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Salk and Holley's 4 at 4 - Underachieving Edition - 2/24/14

Feb 24, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the underachieving US Hockey team.

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Now word excel can -- score. -- color or for a full. More fun cleaning. -- -- Well we've solved it finally got on Sports Radio WDE. Do agree about. Okay. Law and true. He's not -- them. And and -- right now. And then next month -- -- -- he deserves. A two man with him. What happened. I walked in the you know there and I walked in there during the break they handed me the copy here at 3 o'clock -- Europe without realizing it through into the trash. That hey guys are still need to copy of the -- after the it came in Lebanon and -- -- -- -- -- you made been going to return via he's done a -- is that I don't wanna. It -- that we should. But the US gets hurt. Getting shut out their final two games of the Olympics. Lots of disappointments. Yet beneath the yeah it is. Only crushing -- sort -- it's funny we were talking about the US. In the war. Flawed. One applaud him as he lives of law. The Kremlin and we had with this whole discussion about it let. -- usually don't get that your country. During the Olympic. Well yeah this is that I told you this would be different but this is. Well look at Ben explained in out that and -- -- go the only person that for Ford brought you by CBO technology ally. You have a business to manage one -- see beyond manager technology and also by integrity. Windows and doors -- Well in honor of the men's and women's US Olympic hockey teams the theme is under achieving. And and with a disappointing finishes for both men's and women's teams learn does this change your opinion on whether you would like to see professional players in the future in future Olympics or would you rather go back to the amateur players. My dad in 1980. What's the line I thought I knew what -- -- be -- but it was going to be that kind of party is part of what has done something else but the real. -- Talk to get a flu like this. If they're gonna play -- -- -- between Jerry York right now I think he -- it BC. They've got in nineteen unbeaten streak is seventeen -- in two. In their last nineteen games. And they've got the potential pros. On that on that team right now. That could have given a better performance is really kind of especially in the bronze medal game. It was we beat Canada. So they quit. They quit you know it and maybe maybe they wouldn't fare much better I think it would be more of an effort and the distinction about being -- -- your country -- not mad at my country. That it those players. I'm mad at those players because it didn't seem like. It was the Olympic book that the Olympic spirit for them. It was hey we're hockey -- National Hockey League players. We'll get together for awhile maybe we're not gonna kill. Like some other teams would they have more time to practice in it we didn't get it done we didn't beat. Yeah -- its own now old until now we're gonna mail -- and hold on all of the bronze medal you. Who says you don't care about the Olympics you know -- watch any other Olympics or -- Except for this now whatever -- all about the Olympics be your whistle and Jeremy Michael -- army he had all about the Olympics -- -- -- -- -- -- just to -- -- -- -- -- what you just bring -- the -- it's not like the Olympic spirit. To quit after you didn't make it to the gold medal match or about competitively experience. Competitors but this happens with team that's -- once you've been knocked out -- will be we're in no way does this change my point of view on wanting the -- to beat the Olympics yes the Americans lost but that doesn't change my view equipped. Yes I do I think they quit didn't show up but that doesn't mean you -- -- rose from all the different countries at the Olympics this is a great tournament and whether the US wings that are not within the US and the quitting in the bronze medal match not the opportunity to see this Canadian team -- -- -- US team Finland Sweden. Jack etc. I'd local Sacramento but I can record up to turn public -- a hockey term -- But applicant data from the perspective of the US citizens so if you're an American citizen I am if you're watching it you are also hockey -- questionable look -- I have -- written -- -- -- -- -- citizen yeah. I'm not hit songs are not allowed to be a citizen of the world all you want the Olympics yes like 98%. -- what -- let me. Think what -- and I don't -- that -- that's what hockey is different this goes beyond just the Olympics hockey is opportunities to the best hockey players in the world an incredible tournament. And the fact that the you'll definitely down in one game -- bronze medal. Why should that prevent what he laid out. Prevent me from wanted to see pros again you know I can't wanna see the pros from every nation. You can lose in the Olympics it's OK I don't I don't -- where I don't understand your point of view all you can't quit you get when it on this 617779. 790%. Of Spanish and you say they quit -- music -- I don't watch them in four years. Leaving it for years and I got cable Lee from New York to realize. They take it they take them out of this they take the pros out in four years you're watching amateurs and nobody gives a crap because I don't know any of the players and we're sitting there in this -- hey Michael. I'll call you up -- Michael. Why. Are you watch you actually watch it and you're gonna say now. The pros and I want to go all the pros being there because I can't believe I ever said that for years ago of -- that because Jerry York they stopped. Who have like we don't have any of our. -- -- We don't know -- -- -- at work either at one time where would you remember the 84 Olympics the 88 Olympics in 92 Olympics can you remember any of those you know if it -- gold. If the US are gonna -- -- -- or Russia you would know any of those kids are you got to remember. This -- -- reverend these olympians. You're Rivera who -- face I'm never gonna forget it I mean it. This is this this this is inexcusable. Inexcusable. What they -- in that bronze medal game. -- Yes we are Mars the Bruins had a great season last year but they seem to lose a bit of steam in the Stanley Cup finals and a loss of the Chicago Blackhawks. It did struggle at times in the playoffs to barely squeaking by Toronto do you consider last year's Bruins team it under achieving team. Now. They were within -- win two wins a win in the Stanley Cup part to say that they under achieved and they lost to a very good Chicago team. Now I would say the team the year before was under achievement in the loss to Washington. I would say last year's team was an under achiever would you. They quit the bronze medal hey I'll bet with the way it wrong with you. Now Adam Barrett him boom. We don't quit. -- -- -- No no blasters Bruins were under achievers matter of fact. They were an elevator overtures were just about right they -- -- right there were ever -- you even though they were evenly matched. With with Chicago wouldn't it make the case that Chicago was slightly better and that's how it turned -- Jerusalem -- and -- -- -- -- Maybe you can slide over achievers. Because. I don't think many people expected them to do to Pittsburgh which -- did it they're manhandled and shut them out in it to make that connection. Fourteenth to play hard play well Olympics. We talked about it for -- closed above its quota effects. Canada to celebrate its own son quote Juliet. That team played in the gold medal game. In the semi final. That would be very rolling over like. From Canada and I can't think it's coincidence that close with their coach. Factory the in the 2011 season the Boston Red Sox. Best team ever burn not the best team ever like the epic collapse. Is still considered one of the worst of boggles my team and any sports. Within the worst underachieving team in recent memory given the level of talent they had expectations. Yet. Other than the US with. -- I'll predict they weren't they did they did everything wrong. On the stretch everything. I think we can all understand that the team -- -- good effort. And they're trying everything they can and still lose games that's one thing. But when you get the sense that team gateway and not just because of the opponent but they are they're imploding. It is not doing what they're supposed to do. They are not gonna -- the magic words. There in the clubhouse doing things are not supposed to be doing during the games they're letting themselves get out of shape. There's not supporting each other. They are crumbling from top to bottom yet a classic case under. Are they were definitely in under -- are -- the worst under -- though in recent memory I have to say no you know what might win. Team we're talking about earlier the number one pick in this year's NFL draft. The Houston Texans. Are supposed to be a Super Bowl contender this year the Red Sox lost by one game on the final day of the season yes they under achieved but the Houston Texans where the worst. Team record wise in football Michael OK they -- the -- I mean they were supposedly great team to a fourteen they were to -- fourteen the Red Sox -- energy they belong in the list. But we're still one game and they've been getting to the playoffs. This team was 2114. And looking at the number one pick in the draft because they were so bad okay but the bigger bigger under -- is that they were to a fourteen and sixteen. The Red Sox were seven -- twenty and 47 games -- at the Houston Texans have been allowed to play 27 games it probably would want I don't know. They had that Texans. -- -- an example what I'm talking. They lose Matt -- for the season. They're down to keep them the quarterback but now I don't think they've benched match -- pitched them they've benched him for awhile but then he also got hurt -- first -- -- -- I mean it wasn't at that point like it would look like the colts. Losing Peyton Manning -- Oak -- shot before he got her what they did have significant injuries to a point when they were down to it with their fourth or fifth running back. Erin Foster his -- and his back up. We're out you fantasy football fans. I've I've noticed. Good for you even even keep an open -- upon their twitters to our guy -- because. If you can name that -- their fourth or fifth running back. -- you you really are applaud starter at some injuries to and they also said -- NFL record by the ways so it's an NFL record. I think it lost. Seven games it was seven consecutive games by seven points are you. So it's like they were to dogs. -- it. No I don't have them. With the com I'm going on in Indianapolis in the NFL -- not right around the corner but soon. The biggest under achieving draft -- coach Belichick is a chance. In his during his patriots to. Our -- thought hadn't gotten so whatever it is they're so maybe it doesn't. -- -- think Communists. -- Jack channel actors say they are hungry there are three Big. Three I would probably go with Chad Jackson. You can go with them go to. Chad Jackson has won nothing yet has yet to actually baffled Johnson at least get a few things pepto Johnson -- you go -- it definitely helped to win a game of nice run back for a touchdown. -- you passes to Jackson -- one touched. The jets game when. Needed and then the third one is -- what Josh Boyce. However by good we're gonna fight that got a threat like that that that -- editors Internet based. -- organized Lewis wrote right. And then to work. The group. -- -- That's when it came to the book club. You have your draft pick. No credibility yeah I think we did a lot of good things I think that if there -- -- things. And they put their part return America today. Feel like that the public who. Does it. They'll -- have to tell the truth that is. -- -- -- Didn't -- -- that's number one -- Jackson's report. -- -- says number one has to be Aaron. -- It's under achiever he wasn't under achiever. What I did it murder. -- -- texting him Albert -- worth it draft -- -- Where Charlotte are able -- -- -- fourth round pick third third round pick I mean it works third round pick not a second there are light -- have departed star. Eatery -- -- Barbara pick was plan. As sector. That's pretty but -- second round pick. Contaminant that Chad Jackson of hatred Clinton actually. Play. -- hatred can get liberal group Ortega who it was a bad -- You know where agent claimed it. The most the most. Force -- Clinton showed in his life I think about our hardest hit. You read this road rage incident that he got into him now so what makes it got into this Lou Lou. Traffic incidents. Close to fox for. We've got out of this car this is a very passive guy. Aging -- You know -- that would be why he's somewhere in the West Coast off it's on us. You know kind of like -- really soft. Tackle. In this guy apparently that's up until maybe like your situation somebody's turn this state. And he put his any -- that guy's windshield cracked -- what you. With this cold woman who worked. So that's the most aggressive again host ever. That the most aggressive ever wasn't an in -- surprise it was off in traffic. I'm not surprised journal that. After which is -- -- this discussion on Donnelly tweets and Michael he's been doing the last few days he tweets has answered -- -- questions here let's hear -- he -- once and the pros to know just right group what was oh what was the Bruins public and yet another just right she was asked yes the -- you know the 2013. Pittsburgh Penguins were bigger disappointment in the Red Sox. And they in the -- they award. 2013 penguins were more -- -- in the Rex gets swept the White House but apparently didn't like the player I think you may play omelet and you know on that -- and that's -- -- was then attacks. And the Texans have at least -- Texans down the stretch. They had have to get the guys who didn't recognize when the -- are and what eleven Red Sox lost or with the. What you -- corporate. -- was first they eat drink and was there Ortiz was there Josh Beckett was on the mound. You know to -- -- all their guys had their whole scene. In the building get. -- -- game -- -- going to the Braves have the exact same collapsed I -- In the -- collapse like almost the exact same number of games. Go to the Atlantic are fine but if your become your what they're off but that's gonna compare it is the worst collapse of all time -- -- -- -- the reason -- if -- were great. -- looking beyond just -- so purely an awful lot to. Him right back. Why don't your read their narrow -- Arnold I don't. Let me about however I don't read the girl really heralded -- that team at our. We get -- banks did you read Sports Illustrated at least banks writing you'll join us he's been at the -- -- tells of the pages in the draft and beyond its axle WB yeah.

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