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NFL officials to become language police... is it even feasible?

Feb 25, 2014|

We discuss a continuing evolving story, as the NFL looks to ban not just the N-Word from all on-field play, but other racially and culturally insensitive words as well. We discuss.

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Wolf first bought fifteen yards off the bad that I don't think. And a major label that you know sodomy announced that it is using a racial slur I don't think it's gonna fit and well and and had the same time we talked about life I've. I've been called every name in the book on the on the field at the end of the day. You know player walk up the -- they understand that we're just try to make a living and then make a few plays in the meantime. I was Clay Matthews on The Dan Patrick Show earlier today -- and holly and WEEI knew her. For Mike Florio a little bit more on how this. Will work and it makes a much more sense when it's described that way than what we are hearing yesterday right. It does. It does I have to say. There's been a lot of debate. On this topic we talked about it a great deal yesterday. And won't -- around country have been talking about it and and that -- get started maybe even before yesterday's start on Sunday -- Outside the lines. Doing a whole special on the word one hour special. There's one thing -- via my friend. Michael will -- have a lot of respect for. There whether the top guys in the in sports journalism sport print and broadcasting for. For many years. He -- up and got my attention and that and and I couldn't. Disagree with -- did something about. Kornheiser and you look at Kornheiser and will bond. It may be a TV executive maybe somebody takes credit for. The success of PTI maybe they do but whoever if you take credit for it if the little disingenuous. Because will -- Kornheiser. Had that chemistry long before TV and it just took their act from the newsroom TV and the difference were for years so will bond system tonight. I've told my dear friend. Of 35 years Tony Kornheiser and you have to sit this one -- That we have that in in this that we just played that -- to play that's on yesterday well I don't I don't remember hearing you have to sit this one out. Maybe it would pay attention I thought we played some will -- -- will bond founders you know remember that -- Bothers me -- bothers me because. If you can't be real with your friend. -- really can be real with your friend of 35 years. Who is at a different rates. We need to win. Like -- -- His perspective. I have been friends Tony -- 35 years and I do want to hear what you have to say. Even if he's not saying hey. To pick a line from the jerk I was I was -- a poor black child okay. Knowing what he's it to different perspective by his perspective. Has some value to the conversation and it is. I was surprised that people weighing in Tony are one way and even if you -- -- -- ways and let's say he has only you've got a terribly twisted idea of how this thing works and I doubt it doubt that he does look at. If that's different from for over thirty years. -- that's another conversational. What would you assume that your friend of over thirty years is coming at it from a good place even if you disagree -- them but is not like Tony Kornheiser is gonna come -- infamy racist point of view. Right I mean right Michael Obama's friends forever the assumption would be that. Whatever her issues that -- between the race is not one of them given how successful they've been together for all those years while we knew what his opinion. It was even more real about it. There are there's something for the conversation. That Tony Kornheiser can bring. That Michael will market and that I can Tony Kornheiser can say for example pay. Just from my experience. You're you're black you know how white people have talked to you in your life. But you don't know how white people. I have talked about you when you're not around I do. I'm not sure that they should be framing the discussion -- refer to my position on this as -- said to my dear friend of 35 years Tony Kornheiser. You don't get a vote in this. This conversation -- -- by people were a lot more intimately associated with the work. I think it's overall I think we're all framers. And we all have to be framers. Who's who is something that has that the feeling you have nothing to bring to you don't have opinions it. Or you just -- to somebody else okay fine you know when you don't want an opinion. I will solicit your opinion but how onshore. Tony Kornheiser and Kornheiser and others. Who are not African American. Have to come with a lot I just don't I don't like that I don't know how does that you. I don't think this is a racial issue necessarily but then has told us that you and I needed to sit out the planning for -- and it's a complete surprise. 44 we have to sit out until then we'll have to reveal the great reveal what we have for four for next it's -- -- on W media. Like a lot of people used in word all day every day. As Michael will -- It's obviously been back in the news recently because the NFL in there consideration of a new rule. And I think Mike Florio gave us a whole lot more. Information on at first the name pro football talk and then. On the air with a little bit earlier sand but there's probably going to be something that happens. It's probably not going to be you know a whole new rule it's going to be a point of emphasis because it's already rule out there that says it's a personal foul to use abusive threatening or insulting language or gesture to opponent opponents teammates officials or representatives of the week. So it's already out there it's just needs some point of reference -- point of emphasis to say hey. This is going to be included in what we consider to be -- four or aggressive -- Say is going to be included but what's the enforcement level going to be of this vs the other things that are already in the rule book to my guess I'm just trying to think that's facts that I don't -- I ever -- I only -- -- -- I can't think of many examples. In the past two or three years. Where we've seen a flag. And you and everybody has their hand to play whoa what's that called holding -- -- -- an appearance -- abuses abusive language flag. -- many cases that. So I -- the coaches. That all the time for what they're saying that this -- urges them to allying with judges over on the side I mean they're -- those guys though. -- as part of this conversation we talk quite a bit about yesterday's well. Michael will bond. Had some comments that Michael I think you were upset about saying essentially to his friend Tony Kornheiser sorry man you're gonna have to sit this debate out essentially saying this is a debate for African Americans and nobody. Yet you know when they upset about it to disagree with it that he would have. A friend of 35 years. Who has different background and he does -- mean. It has -- back on the yeah. It's somebody he says he loves fiftieth. That their friend dear dear friends they've -- a lot of time again they were together we meet each other million dollars and 35. Years. And so. I think all contributions and all perspectives have to be considered here and I think also. In this debate we're having two different conversations. Honestly and I don't know for some people wanna admit it. Well at that they feel very clearly to conversations happening. One of the conversations. Is everybody. Is everybody saying. Okay this is how I feel about this word. Some people think it's reprehensible. Some people think it's OK if it's used and they. Proper context and people don't care whatever their their various opinions on the words that's one conversation. In the other conversation. Is. You are not gonna tell me what to say is -- it is from an African American perspective. It it is. Hey maybe we don't like inward. But I want white people telling me what to OK in. What's not okay what's acceptable what's unacceptable and this is a paternalistic Spain. So I I truly believe they're people. Who don't like the work. They feel the same the same way as to why people feel about it. They just don't want to be told. That you can use to. I respect appointee who. What a bit but it's two different conversation I know I understood that I haven't Adams -- I agree with you I understand -- -- Any panic any kind of -- tangled I grow I agree it where we've we've actually had a few -- economy and he more than two but I agree with you the -- who are our big. I completely agree with the people who were -- to you know we're saying look I don't like this where I just don't want you to tell me I can't say I understand -- I don't really know that it's I don't really know that it's up to you know Roger Goodell and mostly white ownership in the NFL to be telling black people -- we can talk. So win -- league of -- or very by the way removed. From the use the word last sector -- black owners in the NFL right now. I'll wait when you have that situation. I'm not sure that they should be framing the discussion you are referred to my position on this as I sit in my dear friend of 35 years Tony Kornheiser. You don't get a vote in this. This conversation -- framed by people were a lot more intimately associated with the work. To which I don't know and I are still winning here would. Court. Will bundle them and -- -- maybe Kornheiser has not been there but I would say this. He could. Isn't there a possibility record has become and think. If they're not as far removed as you would think. It out of -- what did you think you know there are some. There are some people when I'm out I hear the word used by a white people and no black people around they're describing black people write whatever it. I want you wouldn't you have to -- If this is -- this is the problem it is something net and national discussion. That we're having. On one hand it. Nobody wants people. You know black people. -- what do like. All right adult somebody telling you about an appropriate we don't do that. We don't think that we thought there. On the MIC -- when I first heard will -- comments -- kind of agreed with -- -- When I hear from again their I don't know that he's saying I don't want -- from Tony Kornheiser I don't want his opinion on this as much as he's saying it. I'm telling these guys who are who -- the owners in the NFL. You don't get to vote you don't get that -- don't have the power I'm sure why he brings Kornheiser is name but it simply brought a bit I don't know why I don't doesn't make sense. Because I'm thinking about -- -- what he said. And affront to the owners of republic owners. Have no right to to to frame tennis in me. And a sense of -- -- day every day since he's right. In the sense of NFL yeah it is on it's unfortunate but it's their lead. Maybe they shouldn't be and maybe doesn't make sense usually is hypocritical. Our -- it's about PR it's about the image of the league in the uniformity of it. This seems to be correcting a problem the most people didn't know existed 61777979837. Go to -- isn't -- -- Hiram. Little worked up. And it goes and Michael. Purple ball on the African American pro. Donald re a little bit about Michael Bourn and I'm. The drift -- more we can you because you're African American as well. The thing that bothered me for a loan. He could keep them continue to use the word because it now or a term of endearment. The word means ignorant. Old. We're gonna continue to be ignorant people. You know as a matter right now everybody's columnist triggered because every one of the work. So he really truly think the word -- term of endearment at Connecticut on on the mean streets of Chicago. That would lift people. Call me -- that work right before they shoot every job. Well one of -- Michael will want all the people before him who fought and Martin Luther King. For equal rights and sort of pull it now he can be on television. On the radio. What you sent to them as screw you guys I got here on my own I didn't need to go fighting back equal rights for me I'm here because from a bad man. Well. I don't know what Arnold -- got that run. I think you know your perspective. Yeah I respected in I understand we cover from I think he's saying yeah there are some people who have. Who have said that word before. Don't doing something really destructive to someone else and I'm sure he has experiences. Growing up in in Chicago like you did he have had experiences where people have said it. Party at a family reunion or something like that. And end there was no malice behind. Maybe you don't agree with that the -- should be used but I think there are a lot of situations where it's been used -- hasn't all been negative for him. For belief that for for that matter has now been negative every time effort there have been some really negative. Experiences with that that I had and then there have been some experiences that have been a negative at all. Well you know I agree that -- just to meet with the reality that people don't give it you know it be difficult if you go to your daily life. -- itself will let them probably can't be here in -- ethnic flying all white person. A definite that -- flying for Spanish person in the blank when -- person. I think on an on ball we here at the Edward and -- mainly because of people like Michael will want which to me is just ignorance ignorant response. I -- I -- a question that I was -- don't know the answer to this question but let me ask Jimmy you say that's the only one -- I don't generally hear it right as I walk around -- my day I don't generally hear that term often. Is it possible that if you were in hanging out mostly in the Spanish. Neighborhood around Spanish speaking people that you would -- More derogatory terms for a Latino people more often. No because I'm a school bus driver and I'd -- high school kid. And the first day of school all I heard with the inward so I got up and I made at least every kid on the block important and I'd wanna hear that word anymore. And they respected me and me and make -- you can. Coherent and that the word by any other ethnic group and they're all different ethnic groups on my bus the only word that. That I get renowned that if that well in the world so that -- -- -- -- can number I don't use that word and I've ever expect them to respect immediately but. I don't hear any other word and I grew up period almost lying though other words directed to other people go valued the fuel import people could they were using network. Toward me that it like. It just won't make -- quick -- -- the good point around a million people upload a great point there with you know other groups not using it in apps that are confusing but they ask you what would make you stop. Using. That work. Did you use it before. I am not a new network -- didn't. Have them but -- -- the middle school when it when it would you say that were put meat you know. I might have that something -- -- them. But -- like any ethnic a ethnic words at all not without an album my job for a forty something years. Know what would joke a Romney about -- belt that's not funny. You know I think we're all people we need to stop. And jokes and think that funny when you talk about Michael make it -- about eight hampered by talking like you know they talk about what apple the government that's not funny. We -- door and it brought people here we will look different we speak differently and we have to rely that we need to stop it. But I unity -- all over again it just it just. Are you just have no idea how it makes me feel because I know. Would that word lead and we need to stop -- and I I don't talk that with our own people who think that. They want change it now just because you wanna change it don't make it right you're trying to take the pitcher because you're trying to -- it means something else. What happened and what we sit back and let me what happened in my brother. To get back to. -- I appreciate the phone calls really really interesting -- -- great -- please call again. Good thank you are the Rodham villain and it's good point of view it take. A lot more come up or your phone calls on this wanna give back to Rondo as well 61777979837. -- an island W the. I have a problem. With an excuse me here white people framing the discussion for the use of the inward. Including those might be related to close close friends with it is like at the end she sold to in the public and now or I don't know what there and everybody's gonna have to accomplish don't know what that he is part of the compromise David Stern and and almost a Paul Tagliabue Roger Goodell and have it go lead the would have what's really they need to call some people look a little different from them. To make that call to figure out how we're going to address -- but you'll. At a really fitting on high tell them black well how can what do you -- any word that doesn't go. As Michael Vaughn and Tony Kornheiser. Were mostly just Michael Obama creek -- are learning what it was a wanna. Heatley you limit it he said I don't wanna hear from you and ease -- He's he's stepping up its and that there -- pocket D'Amato let's talk on this that's fine that's fine to take that approach which way it. I don't think it would change the conversation. All that much. We heard Ron from the the -- very passionate. Member -- yesterday. Caller very passionate similar things. So. If the message is coming from that's why. Really be careful about that. They have to be careful about what you're asked. In four and into what you're saying the math right after -- Dell's methods. To become a from quote. Roger Goodell methods could be coming from -- but the -- They have experiences that Roger Goodell does not have they have experienced through that most owners in the NFL do not have we think about -- make that assumption either because. Can't look at people -- -- so. That they haven't been through some things that -- we don't know people like that can't just make a snap judgment. OK he's like he did note that or he's black he must notice we've got to look at people more deeply -- The same instance they come to the same conclusion. So I think quietly yesterday. Called -- and it earned giving them to. They would stay well no you can't say that. So now what you're saving them -- as a black man that -- I have to be that we have to focus on the message is my point. Not who deliver in the method but what is being said. So I'm not sure he he may be at -- yeah yeah to bring it the okay how about the job what. -- John Wooden right John W Obama not not not the basketball -- from Indiana or Ohio where recruitment. You -- Westwood was at west with. Okay John Wooden from the Fritz Pollard alliance it's gotta disagree. With Michael world on Google+. So now where we go. Well I don't think that you need to have universal racial acceptance of one point of view that all white people are gonna think one way and all black people again think another obviously that's not gonna be the case. But again and I don't really agree with will -- -- Tony I don't that you should weigh in on this because I think he should naming of Roger Goodell -- Bud -- anybody else wants to weigh in the -- -- you Michael they should weigh in as well. I can also understand will once sensitivity to saying I don't like the idea of white people framing the argument of how black people should talk to each dollar. But -- I have I have sympathy for that I understand why should white people be sitting around saying hey this is how I think you should talk to each other. I'm not sure I think I grasp that our our argument maybe not get tired of that but I cannot occupy that I don't think. It would when -- -- -- -- that to me either. But I don't think that's the that's that's not what's happening here. And I don't think it's like people saying okay black people -- service and at -- -- we don't wanna hear this leak right. And it was just like guys saying it. Like I can I don't think people knew that we were hearing I mean look we could have assumed you were hearing what you -- but I did notice there's an epidemic. We -- you must stay on point though in that you know is that kind of dilute the message it's not an example of that. -- it's an example. Roger though. Privileged background. Some of the senator all the stuff. Saying to black people like the way those black people -- talking -- each other and we do something about this actually it was. An initiative that came from a black man. Posted I'm hearing too much as I don't want it so it whether it's a white guy telling you how to talk replied I tell you how to talk. I think they're pretty much saying the same thing they don't like it and Wilpon I think I used it all day every day which is the classic line. You gotta have some friction that's. Go to Mike is in the car how much. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hey a thought or partially go to talked about earlier. I don't know if you remember correctly and Riley Cooper situation happened. I don't know who I heard on. It's suggested that you recently at a party if we get a goes a birthday party or something like that. Yeah -- to party birthday parties of the most important emirate that. He clearly he was -- up throughout the pool area and everybody in the music was playing in he heard the word all the. It decorate your electric bill that won't they go to bring up bush also won the two together the perspective -- we're not you know. That is changing whether or not people. Want to us here -- good or bad weather or what have you. But she didn't two point where they're accepting people for what they are -- democracy and communism homosexual. -- all the people coming in using this Channel -- which. A more more often whether they're black or -- what happened. And so what you guys think as this being the wrong thing that. They can't talk that way. When in actuality you know BP. It might be a little bit better if it's a little bit more. You know accepted by black -- and anybody else who are teammates. Know I'm good at what scoop them and some of Robert Appel. I don't know and I would put those altogether manners are there a lot of I do have a I do have a lot of respect for -- this idea of decorum. -- the time and place for. You know all sorts of behavior all sorts of language went to people. How to talk. Or -- what -- talk about it in their lives you talk about what you what you talked about with your friends with your family. But a lot of people are used to this concept of you talk this away at work and you talk another way home. I can understand NFL saying we don't want this language around my problem is. It's really tough to enforce it during a game. Like if they said. We will not a the Monday through Saturday NFL. Is very similar. To an American workplace. Win there's not practice time. These guys are going to meeting these guys are in classrooms. There interacting not just with each other but. -- members of the media members of public relations staff ownership. Marketing. What we're not gonna have this language in the building. But practice -- -- different story OK I can see that. But to say you are gonna have been on the field at all I think it's a factory and maybe maybe -- certain methods that you don't like it back to the point of this whole thing so that they know it's not a force of right but they just wanna go out and in India and. Yeah I can understand that -- it's just about don't like the conversation like somebody runs for president but no they're not gonna win they just wanna get some of their platform ideas out there -- -- their candidates to the left of the Ryder whichever direction they capital lean. I can understand that this is all about creating some national dialogue directly they've gone out of the job of -- are ready text message here says soul aren't you of the opinion that dolphins coach you should have been reprimanded. For for -- -- -- calling -- and inward. You don't believe. You don't believe the NFL should suspending -- -- -- hypocrite much. When he -- that won here in just a moment because that's not what I believe I'd like to address talk the Lilja. I did -- stories kind of dominating our conversation today one and he continued evolution of this NFL racial solar rule in. Story came out of pro football talk dot com today that essentially is probably not going to be in new -- just stay. Point of emphasis on an old rule that says no using abusive threatening or insulting language. Two opponents teammates officials are represented represented is that the league everybody -- -- -- -- I don't like. Focus on just this one word now it it would be more general matter would be point of emphasis not a new rules that's one thing. The others rush on Rondo who would need it's election time because they apparently -- get to that here just a few minutes -- -- one of the vice easily under is that if -- part of that is excuse -- was. Sorry Danny. I'm a bit tight and then if the sign of the fish and that's what we were in LA I thought I was swimming up the sacrament. Something like that. I just wanted to quickly -- this text that is -- -- from somebody saying that -- being hypocritical because I wonder reaching kind need to suspended -- in the N word but I don't want the NFL have a fifteen -- penalty for it. I don't want -- -- NATO suspended for the use of that word I bought -- -- need to suspended for a systematic. Destroy -- of a human being. It was -- it in the right it wasn't the the word was glad he used ignorant ugly way to take the word out of it's still awful. Greg Adams and take their word out of -- and cut those out there and the vocabulary. Hired. Dolphins' locker room. They still would've found a way they found a lot of other words take that part where it find -- -- you've -- one up okay. We can still abuse this guy but I don't know if -- thing about this method topic for another time maybe when Anna felt decides to. And down some penalties and fines. What do you do. He's saying you're being kind for. You can't say in this case so they know wealth report again today you're fine for driving. Jonathan Martin to a mental hospital. Not literally driving him but but pushing him toward that because the world -- report says. We cannot confirm that that happened right in May have contributed but there are some other if that. I don't I don't think he's going to be fine by the NFL -- what I think he'd like nobody do what's your -- that not the player and that's what I think that's I think what's gonna happen is that teams are individually and decide that's not what they want. I don't think he's going to be find retroactively for what he did what is with the dolphins. I think it just -- you know to be essentially black apple would be my guest the the teams are gonna say no we're -- interest in having that our locker room until one of them decides they need reaching cut -- -- -- and then they're willing to make that sacrifice and we'll see where it goes there he's a good player he's probably not that good if they I think about if if they keep my -- two years -- career is over but if he's if he sits out for. A year. A piece about the 2014. Season. -- probably won't play again in 2015. Not all just don't know of anybody -- -- think it's worth it and at that point will he be good enough player that it's worth that I was happy to -- younger maybe. I ever have the same conversations. I'm Michael Vick. -- might we re just think about but Michael -- -- toxic -- figure out toxic -- -- now we're seeing Michael I'm not talking about Michael -- the toxicity Michael -- the talent I just think is better than reaching con -- it was worth it to take a chance some Michael Vick because the unbelievable upside. Is the upside gonna be great for 31 year old -- in reaching content Hedo who's been a good player but often -- team on the field as much as often that you allocate about. Unbelievable talent of Michael Vick you have the unbelievable talent and was right what was overshadowed. That talent was overshadowed. By everything he had I mean this thing. Michael Vick it one point may have been the most hated athlete in America. Do you do you think about LeBron after the this in five minutes after the decision times twenty for Michael Vick. People -- and his career with -- -- a president so he was a guy going to prison and a guy who killed dogs. His career was over yet either free eight now and somebody will sign him. It -- in there won't be. Huge press conference explaining to their fan base why they signed Michael Vick the dog killer. If that's not really the number one thing that comes up for him anymore I'm just saying as unlikely as it seems today. February 2014. That Richie and dark evil plan NFL again he probably play an NFL again. That's one story the other course is -- rush on Rondo deals the bullpen in the Boston Herald reporting that because it was his birthday and because he knew that he was not going to be playing in the second game back to back. When the team traveled to Sacramento Rondo said no thanks or didn't even bother saying no things just didn't show up and now they look around all of sudden realize hey wait a minute. No Rondo I guess he's still hanging out in LA and his excuse is -- my birthday. Couldn't go last twentieth birthday before meeting me here I knew I wasn't playing any games so I just figured why bother going with the team that it's my birth. If that did it in the -- and ask you questions you ready for the question -- -- -- How many times and -- it. How many time it wants. You never get that moment again. In its act remain the old Danny. It's -- -- -- but don't expect me to leave LA. -- -- -- -- -- Dude he's just. Not even the -- -- -- got two more years before -- can -- get to arrive -- that I'll give me a ride the port of Sacramento and all that this whole thing is so stupid on Rondo is part and and for everybody's -- too big deal out of it you're not a problem of Rondo was just the guy and he was a random player on the team this probably isn't a huge issue but you -- -- the captain of your team a month ago. You're saying that he's potentially one of the building block she didn't trade him. During your opportunity to do so week or so ago and now it's time to move forward and the ideas that he's going to be -- your building blocks or he's gonna be worth enough to another team wants to make in the building block that you get something big for him in return in the offseason. And instead he shows you that this is not a big deal to him. That being the captain doesn't mean anything being a 88 leader and his team doesn't mean anything but the moment is an opportunity to get away. He does so he's not pictures that you see we just talked about this earlier this year the patriots took so you see Jeff how's story today. The patriots took a guy off their draft board or drop them on the draft board according to Jeff. Because they asked him which you like doing better watching football watching cartoons and he said watching cartoons. He's a defense of Lyman from Florida a look at this time what they said -- Always. You're not gonna play for -- well rather watch cartoons and football. Monday that it isn't the I would ask the question per -- paid trying to pick out the dot -- ball trying to pick any it is -- -- -- cartoons the football -- -- -- a sarcastic. Dude it's probably discount the personal theory rather than the guys from Florida these days in any that's basically what Rondo does here. They which is more important you be -- you team celebrating your birthday -- obviously it's my birthday what a joke 617779. -- Please. That. I just want us. God -- important do you remember being 28 I do. And it was a great. Looked -- was it was epic. It was it was unbelievable with its celebrate and LA kind -- celebrate in Sacramento kind of. Once in a lifetime I may have been in Sacramento for what it felt that it kittens are. In February. In February. -- about what they -- -- on the West Coast trip in February that may have been out there tomorrow you turn 44. Yet we becoming to work. -- I don't know -- got got four we were yet you cookie palace. Yeah okay we're getting you cookie policy you into the net debt you're doing you're doing you know wanna cookie thing. -- special go to mark what's up mark. Hey good afternoon guys thank you know a little while when he was making his or. About he uses do that and work every day. I don't want to bet that he doesn't walk around here in studios. Running -- Kevin black in stone or Michael they split -- into a Edward what happened because it's a work environments. He dealt trying to legislate how black people out which he's trying to -- stay -- people talk which have been working part you can save -- -- -- in the work environment but it -- Ronald on the -- with the markets an interesting point you make I understand it. But Stephen A Smith and Michael will monitor and how we -- also don't try to kill each other when they see each other work they don't tackle each other they don't try to -- each other either Indiana or not. -- of Seattle the football I I would agree with -- market he says. The offices. Are the work environment locker rooms or -- team offices. Cafeteria. -- I don't think I don't think the -- All you don't feel bad because it's more than just the players that are panicked the players as the referee -- to go to the the sideline reporter yeah it's a security. -- -- report I think this is the enhanced small -- put on hold -- that's. Again reporters. Reporters and camera people. For from their perspective though people can goals group in detail about. What equipment to just be clear this is. They are. You talk about offensive lineman vs the defensive lineman. 7075. Times a game with a lot of up -- the place just trying to beat the crap out of each other. If there's anything -- very nice I -- elect to legislate that is very very difficult order otherwise. And -- -- get a jump in here if you saw this but this is tweeted a few minutes ago when -- comes from TMC so take the source for what ultimately this comes from DMZ. Aaron Hernandez. Another inmate at Bristol county jail earlier today and were told we beat the guy a pretty good. Sources tell use these sports that's old news sources tell people are patriots -- and who is usually segregated from the general population. Is allowed to take a walk -- an isolated hallway with summit came into contact with another -- Were told her name -- recognize the other inmate and launched into an attack. Beating the other -- up pretty -- Dallas Hernandez in the other men have been -- all -- long. Way one sources the other guy had been asking Aaron nonstop. Clearly in his -- It's -- workers at all it -- -- all actually. Supervision. It's all up behind -- -- what does it do for a year what's -- sheriff's name was running for everything was -- -- of me it happened. It may. Go one. It's like some random in May be there -- many people as yet. Or are obviously Oregon their true. To. It's weird go to markets out -- and I'm mark. I might tell you. I don't get -- -- I don't think I think I don't tanking is quite good keeping -- they can do you know get hot when Wiggins as such camera. But I think sometimes that that could be the effect of tank and -- Rondo did. He could use that he is saying well we're not trying to win anyways this is like -- -- season. I know what's excuse but I just think it's a mine -- I think teams get when you get when you're losing all the time you and and did you coach and India. Media and the fans want you lose. Had affairs where bad thing that's different though the fans want them to lose. But Brad Stevens is that try and lose games. I don't doubt and try to establish a culture though he's -- I think for for Stevens is trying to establish something. With the Celtics and -- will not show up in wins and losses there Libya. They are bad team. They're they're gonna be even worse and we thought. But Michael pivotal player -- -- trying to get to play when did you begin to make him do you really think Rondo would have stayed pretty birthday. I don't I know I know we didn't Beckett -- -- I don't. He might have yeah I don't know we -- just say last year he was in Vegas for the for the. He once you -- it but I know the group called earlier made a good point but. But he was out. -- they're training within the next I don't look I mean it is it's. We could make the argument though because they're playoff team team and trying to train at home on the court on the way to -- I don't know how we what helps open up as a nation saying the training and -- thing that that a little bit of a stretch because. He was a round. Down the stretch for the Celtics. He was around. He was there for eight playoff game is not the one that they were eliminated. I Katrina. And yet I can absolutely trying to get its facets of people's lives of the people you see outside of the casino right there. Yes they're doing sometimes economic Connecticut for Katrina -- Vegas. Training in Vegas and train for that -- I gotta get out there to the casinos and make sure I'm ready to go to Vegas like a few months later. I'm just training for Vegas somebody has to go to work against Jeremiah -- in -- I Jeremiah. Pick I don't. I think it can deploy the question. -- court auditors. Black colleague air on PEI. But that's one way -- column of -- about Michael we'll bonds is. I did drop the name I apologize I'm. I. Dropping them. It's track I didn't I I I actually heard you talk or not on the court aren't that. Didn't really -- employees. In this whole lot yet word in the NFL. I -- decreased in a little bit can I notorious Internet last I knew that Canadians offered amnesty to the slaves back that day. He served -- -- I Kornheiser from Canada. Or. Not. Why every. Solid all insisted that the Little League the that the -- that he has. I do my question. From New York. It is that back. I hate the word -- straight start restated its terrible word that they can't stand. Let's. I surely don't like any meddling in. And in India did it really aren't sure yet so I don't think it should happen but is it -- -- like. Speech -- Also. As the government's not telling anybody that can't speak. -- sure we're sure now of course that does the government shall not a bridge or right of free speech. Is not the government is the NFL they may think that the government they may have tax exempt status but they're also not the government. They're private -- The government can get involved and threaten their tax exempt status if they didn't like this. And finally did you see that it was coming up to register as Ralph Nader letter to Roger Goodell. Already some of free speech known nothing about free speech he's saying if you're gonna 42 million dollars how to -- the NFL tax exempt leak. And -- back to that the free speech thing nine you don't need a man's dislike is like the FCC made everybody everybody has the -- if you're in a work environment everybody has something that they cannot do. I think he can get -- until the FCC. Is what accounts all day long here. However costs on the radio and for you to attempt to find me is a violation of my rights. I can say whatever we can't. -- and there's a standard that you have to abide by that number that's not that the that the spirit of free speech this is this does not apply. What -- -- to birthday parties like if it's my birthday is that what might work responsibilities. Will work things have to still come to work you know my birth thing. Because I -- there and cultural having to come to work a month -- two steps I think somebody should. I think you guys. -- -- -- I got out after we are getting new cookie that. Are not enough when I'm Gephardt and for you. Where are people that love you would get annual cookie -- that's not true. Well generally manipulate it -- we don't you get yourself if that is if that's true then didn't forget -- -- -- -- be lucky to get OG the whale from -- lift us out cold on the senate floor if you guys that all the people who love me that's the worst part look we're getting the cookie was mostly for us that you can someone out of that. -- in Springfield with the day. Article guys. I wanted to bring up again and come back to the -- -- -- idea. Which guards are saying about the the idea that these are actually very intense. You know there are on the field. But again the reality is there employed. -- -- out there yeah I don't think. In the end. -- regardless. Of the culture that they may have been raised again in the locker room I think sports art school college. But. When they start being paid for it when they start being professional athletes. And their employees. -- employee errors are legally now. To maintain. Certain student. Artwork. Let let it -- that sounds great that sounds that's really wonderfully -- that mysteries well. Spoke well analyst with the thought let's be real here. -- What the coach here you think Bill Belichick cares what its players on the field. -- -- Hewitt do you think you want for him he's a terrific lawyer he's employed as a middleman especially in in this whole thing that Bob. Bob Kraft and CEO. And I guess the middle manager. War or senior advisor whatever would be Bill Belichick. So you think this senior advisor of the guy -- applause of those 53 guys. Think he was gonna say one word about hey heard you out there watch your language you'd think -- -- happen. We grew old now it. Being a real help now -- Now they don't care they don't care they -- worst language the coaches use bad language do they all their only. -- well I mean when. We talk about. It about them. And do what you what you do. Instead. Applies very nicely. To -- ninety or 95%. Over that maybe 80%. A workplaces because they're the people out there and listen listen to a talk right now. Would it -- -- commitment to our office right now. All the stuff that we're talking about the stuff that we're joked about Joseph over there -- watching porn all day. This guy is talking you know making jokes about that sex jokes whatever whatever. Oh. 80% of workplaces I think it applies to what you're saying but there -- more places outside the NFL. Where the workplace language. How can be pretty harsh. And if it is but I don't think they say they won't say if somebody knew was coming around available. We gotta tone it down if they don't understand what we're talking about -- get it. But people are around for a long time in the working together in the through it and working atmosphere sometimes. It can be -- crazy. We all Morey calls on this 61777979837. Baltimore on Rondo was all for all you excuse makers on Rondo are you really buying that and I read that I've read them all day in the text machine. Really it's his birthday so we didn't need to calm. Really all he's only been captain for months that we didn't know that that's the way captains are supposed to behave. Are you really going down those roads to make excuses barrage on Rondo even Michael the great apologist for -- -- Isn't don't -- down that road that it's his birthday tomorrow. 61777979. Victory sevenths soccer at a joint birthday party with Rondo coming. Cookie -- for all who only use the threat. There's even some UK and then only condemnation. And a team best heavy game good and the con LA and yeah yeah. -- -- Look at now. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're just very common Odierno also has hundreds of them there and -- -- -- dollars. Do you love them. For everybody who's written text that in the last twenty minutes and what is -- people's. Carville takes -- birthday. -- remember the -- one remembers what you the whale. Cookie -- -- There was hockey that they're -- -- -- From. It then cookie -- is also the name of an awful Beastie Boys. Tweet from. But he -- The worst possible. -- there are there now there are fair damn right we got a problem. Bring back the memories for people know hold on its promise that seems like -- may just be memories. EB cargo its closest station -- it takes. It to stop on the way. Me. Word that a -- refuse to proceed. To be little point 23 bucks hey -- Eddie and he'll get back. Portugal withdrew from the board open. -- -- -- Once. You want to that a lot giver bake -- everybody's doing it. Does give back your calls your 61777979837. -- in his car my friend. Big guys are at. Brad was also good. Not too much ever -- last couple days about conversation about the N word -- -- basic kind of struck me was. I think most -- reactions just driven by their own personal experiences. You know the older generations take it so much more part because of what they've seen and witnessed. And recently I was at a party with a bunch of people and one gentleman there was actually from Germany. And you pointed out that when the kid it was at the party was wearing me out of college basketball sure with a number eighty. And restated it if he was in Germany and -- and that he'd be arrested. Because the connotation of 88 being HH for Ohio. And everybody in the room looked at him like totally aghast it -- never -- never you know crossed their mind nobody here. You know not being from Germany and understanding what that would mean that in their group of people with their history. It wouldn't it just never into their mind it's it never came up. And it just got a dog -- -- to have this conversation it's kind of the same thing if you're not associated with something it's that negative or that powerful. It doesn't really affect you that much -- the young generation even African Americans. Are somewhat. Distance from what you all the generations went for -- -- you know that they know some of the history but they were never really it. You know I think -- great call. And I agree most with that the only thing. Trying to figure out. Michael Michael Wilpon who was older than me. Michael robot who is older than me to use. Behind model I totally. Weird part GDP. And he's these fine people abroad in. The war. To keep it. On. That occasion -- -- can you paint the picture force as Robert. Robert. Robert Enron. -- advocates here or -- talk about the -- Oh. -- me they were able to bring it -- it is beautiful brown. Confront thirty candles. But -- two two's enough. You can't two -- candles here thank you look at. So basically you're used in this birthday to get free food or you know obviously the -- different -- like. -- -- -- -- Wire work and -- not a blank check -- a -- -- -- -- have to come back tomorrow and there was -- Like most. -- that is you're the -- -- cinema to live and hear over and over in the snows fine no problems with the snow and I love the winter let it go forever February. Frank into -- with a snowstorm that April may maybe even June I love living there most of the year but -- upward effect yet. If you wanna go to stay in Florida another day all around you could just not even told us we would showed up ready for meeting tomorrow ready for our. They are for our show and where's Michael -- decided to stay in Florida. -- -- -- His birthday. We have some good news what was that we can keep puts them on video anywhere in this state. Happen to drive to a greater New York. Or not DiMarco we like you but not that much. There's only two -- bills in the scenario one. True is very Morton. While -- -- either one of those Gupta takes to what about the when the supermarkets. We get -- -- -- but it won't because. It's just a little cake from Carville yes what Carl what is. -- -- -- fortunate this is this the -- the president get the right directions for that. For Ctrl+Alt pop -- -- if -- were given you the right Turkey just refuse to listen to but I think it got hot at the right I've given you the direction you just refused to listen to me. Let's -- bills in Dorchester bill. I -- I you don't got to -- do that repaired Michael. That you have I am. Black man and I. What is -- high schooler who but it will predominantly white. Mom and told myself just being -- Damaged a little bit what -- -- until I've looked at the dictionary definition. And realize it they were talking about me. They understood what they thought that they were trying to do was hurt me but I didn't -- about that after a minute now wait a minute. And I think. A lot of the politically correct stuff. And then Andy Bean ball in and -- of sports you're talking trash. And -- talking accurately and get -- age. And dragon shake your game. That's I'm gonna do in -- self esteem is that. -- -- And I hello I would -- that have a problem the whole concept. By everybody who are legion -- isn't everybody talking about this. -- -- -- And if you don't hurt Q Iraq. Well you say get over you read so if you suggest that the word the meaning of the word that to your. Yet but the classmate continue to stay -- -- -- pastor -- but but I would go and correct correct correct reference although he assured me they they were ignorant and you knew you were not what they were trying to the tree whereas it. And hurt me in that you didn't have been hurt many big stop saying the agency did little that. I didn't have I got over. I had to get over not -- yeah. Yeah after they realize that bigger news that would. Yeah they were used a lot of -- glasses and they want you to what about Shaq down slow. When you remain but did you know you get all the post. Whatever -- -- -- -- age against your opponent. In which you do. Dad's gonna do have a problem people talk to you understand you know Europe mixed up mrs. commendable had no problem people talk you. Like that or or anybody else to -- direct. And it. Get over it that the thing that will come to my mind around book I'll give you credit for. You know facing obstacles and deal with it felt like he dealt with a pretty well but I still have a problem with people were saying. -- annoyed about the front opened up -- and I got no because -- going back and forth who talked a lot about the the NFL -- the last couple of days and I think. With the with the news coming out today that really they're not going to create a specific -- they're going to make it a point of emphasis it's going to be more broad it's not just about one word it's gonna be about abusive language towards anybody which I think. Is gonna take away some of the friendly using. I continue to come back to the Honda thing and think -- Rican bizarre it is that he thinks this is okay. I know Michael I know he described earlier as may be. A mix up because in the Doc Rivers can always he's -- may be that he's got confused. I just think it is so frequently -- Cuban probably confused -- that you tell me that you think it's. Just in general. I don't you know. Most people loved doc in the coming huge stock and a great coach and and really fun guy that talked to listen to. Do you think it's okay in general for coach. Two. What he's on the road. Not travel with the team but we've go home and into these kids -- meet up with these teams later in Boston practice during practice do you think that okay. I think it's OK if it's if it's what's commonly accepted for the team if they're saying this is the way this team operates. In that's how the team operated. That's how the team operated for many years and it wasn't just -- it was KG at times it was Paul Pierce at times and this is what Rondo saw. So. Four in this first situation. They're Rondo had where OK what or second and third situation back to back before. His back to back -- I'm not gonna play. It's not a big deal if I'm not gonna play on the LA. In the -- Sacramento. It's cool whatsoever that well. It wasn't a big deal before this would not this would have been a story would Doc Rivers. Same situation with Rondo that that's not a -- for the team was called the team is changing. And how bad when they finally speak about it. But they'll say something about me you know we were able to get -- this -- please teachable moment for us all whatever it is. Brad Stevens for now what my cap what it is not here. He did what he stated LA. Isn't the end it didn't happen -- Butler. Of the NBA is what we have here. I just think it Michael you're going to be if you think that it's located justice not be with the team. I -- those we hope not you personally if Rondo things that those liberties are okay and that he deserves them both seem like -- the kind of things you wanna check first with your coach. I don't just mean each time but if you think that you're now entitled to the KG Paul Pierce treatment then don't you wanna make sure that you're entitled to that treatment. Don't you wanna make sure that that stuff is Kosher the short run that stopped by your coach in nature that he's okay within. To me the onus is still on Rajon Rondo and Brad Stevens and ultimately said hey I know that's how things used to be -- won't let you do or won't let it slide is once or I'm not I need you in Sacramento that's the image of trying to present to the young guys on this team -- -- on -- 28 years old. We don't have a veteran team where young group of guys it's trying to build a new culture here I can't have you doing that. Yes well I think what you about veteran team and what all about Ubuntu and everything else is supposed to when you've got a young team you know -- just trying to it's supposed to be part of the total setting. Thought this would happen if he's tone deaf. Now I don't think that that this is that this is the issue. I would be willing to take some of your money you'd like to gamble and do your money. I'll put hundred dollars in. He's somebody I think he told somebody. That he was tested. He didn't -- Brett from Africa -- hole and who else is he telling while he could have told the -- The guy who handles all their travel. He could've told and always close to it and maybe told me. Maybe told Danny he didn't know Brett we've still got a tiger coach miniature body it's your direct boss that's what one person you gotta tell. I'm sorry to be anything else or is it on your picture direct boss in the end -- what if he told the guy who's the boss of the balls. Yeah I don't know man tournament loss otherwise is disrespectful 61777979837. Lucas and Springfield by Luke. And I agree I don't go to yet. Well probably a lot of economic -- my company guilty verdict they are pocket of big needed a -- -- Clinton to meet you your birthday else. Pick any bit but for the next week at Wal-Mart undertake our I get paid for this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our legal or probably had to -- now if he comes to his teammates you know apologize them addresses not do any -- Bob Brett Steven and the other move faster now not. -- happen again. I mean well below that America might suddenly it was -- -- not show up not look at well but I can't tell what -- apology goes on the top you're on you're act. Maybe I think his bigger -- I think this stuff doesn't get out unless it's a little bit more friction when you take this in context -- other things you've heard about Rondo over the years and Jeff Goodman elements last week that disease or who -- on Rondo is a guy it's had trouble getting along with a lot of quality coaches in the past including rivers and Tubby Smith when you put all together and say. -- And I think we just have to say this though about it and at it and bring it up. When Jeff was on that gone out with Jeff over the years about this Jeff as far back as I mean probably. Secures. I had about ongoing enterprise if you don't want to run. Not -- one of -- mentioned we've had an ongoing debate for like five or six years about Rondo. He does that he doesn't think that it could be young and Rondo and in some of his behavior. -- petulant immature juvenile whatever it is. We have debated Rondo is playing. You -- -- big debate with Jeff is Rondo as the player he doesn't think Rondo with special player. And I do. So you don't take it for what it's worth it he isn't he has been a persistent. Consistent. Rondo critic. It was a special players aged 27 but now that he's aged 28 Michael Lee and the ability to really had a role -- -- is his birthday I hope -- was the greatest celebration ever. LA Raj on Rondo age twenty are we gonna answer the question coming up in a minute. Mike Adams is here we need your questions good ones police yesterday was week we need better questions 379837. New basketball -- 379837. Just text that's salt now W media.

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