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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Comedy legend Harold Ramis has died

Feb 25, 2014|

The latest news brought to you by Kirk Minihane: Harold Ramis has died, Joe Biden joins Seth Meyers late night and Tom Brady has a new neighbor.

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As the information all Ayatollah commences do headlines we're gonna sit back and at a breakfast of champions here at Fort Myers, Florida will be called brought worst. And filet mignon from capitol -- and that's -- watching our cart wash our arms that is a carb free breakfast what do you got. Gonna go bomb for that headlines brought to you by. Eighteenth tee donations. Leader overnight 9% to rethink possible and by precision that is equipment shop for the proposed new. Precision. Fitness equipment the film industry lost the comedic giant. I would say yesterday he gets a great Harold Ramos dead at the age of 69 overs I am PB page. That is staggering run last. Not -- last fifteen years not so great. Analyze this I am not a movies he's battled remake with Brent Frazier terrible not so much -- one was skeptical of that that was his that was awful. Didn't realize he stumbled to the finish line so badly in about three years but he happens. If you made less than we did this last night at dinner we made a list of like the top ten funniest movies yet at least five it is. In my list as a writer or director has some involvement somehow and and my list of the three funniest movies ever get to them. And I mean there's no debate dumb and dumbest funniest movie ever made yes number to -- -- -- -- and I'm not in the ball inaccurate number two was animal house number of various stripes on my list. And the wrote. Got roads animal house and starred in -- I would say USB the date that was the five movies I've watched the most. In my life. Ghostbusters and -- possible and destination councils in history. That part three part accuracy of that right you're cursed be checked his idea was. But that Harold Ramos obviously was a million movies you brought back to school even realize right there's another Greg the first vacation we've -- like the first vacation -- Not a fan of what we think I don't know what soured on Chevy Chase but like I don't even like his pardon -- caddie shack. I don't like him in picture really. What's the matter with an ocean floor after Jason's best instruments while Power Rangers are here generate this from stripes. Now we're not homosexual but we are willing to learn. Next why why would they send us someplace special. Com power and this was not a great -- -- would you agree disagree but he is very good did it play like Bill Maher is a playoff John McCain a playoff him. -- You know in -- playoff him right. Is his biggest hit by far he wrote it in and started was ghostbusters mast mast -- that the biggest comedy ever released this time. Here's -- and ghostbusters. Well listen this twenty. Represented the normal amount of Psycho kinetic energy in the New York area. According to this morning sampled it would be a twenty. 35 feet long weighing approximately 600 pounds and are subject week. Arenas got six that's pretty good -- at its stated that three of them two or three top know how accurate all the post -- word that expression supposed. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coworkers -- does to an Akron. We didn't -- rate man really good profiling. In new Yorker. Missed about fifteen years between yes it's good intensity is very complicated issue Omar director obviously. Also grab everybody of the complicated relationship burial complicated talk for years years operation at the very end. -- -- -- -- Some asbestos. Killer disease yet priced right he was just a rare thing yet been sick for 34 years had a oracle walk. Three years ago -- -- directing up until five years the budget office. We -- we got to work on that would Curtis. What's that we are written every grit and -- yeah. But. So he and Murray made up in the end I guess that made up in the idea -- ago tribute time so -- urges please essar. That means for bill -- tell us that -- -- Valerie Amos gone at the age of sixteen. Rupert Murdoch just quality knock on. He's gone so. It's a place at the top four floors of one match that's for Tom Brady's that's true or. Condo there. -- glass luxury Condo tower place. Nice of them believes price for the sports seven. Point nine million close nine point nine million closer. Twenty million. Break Greg and break its ban on -- twenties the seventies you still shorten -- -- been seventeen but this fourth floor floor so what's. -- a British two floors it's doubled seventeen -- 34. 57. Well fifty cent in the you know what the Condo -- -- Kelly at the -- another 300 amongst still doorman. Actually -- pride of the newspaper yeah. He's actually you know divorce right from one area and the kids as part of divorce settlement. He signed Overton is staying right yeah packed house at 8345 avenue which he bought for 442005. It cost two daughters but they're mob. Murdoch 78 so crazy and Murdoch are neighbors neighbors -- same building and you'll see mountains and the mixtures together yeah. The meeting Condo associate Colorado so I don't wanna classes via probably a charge of taking down the minutes right now Manny did that aquatic exercises they do that stuff like that will be there shall teach it. 57 million rupees -- a residence. Yes. Me specifics of the place like four floors on it. It's it's more than 101000 square feet the view of the park. -- no because of glass wall a breath of extra extra sixty residents offers soaring double -- great room with dramatic floor to ceiling windows wraparound terrace on the -- -- which erupted cinematic views of Manhattan. River to river from the World Trade Center uptown at Madison while it was pre sealed by a rock. A Rockefeller or rock star rock Rockefeller. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Say what just picking up residence what residents did mitigate kick out of was placed down here but as Manny Ramirez got kicked out of someplace. His wife kicked the vote -- well that was different -- know -- that happened. I don't know picked up someplace down here was here I got the inside story as to why that happened. Like expert training -- yes yeah -- got thrown out. Good good depth that's 'cause he wouldn't leave when they all went -- this well what Harry let's you know let's let's just leave it at this allegedly. Many pull off the same thing that somebody pulled off. In bill Russell's house many many years yeah yeah. Yes the same thing that -- torpedoed tweeted a picture right. Deficit goes up this morning to -- -- typical don't even say that but it worldwide refused to I don't. I don't know what you see the cops are writer Google deal. I just continue the music about a thousand -- that you can't. But it's more we went to a certain store or say which story may have -- oh that's all I have. That won't get that later yeah -- -- at a dios and go to jail about the but buck that's the sort of carry us through it was a smooth move up its sleeve pocket yeah I'll give it away last night was the debut. About Seth Meyers typical revealed on Bryant show Jimmy Fallon joked on capitol street where he would shoot it here. There's no music. The eldest is no music -- get a little you just a little happy -- -- yet somewhere between Seth -- it is made his debut last night as the late show us it was a Monica right that's a little bit this morning the rounds on CNBC yours. Like set on it wrong I liked him because he donated a hundred grand to the Jimmy product jurors and I like iron and by all accounts a nice guy because -- strike you as a great talk show host and now I mean. On senate alive he'd just hit the headlines thing that treasure forever for better. You can have a lot of range you know. -- -- -- It felt that its chief Ali Alatas w.'s a lot of character that seems like that's that it's it's a little soft has the edge there -- -- last they were Amy Poehler is a second test was. Vice president Joseph bite well there's that yes by about it is parks -- It came about but let's let's. You park directly Amy and speaking of dangerous do you need more Secret Service name is around well get -- I do but the thing is what navy did that really helped me with the Secret Service. Walking out I did you know is -- description -- -- service agent who didn't what they'll do grabbed him by the -- that you take care him. -- different from -- about. While. -- is most Seth -- voice. I'll -- voices can play every night and yeah it doesn't sound real cells like the says borders quizzes we like to take that piers Morgan what's good good. Happy is to beat this guy that could ultimately get the makeup person -- give credit yours your -- peppers yes. Morgan make a person this guy it was the biggest ever seen him like treated like hell really staffers not treat the quote quote good that's good did. Well at all -- to know that they're saying this now that he did it take off now and think of what right does he have to do that mean if that's is Jack Nicholson someone to say yeah he's -- star -- You know earned the right maybe we will stand appreciate and here's more game. This this tabloid one -- who was you know snoop on people's phone calls and that guy has -- and an attitude we've we've talked to people talk a potential candidates takeover. -- that was one out all of this 11 actress hat in the ring yesterday if asked to do it. Larry can. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Two things really deal Woodley go back -- I am. In debt to the state of Florida for 201 dollars for speeding ticket that I got here but I will tell you this I -- off. The book. For my stash she'll exchange at the Russian Stop & -- back in Boston. And I'll tell you why will we get back and will be ordered to kind of bad the NBA teams the good ones and the idiotic ones when we -- --

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