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MLB creates a home plate collision rule; are the sports we love in jeopardy?

Feb 25, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the rule changes across professional sports that are changing the way the games are being played. From the NFL with kickoffs to Major League Baseball with their newest home plate collision rule, the games we have been accustomed to watching are changing. Is this a good thing?

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And Sanchez delivers. Swing and a chopper to the right side runner trying to score in -- -- going to play a collision he is going to be out of home. Ross colliding with a bailout he knocked him backwards. But at -- held on the baseball Red Sox did play contact. Implanted in a perfect role in two runs on mile line and that number two. That's -- start today direction -- Last couple years and what's changed to what appears to be changing deal like the change again sports fans feel like it. Is -- improving your viewing experience your. Experience was -- after viewing your spent a money. That the -- so -- boy LB Brandon -- former -- at -- and automated parts of his seat and I. I -- -- but a lot of our audience is -- big time -- the sport -- -- not just watching at home in the cable bill will be but they go to these games they buy shirts for their kids you draft -- him what gives us with Tuukka -- in the Bruins -- point -- figured -- that that what happens. Sell you OK with -- you like the direction of sport and apparently heard something were talking about you wanna jump of the conversation here I. It's again I'm just I guess I'm getting so frustrated. With where the where the ownership is going. With full on professional and I think we have to get the owners out of sports. I it's it's like you go to Europe. I'm not but you know -- he would be to get out -- well nobody that we big television we have to put among the silence -- Jerry Jones have his hands in the pie in an error could lock you want a coach that team. But that's what -- look at all the sports and look you know look play I play. It might you you've played us more why do you plot points. I think you've played some high schoolers some -- real champions aren't aren't yards away a volley ball launcher academy -- arm can pull it -- -- talking about as you've got pro sports and they're the greatest athletes on the planet. That people are trying to expect them to make eight. Split second decision I'm on the -- doing twenty miles an hour the guys coming up. Guys to a 22 miles an hour he left the right change direction in a split second. My job -- -- is to physically put a body on him but it didn't not like attempted to get to where he's going. He he his head in a position where I go to hit safely he moves. Six inches I -- my shoulder and helmet. There's no call on the ice I did. Right Shanahan said and it says channel etc. after I get it. My team my fans got to watch me sit in the bath I sit in the stands for three games and I get a 50000 dollar fine baseball. You know right. So we know massive speed get right up enough. He charging around third right he's charging around -- he's got the green light third base coach arms -- -- light sweet Lou keep the speed. -- -- the characters make these come round at full speed I'm gonna split second -- looking at the -- to exercise right that's what you do read it to you right here at US assess the situation. In any you're expected to make some sort of major transformation in in where you're going and what you're doing in a split second because it gets dark. Like when you're winning you can you know yes full control of the ball -- not full control the ball and then -- then -- and innuendo which happened your tablet -- Time is the only time that would be the third base coach sends me -- potential fate. I did a bad move bad call but they're based data -- assembly from up that -- now I gotta run the guy but it's illegal to like at least do this and feel fine about it right but some wicked so. So now are you so you make the split decision. I you don't think yes the bossy you're you're going to the plate again a dislocated shoulder. And then Major League Baseball has elected to last week well and you're gonna be says you know it's gone gone for like four games. Red Sox fans gonna miss it could be -- -- you know whoever it is you major player who am I mean it's just I I get it I get it. But it's a big boys sport played by big boys a sign contracts you -- do it -- motivation NFL the same morning. They should put the onus is it more players' safety. Or is it more fear being -- I I think I you know I think it's about the latter I think it's about -- it's about being sued. And yet again in other that they're just gonna throw the Olympics in your face. Now we just gonna say -- you just watch the greatest hockey that's been played by the greatest players all over the world there was no fight series you know that no one got suspended. I don't ours is up does a freaking knee on knee hit on the boards but that's what we that's the kind of. Hockey away we knew exactly candidate and a seven game series. My game six we could be going on exactly -- we're gonna go to -- right. Ellen and wouldn't be pushed pushing -- to get a cheap shot be trying to drop out -- I hear we're -- billion -- about the Olympics that thing on the ATP text like 37 I -- except it's saying the same told by the but this is -- -- these are and maybe people wrong about this and I. I can't see this maybe you did of people are saying that the stick work in the Olympics was very dirty. You -- a lot of dirty stick work because and after the fact there was no fighting Illini hockey fans are saying this is why you actually needed. In this sport and don't say hey there were no fights it was clean but but again not orders plus the. Or no would have broken broken mr. broken -- of -- -- makes the point that I that I it Daiwa's. I'm making with the limits when they throw when the owners -- -- the Olympic thing I yet you're gonna be like but. If those -- Those teams play defense played the -- seven games up to be mayhem front Canada USA -- -- -- mayhem that's about it changed a little bit there's so much speed our core you know a nice guy -- -- -- run from -- but again you know -- the body and. We're here we're going back to making my point you know get your hands out of the pot. Yes you come back to North America and you play -- this delicate -- -- the richest fifteenth. Fifteen feet thinner yeah okay so people are gonna run into people there it's -- it's a -- hit you put bodies on everybody. I just it's it's just driving me crazy. -- -- The owners and do the -- find masters and the people that are trying to dictate. Can we just not all admit. That athletes. Put time in twelve months a year they take care of their bodies they are bigger faster stronger and better. Hockey players. People are gonna get pang -- Especially look at the Olympics you know you're looking at. You know you look at it like that -- and it's a Crosby and Bergeron. Right I mean so. Everybody's top lines all the steel players right you know. They'll third liners are out there -- -- fourth liners are out there that a physicals we come back the US you know if you -- line. There and check in lines you put a bunch of a skill guys Phil Kessel. And he -- eagle practically Olympic hockey the rest -- characterize -- so capitals last minute -- let's just play in a big issue guys but the but the budget skill players. And that's what I wanna do that's how wanna play and -- back -- let's get it around. Again if that if that apparently you can't tell me that that hockey this year was was better than Gardocki that was played in Vancouver on the smaller. On the smaller surface it was it was better told us is better and better faster. Everywhere it was it was awesome and I you know I feel bad because I spent I spent the whole Olympics two reading Phil Kessel Sony's finally over the -- he's -- at -- playing. Out of his mind he's the best on the planet and then they they need a -- the last. I -- -- allies eager to put that I Cassel -- I think that did the team -- lot of writes I doubt they -- game they got it they got pushed back from Canada LB played react well basically -- play date they played for the Olympic gold in the semifinals against him and kept him up short. And I think he checked out mentally. But that's of -- but you know again I Wear it where it is is stuff. You know I. And -- you know I'm I'm pumped I mean were back 25 games in seventeen games in March the Bruins were gonna have our all every day it's it's phenomenal. You know -- -- crates in and Chara they're gonna be playing like it's there and they're in slow motion their you know I mean the league is in slow motion doesn't just come back from playing against the best in the world were. A great opportunity to complain out of his mind. Outside of -- that the Russians trying to kill. I mean I don't know if that was -- I plus is that -- is that -- We have to Gilani said wooten was in the stands looking -- you know looked at everybody what you wanna -- -- Jay Witasick. It raised about our final -- and are now with the Daytona 500 his dad number three it's back to me it's incredible in the -- NASCAR is back from him huge race there. So I'm -- I'm -- fired up. Fired up man elected seven LB back in the house I got a guy who played baseball talking about collisions I got a -- -- -- played hockey over here talking about the way if it did of the fighting and how it's impacted his sport of football guy. That it got to the sports I'll be honest the one that the rules recently died to give had the least effect on my family in my. Impact of viewers in football when Matt Chatham played the NFL and we're talking about rules the guys who played in Chatham joins us here. -- it's not -- and LB how are you are -- and Medicaid bad you had the a great we just always got an optimistic now that com -- tweeted so when did it defenseless guys run. I just. Now is that the -- you know my old agent that I imagine got to go after these guys got a quarter of the market at the central player. He can be -- into the start of the the principal players. Do you think -- know -- talk about different sports obviously fighting in NHL collisions at home plate. Beat NFL of the do you think they're getting carried away with the rules or is it something they got to change with the times is -- changing the sport. Are of course I think they're getting carried away I mean I you know what I understand why I mean I think it's all the reasons the litigation I think people. All -- care you know they just build up a new rule does sort of buffer themselves in case of this case of that it's. It every time one single incident happened to come up with a new piece of and the legislature I just for our for our particular sport so I think there's a reason why it happens but I think it becomes cumbersome I think. That's why we're having these these silly conversation about you know centralized replay and the idea that former officials -- now to media media jobs because. Somebody's got translate this. It is whether or what gets overly burdensome this is what happens. To a it football least though I saw when they took up the kick -- and all this is that this is the major button for you I'm gonna set you off on the -- they took the kick off for turns out they present what I thought was at least some sort of numbers were Greg -- I'll remember him. He did a study at Rutgers and is player at it would grant got hurt and it went back and looked to kick off returns in the -- looked as businessmen hammer head injuries on these plays if we take them out. -- lower the number and mobile hold the NFL and maybe it's just their bookkeeping would have you believe the last couple years kick off returns are down and as a result of that. Concussions -- those plays are down they fear that those high impact plays were a big issue do you believe that's the case or was that 88 PR spin -- just. Try to get the kick off returns pushed up the five yards and down what 700 returns in the last two and a half years. Yeah I it's not a matter of me believe it or not I don't cannot be true and I think there's. There is obviously he did a lot of been going on with a -- the last several years of course you're gonna have. You know purportedly left of those things but you have to to believe any of that you first have to believe that. It was recordable -- mean a concussion is not a bright line incidents. You know there's there's collision with -- go on each and every each and every play and that the book thing that sort of always drove me -- for the you know the player I had to do. The most violent -- back kickoff when I was in the wedge that I had been hit the wedge on the flip side of it. But that's said if you're you know adversity -- Johnson now. Like the mail and those guys you're every bit as violent collision for the middle linebacker spot go about it -- -- pullback. There are a number of different place -- -- -- in the planet street whenever -- get -- -- your comment out. -- -- running these kind of collisions are all over the football he'll be ideal to pick one play out just pertain to the sort of you know that was ridiculous because. There's nothing -- -- what it's inherently more dangerous than any other place other than the wedge. And the wedge they attempted to water down but what told you that they never really meant that it was -- yes. Once they become couple -- -- -- wedged up. But they allowed him to stay with a two man wedge in and have a third guy who could be with the arms linked to watch the film it still happens there's. No problem leaving it and there. We told you it was BF from the beginning. Well now what frustrates me area is you know with with the whole video replay like it did there it. They add so much gray area for the officials and for the players. When you're playing of the game you make a play a contact play you make a hit there's no flag. They go to the video after the game. Guy -- fine. Fifteen bucks -- -- a suspended game ads gray area to both the DB official and the player on how he's gonna approach that -- the next time same same thing and occupy it by get a guy and I get a clean he happens to -- three inches my shoulder had some. On they had. He's still continues in the game -- am excited after. EE gets find you get suspended whatever it is that -- gray area today it's a player in the official and it just makes it worse it makes it worse for every. Yeah I agree just because. I think it it's in good faith I mean I understand where their common problem but they're just that part of the reality of sport that. You know you have. Hundred collisions and gamer if -- whatever happened to be -- could honestly say that you made it defended the decision prior to each of those fifty. The -- -- look the the split. It happens in a moment right on the idea that they. That -- you know sort of litigated and intense as if that was people what was going on to me is just it's it's foreign it's not really -- work. So the idea that they are gonna come in deciding whether document to do it metal sort of elevate the level of the penalties. And all of kind of stopped it's just that disconnect now between probably goes on the field right. So Medicare we agree that I think a lot of the so called we really -- W safety really is more lawsuit kind of behind -- that's kind of where this thing -- -- Is is that the trying to get the and word of the NFL adjustable PR quite frankly on anything. I heard an interesting comment from someone on on on Twitter about this. And you know I I understand the third or fourth you know obviously. If you'd in the event that you opened up endorse -- got to find all the words to me that it's derogatory to any particular race now the outlook if you took the master list basically. I also thought all the points that. Still -- vehicle does it. And maybe their there may do the world press troll. Quite frankly -- They sort of put you will wind up 32 off season and get everyone all fired up we have discussions for three or four months that we keep critical topics in the news but what does it does seem like something that. You know it won't -- it a million times more than it'll actually have an effect. And maybe you'll eventually get instituted what if you think of all the little things that we sort of antagonize them you know to sort of -- -- -- -- each and every off season. They've sort of been a big deal but as one of those things coming I think it's welcome that kind of have the comments that application kind of -- Back -- difficult actually sort of the force but. You know let it seems to be I'll have a few things amid growing because it keeps people I think these people pocket. So so you think it's who -- -- being answer that they don't truly are not trying do just died at the start. A change in the culture of the NFL locker room. All I think there are serious about that word but I just think it is it's unrealistic to start you know policing. How people speak the. Both fifteen hour flight -- a little bit out -- hi I. Does -- -- -- -- -- why haven't seen it if it if they truly do. I I can't wait for the first official way you know you know men -- we were were debating -- each really believes that no flagler -- thrown by it. But. I mean if if you got to fifteen and fifteen yard penalty for using the word would you would you use it again. I mean I I wouldn't use it again. -- it's you know it's at that's -- It's emotional word (%expletive) I'll save a alleged baseball they don't -- good -- toward a map. Sometimes you know you updating your ball whatever you all that somebody that -- Elvis and making use it's out it's not so the next mutual just comes out. You wouldn't you wouldn't but you wouldn't go to win when they have the -- to a -- the game's on the line you could cost your team the game you're gonna be conscious about. What words arts are set or not that. Well you -- to -- big big component of this in our particular game is. The idea being wired up. You know and that I think that really -- -- because now. You know you have that. Ability yeah off putting game on that you put a name on the action. Exactly -- -- -- they could go back and watch the -- -- I mean you're not the people are stupid I mean you can read what you could do people let. Every bit as individuals or white guys use of that word with black guys which just moral warning bureau of the world entirely. And you know I'm sure there's a certain amount of that agreement goes on but sometimes the TV -- can catch it I can't say that you know about the work -- out there are -- -- did notice that putt. I think the the news sort of a world of microphones and never once had electronic stuff -- through you know quite sensitive about it. Yeah it's interesting because that they're there are other ways to go about it they may choose to go on the field instead of off the field and Herm Edwards -- -- -- to say about that we're gonna have that for him now I. I appreciate your input on this I know it's a hot button topic for you though the trend of the NFL and I'll look for talking on the road are -- here there is an Irish had a former patriot joins us the route wanted to. I get a feeling for him Andy's. I guess he -- a lot of people who were texting and calling in here today that -- this -- all the lawsuits and less about safety united soldier when you ask me. I wish I -- city earth say this is just think you know live in a world the rainbows and lollipops and it is about -- it should be. But it just felt more and more like it's about a former players at NFL alumni that lawsuit and the NFL opened up everybody's side. And -- you know CT Easter come into play right -- yes with some of the hockey players that just passed. The big story that while there there's ten tank guys in a suit. Yeah right now but it did that once the war effort at the guy's name. Neutral Ottawa -- a big fighter summit at the past with all the -- -- jockey Jon court yeah this couple other guys to asthma affects -- their start to be like hey you know we. We get some lawsuits -- awaits him now is part of our sport. The only debt we are going to have the garden idea Bernie and Derek -- entered murderous actually three -- three suicides. In the last like five years in the NHL and of really heightened sensitivity and and then looking into CT and how to fax I mean that's. Every single owner is driven by -- -- there are some owners that really one of the care wanna protect but of -- us on the promising you know have an excellent suit. I don't wanna get -- yeah we got a dual boot CI that's all on our players. We care. I mean I I'd like I said I I just I just believe their dead athletes do such a great job -- terror and have such an opportunity to make arable loads of money take care of their family and their future families for civilian time. They they put the effort and kids are -- you know guys are bigger I mean when I played you know. Big big tough guys were 652 point five yeah and now -- 67 as the other 67250. And and and players' side and Alexander Ovechkin 63 to 35 can fly deep takes the body plays both ways and and a everybody does in nowadays in -- and. What because of that -- -- Patrice Bergeron I mean didn't think about what Patrice Bergeron did in the playoffs last Jerry. -- played with a -- line and and now broken ribs I am Munich I was. Banged up and and kept morning you know so. It would be what you what you get this guy got four guys yeah guys are gonna do desperate. What their -- On the line to win it all to win a cup it's what they were born that didn't end up with the BB love to do that's what I do it's it's you know why I left it's driven them since -- That your your father -- all you're you're lists every five years old. Baseball it was like that's all you want every. I'm a step in the box you know he's actually collision on May have seen you guys get in ahead before I ads you see it and you never think about it nearly ever give fear get hit. But it was my last year when I did I get hit and got concussion Batman the ball directly back to pitcher was a glancing blow that was in my career result for. And I came back I took a few weeks off since returning -- tried to make the team owners out there shall know that I can play again I don't -- beat out there and field. But I want to make the team was in my last year I went down a AAA. I continued to play through April after two withdrew -- couldn't see at night games I couldn't pick up the spin I was scared crap let's play through it. As I want to get back to the big -- -- turnarounds of the openings penetrating staff because I've made a decision because I want to play the game that I just wanna give up yet. Did you that side note I signed up for. You don't mean it's it's it's it's the way it is. And you know again in Iraq -- it's one of those things IE EE get frustrated and I want a flight on here and hang with you guys and and and spout -- But hey you know it's at at some point. If you wanna enjoy the game. If you really truly not just sit there and and yell and scream into TV he just got our roll with the punches looked like she did she not been as Donald -- it's -- into their plan at their back people. Bruins sabres to -- right. Where crazy month seventeen game volleyball games on the road there -- what you don't get these -- 114 gates a metropolitan. -- -- our division and knives and and they've they've got -- the Rangers are Caroline Arab a bit better and they got like 45 games he's metropolitan division. This month so it's it's huge doctor Robert Leonard still do good hot docs awesome actually -- Leonard. His buddy Jeff and are gonna go to would be still April 5 the farm nice -- bad. Talking -- taking care your lettuce volatile -- yeah -- it's. Like an Italian cop -- checked on him I'm stubborn Clinton twenty years old. I'd say definitely -- -- -- so -- you guys -- great great to be sure that's where a man. Hanging out LB let -- buyers join -- we'll come back guys some more reaction around the NFL putting from athletes outside of the NFL. Asked the question do you think the leaking get rid of and legislate the N word on the field. You'll hear that Jason called the national football polls would join us at 1145 -- Sports Radio WB ER.

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