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A true "Outsider", Red Sox pitcher Jake Peavy, talks music and baseball with D&C

Feb 26, 2014|

Jake Peavy joins Dennis and Callahan on their final day at spring training. Jake explains the dynamic in the Red Sox clubhouse and details his friendship with country artist Eric Church.

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They haunting tune from Eric church called the outsider has special significance to our guest who's joined us here at the broadcast site. Maybe this again and it's Uga was a song video well first of -- it's on his your setup for the cameras here. And that we just felt a sense I was only kidding around I said is that attribute Eric church music yes. Of course it is you know it's a great body and and me and Erica. Had many conversations especially right after I got traded over to Boston. And would put a song a lot on the debris song called the outsiders that Hampshire few guys. There are -- much you heard it get played in. If anybody watched the 2013 Red Sox. I think we have to minimize Syria with the outsiders are about you know we're. But breed of -- we're dying breed so to speak in guys guys who just live life a little Italy Agile but it. On the outside not afraid to to test the limits a little -- -- get all your years in baseball have you ever had more fun with this group -- guys -- put into this -- -- -- we -- Dempster on. On the duck boat parade day and he said this is the first time in his long career he was in a club while that did not have an a hole in that clubhouse yeah that's true story you know I'd never seen it close to a release. Capitals of good things have been -- teams that. Had great team chemistry of -- and things were good -- friends I came from a team that. And a few great friends and John -- Adam Dunn Chris Sale of these desert are like Brothers but never seen a group of but guys who had different ship. And then it will also had -- what it takes to win all of this how is it created who creates or does that happen organically and haven't organically I don't think you can have one person created. If you could. You have one -- -- people I believe every team has that mentality I just think it's a great job by. The front office recognizing hey let's try to get this attitude this -- personnel and -- and once again it's it's got to happen. Organically in in personalities mix and match that creates special atmosphere and then again. It's gotta you gotta have good players -- Jonny Gomes said it best you gotta have guys who play the game of baseball. Few friends with Eric church he he -- Writes a succinct this argument tattooed on your. Explain to me how it's a tribute to the Red Sox -- tell you -- are absolutely he come since we knew -- -- missing something have you ever heard this man I am not this is delighted to approach -- -- Eric -- tell -- -- told -- the biggest country right now the biggest -- is about you guys it is it is a special tribute to -- guys and when Eric in this -- -- -- -- and he said they believe -- -- Hey here's your song that's gonna help you guys when the World Series well it's is because of him listening to. Meet talk about the guys in Jonny Gomes and Eric was around a -- to -- came game theory yeah that's right Saint Louis and America's listen. You know there was celebrating all the field and Fenway Park in in the clubhouse this one it. And and the Teddy -- are displaying in the clubhouse and as we report -- paint this as an illness that two that the debt to his new and just. You know tribute to my grandmother and I get some more stuff coming here -- -- gonna hold me outsider. Down which is my grandmother and her beliefs and her roots always you always tell -- -- holds a matter -- -- chain around the cells also. I'm guessing that we know that you're the expert XT fan and you look forward to that -- that you can like follow him around the country as his church just to see over here does that now sixty show is some of us -- goalies aren't -- -- it can. The night game may eighteenth change -- We should a league soccer game killing us. What -- -- -- you might want to hear about your lineup restart odds are against you start today but until I'm guess in the -- Springsteen that you Brighton art of course you know when your. Mutual fans of book of a person and Eric's. I think in the song the church wrote about Springsteen and about that moment I think captures its that your way desert island one when Bruce on -- -- -- -- Don't know if it -- to be thunder road. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Right shall be blown away Eric church tool to something that not many if you're and then -- -- back country fans I promise you Eric. Is justice a genre. Of his own relieved he's breaking the mold. I what I love what he's doing if you -- their church -- well he's doing what it. Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings these guys did he break in in both in the training do their ideals we got a favorite Springsteen song. Thunder road and with your favorite -- church is at home boy. Trauma like that stuff -- You know is it. Tribute to. Chaos I don't know that it would be tough mop -- -- Churchill might be -- like me which is something he wrote. Real early on in the and is not maybe is artistic has agreed to some of this new stuff that it is well refined. But still the end of the day it's I think it's a lot about where he's from and in how he's raised in an. Relates to a relief to you get some of the church stuff played in locker published does that dynamic work who gets to pick you guys take turns -- to just grab you know. Yet Red Bull by the horns and say today we're doing this yet AK kind of bounces around you know obviously pollen would David Ortiz of sort yet -- he -- true. Political -- yet. The publisher. What should. You oh because we didn't fare cuts. It's generally it's you know it's hard for us to calling big -- you know gives -- a different dynamic in the -- He does like the -- a lot of music and he's more reps out of things in and we get into written in. Fuel this fire and it brought him a little bit on -- it is well. But mostly guys we have in this team. Com -- they're classic rock guys -- our country does anybody embarrass themselves and say let's go with fifth dimension a hospital -- gets booed out of a club possibly as anybody. Play something that everybody -- hated. Now now you know I think. I think the most port everybody concussions. Can realize that it looks like everybody yet yeah all the Beckett play we play music as a matter if you're from Venezuela if you -- Latinos song played bring it back or throw me up laden which ought to be. As much of families we can't listen to some music we can't mr. Edwards in Japanese for Koji -- Which -- to make everybody -- to the music. You struck me as a guy who appreciates. And what you've got your good fortune your luck -- -- -- make fourteen million bucks a year by -- duck -- -- friends with Eric church all the stuff happens is you have. A magical right up tester you there you go home look at your wife says I can't believe vote for and what -- I -- We've -- really do we've live such a blessed life my whole family is that simply because. But the game of baseball when it's provided and allowed us the opportunity to do so many cool things to. -- have a life that we live at the age it that I haven't asked. You know -- strikes ridiculous it it strikes -- sitting here a year ago you had no idea. What was in store for you for 2013. You feel lucky we feel blessed you feel like just things came to -- how if you -- -- back to the whole thing and -- hasn't. Turn the page but I a year ago we had no idea what's gonna happen yeah you know what. I think it's funny and I still do that all the time you inept it's a taste of the question all the above is a little luck involved you know in just right place right time. In in the new lumped you with the stars had to be aligned in and I think that. I told people along this is where I belong. I belong with this group that guy -- was so excited that you know we had. Another -- country to come back and in and get back in. It's rather -- -- recapture some great moment in the NFL now they're legislating of the inward to get a penalty and fine. And we're here and in baseball league and that's at the penalty in the -- -- the F word on the field so. I think that fourteen million muscle in the back to -- to the here right now what do they did that would if you weren't allowed to curse -- yet -- -- in panelists and I'm gonna I'm gonna slip every now and then that's his goal is to it. But at the same time I have three little boys and I tried it will be -- a lot of god bless -- yeah and in the guys do make for me and I promise you this and all listeners children. I have three children my -- wanna be the best role model can be and I do. I'm gonna say all the time models slip up and -- cuss word but I tried to keep it PG thirteen -- say this I watched couple days ago the PFP with the soft balls get hit back you view them. Your your kids obviously weren't around and let let a few slip here and there as to a -- most those with we all the other day trying to become axis of of who's around and who's watching in the to be the best role models and. You know we took it over as you left you said the right things in Chicago and when you arrived said the right things here how long into your stay here did you know that this was the right place for you can just set up before even knew it -- A new. No no I didn't I knew as soon as I walked in the cold this -- I got the clubhouse about noon and try and beat everybody there. Johnny goals -- -- -- particularly didn't hear for playing against it and I thought it was more about human thought it was showmanship. When Mike Napoli to button up his Jersey. You know it is just stuff from the -- sided in it's it's good. I don't wanna like the opposition yeah that'll open excess -- if I don't if I got a chance to know you in baseball. I don't think it's good for me to like you. It is an extra intangible and intensity win. You can not like the guy's got -- -- simply for the fact that he's got blue warning him that redolent. And so I had that feeling -- some guys on this team that I -- know I knew some guys last year in and book in in had been around a few times. When I walked in this clubhouse to -- there's three players already in the clubhouse which blew me away. That whole game these guys were there Torre was their Saltalamacchia and Jonny Gomes were in the clubhouse. Within thirty seconds I'm not exaggerated story of speaking -- years -- Markey said to me we're gonna win the World Series. In those were two out of his -- and I said Jonny Gomes and Johnny are you doing. And here's the quote to everybody thinks it's funny. -- is on doing wonderful -- it close to operate it in for second a split second I didn't realize what you speak in the united hadn't been around that lingo in that spirit that all you guys have been familiar with -- and -- -- their money growth rate going -- -- you know I didn't know what you know old -- we -- -- it hit me this guys don't want the World Series parade. And I immediately -- hole. I'm in the right place because that's exactly the same page I didn't show to do anything yet but when the world's worst really pretty politically correct. Showed it to -- an upset about the cigar store Indian and we need to know we should have it sitting here that's trauma. I mean highly offensive I think you should be -- we called the cigar store native Americans by the -- is this where Genesis of where is the cigar store native American now on the duck boat right no he's. I got a -- -- bore saloon that we have and -- little -- down and and we have. Got a all the boys -- jerseys were we must there is starting staff that mr. and in the lacked in book and Lester but two catchers in them and the kind of middle and they are all signs jerseys. The Indians in that -- World Series display. We go to your house could we get a duck boat ride of course we. You know we have a little ranch and album and that -- it's in perfect there in well reg how many acres I was five. Little little -- in sales so what do you do with the so duck boat -- subsite goes around lake it's a little a little pond did. Right now the -- actually painted in. This pace to implement. A World Series color of -- scheme and something that'll always be on the -- we will commemorate. In the getting ago. Cause what happened is actually going to be pitchers. Of us on the duck boat on the side of that -- you'll build a seat. What Jews were right yeah exactly -- -- there's some -- strong in the World Series. You know obviously integrated in there. But I it's gonna be displayed there at the ranch and also able to ride through the ranch. Through some lakes and -- and stuff and just have us to -- -- on the property. You have a western top western -- street on the ranch. Yes are we at the headquarters are we have them look like oh western town you know -- We of the solution and we have some lodges in and the bank's general -- jail. So I'm within minutes of my favorite guy that -- that's why I mean that's what I would do we all like to think that when we were as lucky in this. -- talent that you -- and admit that kind of money we do these kind of things we probably wouldn't but oil in the I'm I'm doing this stuff with a a master plan children or my heart what I love to do. It when I get done playing you know both a little in way of port -- organized baseball courses don't dislike the -- ball port here. Just a modest. This mideast he has got a -- -- baseball camp summit -- summer camps stuff for children -- -- or too little to -- game. Some built this little town in. In all that with a purpose to its ultimate differences and and kids in children's lives. We like to think we've been around Boston for so long that that the fans are different experiences different the energy is Deborah Lewis and would you agree that there's there's -- and compare and contrast you know where else who played in another ball -- at and a way of liberalization say -- absolutely it is. You know and that's what it would no disrespect because I love San Diego are beautiful -- I was there with Theo Epstein with Larry Lucchino. People who have been. Obviously crazy influential in Boston so. A great place Chicago once again big market great city. But just the corn US cellular field every day in and -- being in ten and 151000 people and it is in not much of an atmosphere. So it's leave that letting go into a place where. That the full moon walking on the street you feel the atmosphere in the intensity sort of build -- 7 o'clock game even before you go to the ballpark with people speaking to you. That's a different animal certainly. And a huge advantage. For us as the ball closed up to help -- -- You know it just helps you energize it and exactly and I think this is the biggest thing sometimes we don't elect plans and I hate to say that. You get rundown you get tired and you get home late. You turn right around you play a few games you that you have to wake up at 8:30 in the morning get there and play a -- game you get beat down and you get rundown when you step out. Into the atmosphere Fenway Park. Always. Brings. They can't help but -- are you hoping to be here longer than. This final season this one more year yeah you know what I have no plans have those plans at this point I'm marker have been crazy blows my thirteenth year in the major leagues and we have all come together once again with one gold mine and that's took to win the World Series in 2014 and we understand the process. That it takes to get there we're focused. Daily. On the task at hand and that's really all I can tell you. Hadn't really thought about playing. In 2015 that that. Leads me to my last question human nature people who observe human nature with say. Once you do with this team did last year and by the way in the dramatic and historic fashion -- -- with the Boston drawn and all the marathons situation. There's a sense of satisfaction there's a sense of thirst being quench is that something the team has to fight against or is the nature of this club -- not allowed to happen. Well I think having both in a -- Some people go well it can't be either or but I think it is you know I think for sure we got our our our mouse when it and get in and -- -- and enough. For what we needed them for the Boston fans you know I think the same way but at the same time it only made us want or -- made us hungrier and I think if you listen these guys talk it's not. It's not cliche these guys want these guys to enjoy out. But Lackey said it last night me and -- girls -- and we like David Ross that are around like that you think I came over here 'cause that's I think for. For another world changed and try to win three and that's exactly demise and every guy has down there. And I think it took advantage that we did what we did last year because we know the process now we know exactly what it takes. As a unit as a group coaching staff over to try to do everything we do in our power we stunned when Dempster retired. You know while I was crazy of surprised stunned. Saddened. Humbly but yet very happy for him to be able to walk out it was all terms -- the -- you want to be. In -- Happy for him but at the same time sad for the loss what was seen so quickly loved why will he be so missed his everybody's saying the same thing Georgia I think you guys know just haven't been up all on the radios -- and you guys did a handful of times last year. He just tremendous individual and off the field the way he handles his friends teammates watching him be -- daddy utmost respect for him. Always keeps the mood -- always going to be professional. When somebody's like that you can't help but look JPEG so we can get them marked on the may eighteenth -- -- the second he eventually got connections obviously the end. We get it moved to the day game that's what you need -- will we need that game change who -- gonna beat the tigers that -- to win the series. And penalized to that -- Clark was he hasn't taken it to me. You're in fifth -- I -- all that and just -- picks up the full -- -- this is far Bruce is the one guy that Bruce have refused to award though I don't want to. A woman do it a touch them. A woman goes so why not you'll meet Bruce if you get the chance of a church parish church Eric church took -- bitterest -- -- in the -- playlist that the New Hampshire gave the district's. Because of the you know obviously the song if he said homeowner meets Bruce wanna come you wouldn't ago. -- offer the opportunity of a handful of times and and that's how you're this site it's our. Oh it's and don't you -- keep him I don't want Bruce had a bad day out -- it broke through there like I don't stand Mattel issued in him. You know we live it here when we run by some fans here and -- -- time schedule and we're not having the best day or our kids have argued or sick or hurt. In we. Meet somebody and in a glancing blow and a thirty seconds. Then I said Hackett Syron are got to run and they think Jake Peavy is isn't in the air again. Not nice. You -- I don't wanna -- way -- brought the whole Bruce and and and ever have a chance that's been compromised while Jake -- great talkative yeah jerseys and good luck we'll talk to -- about the Boston thanks thanks AJJ David Dennis and Callahan DC roll on from Fort Myers for our last day. We'll be back.

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