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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Coming Home Edition - 2/25/14

Feb 25, 2014|

We tackle four topics all surrounding athletes and homecomings to their original teams/cities.

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Let's -- Ford for true. And now are -- Silicon Valley store already -- -- or -- for. Fun cleaning. -- -- Well we solved it finally got -- -- radio OW DE. Dennis Rodman always was and is today only the fourth -- Roger -- see beyond your technology allies. -- -- business to manage one let's be on manager technology. And by integrity windows and doors. -- -- -- -- Well I can say Michael. Pope said your prayers and about it's that. Well there are few stories better than when it beloved athlete returns to the team that first embrace them. -- Home others. Told him -- hold him. Of course I thought about today's court or about 810 last night. Hulk Hogan returns would definitely so in honor of Hogan's return to the deputy last night. You Mulligan brotherhood and its -- for a look at some of the -- readings that took place between athletes coaches and team. For all of the census. I would -- at which Europe and the humans. This year -- jamming. Deals outside your comfort. It's a reasonably popular song DG you know Tokyo with a song that's all black guy like yeah. -- -- -- with we were I just I. Remember being twelve to. That you can do you should answer sure. That there -- problems. That all -- home sweet home -- -- -- go on come. On come on another great throw about. I have a problem isn't nice surprise does seem like yours. There are certain songs that you championed that this is one of the Katrina and the Waves walking on sunshine has a list. The past decade has seen a handful of Boston athletes leave town and and return at a later part in their career who was the best Boston athlete to return leave and return to Boston in the last decade. The last decade -- we go back to let me 2000. -- Happy Joseph Thornton saw. -- beat Joseph Thornton when he leapt out. -- I didn't actually come back completely right he did come back and play notes that come back and play for the team or come back and basically. I was thinking about coming back and playing back with a plank on this thinking yeah -- well. In the last figure -- this -- accounts are a lot and have a lot of options Curt Schilling count. We've dropped to violate it now came up to the Red Sox are partisan Adams was elated that came back in 2004. The last ten years. He came back in 2004 that was ten years ago. 2014. Years -- these key that was his first here now that's what he came back north saying as he was with the reds and yet. I'm in the organization -- Our products to clarify that question didn't have to leave in the last minute period to return in the last in Europe though Antoine Walker and won't -- -- Curt Schilling counts. Yes it's Curt Schilling but that didn't feel like a return -- But the difference. Now. -- -- not often that you you know return and everything is gold cup and Deion Branch we just mean happen but it wasn't great. The library. And amber. -- so much mileage and blood running down knows that the west. Delonte that was another thing. It came back with. His return. Doug Flutie. -- justice do its -- reusable. Yeah we'll compare the rest of the stations recently. That's. Well if it though we're at now music they're at it like three years old. Three years old. -- closer fighters 2000 -- Okay. A -- -- it's a great. Coming back -- to have -- now without their knowledge about the best that's the answer is a bogey free and fair most for -- for the backup catcher ever since it was Josh Bard couldn't get cynical yet if he was he toward. If that trade for the -- -- -- for Josh -- or rather I guess is like a big time hitting coach. He's the type of guy people go to in the offseason to learn how to hitting guru guys he's going. Walt Walt -- you know Iranians with the idea helicopter style that. It -- her Bosnia like Mike we're. -- -- -- And you were when we come back did he hit it from there -- go away. So early in front it's alleged incident took. To all that. We are Michael which athlete that recently left town do you most wanna see back in Boston uniform. Forensic recently left enemies and players that is still active in their support. Little Wes Wes -- the guys that you really want to come back -- show west that. Carefully this time last -- opposite eleven left left go. You -- committee guys. That are playing for the team you believe. We need to back here. There are many. Victor Martinez fan. I would like -- I think Victor -- -- player. Adrian Beltre -- Beltre I mean you either of those two guys. KG. Really -- now. And would it. Maybe there it would count. -- He -- only if your guy yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What this version of folk -- this guy you think guy if this guy comes back to the -- you think it's successful. Yes no this guy understands. This guy understands his ability to understand. What -- do not do it. But he understands the concept much more now that he's -- any children. You'll be great for the privacy. Bill. Parents the user turned. But talented guy waiting for it -- a lot of love to have me here is that because he is if it is because if so what your friendly. If that would. Is a leader. That's part I think it was a leader in that room. Was he people identified with -- leadership would keep things a little. Overrated yes but but. And about. Like -- because of his personality people people. Kind of gravitate towards him so we became a little overrated it's not like people turn him into a hall of Famer I mean they they -- like the more than he needed to. Different players what about Al Jefferson. In the -- -- the bottom it's almost that also announced it is for Justin Masterson. It was interesting group of scientists and now. Here that's. So -- for both. It but it on the team economy isn't that is what you're listening to. You know -- listened to. The factory. Sometimes an African spent almost their entire career with one team leave for another team and returned to the state and they called home for years in a different. Uniform. Yeah which athlete in any sport was at the weirdest. To CNN new uniform. You know all of them all in Beijing. Only KG where in the Brooklyn nets represented in the Brooklyn nets as the weirdest thing ever for you. Yes. Yes it's weird. If you KG at that press conference with the Brooklyn. That wouldn't talk about. The Brooklyn nets with -- I think it was clear for Pearson anybody in the it appeared that a second that was the third -- or keep you tied their once number three. Think Willie McGinest. And that -- helmet we've wrapped in a big -- Patriot. Here in two different patriots uniform. -- of Cleveland he's a well. Strange yeah I think is an easy answer to ray Bork after all the time he spent here. The moment it's always etched into my memory of him taking off the number seven Jersey to reveal number 77 to see him in his avalanche Jersey at the end of his career I never quite got used to it funny when you walked in the -- from here the tigers say. We have lots of pictures and stuff on the walls and there's an old the basically it'll be hard to say it was a say all the way -- For ray -- with that in all an avalanche colors. I can't quite get used to that and I never got used to see great work that you did you -- -- celebrate. Did you celebrate when he one Erica I don't celebrate but I was happy for. I -- I like go out to the operator but I was -- I was happy for re my favorite player and I absolutely love report -- it. Got to see him finally get a ring for. For achievement when it was done the right way when it looked upon at the time what the Bruins were so far. Ever being in position to do it we're never gonna put the resources around -- like it is legitimately felt bad. So -- I was happy and -- to -- -- to Britain Portugal that's the only woman changed my number to Germany. Johnny Damon is that the simple. Of the band of Brothers that -- All of these idiots. We're gonna Wear our hair long and we don't care what you did to this cliche beware -- they -- their corporate and we are grass roots where underground we do world thing yeah. No wearing pinstripes that -- My -- -- -- -- -- -- and that's at least yours that. You -- what happened that game where you get so choked up as it's huge for our memory and pitched terrible it was off. A anymore it's that it was. How choked up he was missing the organization. But it gave pre Belichick Brad. And people are criticizing thing obviously the dancer's body or. Don't see I'm sure those people with items. -- -- -- -- -- -- We've got about -- in the field that you could easily throw some video. It was legends. -- Hey where's the pin it button. -- -- -- well we'll go right this whole categories -- about what can we get as simple question if you're well -- will well here. But there is the answer now. The the fortieth or -- Wolf will it will points -- with the issue with them. It goes like this is going well with this with that -- to do this. After an hour. To get out here -- are now. On the air -- -- off the -- Great moments -- Over the four. One who is the greatest player ever leave and return to the same teams later in his career but you have to take Michael Jordan and retirement in the middle of the bulls run -- places. The greatest player to leave and come back. Let me that question to the same team doesn't have to be Boston really Henderson. They're Ricky he kept returning each of the teams that he'd been on -- like another couple of towards the effect of -- yeah. When he enters the and -- the player for a -- here can come back here at the end. Those have been my two cents. The people saint Ted Williams. You have to go to war came back. -- relief go to another team yeah well I think DiMaggio. Fame deal. Rush on Rondo left for a few days for his birthday and end. -- in the next couple days later this -- account here we go to rise on Rondo for the poor guy had a birthday I mean I know it's not war. Like Ted Williams went off for but he did have to celebrate his birthday in LA and as we all know nobody should have to work on your birthday. The hospital quote Jackson didn't last but to me in a home run his first at bat. It wasn't. Was he actually. Gone from them or was -- just that he'd been hurt -- But it was that he was hurt right it was -- point for a team. Right I'm gonna watch that -- documentary. I think that's what happened I don't remember -- no matter is that it never came back to the royals right. You went to the White Sox in the in the angels then that was it yeah her experience. Detectors. And Rickey Henderson played for nine teams that they were nine. Kept going back to her and somebody spins the out with a -- going to three or 43 or four could you name on nineteenth say no way to get the Yankees. Yeah eighties you know Red Sox the Dodgers. That we are absolutely a sound plan does that is very last. -- Padres. The -- at least for the Mets yeah. Mariners. Obviously for the blue jays that they we just -- more. Did you see the angels now -- -- that you -- for the angels -- -- for 32 out error. -- for 32 games. Must have been great 32 games the most at that -- Joy would say he would he was he was so much fun you're doctorate is now off. This -- he looks so much fun talked to his his quotes his mannerisms the way Ditka on what is fifteen love. People say that John Olerud -- not true. Our problem which is to is one of the Yelp angry -- art but you know Ricky. There were so many. There were just so many things a lot about -- -- greatest but for greatly. Seen. But -- harper went tactic nephew and it's never this is -- ground on cool moment and -- -- -- Took him to a game at Fenway. And during the 2000 Tutsis and which -- on the game. Ricky was in the lineup that day like you shouldn't play every day was -- He was done but he didn't believe you can read stuck in the cart in the year. And they -- thanks a lot of that argument. That the little. Guy a lot about all that's -- But I remember that teaching -- manipulated you know -- a stolen bases. Now this guy is one of the great. Rates don't base people in the history of the game and that's just watch him. And -- Anderson displayed everything nice lead on a couple throws over. Taught the game helped me teach the game in my. Top organized wonderful. -- capable and the greatest about thank you. I. The better the better part of that quote at the beginning goes. Wrong with great but. Today the greatest. Of all time. And that -- golden but the debate. Washington -- -- junior anger -- junior returning to Seattle or for whom he's one of the all time great players never seen any better or use our sleep and. They were look at form. Probably and one and a -- asleep at things got ugly at the very very and right before retired him I can't confirm that it was a 100% true but I I believe that to feature. -- -- But he was I mean you know he was he was there as an ambassador at that point it was much of a player -- one great home run. And we pinch hit. Get a big home run to either tie game when he was to tie game to great call call -- from -- house's longtime broadcast rather and that means do much once he came back. But it was great -- you know they love him he's pretty good player.

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