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Talking NFL Combine and Draft: SI's Don Banks with Salk and Holley

Feb 24, 2014|

We talk Michael Sam, combine crusaders the Patriots needs and what they're looking at with SI's NFL writer Don Banks.

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They mentioned Don banks Sports Illustrated will join us coming up here within the next five minutes. To read any of the quotes are listening the quote from Michael Sam from the -- yes I did a great stuff and some of them that are in -- banks article about it. It is great to kick it seems like he's got his head screwed on social squarely -- I always see whether or not is a good NFL player in terms of where -- strapped and how he handles himself on the field but in terms of the way he's the way he's playing his role. He really 'cause he really does represent himself incredibly well. Yeah I -- I think. You know he's a guy. Who who is made it clear on a number of occasions that he wasn't. You're trying to. -- is he's not trying to do anything he's not trying to. Preach to people or tell people. How to live their lives whatever he's a guy he's very comfortable with who years and what he's about any just wanted to put it out here. So so would be a huge deal at the common of course. The fact they put it up there may -- huge field -- I'm but it wasn't. It wasn't a revelation during these interviews were teams were saying hey tell us something about yourself fit for the first time at Indianapolis. Hey this is what I've got going on. He he he just wants to help people who we isn't a football and I love. That about him like this answer here is asked about the possibility of being drafted by Miami. With the dolphins dealing with the Specter of their -- rumbling scandal he says if the Miami Dolphins drafted me I'd be excited to be part of that organization. But I'm not afraid of going into that environment -- know how to handle myself I know how to communicate with my teammates I know how to communicate with the coaches and other staff I need to communicate -- This is just such a good answer questions about them just read from -- banks questions about homophobic slurs in the locker room were met with the same sort of measured response. Quote I've been locker rooms rock kind of slurs have been said -- don't think anyone means it. I think they're a little -- even uneducated but as time goes on everyone will adapt if someone wants call me name have a conversation -- guy and hopefully it -- lead to anything else. -- I'd -- this can toss them. The -- and that of others that hopefully will lead anything else but. It would have been we have been made we -- you know. -- -- Isn't afraid of any of this really budget every time I read or hear more from them. I come away impressed on banks throughout this article in the joins us right now be the AT&T hotline and an ISI dot com senior. NFL writer you can find among Twitter at Don banks before we get into the draft specifically and he wrote about Michael Sam. He just cut every time I hear or read anything from a -- just seems like he's he's got his head screwed on -- straight what was your take away from from chatting with him and Indy. Yeah it was impressive. You know he's really comfortable in his own skin he's comfortable talking about a topic that I think would. Be daunting for almost anyone. I think he thinks before he opens his mouth which is. Not always the case with pro athletes in and potential pro athletes -- I would I thought he did you know for what he was handed which was let's. Put him up on the podium and please open a -- complete forest because that's kind of what we do in in the in Indianapolis so to come by and for. The man Taipei houses in the Tim Tebow -- in the cam Newton's that the real glamour headline type of prospects. I thought he did. Really exceptionally well. He won the press conference howdy do during his interviews with -- and his drills. That. That everybody got -- I I've heard he's very impressive in one on one situations. But and I think this is a good sign Mike committed. Everybody that I talk to around the league. Coaches and -- -- -- said this is not going to be an issue what's going to be an issue is can he cut it. As a football player and it clearly he ran slower. That a lot of players at his position clearly didn't have a great day in the bench pressed so what for what all that is worth -- and not always convince it's. It's as much as we'd like to make it out to brought. He didn't. He certainly didn't allow anybody from a football standpoint. And I think a lot of people have the same questions about them. That they did you know two weeks ago upon his announcement -- Where does he fit physically he looks like a situational pass rusher but. You're probably. Not seeing an athlete that's quick enough with the quickness burst. To really be an impact player. Unless he develops. And and and that team takes them and gives him some time so at this point between label is. Is really sticking to a. A -- Tedy Bruschi when he was first coming out of college. Little bit yeah I don't think anyone ever. Probably expected. -- speed ever be. A big part of his game I thought I thought -- just was a lot slower and. Little more upright -- running you know yesterday than the people participating. You know there there are people that really think he act that is going to be of course special teams player for some team and you don't really stress of course special teams guys and so then does that leave you in Britain it. Situation where if you get if he goes undrafted as everyone's gonna try to blame it. On a sexual orientation in ninety. I -- enough people around the league who say that it's it's a possibility that he doesn't get drafted. And is they hope that people don't. You know connect those dots because they think it'll be football. Oriented not to not a lifestyle. Well let's talk about football in and tell me what you saw from Johnny -- Zell and today being -- in and who do you think you keeping that number one pick comes down to those two guys. I think you have to at least so bright board all these CF quarterback into the into that equation as well. And you know -- was very. Poised to I think he said all the right things I think he's getting some very good advice. Coaching. Whatever you wanted to call it. But that for him. He's pretty well aware he has to prove. Somehow some way. Even though it's just in the course of either -- work out our private workouts. He's got to prove to NFL talent and I leaders like cities more than improvisation on quarterback they've -- they know he's kind of electric. Play maker is able to extend the play he's working really hard to show. But -- can have the patience and a proper in the pocket to go through his progression. Didn't make more than one -- -- -- his receiver to not take off too soon and. That apparently is the focus -- what George Whitfield is is quarterback approach this offseason. That his draft. Prep coach it is really focusing on. I thought he. He showed. That he got. -- thrust of what the league needs to see in terms of his personal maturity and discipline but I think now it's it's really. Gonna have to be matched by what he does in terms of his football. Discipline and maturity. And being -- -- -- show that he's also a pocket passer not only a pocket passer but he he can't stick and a puck. Don banks joining us from Sports Illustrated. In terms of the patriots -- a lot of there's a lot going on them there's this offseason what they're gonna dude. Try to get themselves over the home that that they weren't able to get passed last year and some of the ideas that have popped out include. Either restructuring or potentially cutting Vince Wilfork. Trying to go after some defense of players to add to their pass rush what is been the buzz about the patriots in -- this. Well I mean everybody would everybody do you look at that defensive tackle or tight -- and now I think last week when I did my first. Stab in the dark -- one. What was -- the Texas Tech. Tight -- everybody says physically. His game is somewhat of a clone of Hernandez. That kind of easy and easy choice for them at this point -- They have a way of somewhat confounding -- come draft time I think that we're from where they're at and they're gonna have a tight end. And at this depth portion to choose from I don't think any of the tight -- really get a Grand Slam. I think tomorrow ran a little slower than he was expected. -- on is going to be in North Carolina tight and Turkey prime he's really going to be I think a top fifteen or sixteen for the top after the first round. -- so unless they move up. He's probably not a -- he's probably not going to be there. But but I think you know most people think they've got to get. The defense of -- Supplemented. And or if you're ever gonna get back to -- to tie it and that the kind of took over the lead -- have to find somebody. -- -- several. We talked a lot about Jared Allen. Possibly join in the patriots as a rotation guy Julius Peppers may be the bears move on from him in the patriots pick him up. Is -- is any of the stuff realistic down. You know I'd -- and you're telling me some I had not really heard a lot of respect me respect this MO is to get that guy. Kind of late in the career did you know one of the guys that pops in my mind like -- Rodney Harrison when you thought he was already on the. The downward spiral. -- -- -- got a decent season obviously couple years ago under Carter that way. That is something that is a -- -- wouldn't surprise me and it's amazing how guys like that -- been that guy com don't mind. You know being part of the hole in New England is they think they have a shot to win. But I think. I everybody's gotten. Little bit more money then they talked to have to play -- cap wise this year and I think. Guys like that will gravitate towards an. -- on -- What do you do if you're in charge of the patriots are you trying to put more weapons around Brady first and foremost work on the offense or you're trying to make sure the defense has -- -- -- I would put more weapons around Brady and make sure he does not have another season like he just had where he had. To lean on as much inexperience as he did. But that's that's said. It is certainly can't go lopsided that way and and and not supplement to defense I really think. And then got to try to find a way to do both but I suppose if if I was. Making the decisions that would be the offense would get the the -- priority over the defense -- just. I think they've made the absolute most of what they had to work with at times this year but. They were just playing with. You know prop gun at times especially in the first half of the season before those guys grew up a little bit. Oh we're talking about this earlier -- before he came on the -- penalty. That I guess -- go into effect for the 2014 season how do you see this thing playing out. Well you Ozzie Newsome the long term competition committee member talked about it on Saturday and found you know. It's sound like it's something the league is probably going to have proposed that a competition committee then pass. I understand it. I I get that the tolerance on issue is. Is probably more important than ever in the NFL in light of the dolphins' locker room culture. In light of Michael -- A bid to play in the NFL. You wonder about the unintended consequences you wonder how enforceable it's going to be if it's going to open up. A can of worms the police not really considering right now I think I guess -- I'm dubious I think it's an admirable. Idea I wonder if it's workable I -- -- -- doesn't apply. -- to home from the comments because because the -- potential president of the league he said we did talk about race and gender. It's one of those things -- seems like it may be hard to know where offensive language where to draw the line. And how effective he can really make it so it's not just -- a dog and pony show. Well yeah I mean it would have to be so many things are gonna have to be race it would have to be gender skin color sexual preference in all of these things we need to be a part of it right. -- cameras picked up. Do you know making it look you turn your your restaurant. To language police Brian's it's. It's a tricky spot they -- and I kind of I understand it I think there's the idea of getting the N word. To be more ostracized. I just -- you happen to think that happened to better -- its peer pressure and it's. Standards set from you know like Dan Rooney it was a report out that Dan Rooney. -- the Steelers basically you know told Mike Taylor to spread the word he didn't want it. -- and were tossed around the -- and we didn't wanna hear in the music that was played in the locker room. I don't know if that's completely effective I kind of opt for that type of thing like the owner of the coach taking -- Didn't termed that Michael didn't permit restore OC did the same thing when he was a coach -- said -- guys -- want to hear it right. But we didn't hear it and then what happened between here -- other part of it -- like he said. Don. I Taylor got the word from Dan Rooney and so then what happened to. Yeah they thought it was. It was gone for a few days in -- seat back and because it's part of that language Clinton did it turn a lot in the locker room from -- guy and in the end obviously many times not not the derogatory sense but. I it I think it's a worthy. Effort. Hesitant to say it's going to be very effective. It's stuff hey -- we really appreciated when -- mock version to come out. I just that landed -- typically. On I usually do in coming out to come by but I don't think I'm going to be doing on. So it's probably going to be the first week of march and maybe that's kind of the precursor to free agency and and what we what we kind of learned coming out a couple of. It's a couple ambassador I think we I think we got him -- -- -- count at seven I always you always do seven of which one is the most accurate so. I like to think. One last and always I always attempted to check I'm sure it. Nailed more names correctly then hit it in like three or four just convince myself of the wrong choices after them. That's perfect for you do three of more than -- you know there was much work Don we appreciate it love reading your stuff thanks a lot aren't on the banks are Sports Illustrated SI dot com senior writer. And he does do great job with a mock drafts were to read. I agree with his take him to a point that I think this is I think -- there's. I don't know what I you know what I don't know that this is well intentioned I think I'd miss. I think it will point and then I don't know -- I don't know I don't know that this is well intentioned because I'm trying to figure out. Where where this comes from where the problem was or is that the NFL is trying to its time trying to solve. And it seems more more to me as if this is more about a mission that that John Wooden and it's not the old John Wood and a different person and most are much text earlier WOOT -- different John. He played you play many years ago at Nikki Cleveland the Cleveland brown via. And he's been around as part of efforts head of the Fritz Pollard alliance which is which mainly works on if she's -- promoting diversity coaching and scouting. The Rooney rule type thing but that's their mission so this is this is a little bit of a departure from that mission -- going on. Two to -- to cover new territory for them. And I'm not sure I understand that there's a mandate to get this done in the NFL or wonder why it's coming 6177797937. Or vector calls -- thoughts on the axle now WE.

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