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Jason Cole, National Football Post: On the possibility of Schiano to the Pats

Feb 25, 2014|

Jason Cole joins Mut and Lou to discuss the reports that Greg Schiano is considering joining the Patriots staff and why some people close to him are advising him not to.

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That connect with our guy Jason Cole. The national football post you're just the second -- Has been re tweeting in and talking to his Twitter followers about this potential racial -- penalty in the NFL. He also got a retention yesterday. We mentioned this towards the end of the show when Jason tweeted it out. And it caught both arise because. It with each weeded out 22 hours ago. If Greg -- takes a job but the patriots it's over the advice of many people of advised him not to interest decision for -- organized. But trying to figure out why would people average amount not to go work for the patriots which -- -- You know on okay placed eagle rehab year reputation for players -- coaches Jason Cole NFL reporter joins us here on the eighteenth the hotline and -- wanna talk Kia. Jason about the racial slower penalty in the NFL let's start with your tweet yesterday she caught blue and i.'s attention I'll be honest. Who who's telling she got no not to take the job and why are they -- aims not to take a job I think at all. Don't listen glory that is breaking news. That they've got some. Agents and other coach dues. People who have what -- you go there. -- We're you gonna get back -- had coached track because what credit card debt. If the patriots -- good. I mean it was there where there were -- and that turned around the patriots won back in court. The -- That's the problem. At that point in time. We're going to work for poultry could now that he's comfortable and saying look politic a step back for a few years and maybe. You have with -- firewalls work bill. And you're a little branch out and get a college yeah but I think that most people working in the field position -- -- want it to coach. Servers later a lot of people -- with -- -- that you pick the year Ross should get paid. Go work about and it felt so you know look around college. Go figure out things that didn't work Tampa. But if you don't want -- normally do which is good feel compelled they they can't get out of the game they have to be back into it. The -- that -- that is to coach. -- take a job. Jesse that that would be that we were missing have -- it's OK then what you have for me you know who excel I don't wanna leave the game and I would also think that. Wanting to give back to be -- head coach. You know these guys casino everybody does it differently maybe important some from here -- some from there a year. With Bill Belichick might actually help him you know although -- we -- -- with this -- pull things from bill. It should look at camp. So I certainly understand. But he's not gonna get recognition for anything that -- agree. You have so. From that perspective. Yeah it better BA. I get some Gartner study exactly how structured everything they can do about tiger selling it all the other people around the league. And you're keeping you want to communication opened with people. I just don't know. Especially that defense approach. While. You know if your doctor if. I had -- but -- -- -- below defense as the bell technically poorly because of Patricia. Though it's sort of. Exactly who doesn't scientific or -- at a. That's highest oh by although. It is easy set out the entire year's reputation good enough in the league right that's Mikey come back to you that he did anyone get the credit. In New England that year under the and bill done this with players like players -- for a year you know Corey Dylan towards the any rehab his career here. I Dom Capers came -- for -- didn't work but he and to get the job. With green David when a Super Bowl the next shot at I just view this -- -- an a nice PR landing spot for -- -- that he'd be around Belichick Belichick likes me push some of the credit is way. And rather set out the -- can help his reputation. Around the league and that's not the case. What about what other people respect advised them not to do it without me telling you I didn't buy it. The only other people advised them to sit out -- year and in doing it over there but it's an interesting decision. And for a guy who presumably want to head coach. How to play the. If you were the patriots would you be suffering to bring him in Jason based on there their defense and and what they've done -- a better election before they got hurt they needed. A different voice in there that would be help out Belichick on the defense event. Altered like some allotment -- start from Manila who doesn't want them. The ability of some -- what Greg did a great job at Rutgers. Symbolic that program up so. There's a lot like -- actually -- and certainly -- not the first two with a good head coach. -- didn't do so well in his first term around. The NFL. Bill Belichick comes to mind. And you know terms that are you know came back got another job fix things got a quarterback and I've also worked out. So -- possible about so well while -- confirmed live like brave able parties and Brigham and and she well. -- I just hope that their guys were willing to stand there and say the bill but but but but -- -- That doesn't really work because. The thing you worry about what to do is go to it will look older and I don't think they'll check deployed as something more -- -- -- You know contrary and understand -- people won't question what should do. But that's always the danger that's talked unsure what goes through it. Which is brought to many guys who came to worldwide. There were -- -- with each other and they didn't step up and say that's not gonna work for that productivity. -- the other -- some news coming out of the week two was obviously the use of the inward in the NFL and we all know that it's the most hurtful slower out there we don't know the history behind the word I just. I almost feel like the NFL is trying. You give African American players stop using the word in the NFL which to me is that it's just doesn't sound right. I mean. Well I think I think that there is -- day. What are I agree with -- -- -- -- look at that point one got to put my quilt on. Befriending other you know reporters out there were black. You know explain to me that he used to beat him work is okay if you look into it obviously culturally it wrapped in the and other uses okay. And I get that point. I also say yep but you're just telling me that all the OK for black people to use this as -- language. The other part of it is that. You try to differentiate when the book because of all proposals when it looked angry at war. And that's really hard to decipher. It's like try to -- what some people some report that can't work out circuit whether -- serious. And I think that the helicopter interpretation. And I think that there is no problem when people say well -- -- -- -- -- it is -- you know -- put together and -- to block. You know we just concerned conversation and we commuted and a walk on the field around also to other people I've ever been put together. And at all that you get to. Using it -- -- refereed which is what -- the accusation is from the last season which is whether -- get suspended. And you know because the F -- was dropped and he got angry about it because he's black and didn't like the players were using at. Or get the other week it but you know real. You know want head and allowed it -- like -- in cog in ago. Who start forming around because he he's held culpable all his friends were black. Our Internet at -- all that. You know it played OK rich you can music and it's -- right for you inflict. It -- all twisted. And I'm. The bottom line is that we -- -- broken. It's a drug was painful work -- about it that was what was talked about prior to our white people bought by black people. And -- Atomic -- and well covered you know that's open discussion about policing it's hard. But -- I think we'll get to know what we're. The other the solutions that will. Talk about culturally about the use of the -- -- I guess my question is that the of those issues that are being. -- address three L locker room by a team and her organization. They've taken -- there on the field I'm curious Jason did you talk to our people around the league the last couple days since this story became. -- -- says the daily news basically said that they expected to. Be -- place in the league meetings later on and next month in March what is the reaction been around the league how -- of policing job is it going to be of people skeptical. That they'll be able to assess this penalty. Frequently on the field in gains -- goes down the way it's reported fifteen yard penalty first offense and rejection. Of the second offense. Well I think it also depends. OK who here is that when they hear it again and how that the power of the reference point -- -- -- that. Amid look at this took about who will hear the word that comes applies you know that it becomes black community call and -- Booker from -- -- Well it is powerful locker room -- old. Not for a long time. Which is gonna have to have people that looked as if you do. You know understand it's not okay for the first certain people that you were more. Let them know what have a discussion about the fact that what sort of the McCain team. Can't necessarily do the same way you okay and you have to beat everybody has to be OK with that because if you're not okay with that that would go it would come back disabled. It's our problem. That we we have the gulf situation. Where it got out of control and you know their became hopeful. Four. Got all twisted -- adult -- Further that you can't enforce it on the field. The blog is the -- -- if you're at it strictly enforce that it'll disappear in the matter of few weeks. And it'll be it'll be done with because people watched that language. Jason great stuff great insight ball -- -- -- -- auto and the a racial -- penalty appreciate the time before talking to you soon.

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