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Harder to officiate: MLB's play at the plate rules or racial slurs in the NFL?

Feb 25, 2014|

Dino, Gerry and Kirk look at the challenges in officiating the new rules in MLB and the NFL. Will it be harder to stop a dirty play at the plate or stop a player from running his mouth?

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May -- just start with big right. And a complaint any criticism well it's always saw -- and -- -- -- -- -- my colleague Gerry Callahan shore up your rights they find column in the Boston Herald today I read it twice and at no point beginning. Middle or -- does he say short week. Here's an interview with Mike good buddy Zander Bogart's. You might have gotten. Off -- you have the opportunity to somebody -- As -- we are connecting me and -- the runway Saturday to weed out I interviewed my good buddy about Curtis Kelly Jerry Carolina and wow yeah explain this. Ursula get -- -- to be just let it didn't seem meant I had to beat I think many -- made his name -- mocking other media members -- say. That's -- and and we've seen it firsthand we've traveled with them and he walks to a press box and they all comical error it just out. You know it's I think. Just that it's like that you know -- -- mean girl walked into the cafeteria all the dirty Girl Scouts apparently eager to experience scared I dollars or that. Ruler couldn't get the mean girl yeah well. I'm sure Dan roach is a very nice he won't talk to exit exit and I know Jerry your friends than that it's it's a gray area as -- weeks -- it -- it opening you know. But -- did this interview it. Lester on that sports final sports finally bright sun which by the way that's my opening elements to him credit for that we got to get to that it was a slap a tickle fest it was at trial. That's OK but -- I mean I don't think -- the thing about -- retirement last night that pretends to be -- now. So Lester Jon Lester -- to work out tweets out hey you all. In case you missed it check out this great sit down at my buddy Roche. Jon Lester called him my buddy -- are you -- I would say what an athlete to call me my body which is a little strange and that's hagel -- ways to go you know -- that's my buddy -- he did that well well it looks that way about it well sadder is that -- then -- we did it himself which means he's endorsing the fact that -- row while -- buddies so. A -- 2014. People look at that they really care. Probably not which is a little sad I think that's right so just old school people who think there should be this line of demarcation the separation this DMZ between the athletes and the journalists reporters that most fans here say this is why this is Jenny dealt thing did not to upset a lot of ups have you with the other. -- that right you'd better -- about it promoted products. Those people will be placated and -- gets -- job don't you think yes he's becomes the new sideline reporter right that'll -- -- a -- circle but. I don't -- -- people necessarily care but they do understand that that is kind of pathetic it's totally in its which really embarrassing is that its -- is doesn't understand it that's fine. What's sad is that -- for tweets which means. He's excited that Lester things I don't aroused public Jon Lester in the in the battle over there for nine years you can come out until late in the game -- kids. But -- birthday -- mom's name. -- -- -- -- -- all the roach it. Yeah protesters public what -- nine approach and in their budgets that the other -- It's Sanders 21 and he and I am but yeah that's true as possible or a -- what -- put -- in your column. -- have a more professional and that I'd love it but I look at Jerry threw his call yesterday you know was like you know getting refined English Patient to. -- -- -- -- -- It was July I get that -- I was unlike my sixth option for a piece of hardware yeah I'm used many hands iPad I'm kind of proud of myself -- I used many hands I've that it made it roll call what was that has iPod preferable to -- iPad you have one I well as -- like keyboards not charged I didn't even -- needed to keep a charger for the kibo. See this keyboard get up instead it needs to be chart you can type on the screen a good -- awful worst and he at least has a nice keyboard is nice he does have. Yeah that's important. That's true he had to go all afternoon with a as the iPad and I had to block out of my mind what he usually does -- -- while I use that I was -- and I don't know that I stood at one point. I saw from side -- now when you see your screen from Senegalese feel smug yeah. And did you take a Clorox wipe the -- workers I don't wanna touch you should duplicate shortness of pure rail on their smeared it it has been smeared before it hasn't if it. Work that well all right so as far as our spring training visit to Fort Myers goes nobody -- a couple of sports analogies here it is for golf we'd be playing the sixteenth pole. This were baseball we'd be I'd say the top the eight. If -- eroding the Boston Marathon through this in their for you think we would be approaching Cleveland circle right now in other words this is our last next to last day. Tomorrow we want that up and head back to Boston a penultimate show our ultimate shows exactly right and here's how we would begin after taking a shot at Jerry for not including his best buddies at Bogart's. I think Jackie Bradley and more we are more easily or anyway during the season we -- Jackie Bradley come into weekly movers. -- -- and -- just tweets about movies all the time but he does have a strong feelings which could -- McHale -- -- suspects best move that we don't grimace that passed would not here yesterday we don't know about deleted it and acuity of gone through stuff and Harold ray what he's he's got tons of movies that we ask what is favorite was like. I don't know. I don't. Think that what. But Lisa just that the power of suggestion a survivor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- All right so I'm trying to tie yesterday together with today together and two leagues are going to be attempting sort of the same thing. And it goes as follows if you think. Legislating the N word. Off of NFL fields and stadiums and fields. With a fifteen yard penalty is a daunting task for the zebras and the way I don't think it's going to be a daunting task at all. Major League Baseball player Major League Baseball umpires. I'm assuming are saying this morning. Legislating out the Edward is child's play. Based on what the competition committee is going to ask us to do any one year experiment next year is called -- seven. Thirteen. Check this out to protect -- home plate umpire here's what you have to digest and be able to figure out in a split second at home plate. They -- attempting to score may not deviate from his direct pathway to the plate in order to initiate contact with the catcher. Or other players covering -- -- a rudder violating the rule Shelby declared out even if the fielder dropped the ball. The failure by the -- to make an effort to touch the plate. The routers lowering the shoulder. Pushing through his hands elbows -- arms would also support a determination. That the -- deviated from the pathway. In order to initiate contact with the capture a violation and finally. Unless the catcher is in position position possession of the ball the catcher count up blocked the pathway of the runner as he is attempting to score. In addition it is not a violation if the catcher -- the pathway of the runner in order to feel throw. And the umpire determines that the capture could not feel the ball. While talking in the pathway of the runner and a contact with the writers unavoidable how clear is that. How. I you know perhaps I'm missing something but I. I don't think it's that difficult are they alike it's the same way in the other bases. Because I could tell. Same way. Home plate and the catcher. Used to be different from third base second base -- to be able to block the plate without the ball and another base as we've seen in the year. In the World Series and the base that's obstruction. At home they just go out and -- the rock and -- out and I said this last year when we talked about the success I don't understand what they make this exception by the catcher gets to block the plate without the ball. He's not make a play doesn't have the ball. The ball's not coming towards him he's not ready to field it. He just blocked the plate you know why they allowed his traditionally always -- tradition that's another saying he can't do that you can't do -- third ticket to its second you can't do it now. However the difference is they are asking them to legislate or we talked about yesterday they are asking them to discern. It says the umpire determines that the catcher could not have field the ball up blocking the pathway. And they're talking about intent they're talking about. Context of talking about a split second decision that does not cut and dried they have to look at the runner and the catcher and a German was he trying to block it -- out. The ball was he going for the going to move them every. Decision on the on mixes as I think this is is far far far more difficult to get right -- and -- I don't I don't understand because there's so many elements to another -- -- -- if you're making a play you can block the baseline -- the -- in -- second if you're making the play your feet if you have the ball. Or you're about to field the ball you can block the -- if you're not you can't here's what John Ferrell had to say about the -- yesterday. Plays at the plate are valuable so if we feel like the plate was blocked before the balls that's a review like the -- -- the rule wasn't changed it was there's no amendment the rule does not change as far as it relates to the defense where. It's just that the the base runner -- to avoid contact or at least not not contact. He cannot -- wrong -- runners score. And happy go around effect. If we can. I disagree with that he said the Hillary doesn't have the -- could hit him if he has the ball at all nobody -- he -- the capture. The beginning -- that was incorrect which he said he said the rule there's much change as far as the catchers to answer it is you're not allowed to block the plate without the ball right Reitman that's different and yet. December 3 Sam -- seconds obstruction well. Well -- Well. He and I've been going back and forth on this would you like to get involved engage in this conversation ever witnessed and what does support on your. Finding it difficult so I just don't I just bored by this morning when -- -- twelve minutes into the discussion of four hours on this ultimately advocate for why did you notice that role is different answers and -- -- the -- -- -- he wanted to say I can why don't. I don't -- -- you say -- lawmakers say it would like you to say what you think about what we're discussing if that would be okay to boring topic I don't care about the home plate collision but nobody cares what this US I don't you want you to say anything I. Like yes all of this in the conversation. I happen to greet Gerri. A I've I didn't read the rule to the extent that you did I just think it's simple matter of they're gonna legislate the play at home the same -- into third and second. Did -- anyone say that I don't know so no I did not did not. -- said it doesn't change for the capture but it has you may not blocked the plate if you don't have the ball. Yeah to deter and if you don't have the ball with you were reaching for the ball without possession of it. And you could be safe or out based -- beat the umpire determines is the catchers in. Which is exactly what they do with third and second that -- determine whether the ball and I've seen at every level that about this in other levels already I think the home plate collision. The old fashioned way with a ball isn't even -- arrived yet. Is only a mate it's exclusive to Major League Baseball a -- species in high school they notes and of obstruction so that's the part they're trying to will let -- be an issue that's this late in in the season this late spring training obviously been -- December -- -- And depressed these guys as well I think the players -- -- players and the colors I don't know but you know what they tell guys at every level don't advocates are you gonna get hurt and don't slide. Fingers for -- -- right I mean slide legs feet first and and try to avoid the tag you'll see that more I think. Some day 1015 years from now you'll see guys barrel on over the catcher not too bad. So certainly that angels essentially what's going to change it is those violent collisions with the catcher does not have a ball is trying to and then the other thing you're gonna see guys going feet first more than. At first or this way or right and fortunately you don't do the they -- -- give -- tagged the base with their hand but the goofy is something that we could probably expert dangers do you think it was -- despite some policy has the ball when he got his leg broken. Again yes I think -- -- almost in his hand right that's wouldn't change that stood legal proof. You don't want it to the -- it's dangerous game it's a physical game you're gonna get some contact. Present tiger it's this I think it's an overreaction I mean I think it's simple matter of -- -- to enforce the rules like I always say. Baseball be so much better of the just enforced the rules that have. Don't -- it's like to put on gun control and amateur when new gun control laws it's like public enforceable once you. First see how that goes couple enforcing the rules they have maybe the next. Commissioner will do that whoever that is maybe -- commissioner Larry Lucchino. Or commissioner Condoleezza right now she's a football guy. Commissioner George Bush will enforce the rules they would not be great if right now seed in next year. It's spring training sitting here in the dark and were. Talking baseball we say -- and it could move that the new commissioner. Made Clay Buchholz pitched it just kind of just it just picked up the pace. Made the guys that in the box made the guys that on the mound got the game over 2045. Minutes what we all just applaud that can -- student and I thought -- double what's being done outside of the I don't know I don't know. I'm -- continue to do different accounts right you're right because I think this is an example on the enforcing the rule I mean it just makes all the sense in the world. You can't block the plate without the ball if the I don't know -- it's not that support them essence. Because I think you're requiring. The umpire at the very least to determine intent. Of the catcher. -- -- supposed to some extent the runner if he does not have the ball is he going for -- -- issue be it if somebody gets good at this they can -- the fact that they're going for the ball trying to make a blade up the liner in front of the plate and still be blocking the plate and -- a partial look at let's say that he really have a chance to do that after he really think you could catch that I -- not sure what did and you're out there say that all the time -- make judgment calls. All the time as part of the job of surprises review a bull in just -- games CS yeah. How often -- of how often does not mean this'll at all but video review well all -- and not. Forever hopefully they were became clear OK the first absolutely yeah I have to -- -- just capsule they should review anything they can't review. And get it right the idea that you want to mistakes is insane that we want more mistakes because it's human that's silly but you know the first year. That it's -- you that is wide -- -- -- -- will be kind of -- he'll be close and will be -- -- morning -- can you believe it -- twelve minutes to come to a decision that they're not -- I think it was to leave the field goal on the issue on the runway -- on the gonna have a -- is a central nervous -- -- -- it wouldn't all the don't -- the field I always -- like one of them. Think of the leak and has an equal amount of cigarette you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- five minutes and get some they'll come back in the home runs you know but yet. Yeah helpful reviews. And sometimes you sit there going. OK we saw art you saw it. What's the hold up. The second -- every game now but yes so many more things feel what happened five years and maybe there's a silver lining here may -- because of the replay it starts to track these games that they say you know what -- now get to be three and a half four hours lets it forced the other rules to speed up yet vehicle is zero sum game for the Sonics game yeah I know and well below. Some teams play quicker than others nationally plays for quicker than its its attachment it's the time between page why can't that whoever the next commissioners say no I'm gonna do on the pick -- the pace wouldn't ever want to say great idea. And you get the sense that the new guy whispering and a whole new energy to the job. I mean -- but you could add eight to go to could take the job in bringing new energy when Selig has done. But what about the new guy whoever he has and we don't know yet right -- -- Adam -- heir apparent it's not Manfred I think it's meant for is -- you think well that's what the so so what man doesn't scream. All changed now but they don't want. Not some them those at the bit about the problem and people don't want change who were you that haven't Silva took the job in two days later they signed the first game player he said I'm gonna change things we're making stuff up and he did that didn't end and that bugs. That -- they've promised the guys are gonna pick this commissioner elect Frank Robinson Joseph Torre. Larry Lucchino -- Nine for change this -- -- rhetorical question if the NFL were in charge of Major League Baseball could they find a reason not to speed up the game no they fix it would they not Major League Baseball chooses not to fix it. -- and all the powers -- be beyond the 32 owners would say. We have a problem with our game it's taken three and a half hour or get ignored recognize a problem Iraqi that they don't recognize a problem with a just sold -- -- they're so -- and students don't. Generational issue date date their seven year old guys you don't realize -- 25 year old kid I disagree I think it's a revenue thing I think when you sit there and your revenues -- at nine you anymore. That they don't look at that within the gravy train is Ron and if let's say let's say what you get a -- -- product they think that it'll -- NFL does also addressed the NFL that revenue could be a you know -- hundred trillion and they don't care they wanna get it right. Baseball has some these traditionalists and they say. This thing it's working fine let's not pick up -- -- you -- would you lose which I start the heart and talk too much I would say otherwise I would say the CO do you think you lose one dollars. If you make the games. Three hours and said the three are of course ultimately couldn't. Couldn't make the case is not that make more money what -- liberty to tell but sealed and show him some empirical evidence that said if you speed up the game if you -- from Natalie what the averages of the game. To patents and lyrically. Oh yeah actually Red -- actually -- is about two days it's 250 years something else you know American League is longer -- National League yankees Red -- longer and are so let's do percentages say somebody else to put some -- Lebanon's -- -- -- says listen if you have your umpires and forced -- usual speed -- the game and keep it going a pretty good -- you will at the end of the game held. Seven and a half. Percent more people still tuned to the game again at the end doesn't that ad revenue so maybe it's nine billion it could be ten billion it could be eleven I don't so. It big -- and I wish there were some forward thinking guys in charge their best right now maybe someday again I applaud the NFL every year. They sit there and in order NFL does it sometimes against the wishes of the of the media. People's you crazy you know wanna change -- whatever overtime rules kick off rules and they say we're gonna do it anyway and in the you hear people how the media and word thing. Oh what do we call him that that language a police looking unsportsmanlike conduct that so called the big problem probably right this threat. Mrs. Jones was -- comic right right to beat this yeah and on -- say yeah. How about when they say use of the N word number 47 but it all to see unsportsmanlike conduct about a little session usually go like that. -- -- my -- and again our that's our current. -- but you. What do they showed replay and they show the guys' lips -- and if -- -- this that. And they in this clearly know. Cheap shot punch -- anything well first it's in this company they have face mask on so you won't be able to see what they say but the recent talk radio all the time what he says -- evidence from general on the side Lebanese flooding the bill O'Brien what they'll show is a replay knows that -- what public 47 of the show the replay and he will be done nothing physically -- Senegal. We had to juggle his shows lips moving in the polls showed the and then after the games that you know what he said. And that will be -- for me -- -- this yesterday Johnson you'll Rutgers five for the coming year yes I'm going -- -- after the whole year -- yet -- not be used but not well okay the F word the other F four so I mean -- other words that this we are sure that we're a little late homosexual. Okay then georgians OK then how can you rationalize that the -- idea that it is only another little word the idea that is only one word. That the gonna make a rule against it's insane when you think about it. So a year to make this one word kind of -- Special right NC could turn around and use the F word this the three letter of -- -- yeah -- the 123 syllable. There did. Four syllable ones. About doing things to your mother that's okay right right as long as you don't use this majority coach which Michael will bond users every day accord it included. -- Oliver's show. He -- favorite show PT Michael won't use the word bleep that out and Kornheiser he would hear what elements they lost some pick it up -- yesterday that this umbrella I just stopped at my tracks I write a -- -- Charlie -- -- it says he's not a child at the pop that's not why he uses he says he and his friends. Michael will -- and Michael Barnes. A sophisticated tests exit these respected guys leader in the industry -- opinion makers and and trend setter in in in his own way that he uses it every day with him minister when he and his friends they'll use a surprise and go wait a second. A word that Michael will blow holes fifties and this is exactly yeah. Uses every day we're gonna make a rule where that is misconduct and could cost the team game. And up the press box will bonds backed him in whoever he's with his music really -- -- we will hear from Michael will bond and Jason whitlock on this subject when we come back I would say to you in response to visit the other words. The NFL is only going to legislate I think those two words out of their of the homosexual. Georgia and the and word. The other things the other ones that you mentioned those -- by Slavic majority of -- not hot button issues right now they are responding to what is on the griddle. They're responding to with a sizzling right now. Okay and it's -- and it's it's the -- and then then you have the and word that ends and AA. And it's used among friends yes a year ask him. Genes that report yes -- distinguish no one from the -- no I'll tell you why and I'll tell you how and also we have some inside information. It's kind of do yeah we do. Yeah yeah it is committed and looks good TV commercial that TV commercial it's of public service thing -- you have the dogs in cages yeah and it's and they said yeah I'm Linda said suns when he looks like it. Looks like that and they say. You know and that in the the ducks won this is previous all -- it was in my bottom Vick can he beat him yet and that's in the -- basically what were reference and what we understand. What regard. He's talked about your countenance. We mean what I mean you know that's a reward. It is to make a -- -- -- -- adult and it's gotten so. Kind of oracle and on your face if your child that we have some. Inside information anecdotal as it may be that would indicate there's a subject we've been discussing for a long time ad nauseam. It's going to weigh very very soon will have that next from four dollars.

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