how EE is just a matter fact this -- is character. That can go out in a lot here. Well certainly adds to the players that you have on the Blue Line as well as -- -- -- -- a much better chance we get the policies and he built is going to be injuries. You know record accept that you're looking for piece of the opponent that you're gonna draw. If you can have you know 78. -- HL caliber. In knee -- even talked to read that might not be here right now. I think chances certainly proved that aren't so going we wanna go reaching the goals at the. Well let me take you down that -- you talking about is -- Dan Girardi would he be the number one guy on your -- we've talked about -- McDonnell in the past one of those -- or somebody else that would would catch your fancy in the -- -- potential trade targets for the Bruins. I acquired buffalo he would play fully commit -- layout. Alex right here you don't know what it still like a Chicago it was basically pull it did a lot of gimmick violent that. Not -- -- and -- my line in the way Austin brought to construct in the weight ate clay what is required of the position. So -- -- to play it and I don't like to give it to names guys that I would put direct hire. In -- much higher than I put McDonnell recount so -- not like shark but now to talk about a guy like Girardi. Is we're changes. If you are -- and -- -- you probably won't have to track Iraq you are wrong. -- you gonna go get a player of significance or impact or different than let's say you're gonna have to subtract. And it's gonna have to be significant in terms of either an existing player certainly draft picks the -- to put it in the past. The draft picks for the most part I think that he'd be willing to deal with immediately subsequent -- late run to re re -- aspect. But I think you got to lose at least one piece of your existing roster -- -- look at it a different group that met. Brick and we asked about Doug Hamilton twenty years old right and he's he's he's gonna get bigger it's gonna get stronger is there. A nasty edge that maybe he needs to find or resist toughness and courses that good enough for guy like that. That part of the game has become it's not something that you can rush a little something that a player each individual has to grow into. Maybe we'd like. Get here a little shorter but that certainly played well -- here players and went crew myself. That's something that comes by. You can -- Russia there are certain. Expiring to think it will call to put quotations around it where all the sudden he stuck to realize that you can. Played maybe a little bit more aggressively. Maybe you can get into that situation with a close Camara a little bit more frequently. And all the sudden you want to hear just how much. You can view and how much. What you can exert in a match up missed the he didn't realize that you're especially when you're out the side that that it has so it's not so they can be -- but I certainly know that you'll get there. And and what it does it all out of that natural maturation process because he's going to be -- equivalent. So you think that that -- is that toughness can actually come in time is generally. This docks of bio Joseph McDonald wrote about a lot of city together and two fights in junior's victory and half years has dropped the gloves year old let's just more a confidence thing to learn to be aggressive ball -- the -- -- -- -- dropping golf goes well and come. At that and I'm not saying that every play a 100% at that experience and -- just go through -- all NHL career that. Go to material that it happened but I don't think that's the case with a guy like that Hamilton. I just think it's that. You know it is that Xperia practical proved that he passed -- -- lived through. You know maybe it's been affected and situationally and -- it goes -- way or goes the opposite way. But it becomes an understanding of what what I incapable but what I can which is and -- and we seen by Mike -- I think that's the biggest piece of it's not always win or lose it's you know showed up and break. And I'm not actually title -- to talk about guilt hit and go to get bigger guy stronger it's more. What your players in the league you know kind of got away from that kind of hockey. But I like that experience that will go a long way to making that much better. We're talking Andy Berkeley of NASA and 25 games to go eight back to back six of those the month of march brick I made my case last hour that. The help this team is more important in the seeding of it I think that. There's got be a balance and how much these guys play how that manifests itself -- guys just haven't tired nights off beating Johnson gets half the games how -- Claude Julien worked out these final 25. Well I think particularly outraged and I defected to correct and make the trip -- you think about what the experience what is. Or in rusher the fact that he was too ill to play that gold medal. Playing game and it got really sick he took it not be able to play that game and a couple of them back to play real well and now get the the products. But -- you talk about travel would kinda old and I dealt with a bill that so here's your first example of right now tonight -- and on the trip. Now the question is are you concerned about a guy like in which are in terms of what you're talking about -- Nineteen minutes -- May be getting banks are considering the number of back to back. Charity work well. What type of minutes. At play against an opponent yet to play against. And add to that the actions of the Dennis Seidenberg to keep the conversation bought her a couple welcomed back to the defense and what are the -- would be to do that to consider. I would expect charity to one of the focuses for the Bruins are not necessarily trying to expel Pittsburgh. Certainly we mute your creation and continue to put each up everywhere we had a four point with Charlie left we were securely and it's a -- -- Saint Louis. The medic drug bowl game against Colorado so they know that they can win out -- So that becomes an opportunity to -- and I'm not concerned so much about Bergeron -- given what they are in their careers. They're here certainly young enough the early portion of the crime. Our spiritual Korea's concerned -- they play significant minutes over in Russia record. Not all concerned. Bert talk about maybe slows this year given what you went through the playoffs a year ago. But I -- and -- the guy Ericsson need to play -- yeah we play hockey over in in so he could be. We finding his game more and more a little bit for the great. She'd have to parachute Soderbergh particularly sweet. He disliked in that third line to the pressure being in the top six that seem to be paying dividends. It is a weird as we watched him play although the bigger right -- It's awareness so all will be part going on around at people like -- Or properly come back from injuries that the one thing to be concerned about we come back Arabic country is at a weird. Think a lot better in the Olympics so that's what I'm looking for. And he needs to continue to play actually get a break loose group in terms of playing hockey. And let me think about that one player from each -- In the -- Carolina creature who are in the third line with -- Ericsson and and what aren't -- outlook for that line. Have a significant impact here in the month of march because they are familiar familiarity. Chemistry a togetherness and the understand their role as -- Portland combinations I think that's a blessing from -- -- given how grueling this bookmarks going to be. Brick is Chris Kelly just wait too valuable on the penalty kill or is that something to keep an eye on with the Dallek rights Boehner behind him. I don't wanna get bogged down now Lou -- -- here in a bad year that he had a year ago I think that's unfortunately one of the memories killer bullets and stick with them. Typical regular season the numbers are terrible hoax he does certain -- -- is so valuable in 2000 leather kind of particularly you'll a year ago. What -- like about it of course is that could be cracker fuse is deep sense of -- and the fact that police group people. Pretty good and -- not -- collegiate great penalty killers should point out the feeling of valuable commodity. When that thought about oh these are hot that being that if you political back. And you know try to get an impact -- player. In annually to -- -- -- looking at Montreal players. -- -- and restrictive or restrict greedy agents what are you willing to deal and I think that works the deliberate walk while the terms of how do you put -- together. Go to April may and -- Rick gets out on the -- spent an hour with us last week was great -- Olympic hockey and he had high hopes for the team. USA gets candid did not get it done your quick synopsis the final two games -- team USA. I don't think disappointing would cover it. And emotional investment in anti US shape. You're having gone. And played some international hockey. Throughout my career record in the United States and wearing a red light blue are hopeful that they were gonna battle and they put themselves in a strong position to dude got that. Ballot they can't allow the candidate the one not that -- as you guys well know was not a one nothing game it's not a Jonathan Quick that they totally their efforts or. And a totally different you. Your income awaited rationalize that while -- -- you know the different bold departure one shot no want to. That was aimed at school view on how to play on a fixed -- an important game. And it and it was very disappointing biking you actually but there -- go and have a chance -- still metal that's what you go that's why you wanna play. It doesn't -- the big goal or not actually students who represent your country gain in the middle game. The play that way they see it a complete no show and the player cracking told you that it was a note shall certainly the leaders. And it is in their disappointing would not -- it was it was almost disgusting feeling that you know after that Bryant Miller gave the team USA play the way -- -- he couldn't oracle fixed period. It's a meaningful -- Rick great stuff and I and you don't wanna have a couple extra days -- we'll -- Saturday the Bruins I get back on decimal -- yet. On trading deadline day next week. It will be territory Sunday took the broad range and indeed because they don't allow me to do that it was. Well all I like Alan I substituted an hour to job. I -- they -- any Brinkley joining us Texas has brick is in expletive tier one analyst we agree while having a month.

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