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Dennis and Callahan's Red Sox Media Roundtable- Part 2

Feb 26, 2014|

Dino, Gerry and Kirk are joined by Michael Holley, Jon Meterparel and Tom Caron to forecast the 2014 Red Sox Season.

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-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah definitely got riled up into the and exactly -- somewhere else what is the least popular member of the media use -- and now -- chances of making a rock and debris now you don't know -- I've been the most unpopular member a member of the media. England I -- -- showed up people. -- demand test. -- really speak in person -- -- -- just about anybody else on this -- your commitment to my -- I didn't edged out just yet he's played this golf but what people together it's a good move away from those -- and that. That was the cubs on audio precision do great -- that they Expedia really listen while I try the city's image and so I'm thinking about it in the desert site please it's legitimate pay out. Alerting well there will be a learning curve will have an effect. Of AJ Pierzynski is gonna catch the vast majority of these games -- a new staff will there be some. Speed bumps in the road on that project I don't think so he's a veteran guy and he's not here for his defense I mean I think he's adequate defensively and -- yeah and maybe a jump in the domino a lot of times we -- this with with who's gonna have a job seasons in standout season I think AJ Pierzynski back. Is going to be huge addition this with the united obesity and and real good numbers at Fenway Park no power numbers I think I think you could have a real job empowered this year -- middle Brooks boat yards and Pierzynski are closed. To what their power numbers can give you. You know he's raceway. You know but it's a little different from from a lot of guys on this team -- right guys work the count you can lose a guy and can have some pop you kind of mixed in a freeze. It just throw the pitches off and they can't expect every guy could be. You know there abouts are now over in that left and right there. I'm expecting nothing from him at the plate Pierzynski interest attic and nothing from the -- From about the play of the keep this slight upgrade defensively. Over Saltalamacchia so they get a plus there. Because Saltalamacchia as much as he tried -- good season at the plate last year for him as much as he tried. It just wasn't there -- -- job during the playoffs lost his job in the World Series so I think that tells you everything. On -- -- -- -- runs for its residents didn't wanting satellites -- six or six -- -- 63 quarter. It's never quite a few volleys -- just buckled. -- great question what our record is what I'll say I'll set the over under twenty point five -- -- over. Now I'm going under one argued he's averaged 21 -- -- -- I have to be on every other year he's that is better yet. Every other year and if you -- stars Joseph we had one. He 34 and then two years before at any point nine yeah there every other year he's had his is help the year you don't think he had at that 172 point you just only like just what -- That is Carlson yes yes he's the worst. Horse to do yes worse than it what's the big a dishonest that should last it would actually can be reviewed and needs fast food -- -- -- what happens talked about this he's got to get this actually that's the right way and and you you all the stories about this young young athletes they will just. -- meet you was there were about a buck 55 who they're gonna -- everything. Now he's kittens like he's does that blow you're gonna think about nutrition. To try to get it at twenty pounds for eight years -- -- Because in a different athletes I don't young athletes who don't pound food -- found other things but you know that but. But you know what we're buckles advocates trying to put it together to last year dominant numbers but a 108 innings. This 2012. Almost a 190 innings. But a bad season so can this guy give you forget about 200 OK let's say 195 in 20995. Innings. And give you an ERA of 31. To zero I think he's yet to -- yes. -- -- -- for his I have -- it's eating habits -- said he -- -- idea that's -- her -- review before it does he's like I had to come out of the -- what a lot of -- -- -- my sources don't you know as they are a couple days -- they're all talking about it -- him bottles and big breaking down they -- -- -- they sent -- his -- to secure not the case but not talk over each other boys there was -- there were no nutritional related injuries. I in the starting rotation last year also -- best if buckles is under would you -- -- wife -- five point if he's under that they don't make the playoffs. I don't think your body of the -- to better -- probably right I don't think that make the blast if he doesn't make it went by is they need him to be number two pitcher on our visitors is Tampa the trendy pick. When the picks all come on the next month. Try to beat Tampa Boston New York. Yeah they're always Tampa's all particularly fit in -- we always have. No Joseph Joseph Maddon read in the New York Times book review we can tell us you know house Marty isn't all that you've reached -- in the original front. I bet it does on its it was a wonderful book he's a wonderful author your Wally Wally -- -- -- the coldest wind -- like different helpers the five -- report greatly. -- don't ride -- -- -- Ivica I think Joseph -- read that Ted Williams put -- 112 I am Bradley Joseph the soup to nuts but hit it all right wonderful wonderfully researched well reported. -- -- And we shall we say which -- working on have you says that on your show haven't. I haven't announced a guy and forget it I don't wanna do. Okay you wanna do. Good enough to actually hopeful that an arsenal working on a David Ortiz book in just to make the distinction co workers are working that's I don't aren't working on the book about David Ortiz not. Where it. David or. -- not authorized. Unauthorized. I guess it's a good color picture that's in the does -- you're doing -- does he knows I'm doing and what is his it is to Portman all as a minority has been he's been fine in Vista you know just so so we're clear. You know Dan Shaughnessy did this book -- Terry and Brian. Tony -- -- he did his book with David Ortiz -- -- to look at you all contribute to your t.'s contract fund we did that we get on yours are really kicked in I am not yardstick that we haven't given the -- Somalis. You know yet how much of the oath treat drug. The positive drug story how much of that will be in this book that's going to be a part of because that could be advanced -- to -- could be had been expecting a you can do that yet excellence again and then. -- right I need to names a name of somebody who will slide precipitously from last year's performance and a name -- send. Would be precipitously. -- from last year's performance meter. The guy who will slide from last year's performance I will go -- is the lets the leader Mike Napoli. Knew. Yeah I think you'll have more than a 187 strikeouts. I do about the -- more wanted to sub I think he's getting hit like eight genome runs he's gonna knock in 65 is going to be the cleanup spot that's that's and we always say well Beltre a couple of years -- -- under review it Q and what's the make that Eric -- deal I'll -- -- -- -- a little -- critical -- -- -- who's going to -- Which go to settle gullible little Brooke what is such that. Yeah I would agree with that because that much of what -- that Lester had to do with that -- separation -- -- hit the wall with David Ross and -- little bat for him. He's doing -- up to that point if he's healthy if the 1215 pounds of muscle helps -- out I was in love with several lasting ascending. They're both these and the slot so they -- sending one is Dustin Pedroia him to look at it. He was hurt last year coming in here he heard the first game this season it was in the Pretoria like season and so you expect him to just get back to level. -- yes above 800 and the slide is also easy coach is going to be. You know and he can still slide to his career numbers and will be a pretty good they have protection for him. In the bullpen just in case he pulls off the pulpit but always dynamic was adamant he galvanized pickup so I think coach he comes back to. His level which is still pretty good. One of the center for many of those. Yeah I'll say -- although you know again if you look at his numbers it wasn't a -- here to begin with but I think by the end of the regular season in the end to the post season we were relying they were relying on Jonny -- a lot more -- I think you can realistically -- know maybe that just means not a -- and it's not an issue. But I don't think you're gonna be able to lean very heavily. On realms of the season -- on a pro I really don't. Because you know you talk this dialogue he wants to be a manager some day I really think that baseball IQ is not BS I really do think he gets. What it's all about to compete and what a team takes that he feels a leadership role on this team he has 200 had tubes -- them a lot of management mail merge into one it's like one mural like princess -- back one bit and also for a guy who's gonna have a dubbed a breakout -- season I think you brought I think this is -- the -- -- I think he becomes the guy on the back into that rotation is like a number four starter -- and probably the best shape he's ever show me in when he rising can't. And I just think you know he can win 141516. Games good which is a huge difference because you might have some guys battling injury you know one got to keep and I and I think his -- -- -- -- -- slide I mean yeah you could make a case he had the best year his career up at his record will be better. That's probably true in run support and he's not my ten or thirteen in the -- an excellent year right that -- hell failure that's -- that's he's that he's the favorite generically and audio behind the scenes in the picture of the steel and a as you can while that'll be a story you know as you get closer that minimum wage season right that'll be either of the there's any question about that -- But but I you know guys this second year after Tommy John. Usually -- better -- -- the right that is why we're about last. -- two more questions give me a name that we are. Vaguely familiar with now that by the end of this baseball season will be if not a household world word. Somebody that we are quite familiar with and making a contribution on this baseball team I guess I'm asking for last year's Bogart's. Suppose -- say other than the the first Red Sox player and 39 years to be American League rookie of the year end PP yeah -- -- Bogart the new. Bradley and by the way out of the guys aware of this but Bogart the brunt of a robot is the leader in our hockey competition. What should I mean he can really since he was anything. You Mike Hart got shut out a bit tough to get shut out by an immovable -- to buy it and it got a mention of earlier I like Monica you just touched a guy and I think that's the -- -- I don't think. -- -- -- -- Suck this year but I think you're cute with 37 saves last year was underrated unheralded picked up adventure and yeah Rio. I don't know if he's gonna contribute heavily but -- -- we talk about Henry Owens before this season's over -- yeah I see him being that sort of yeah Alan Webster this year but with more success he gets. The restarts. Because of double headers or injuries or whatever and he gets an opportunity the end of the year and no this is -- tall lefty they love this stuff. Die he'll be a guy by the end of this year even if he's not but this -- you're gonna know a lot about it and the public has spread or to you put them on the other -- baseball the exception married to have the day and -- century Detroit. As a number three started -- -- just make hall. Feel comfortably ready to do nine in mind. And -- -- into a public I was looking for answer the question -- the that are ready to read about it Friday -- still. Our ideas guys get some get some good questions for Kirk on there yeah like yeah yeah challenge Davis who makes up for questions for him to the question on your show that they are totally organic. Amanda -- because there -- a lot of -- -- they come in from an engaged audience what are you talking about what place how many wins meet Burrell. Jersey Tommy kiss ass but I go first place and I united one collier. Yes my volley. Paul Lester had a for a 92 wins well you see what I that there is like bringing up the fact that. Adam I've identified -- -- -- -- actually did but I -- -- it it's on its own records over ways how many bombings in 92 again. And I'm gonna say that's good for first place. All right Tom Caron. I -- I'll makes up 911 place. Of that I mean I just think I guess at before I think it's going to be a long -- until the win the division because I think it was gonna beat up on everybody but I still think they're the team to be in the dailies Kirk it and 88 and second place. Which begs the question who's the first place it -- come -- -- all you don't -- -- from the -- last year Matt nice girl last night island -- I was gonna say like that -- -- to -- we have never done one of these where he's not bitch about it I just got just enough bird shot OK I got to work together prologue it's a beautiful it was -- second place 89 in second place to do exactly what I was and I decided to write about it you. Going to be the skunk at the picnic I'll -- lowest 87 -- a bowl and third place telling wildcard spot you're like well who's your first place team in -- for I'm stamper. Tamper tamper Baltimore. Well opal well Toronto -- on nobody else now known about it -- they. Don't -- down the first graduate footer there. John made -- brown good to seal. Good to see what is Ali thanks for stopping by of course on Karen always a pleasure clean the place up we will clean the place up addicted -- Abraham will be very happy if you do. Now off the opera buff up our week -- spring training in Red Sox land we had a great great time Danny Hope you enjoy the broadcast as well. We're jump on a plane headed back to Boston will talk tomorrow morning from Boston at 6 AM.

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