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Red Sox prospect Garin Cecchini talks about his development with D&C

Feb 25, 2014|

Cecchini sat down with John, Gerry and Kirk to discuss his progress on his path to the majors.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training Fort Myers, Florida of course a couple of days ago Larry Lucchino BC EO president of the Boston Red Sox at two chairs to my right and the last question I asked in the interview was Larry. Just for some fun to do. Give us about somebody that we may not know right now. But certainly before the end of the season will be a household name he didn't hesitate not even for a second he said Garrett could -- -- and he joins us here at the broadcasts like good morning -- nice to -- ship that morning glad to be here what do you think about what the CEO president said about your progress through the system so far. I mean it's it's great Ecstasy coming from a guy like -- the keynotes very humbling and you know that it's good to give you confidence going into camp like at the way he thinks of you and it's it's it's pretty cool. What we've heard the same thing from other people apparently you're having a pretty good camp this your first spring training camp in a big league camp I know it's early falls have been going how do you think you're doing and how's it different about the -- you've had not with the big league level. First of all the differences is better food but I feel it's go to watered but no -- serious note it's been great you know just trying to work hard learn from that spirit is that these veterans have I mean they've won World Series multiple World Series and in other experiences that I haven't you know so on is trying to learn from them they've been in the big leagues I'm just -- so -- prospects so. To start alert from B a sponge dismissing everything -- now you are you're OBP is off the charts we -- know you on the field for 43. In the minors and they walk rate of almost 17%. Which is amazing. We've born that way or did someone teach you that kind of patients with -- I think at a young gates both my parents or coaches that you know -- -- watch Major League games it -- -- You know watch these -- you know the -- be in -- moment with them like Tony Gwynn left -- -- -- our. You know had a -- with -- now we tried to me like when they were facing great pitchers like that I would try to have that bat with them so at a young age I was taught them. You know pitcher pitch. -- your best swing off and try to drive to left center right -- in the Red Sox kind of when I got here it and change -- audit is to keep their approach just. Kind of put icing on the -- On the cake with the mentality that does it ever become a problem where you too passive you major aggressiveness I don't I don't think I'll never too passive I think you know if and oh count you know. The pitcher -- don't strike but it's not the strike that out when he hit it might be right on the outside corner right on the anti quarry you know Lenovo on certain counts I'm not looking for -- -- -- four point. Middle of the -- Your mom was your high school batting coach -- yeah you still talk to her now -- about. -- development goes forty something we talked to hurt him during this process is saved him she'd look at your -- -- want yes they are not doing this right not doing that right not necessary not doing this right but it will Al -- did it fat in. In red now talk to her but -- -- -- every day about my hitting and how it goes in not only that the coaches to -- the try to talk to my parents -- -- Is the valuation -- you have more room for improvement on the glove side that you do on the bad side of a scale of one to ten and under Agassi -- mitigated assembling -- five -- how would you rate the two hours is how closely are together. I think and it's cliche when I say this but I need to work on all of -- -- really not that the best hitter right now not the best defender obviously is just. That's what that's why I'm here this is -- on this my first big league camp on trying to work it. You know every single part of my game to be consistent this leader -- that your first -- for -- 23 April do you have a date that target dates I wanna be in the big leagues on that day. Now I don't -- at that age I wish now I wish I could say that and I wish I could make decisions but. Like I said I've just tried to to learn from these guys in in. I'll get my chance in the big leagues in and I'll and I'll be consistent and help the team was do you get along good to get along well with will middle -- so far because. A lot of people think you're breathing down his neck yeah I get along well over two -- a great player great person. Really try to pick his brain on what he's learned because he's been there done that you know I've I've only played at double -- so. He knows with the dude knows his routine in. And like I said I'm just Chandler from his experience is deceased he's been there. You've said you've improved a lot in the two weeks that you've been here at this camp improved in what ways of how public that think accelerate so quickly. How I don't know man at this I guess some people say things don't click but I really truly. Think that you know I think that so when when you have something that someone says in a different way. You're like a home in -- libel -- Europe and I think some switched up with me on defense. And I know it's just fun though what we're not the game but I mean it's just my feet are moving a lot better and a more consistent in the -- though it's not a game but I'm just a lot more consistent. I assume you grow up grew up picturing yourself as a shortstop since then you've had two full season where you played third base talk about that transition to to always think of yourself as it may actually shortstop and then then then did you have to adjust when. You moved to third. Yeah I knew in high school as a senior high school undergo -- -- shortstop -- the the next level I was move it to fit my my frame was. As -- a little bit bigger than usual I mean there is exceptions have like -- riots in this. And the guys -- cover it but I mean I knew I was gonna get moved. From shortstop so I just I just. Was ready for that in pro ball distribute it -- so it was a -- natural that this what's easier and harder about both positions. Com I think that's for suck you -- yet have a little bit more range. Which you have more time and -- she lives that have as much range which you have a lot less time it's more reaction so you hit it -- that. Is there a -- you Molly's off after big league hitter right now you look and say I wanna do with this guy does from the approach the whole thing Tony going. I love watching Tony I know he's done against Joe Mauer now. The most hogs in the entire way talks third baseman -- unbelievable. Those guys that that the best they took what I would when I would watch them take it back to I would think you know they're trying to make this pitchers in a nightmare. They're trying to make him say man I just face one of the toughest hitters and when I got there. That's what are trying to do I'm trying to make that pitcher. You know I'm -- nightmare you know I don't he doesn't want to face me in just. Really it when it. Would you talk to your friends at home Louisiana guys. These last two weeks do you. Electric kid's saying David Ortiz is right across the -- -- I talked to Dustin Pedroia today -- you. Not allow yourself to be that kind of. Yeah -- try not to allow myself because I mean. It's part -- because you watch these guys. Just perform at the highest level at the highest stage when you were younger I was six straight sedentary watching these guys when World Series. But at the same time -- like and I belong here you know I'm young right but I belong here but then at the same time here in the backyard you like. I gotta be a sponge you know these guys XP have experience that I don't. Get discouraged in the -- I mean I know that the mentally it's tough for the physically in the minors with the bus rides in the opens you know no crowd there and do you ever sit there when -- in in in the in the single or double plays and can't do this much longer I gotta I gotta get to the big leagues this is not a lot of fun. I'm not a lie to you imitate truth that it's tough at times the bus rides -- the bad the -- no fans but at the same time he got to put things in perspective where. You know they're starving kids in this world that that are trying to put food on the -- -- game for eleven and. That's the kind of thing that I try to keep in keep in mind that I'm hit the baseball and don't have baseball for eleven minutes. It's truly -- -- you're okay with Applebee's imminently I'm OK with Applebee's only a few times so you know I'm but like I said I'll get my chance to be at the big leagues and -- stay there the pizzas. You spent a half a season at double a Portland's way assume he worked Tinsley -- which with rich get in the hitting -- at that point. Here's would get -- had to say to you very mature young man he's able to handle the ball middle away it have a ball middle in. Handle the ball upheld the ball down he's got a very simple swing he gets ready on time and doesn't over swing so where's all the usually. Always have things to work on that's a tumbling that he says that from such a good player like rich and but. Always have something to work on that's something that be more consistent -- in my swing out some of the markets is that defensively base running. It's it's a wonderful thing they say that because it gives you confidence though because a guy that's had experiences like that gives you confidence but he got the same time he got to keep working at home. Seen on everything from Louisiana to the future detective. Right is that this is a regular -- looking clean cut -- from an easy as you watch detective and I don't know if you heard about though you know that a Louisiana in the bayou doesn't look like one of these knowing Eric I knew about you guys. If she could say that kind of live in the swamp theory but I don't write gators to score uses these crawfish -- outlook crawfish but where it. It went across the seasons right now some expert Terry sockets he it would go when you went to Portland -- those big crawfish that lobster there and test these same. A bit better a better idea which are brought to justice that pain the pain and your fingers you know -- Up your real men -- the whole thing that goals shell that might be for dot dynasty. Like what what your hometown a Louisiana Lake Charles -- -- -- -- the suffered little feats in the book you know. You know that's now may intelligent guy you're if you're in high school and you say. I'm gonna go to LSU or the vaguely or major based professional baseball. The Red Sox giving them more than a million bucks you'd take it you're filming it for as disappointed that you're not going to be a tiger. I think I think it's half and -- I think my family was happy for me but the antidote she'd -- you know. It is good is that right situation for me in and right now I know I've made the right decision did you blow all the money already own them -- on equity drive. -- Mercedes I. -- I gotta you gotta take. I was Smart -- yeah I used Mercedes he's yours I don't see the gold watch are gonna go watch the other Steve -- the same -- -- -- Jonny Gomes goes to Kentucky president at a loss on I had no taxis not that note that that's exception not the rule on his mother is hitting coach you think you would allow -- -- -- -- get a point. Look at that -- -- he's he's brought a central -- that if we're gonna miss this kid five years is a big star guys in his final -- go is change talked about. People a Lamborghini for every day the -- and it won't even talk to us and -- Yes Gary -- -- nice the beach and I stimulation -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- shot -- young team be this but they did she just got HE GG GG you know about the original -- to -- She's -- did you Jong I heard about it but I don't you talk about your Carl Miller. Good debates are -- good let me all right six was seven subsequent 7937 we'll get rid of Sega but we're friends. At NASA and -- -- -- on the FM -- 93 point seven. Every single guest agree with Dennis and Callahan it's a dozen golf balls and by the way those the World Series logo golf balls and -- should -- -- to our great friends at bonefish grill we'll be right back for the final hour. Doesn't tell him.

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