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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Steve Elkington puts his foot in his mouth

Feb 26, 2014|

The latest look at the news with Kirk Minihane: Steve Elkington rips Michael Sam, an odd statistic about The Golden Gate Bridge and a lucky find.

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I headlines brought to you by AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do. Precision fitness equipment restart. In the world of Twitter you know where you. A perfect -- You never got. I don't know house on the farm follow would you agree you are a you're an intriguing follow yes your -- fall yep yeah at times can be mystifying fall if it's a dangerous dangerous following -- -- must follow at John Dennis WEEI you have to build -- you'll be entertained on a daily basis is so world. If you want a front row seat from Wendy you know self destruction that it is it goes and will be in the going to be as it's gonna be like those monks and the self immolation self immolation if it hit. Steve out anything that makes -- boss is nervous yes yes yes I don't think they they didn't get nervous about the -- swamp cabbage festival but -- was Saturday people -- entertainment which we got pictures from a place that was safe I went looking for can Amaechi yeah it well. I don't know that it's subtle -- no lob Belle -- town LA capital BEL I get nervous like west in that to the middle that's true it is it is sort of middle of the television in the middle of the state -- -- who -- -- I but yeah. Steve Elkington former major champion on the PGA it was in 95. He's Australians on the champions torn up. I've -- to Wear this out there occasionally tweets and stuff. Can be managed to fall. It's -- -- yesterday. He has to get -- cover he's been covering Michael -- as a gay athlete is embarrassing. He then later tweeted ESPN reporting Michael's name is leading the handbag throw in NFL com by no one else expected that the road to. And on Twitter he got treated like the worst and Aaron Hernandez and it was like this was the worst crime against humanity. And while I would tweet this and it didn't seem kind of just like sophomore -- off on what is first and foremost he should be penalized two shots only from -- and it because -- does this read like between the high school freshman yes and like juveniles sophomore yes. Isn't the that it doesn't Michael -- the first thing he has to do is have thick skin as he goes in the NFL right -- -- gonna get on that heckled and opponent opposing players and maybe teammates will in my heart on the -- in court -- -- Make wisecracks and -- said he'll deal with these rated deal with it. Isn't this the kind of silly ass thing he's gonna have to be aware and you think it bothered him a bit I'm -- knows about it other noted Steve Elkington. No no we just now has -- right yesterday but the outrage on Twitter was funny that was -- -- it was amusing. The people thought that that he was like property and word generous guy. By the golf digest -- they have yelled and tweet that's a reaction the collection of personal at a speed. Well he reacts to -- he said US golfer Steve Elkington in the pool for for sports sports person. To tweet something really dumb about -- in football you win Jeff Macgregor ESPN handbag throwing joke from a man who pays another man with his golf bag. Andrew -- has just taught sports -- -- dealing with issues of discrimination. That's the -- between his way into our discussion. Here's a look at his later tweet he said he was merely mocking oust him as being singled out for sexual preferences of Clinton's defense. It goes back to quote a ball hit in oriental spectators. There's no oriental spectators spectators like Michaels and he's just. Means but -- -- be incorrect -- backed up he used the word oriental yeah yeah orient. Us. Right that is stupid silly. Wisecracks. From. People who aren't. Quite as politically correct as. And some of the others. Their version did spins and Dale Arnold that it was very upset about this by the yeah which is mean about the Twitter reaction about elkington that we look at it's -- of about some 51 year old golfer from Australia. Because that's the power of Twitter. Yeah that he is. It's that -- really cool you know he's immediately infuse into the discussion on how Michael Sam will be treated but it would its NC he doesn't -- He didn't care -- -- I think he expects that you know you expect a few of these dumb things that happened but this is. The problem this is with us I mean that's that's might get to -- -- care. Will there be a day when so many tweets out something like that and it will be equated with somebody tweeting out something like. All in if you had Vince Wilfork winning the pie eating contest at the state fair. You know I mean you're making fat -- a good equipment on the fat diary skinny guy -- part of part of the part of just part of the the does this course well yeah short so that's what gets up. A milestone in June that fat joke will be allowed anymore also what could go the -- way he'll be the yeah yeah editing about a bat. The the old big -- overweight will be protects a week so that your. Bureau. Lovely five day pink and tan now now -- -- -- that's depth in airlines are out too by the way my hero. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A number of cars like nine billion -- myself. I don't know that's what we're talking I don't know that now. It's 46 people -- to their deaths in what appears to be the deadliest year for suicides at the California and won the church group. Watchdog groups have a -- -- on YouTube -- that anybody thought it actually gets jumping it's -- a living right some of them live some of them live yet some of them live. The the bridge real foundation tracks fatalities India for 200 foot long. -- the height of suicides demonstrates -- need. Free safety net to be installed it more difficult for would be jumpers -- take their -- and yet. The they'll probably find somewhere else to go all the putts might get reported net go to -- to be more than 46 people -- -- just for kick via this bungee jump and ride and he bought two Robertson you know call it. Frat boy oversized documentaries on my idea it's -- it's the show these people see him walk up and all nervous and it -- they don't jump after that it is a phone number of us Americans there it's on the break that the reverend Jesse and call the samaritans -- If it's there than it should be that's not right -- I don't wanna get away somewhat -- themselves to be honest -- Much credit picture that you that you Dirk. Didn't. Ultimately these Olympic team -- serious about you'll understand my problem with that particular dot battery -- They have cameraman -- about -- prop -- agree with shooting this footage though of the bridge and he said there's role that's all -- comes suddenly she looks a spot that she's over the rail he. It's like the guy watching the kids start to death in Ethiopia with a camera doesn't get -- ams which shouldn't that shouldn't get it. What's that what's won -- -- To get up might. Get a towards Arab studios but my point is if you're going to yourself you're going to. Built in net to help these people's -- that is at Cole field that it might want to. Yeah there name. -- you -- kids. -- -- -- and he believes. If you are out of the race. Plus the great lines that television history. That it. That's how we wrapped up his interrogation of this woman that killed their own -- -- April prisons prisons tough on the molecular markers if it. Also I didn't get -- blocks away. But he also not compel the guy in this in the cell. Who showed nudie pictures. Of his wife to his -- late in this so late we've got out of prison -- today's edition yeah you know you responsible curriculum -- -- says -- the guys as humans. Feel out of cards to shoot. Partners bought some leeway in how the system. Would you did that got killed himself from prison. Somebody else's. Excuse that it is that. Let's just stick and we'll stick to northern California rate here a couple has made buried treasure find of a lifetime. Gold coins worth millions of dollars on the property in northern California cachet of more than 14100. Rare US gold coins -- -- metal cans buried near an old tree and property was discovered as a couple were taken their dog and immediately walked estimated value. Believed to be in excess of ten million people most valuable hoard of gold coins. On earth in North America according to a six. Come around the say about these guys right we make fun of these guys -- to -- and -- their knee -- slightly -- -- their sandals there on the meets a beautiful day rate that's probably what they would do I have never I've never found anything I have -- a million often -- -- -- provide valuable. But like -- this bill you've found a bit of -- but I don't -- once it yet as a kid. Not recently but yet he found on your wall unit and tonight a look at his wallet it's a good question what's the most valuable I don't think it ever found something valuable. A -- maybe media. And it diminish and -- didn't -- it didn't bother to pick that one yup now dollar and -- army yeah right yeah yeah it was examined cleaned and I was able to hold not the other I've never. They take it started daily walk into that for years and fine. And the state of California is already taken -- a that's that's real quick one more true detective and creator had an interview yesterday he was asked about this. She's in two female thing did not say yes to -- -- open cities open the and asked him. Who would your ideal female detective beyond these TV show you can have a female anyway to -- else. -- -- It's that see when those guys Sunday night the needle for Sunday night we have -- sick at the last the penultimate episode protective and the Oscars yet -- Which way to go medics and unreliable I -- love movies I've seen almost point movies. I would say I'm gonna watch the Oscars. But they'll watch -- -- -- the Oscars get up early next important -- -- to beat in the you know the Oscars were to start strong right Ellen DeGeneres will be some big number of big -- they get out of the -- first about a big awards support according supporting -- yeah it's all technical for our -- because -- oriented music. Edit it may work out I think Seth MacFarlane was great last year and I like even those liberal and -- twisted. There's always dangerous element -- safe you know which again she's like Billy Crystal I don't dislike of -- -- -- to separate violence kind of dangerous right. You might he might offend some people in and crossed the line. She's got across the line right the big question right now is is Carol -- -- -- -- often. They gonna be in the thing ocean side this year well. I had died last year I -- I think yeah I thought that was the case silence -- -- two things without I don't claim it's gonna make the -- I think the -- special thing Phillips. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- DNC final day spring training a Jake Peavy is gonna join us later in the broadcast we will have our end of spring training broadcast. Panel emporium if you liked before we say good bye to Fort Myers, Florida we had to turn people away at each other that well we knew about bonefish grill and providing in kind services to meet its use gonna come up with John beleaguered minimalist and they just taunting them right yeah yeah I got peanut -- that it -- but pain kill me. And do those big announcement one of three this year happens in the 8 o'clock hour you don't wanna miss that fall like double talk with the James in Rhode Island and the rest did you when we come back.

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