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Rajon Rondo skipped his flight but does it matter?

Feb 26, 2014|

John, Gerry and Kirk look at whether Celtics' star Rajon Rondo was wrong when he skipped the team flight to celebrate his birthday.

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Well the clock is ticking for more hours in the war the sunny Florida over hit back Coleman what Jordan bulls get hard I'm not only error when yeah I'm not going out not -- stand now you guessed that cannot read -- go back on the -- Michael hall stadium by myself and to sit here by myself -- from -- that means you guys okay would that it was made to be the last time around -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- don't -- to -- -- -- after. Abstain until my birthday and it's -- in July that's that's -- sorry sorry boys it's not to foggy morning new era in Fort Myers, Florida -- 63 degrees for 82. Any team in Boston headed for 28 not. But it is goddess has got a New England sweater on these don't I was ready to give that was the first number one long pants since. The last time we arrived. From the change -- to -- Obama's published of that. -- -- put on -- very sexy back I -- -- him running yesterday any -- this silly gas -- -- thanks so much and headed on every day and he never washed and he ran it -- disgust I told you what I want to get you into the restaurant -- static I don't have -- the best -- I hygiene I admit but I could never run in the same shirt every day for a week first of all the defense was showered twice during the trip. I was fine -- Where the news gets in the minds. So like every three days like Rocco distinct picture of the eggs. Yeah sure so don't quite appreciate it at no point did you feel compelled -- stinky reading feature like maybe five workouts five runs into this is a six mile run. After the sixty mile right at the very least. -- -- -- did. I jumped in the pool at my gym shorts on so -- No that's not hang on that's not fair to swimmers that's likely. It's not and that's that's they're beautiful is just as much or it's just what does appear that that's a hook up. I didn't -- I'm -- I don't get mad at us but that is I've never seen anyone do that and I mean. We've we've worked for some pigs oh yeah I mean -- on the big show so I've never seen anyone with the center for a -- first wash and clean I'm clean fall in our all the the -- I did wash the shirt in the -- he did his job of that in the show. Is going on all sweaty and stinky. Yeah it's in the back I will say this. Packing to go home. Is so much easier than you learned Elvis out stuff for you can't do the same thing to take order closure of a -- shot a -- His jacket was in your car you know I knew it was his jacket -- it was smelled the smell the ball and it was like -- set across the black backpack and go home literally takes three minute -- compared to zero. The only guilty rulers make sure yeah everything right I used to cyclical some of the stuff was still clean on divided up as it all gets stinky before you get home to just throw it in bone -- Case and there aren't yet -- but I don't wanna leave. And normally it's nice here it's just. These pleasant everyone's happy it's odd that Larry Lucchino called it camp good vibrations. Because it's a real good vibe and I believe that when you walk around here. At times in the past and seat two years ago this and that tends tension yeah. There's potential to keep he's got a bad that Chiquita he's always sea salt quickly Dina we saw unless that longhorn. He walked in it was a crowd -- we wait for a table said don't you know why and the Fed under Garrett they don't achieve change to Mercedes how -- -- -- I'm the next Red Sox third baseman. Myself I know I made that a -- -- -- Brooks probe people's stop now he's kind of famous yelled yeah yeah. Kind of famous that you know I am going to start the -- this year I think no I think people are commending him for keeping his head down little -- -- they've heard nothing from you still be very immediate from the now is currently -- -- just trying to do his job that typically don't focus on doing his -- got a little attitude the minute -- yeah -- and -- thing you know I think a little bit -- -- I -- -- -- them -- that he's now -- -- star -- the inside track -- that's going to be the big disappointment -- mark -- out here. Minute hand in middle Brooks did not get to gets trust something happens today. That's true let -- equipment and running like a child -- -- look forward to a confrontation of Caracas he also crawl through the back he also promised a that he would confront Pete Abraham. This right we'll go to down Abraham turned -- -- -- -- it turtle. He didn't fare as he did turtle but I've got several sources on the Red Sox beat the -- here told me he is blasting our show. Where the last things like like like blasting the gas so go to church these desert got you know. The whole thing got -- me took an assessment of the quick. Did you notice that didn't they weren't given the globes yesterday. That -- nobody was taken because it was overpriced if we can live for free you know one wanted to. -- -- anywhere I was gonna grab a couple of I don't let -- what happened -- Ran out he hates us and he'll dial on the fairness yeah. It's. -- the -- dictionary defines opportunity. As a set of circumstances. That makes it possible. To do something that we all about when an opportunity presents itself what's also this together what are you supposed to do. Just seized CDs. To see -- day Jackson says seize the opportunity. You got to seize the opportunity and for that and that's why I give all the credit in the world to two people. Eric Hernandez. And Rajon Rondo and -- to 30% of itself to both these guys. And they seized the opportunity. Eric way to go job brought no way to go. I I get the sense that Aaron Hernandez's -- we we heard from his lawyers and we heard from experts -- Mike McCann fixed his chance to beat the -- yet how he thinks there is so would you do this -- -- -- Beat up a fellow inmate if you thought there was a chance you gonna beat the rap now. This year the -- against correct. So during the fall and the fall and if they can I mean a lot of inmates who were and get to be convicted of hope also may be but they -- If you have hope wouldn't be beaten guys up in in in prison what because he faces perhaps faces more charges for assault and prison even if you're according. -- face the charge here perhaps we don't know will open up front Tom Watson. Chicks and gives us some details this morning sheriff sheriff thoughts in my observation of it is I think he's assimilating well -- eight months into the prisons -- them well and he's resigned himself to this is my life. He's not sit in their sand in on me out of here soon innocents. That get to trial and prove them. That prove my innocence is sure that you take them -- spent the next forty years here. You see guys give you crappy little beat up right that's what lifers right right that's the might of might not be the watch you know. Whatever to a detective Sunday night right you might lose some privileges. But you're not going anywhere so she -- -- -- like you might -- -- -- -- if you're -- -- -- or any privileges you can look at some point you know gets and maybe articulate a radio all -- all I'm just heart -- being -- have him. Album by the host he's in a segregated. Section from the general population. He was allowed to take a walk into isolated hallway but somehow came into contact. With -- another prisoner well apparently we've heard this from a number of sources the prisoner and Hernandez had been going back and forth all day maybe they can hear each other from other cells. And yet -- and I guess the guy it was all over. Hernandez for a long period of time -- -- Hernandez was given back to as well verbally that somehow someway and upper. Presented itself almost two guys got altogether and Hernandez beat them back. Let's just say he beat the bag out of them -- a budget does. We're told us GM's according TM ZOK we're told -- recognize the other inmate and launched into an attack. Beating the other man up pretty badly him. You know what he's in real trouble too because on top of that. Use the inward equipment so got to work at that -- like a year to evidence that that's fifty yards that's fifty an hour telecheck apologize for this yes you should assists and gas pushing you should know yes this is. But the -- year only to you know could could equate. Rajon Rondo and Aaron and also in that -- bulls seized opportunities and up to present it to like bail on his team yeah. With his girlfriend and his mother and his family on a date that he wasn't going to play -- on that the day before the day before the it is born Jerry. All that's right he is this a grown man cry a grown man to think -- this special that they still offer that would they go to like Chucky cheese pizza. And and get a cage and sing. That is who -- -- it's his -- -- -- doesn't have to do his -- -- -- -- the day before because he -- the -- before he wasn't going to play on his -- he already -- that there -- any -- off -- -- before the day after the -- -- I -- you have to have -- value but not on the -- -- -- comfortable -- that is that's -- that is absolute pathetic and I cannot believe the the knee jerk defensive we hear from our intrepid ship over the Doug winters get fat -- it got hit it that it it. Did it I mean why do we go -- go there is the captain of this team this team just teetering on you know complete collapse which is okay. I mean you can credit him credit for. Be on board with the -- job right but. Leaving his team behind to celebrate his birthday with his mom don't understand the genius epic you know understand the genius he is totally bought into the tanking. That's okay provides a little distraction. This creates a little chasm. This terrorist team apart a little bit some say eight is Rondo whatever like -- up. I don't I have to go to doesn't have to go. This makes it easier for that so what just that a seamless given credit for -- the team just just eat it. This is what we need 24 games left. Without this they might have won four accord that oil joke according to -- Mark Murphy in The Herald I don't I don't see a word about this in the globe. I mean. Obviously don't have the globe -- about a -- line. Have you looked on line I did not see a C word is not even like that little box of anything -- Mark Murphy in The Herald which is that the only story on this. Says that age is not ruled out finding him so dangerous to his credit. Is not doing the usual it's okay -- did it but -- -- aim these sailors flying him eighteen sourced to Mark Murphy said. It's not a big deal around here. So it was the second night of -- back -- that he's he's not play. I'll tell us what teams so it's unnamed team source it it's bad the Teamsters and a good guy and what it dinky guy and that you know. Here again Amanda thirties -- -- -- mother Rhonda your captain at the captains of stupid but you're gonna name except the -- -- yeah you'll do stuff like. A player you'd hear yeah Iran -- state back with his mommy and his girlfriend to celebrate his birthday. When you think. This it really honestly it's just a real you know narcissistic. Thing like my birthday I can't. Be with you guys because it's mine bird I mean actually in Iraq is between those that support for breakfast yes I -- that there's a he's 27. That would turn what does that correct when he says yes. 828% to 128 ride -- huge that's a year old man whose birthdays. It's out of thirty or forty whatever -- a little party leaders. Our party would turn 3040 you know blows that off but to mommy's there yet but I didn't have a good time the idea that you -- blow off do you think Bret Stephens said. And a big deal Paul Pierce did it. Do you think anybody with the exception of Brad Stevens who doesn't. No way out he -- as well I think anybody in that organization is surprised by the notes that no right. I don't think most people roll their eyes and say well that's -- be Iran right is a strange duck and we all agree. He's that's not a defense -- just gorgeous gorgeous little progress here this is not this is not Paul Pierce the captain this has not. Whose greatest -- -- just got -- checked that Larry Byrd Byrd bought those Rondo Rondo just Reyes. Don't Perez's own agenda but this is was a way of getting him to take on more responsibility obviously. It was easy and Garnett pierce and Allen and all kinds of veterans around you how you -- the veteran you're 28. And you're supposed to be a leader and what you do what you -- has to Sacramento. It stayed behind because mommy's in Tom or Jake Peavy should travel to Jupiter Florida when they played whoever that player or Jupiter Florida. When he's not pitching. Of course not businesses that this record is exhibition. Breaking new ground here that this is a different. I hit it it's mommy was here yes yeah he's ten -- -- -- I kind of Q did he take the day off to spend money it took after all little audit to show off. You Margaret the first explosion that's exactly opposite of that when unemployment month trademark yeah. -- twenty years when he candles and it. Fingerprinting. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And he's always been you know kind of self absorbed old drummer his own drummer and all that -- bugs me is the reaction and I knew you'd be you'd defend them -- could show up with you know. Head in his hands with the blood -- in -- -- he probably found you know into it if I pray. The guy was given a great ball and he finally looked good. -- -- Are bad guys deserve. You always fun awaited the federal on the and just like we walked in here and admiral aghast over it's like -- it appears that the candidate rivers that it. I'm watching PTI again at the trapped in my hotel as to what Pete did you show every day. Yes they are -- -- you -- but I like it -- those guys -- bomb was dropped in the inward yesterday. A two days ago yesterday it was defending Rondo and the defensive Rondo was they tried to trade him last week. He doesn't blame her for bail -- he agrees he bailed on the team he's the captain should be there. He didn't go with the team because they tried to trade him. Eight is -- that's true it's business I mean we have to have that sound just do it pay its business and beat if you didn't traded from the V. Fourth worst team in the NBA to a contender. Is that a bad things that disrespectful this is something he should be anticipated I mean it doesn't want to get straight to that team. First is that will -- taking a leap of faith here that that's the reason he did this. Don't think there's a very good chance he might have done this have they not tried to trade her yeah that's how do you look at it two independent think. Are your Kornheiser and will bought yesterday on part -- eruption going back and forth -- numbers on -- situation. I think it's a big deal I don't think it's the biggest deal in the world but I think it's a big deal. You just permissions on something like this with your schedule. To play or not look at how. And for God's sakes you can't just decide -- -- itinerary that you're not that accompany the team to a -- you didn't wanna go to put -- Chabraja. Think it is a -- -- it worked -- what you have to ask permission it almost seems like he's trying to take advantage of a rookie coach there. It's a big deal the Celtics could have covered this easily. So this could call Rhonda listen. To the spurs. We're gonna say -- gotten permission according to say. We gave you permission let it go with that on Rondo. And I -- I admit I I'd really like Russian Rondell he's been to a lot as a Celtic at times. What he can annoy his teammates they've also got to penetrate and at every turn the fact of. Rhonda ladies and what that you know what you tried to trade meet all of this week time hell would you I'm gonna celebrate my birthday when my family. I'm not a complaint in this game. The Sacramento on model -- -- really you think you -- without meat don't exactly know -- -- defined management I'm furious at this because again he's the captain of my team. You can have permission he's got the dust ups of players he's he has dust ups with coaches -- this new coach Bret Stephens went out of his way to befriend him. To go -- hang -- -- what a great guy or a bad direct approach is to be directed at management upload the -- feels that the coach feels. What happened here. Now. As we won't just taken up drinking herself. Prescription drugs summoned me the last two days and it's okay it's kind of entertaining yeah. Is that the most that's ridiculous logic you've heard that you know you try and take me last week to hell with Hugo play without me. If it it and try being -- means -- could -- shot major valuable right at the trade and they -- and it's going lust after being shot means you're in the MBA players union is treating the players everybody gets traded usually at some point by the trade deadline. It's what you -- some -- I was. Will Botsford plugged and maybe he's right maybe that's the -- correct. Come up. On the ones that got -- -- doesn't necessarily say this is the case they tried to trade screw you but he does. Quality in the in his rookie coach the guys trying to establish a culture. You know culture organizers. Plan together playing hard trying to win all etc. and he got undermined by his captain you disagree with that. No probably not good for -- for the rookie coach however it will save us don't we have to compare and contrast and -- determine the difference between talking with management. Which is what -- told the Boston Herald he did. Before he stayed behind in Los Angeles he said I got permission with management vs getting official right permission. Now who would management be met -- was not the head coach right. Apparently management wasn't in this case Danny -- it should be the head coach -- starts there this is rivers it's rivers call right yet. Which means Stevens he doesn't have as much respect for Steve deserves respect Stephen's authorities so he goes 0% to. Ownership we -- ownership maybe he went to Rick -- golf the president. And but that's not his call -- this is that this is Stevens or change call bright and should be -- -- to coach you're right it's -- that's right but -- -- there's what you need to be careful deterrent to not do. To assume that Rondo did this intentionally to undermine Brad Steve -- I don't think that's the case at all -- -- Rondo did it because Rondo wanted to do it right. -- self important and he's kind of arrogant we know on the scene and over the years he does what he wants but. Two things -- it will -- says he's been to a lot after awhile they surrounded him with hall of famers and he was in a great position. But let you know since almost since he came in Little League he's been -- great spot in Boston. Get a great coach in rivers -- got a guy he had Garnett pierce Allen and Perkins. Green hit some real talent around and it's the first time. He's been wandering in the wilderness without any help right yes that's that's. A pretty good thing and he acts like he's just been. Abused by the Boston Celtics -- that then give them an even break a. Can't I would I would say the same thing I don't think he did this to get it Brad Stevens and I don't necessarily think I don't know for sure that he did this because he feels. Slighted or just respected because they trade energy of the he did it because it was the opportunity well there that he felt like it exactly. I'm -- appeared Jeter will wants other argument that why don't the -- just lying about it let's just say calling your permit. He wants the Celtics to lie about it and he says it's okay for us because they tried to treat them the -- Rondo -- management they could have all agreed to say we gave you permission. It you know it's like he. He was what was evident but he managed Boller wasn't I managed signal means you have a contract getting paid tens of millions of dollars I'm sorry it happened born on the data can be area to go to the -- like kids mom and dad a mom and it was his wife and girl -- girl pregnant girlfriend his mother go to Sacramento. Because the take had been ordered the Los Angeles did you ever try to get a perfect Jacob and what you say about it kicks in Sacramento are also sacrament or not yeah. Exactly yeah all right this is our final day Red Sox spring training at Fort Myers, Florida we're gonna cover a lot of ground today we are going to talk about. Reparations. At 7-Eleven. We're going to talk about the whole would sweet experience we're going to talk about it we go getting -- and did that last year it. But we've got back. It's gonna go on the record for a home -- have -- People the hotel the place the Gulf Coast bounces doesn't credit analysis it's observational okay is that okay. I once criticism for the error but -- -- -- so we didn't get into that does not support we will talk about one of the worst things can happen in the world and -- losing your wall it. Yeah well we'll get that -- -- losses -- picture. He pictured in yet and they -- in and was his favorite they were like on the beach we will -- -- and the next thing is the grim outlook so grads jumped off the fitness center we will somehow we've kingpins. Into this discussion today. We hopefully we'll talk with Jake Peavy. And we will do what we do at the end of every single Red Sox spring training that is assemble a an illustrious and boy used that word loosely panel. Of media members to work media roundtable before we get out of here all that actually that's in Cali.

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