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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/25/14

Feb 25, 2014|

We answer what is asked of us.

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So can -- now. 793 set it on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's time for answer the question jerk -- answer the question with salt and how is the big question. So would you be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. Mike -- here to help us answer questions you just texted in 37937. Has brought you by -- -- restoration specialists of your property your facility manager and don't have a cold weather disaster plan in place. It prepared contact RS at 8774611111. Or go to heiress her. Dot com I'm -- EK you know you guys talk -- -- -- we were yet I'm going to. He's a barrio -- -- I never I put the oil to never -- doing -- -- -- -- editor at metaphor. I don't horrible I did I get a composer and about Michael you you're still in Florida use spoiled brat you. I'd go ahead now but it. It's but now I'm proud yet. Yes. Of minutes away from them leaving Florida OK you're not gonna spend tonight -- in Cleveland avenue. As for old times sake yeah. Quarter route 41 -- yet about it took the north -- and -- of Fort Myers looked at those points race you'd wanna race. Before I return my car or -- return. You know. Fort Myers and some -- little bit everything down there you -- nobody in Fort Myers it's built backwards though the weirdest thing before Myers is that. All the nice stuff quote unquote nice idea is by the highway. But all but like I'm by the beach which should be beautiful old nice startled is -- and now yeah it was nice we noticed Edison. Hey guys you know brought up -- great point during the break or ugly one Doug -- -- report. The -- you know Pedro Martinez situations. -- -- at Toronto April relieves. You don't came out and said it will -- was my fault I didn't on the rule we all knew was yes all of me he. Just take it like. What does it brought the point that it isn't it the story. And good press at does that pretty talking about a group -- -- we have an understanding. Then blast. Rondo behind the scenes like. Tito blasted Pedro behind the scenes that don't ever do that mean you completely yeah I covered for. I mean that's the way I think that's probably a veteran move on the part of and I don't Rondo made the mistake he should be getting some criticism but it was a rookie -- what part of -- the. Maybe also speaks of the relationship between Rondo and -- and dispose of the relationship with TO. Eight welcoming the relations David is another level -- expect from captain the end of relationship I'm not saying they did just assume a greater right but but. While they have the relationship that you don't do how valuable Ager was what it was tracked him. What's the story that -- was I think it was wary of the Boston media wary of the bus media and he didn't wanna give story a story OK thanks questions to -- -- the top five rocket or double. This person was his five -- event -- scrapped and Jarrad Page age and heard the theory on 300. America. -- Five -- and when anyone mentioned slash about me as a toddler apparently now it. He could be on my list Topper in Eddie Van Halen as the -- pander to have to be endless. There climate huge -- and he have a he can he has and can do everything and now. Everything her anything anybody else can do can do to -- -- really good. How about damme can't ignore it ignored on this list and probably should mean in the league 50 congress mark off. Yeah way. To -- that I think title home directory I didn't show a whole lot of like. I don't know. The flexibility as far as his -- he did all of his own stuff and that's it into the well it is great but -- -- -- did all the music for. The princess bride. -- -- But but I don't know that you can throw him into that category really. Yet there's about twenty guys in his category and I can just put the -- -- people have just -- -- Johnny and Steve lie in the those guys are fast but they're not the greatest guitarist double time or just fast payment you know Betancourt was real fast to break. Because technically you what in most notable than -- -- of the at Michael's done -- this one particular I think he's got to go to Cleveland -- doesn't get a little like it up question out of 33 in my tool to be going video games that's not a Zardari and imminently via an absolute. Ultimately it is your to reach Europe pay -- what you talk about it. Her whole life you trying to deal with the problem per day. Thirty they're gonna have our legacy our generation what time were really really all the -- -- games like you know find the apps that are for the ninth year I think that you know. What do you. But open it up and soon to your Nintendo Wii. Would you stop playing video games are getting -- more sophisticated more more complicated Curt Schilling about their well but it. -- they're getting they're getting more complicated when you. -- -- -- -- Salt generic rumba that Clinton will really quality of the age of gamers that was 31 and had yours all over the spurs with thirty -- -- video. Thought it was just it's certainly stopped during -- -- do well to some -- that I'm almost forty I was so please do. Occasional video games and people who were like you're only had a bottle and I apologize Europe there anyway -- And I can and I still play and use the play and then you're -- late Wednesday it seeps so please don't kick your arrested Tiger Woods twenty tenths on about minutes. No practical question -- rats what was the best movie 2013. Couldn't tally. -- -- currents on there I didn't see any one of the dominant Willis that would of the nominations best picture he got. You know wolf a Wall Street I urgency that you got to America -- which is terrible there were several years slid twelve years escalated that. Her which I thought about her let's move the products brought Tommy her it was not about -- -- now that would be a drag a manager. To just ask Pedro Guerrero. And -- Christian I would -- went I think out of those candidates. I thought well I thought well -- a -- up. -- only -- talk -- know who like American knows the other wow captain Phillips -- buyers club gravity Nebraska don't mean. Actually oh I said -- on my medical I gotta go wolf Wall Street that was that long but it was. I was entertaining it was -- That's the way to pick up call for a serious way but this house was great public. As it ever safe to use an escort service when your away from home one. With a -- -- Yes there are you can't find your -- somewhere use cash maybe Lisa. -- Next question is safe graduates of resigning from my current job how much notice which you two weeks. Just two weeks no matter what we're treated you very well that's what depends on what this position that if you're usually. 2 races pretty emotional morning -- be over the as a bonus you know for the company. Well you know important role helped mistress is an expert committee with him. -- -- -- would you like I think you say to them luck especially if you wanna keep. Keep it open yet you never know what's gonna happen front door -- don't burn the bridges behind you Allegheny. For two weeks three weeks a month. What what what works well for our gave the year noticed one time that was -- -- -- at the exit that you announced your retirement just like I did get ten years from now -- -- at that badly at all record ten years' notice and given a WEP guys own eyes if yeah yep and -- warning for war I have you done. Next question are done we're done to Mike is coming up for the next four hours Michael will finally be back here tomorrow for his birthday. No cookie policy at least for as well now you've got a brownie here -- people of Florida that love me we're gonna find -- -- that we don't want you we just can't find your cup now now it's that we don't and also that we -- -- that's what -- got our whole era vessels and allows recipients. Around Michael document divide.

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