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Steve Bulpett talks about Rajon Rondo not traveling with the Celtics

Feb 25, 2014|

Mikey and Ryder talk with Steve Bullpett, who is one of the Celtics beat writers, about what, if any impact Rajon Rondo skipping a team trip to Sacramento without permission.

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As -- -- you've heard Tuesday night -- we have a good one it for those who didn't notice today stable met with an article in The Herald about run run nose in an excuse. It's not any excuse it's inexcusable to be on excused. I was absences were on trying to get that we are joined now -- but nobody stable pat hello Steve. Well Michael or are you -- -- I was senior since Jim Calhoun celebrity golf tournament while at. Was that you we -- foursome would sterling Sharpe. No except that 'cause I thought John I was Shannon Sharpe. Don't know I don't sterling Sharpe was there I wasn't in foursome with any sharp nor -- -- sharp and her good golfer though remember that. Mikey -- you you might accusing -- very effective yet well you're out there all the time that's what I'm trying to say. I how's how's -- go for first of all we got this story today. I gotta tell you that you know of all the guys. But -- word describe -- John -- as mercurial. Rondo may be the moment we're mercurial list of all of them. And more evidence of that today rears its head today. And he -- review what he said Ron -- lost it at -- no really they didn't let that it is good Wednesday. Yeah you Roger on his is a very bright guy in. Sometimes that's -- it's. You know kind of turned normal but I think. -- I Alitalia right you know along a long flight back from sort speech Saturday. And get picked up late afternoon by the car service. And the guy the felt that they were talking in part of that stuff all there on radio I'm sickened three words slow -- day. Access well okay slow news day yes but we are talking about the captain of the team. We are talking about it a scenario in which. His coach and the -- of the boss of the entire franchise a basketball operations are. You don't weren't aware of all this stuff and aren't happy about it. No you didn't affect you bleeding. Well we're aware of no they knew they were aware. I mean I don't know we need to assess this story but it you know the you know we're pretty it was presented repeated. You know have time much to -- they didn't sign off on it but -- there there was a little bit late in the process. But it -- I -- it -- try to put that sink in with you know understanding how things get rid. But. You have to look at the perspective Michael com. A few weeks ago so would play the set you back to back it was in Milwaukee. And they told don't even come on the plane. Now that's the -- there are already on a trip -- get that. And it's your -- on. You know something might not be a big deal. You want all appearances to show anybody that you're there and it's this you know part of your new leadership thing. And then on the other hand we've got votes have gradient here. Roger on the guy that was they're all crew pre season went of course she wasn't able to come back you're -- -- on the bench. Which we which a play Q would never you never really saw Kevin Garnett. So you know. Led the blond though. It's always. The other there are always several factors -- play here. The years it's never simple. Simple issue. But but clearly you know it it would it would be a situation where if he was not going to be on the plane or asked to not be on the plane would that have been something you would had a clear with somebody had just based on. General operations. Articulate well I think he indicates where it looked like he inform people look at him on the plane. Okay and you know again the as I've gotten from sources inside -- -- little further so the on this here. That I think the part that people are are you know like -- -- TV this thing here people are gonna. If there either -- on the person not around a person. This either gonna you know they're gonna look what they wanna look for. The big part this here is that what this is over. That there will be the the rules of what's in -- looked -- what's improper. -- far more well defined going forward. You know that if things were -- -- a certain way and I don't think it was necessarily. Out of run news. -- to it to expect that this would be not a problem and again. I don't I know this -- arguing that. As the the criminal sentences the Sony right. It's a small thing. But it's of course something that they want to deal with -- you know and I still think that that. I'm going to but it setting that support for me it was this. They still -- these -- want to talk to Rondo and and find out more from Roger on on this so. You know what like a clearing -- cut here's the deal. Situation I think there was more to be learned. -- -- that the patrol right now. As Steve -- -- is -- -- -- he's learned from from the past -- you know I I don't Kevin Garnett. You know -- some flights before is this something that he thought he could just do lord do you know if he informed Bret Stephens and also how do you think his relationship is with Bret -- And I think is well he told the last part of it this is socialist he loses his spontaneity there. They both approached the game and a simple way. But I do think that was your first point is that that's why did the a mixed and Garnett -- In that that things need to be more clearly defined about what's what's acceptable or not. When you got a veteran team here before. And guys you know could do certain things as they choose as the terrorists are not saying anyone whoever did this when it blew it off. But. Into it and didn't have the for the prediction. -- put that we're here if if this had been at a pierce or Garnett. Playing hundred Doc Rivers and they work and play the -- -- the back to back. Then they certainly would have -- given permission to this day. You know. Being a little bit different here in in the NBA or XP professional sports in general. When the Celtics are on the road you know players can stay there in their home. It's there it's like if the Celtics are not PC. Greens and they -- the Stanley. Darker repeated -- 1000 Chicago. Kevin Garnett stayed in Malibu when the -- played the lakers clippers. So you know. That's that's part of the deal here and I think a lot of this is a bit you know there's the perception that it doesn't look good. And sometimes you know you have to weigh all the factors you know it's. I've I've heard a couple things stated you know that. He won the south because that's why he told -- -- confirmed to me. I didn't call a -- yesterday. Asking for confirmation. You know I just called the -- you are never public got a you know to beat than a quarter department on this story and talking to different people that was the case where. I needed -- -- to tell me about the story in the in the coming out you wanna you -- -- -- for you or not -- opportunities has risen on it you know one or the other. Note that they -- one I think the reason it didn't go under earlier. Is that I felt like added little side though we'll get a little Rondo though as well like eight. You wanna say -- about this. Well in this season where you know Rondo and the Celtics fortunes are the subject of all the scrutiny based on. It -- tanker Rama. Draft positioning. You know the debris -- the -- the entire. Franchise of all the star players where runners really the only star players left on the same. And with the of the captaincy and all that stuff I think what people are questioning is and then I know I am. Is is if he's going to be the leader this team going forward and obviously there and remove ordered trade deadline or what have you. Their plans -- to be part of this team as it grows and and the youthful exuberance comes in their -- learned how to be an NBA player. Is he the guy. And I just based on this isn't putting general Steve. Who you -- charged with being the leader of this young group of people. Or are you calling him -- start camp leader. Really blowing out the door bumper on you like that Michael -- it's. You know I really was remiss on that was. You know I I think that that's. That's a question. Look Roger Rondo news. One of the best in all players the India. The fact that we see him every day. I think. Students are you -- -- we see is it Peter look at that outside shot anywhere that we're watching the gains realized. That that is pretty. A hard thing to ask somebody to watch -- game. But it outside -- we can't improve greatly this -- out there. But he's you know he's not. Pulling back as quickly he's he's. He's become a better outside cheer yes and beyond that. Before he added he's an outside shot he was still one of the few guys in the NBA. That could control a game like -- into the war. And he noted for his side which I think it's pretty amazing. So the question always been I think people -- -- a few years ago publicly. It's consistency. And you know do you bring it every night are you that guy every night that we know what he can do. And people are talking about its partners. I'd say larger Alando. And Paul Pierce were easily. -- the guys on this team the last several years without question. The -- that Rondo played through via the global. The things he came back from Bryce the willingness to drive to the basket. At his side these this unique. -- -- -- I don't think that's part shouldn't be in question Noah and I've always loved that about I mean I've always look at brighter note I am big fan of his the last seven years at defending him and every scenario. Well what I'm just calling out into question again because it's a different thing to be playing. As a little kid brother on a team full of stars as opposed to be leader of a bunch of and be the Big Brother. -- totally agree and I think that's the question that they've. And will continue to has here and in you know. What goes along -- him you know and -- -- The other -- able to get guys that it and they can play with -- Rondo. From the standpoint there's a big good enough. And Smart enough to know where to be a -- Kelly Miller -- pretty good player. And they know my Nostradamus crystal ball I'm gonna bet you'll read the story about that most bought Merrill that's all I noted that the camera but that's. At at a ST what do what do you think the arrest the league thinks -- to how much legitimate interest to other teams would other teams haven't garage on Rondo in the -- -- You know it's funny it's like it wouldn't you know when someone takes -- -- but almost the -- such as Skype. Look at all the players that means that the certifiable. Nut job in this league or an insult or to -- you know that. -- Will -- don't think they can be the one MD based Unocal and that's what they're gonna get. It but apart Toronto's available. There will never be a lack of suitors. The question of the night you know people talk about the sort of moving Rondo would. -- First of all a lot of the reports everybody was going on in and repeating -- joke. These acute -- thing would never sang. You know it wasn't for Rondo and it wasn't her. -- blush it earlier in the year. I don't understand you know but that they'll never deal never ninety and every unit of a -- discussion. Or real discussion. But I think you the public looked at it. They look at everything is not a sentimental guy in terms of being -- the players. And if -- would you bet that sit mutiny and what better find out what he's worth on the open market. In this case I think that you know what he wants -- or you wouldn't talk to about which I think the most real thing would. -- Toronto and now what you can close -- the token thing. I think he realized that the -- they can wait until. Until after the he's in the field are gonna get any any worse. And they're probably gonna get better as. In the draft Simon you also. Because the Celtics. You have to know what the graphic it's going to be -- that means waiting to make your prep water. Do you have a look at this is an issue at all this thing that happened. -- that you even look at this is Anita out of the things that are available Rondo in the past you can look at this thing on Saturdays whereas if your list of Rondo overall. Career is all I mean I look at -- I don't I don't think it's a big deal neither I'm but I think it's -- that. They're gonna look there and it talked about it it'll be. You know teachable moment. Put you know. Again if you look at what health into the -- proceed here that perhaps. I don't think it was out of the question prerogative to think that this would be. No call at all -- again. Second out of the back that wasn't gonna play the last right because black and that happened you were told not don't even voted to get on the airplane to Boston stayed home. Right so and he had a reason to believe that and then there's the the procedures are desperate. Stable -- always the greatest Celtics coverage in Boston and New England with a Boston Herald. You're you're the very best friend and thank you for a check in and lose tonight and I'm -- death becoming a Celtics game this year I've been you know a little bit under the weather but -- become Steve to a game -- -- -- it under my own assessment. That should be that you are worth listening to. Well particularly near your ability to be able watch. Out of -- -- -- You know I don't know if Rondo can do that not many not many people can do that trust me but that it's good target you my friend take care Ronald while Michael poet and a match. I never got it. Steve have a good -- You order stable credit ready he wrote the story today about that beat disappearing Rondo act actually. You know -- you know an extra excuse steps were talking about here that. You know again it's like -- sure but this is it an issue going forward with the Celtics that. People have -- -- -- or if this is a player of the team they know it as it at least feel like you know it's. It's Rondo -- and this wasn't Keith Bogans who's not even allowed around -- team that is totally different story there have been fine with him.

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