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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/24/14

Feb 24, 2014|

We set the table for the show with the three biggest stories in Boston Sports. Today featuring DJ Bean and Christopher Price of WEEI.com as well as Joe MacDonald from ESPN Boston

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Sports Radio nine. WT IFM and WEEI dot com now a look at all the big stories in Boston sports with those on the inside. -- -- -- Boston blitz. On Sports Radio WG. Also what brought you by eighteen do you get right to it here in a moment at least xmas break I don't know noticed. A global. Next time don't backing -- ass clown first -- -- it was a parallel parking space on this but we're supposed to do -- or -- I'm not -- -- backing into. Two you know space and -- I now don't you you people are people that skilled big -- -- -- definitely. Go forward and it is the perfect. Salt beat the bigger man and just take his kids are. See you there are limits to fight -- that's more about that more have high maintenance. Problems why you Fortier I don't really. But probably what. I don't need another commodity for that's that's twice as many as they need to start off with -- DJ being. But WEEI dot com DiGenova you're upset about this parking -- thanks so we'll give -- -- moment to -- but when you're done. You'll leave. I'm loaded for you in about fact he did in -- -- -- What would you have done. What what is it if it's my wife dead would you mind standing in this parking space. I would say -- -- craziest -- that the culture that you're on your own you can go with him. Or you can I didn't other person in the world and not enough to think that's okay. To basically this is a divorce were resolved I don't -- sports woman over that you would gauntlet yesterday he's thankful. Did -- neighborhood through the roster moves today a couple of them what was the mood of practice. I mean I think there are those guys have been -- particular around here glad to their abilities. Guys back but they each are admitted it's going to be a few days before you probably. Feel. Feel up to speed but I mean if on the Bruins I'd take it easy with these guys that I try to not have the -- -- do it in practice because. The structure on your own thinking about it throughout right -- I actually don't overdo it trying to get these guys are. You know TJ is that Marines today said after the five nothing beat now. In the bronze medal game he said it was embarrassing. And disappointing. Do you think the United States should have been embarrassed. I've performed surveillance. Yeah I think -- -- you'll only as of the way it ended that's government law made this point -- it was good what. It Bigelow. And you're okay the bronze medal game then we're not talking about this. If the fact that. Big get shut out the bronze medal game and losing it to Canada in the semi finals that's not that's not the Air Canada and US -- of the favorites and -- In the turned it anyway but just the way it kind of blamed though for. Two I guess put the exclamation point on a pretty. Negative sentence I I just think that if you know if if they go out there either win or lose it looked pretty cute and for the big deal. DJ being can fight him on Twitter a DJ underscore being the WEEI dot com WEEI dot com thank you. They just aren't Joey MacDonald ESP embossed -- comes down its spring training. Saw a story that Mike harpist playing some third base. Makes sense to me since they don't have enough players left side of their infield in explaining their base. For all I hear that right the US strategic be meritless. Now now. Does not get carried away enough now not -- that -- I got significant not a way Joey Joey these -- advice was built. An absolutely terrible. That you do and that's what you. And -- it you know what to do with car here's our peers you know it just. Want to try to -- media always -- -- to get his a little more consistently in the lineup because. He was so good there a lack here in the any injuries played arm but very depressed pace and the left fielder but they believe that. There will be good to have depth on the left side of the infield especially with all the use that they have over there going to lovely spring training and going into regular season so. I like the idea -- -- he's he's -- good. The player and you know offensively -- can produce so yeah I have actually like guys here and given him a local record it. All right Joey I've got -- to Bogart's. All the Red Sox first player in 39 years to be rookie of the year MVP got him on the fast -- to the hall of Famer my expectations on line. You know I don't think so Michael and got injured you know -- expanded her record I would always say when. We -- about a product or he would always say I'll look at -- and all of interest yet. Or you will we ordered him last year especially in the post season. Like he can handle the inlet on peaceful as it was pretty president record a lot of that probably had to do draft went but one thing that we've seen -- -- down here that. He walks around these drills and things in the about what you and your -- -- -- it. Go -- yeah but I would certainly created. -- be considered. But wanted to edit or are working here because. You know I don't I hear that the last time -- -- this. Actually and Pedroia. This is the most about a prospect -- to watch it -- local middle infielders a couple of other pretty game and should. Go to great player that it's just a rookie year as a rookie year and they beat the heat. You thought it possible it's possible what. You know it that's so obviously it's important to do so. By its hostile -- -- like possibly. I don't I exaggerate intentional Bynum met ESPN -- Mac on Twitter C about it. I got our Chris Pryce also WEEI dot com -- at the combine that. And he's at steep price NFL who stands out Chris I seen quite a bit of quite a bit coverage from their but who stands out for me patriots perspective. From a patriots perspective bogeyed a couple of different first -- -- defense this side of the ball Minnesota decent but what members she'd -- strict music at a guy. Would be your real good fit for the patriots that they decided to -- 29 he's got long lived people political like probably -- Richard Seymour I. But you know Atlantic he's personally into an awful lot of different things he said he -- informal -- set up for the secret that we can -- the -- one got to watch and defense and offense. The idea. How to rough work out the other day but I don't believe that there's a collection of guys like -- the -- -- suspect. He gave the Norwood from Iowa or -- you -- North Carolina -- for me but I think from a secret perspective. He really close attention to go forward. It is Davis four and I don't want one day. Who's going to be the number one pick in the draft. The number one pick in the draft could lead to behavior and -- in the guy what the potential. Can be transformative defense the president I think when you talk about bill O'Brien. In his offensive skill that the he has the ability to pick a guy like -- -- first overall. Innately in the second or third run gore after quarterback and be able to develop a quarterback outward so. Know what -- could be cloudy and I think the technical we'd have excellent quarterback it will review what really badly they're going to be able to what political editor of the drought. They Chris real quick looks like Red Bryant defense today and he seems a -- here in New England. I think there's a couple of different schools of thought -- first alternate talking about Red Bryant -- the patriots were clear interest in a couple of years ago gripping the way and keep pitching sort of attribute this to defeat the speed you'll get technical back to visit. Go to Bryant situation I think it's -- at a guy like that. And the other rivers Q in a whole lot of information at this point but. I wonder it's going to be situation like we're talking about your New England -- Vince Wilfork were talking about restructure but he might cut him -- bring him back at reduced rates were public some. But I don't know which you sit there or interest in a couple of years ago so I wouldn't be surprised if he decides to go back. -- -- -- -- Krista -- WEEI dot com talk against him. Cryptic error Chris price everybody in the possible that brought you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible. We brought up the Richard Seymour comparison for a you see that picture him WE obviously the big guy he looks kind of like not -- -- -- -- Paul. -- seems like he can play anywhere in the defense of line my enemies -- -- this -- picture. -- but -- it is that one of these guys are we looking at it one of these guys in the draft. To kind of take the defense somewhere else or -- dark on the Jared Allen Julius Peppers turning a both. Mean whoever -- if you happen but the transformed. I would say it's more likely compromise. Unless you're gonna trade all the way up to do it he gave me -- Yeah Richard -- I had it right and I got a number one overall. Alicia buying the hole is an injury -- to go to. To guilt -- Bryant again. Now you know -- -- that. Let's Billy O'Brien really really loves the patriots and loves Bill Belichick that much I don't think he can he still has the general manager and owner who today c'mon I love you so much -- to give away the number one out and yeah yeah. We give you an opportunity to pick I don't think that's going to be happening any -- soon I don't disagree -- I don't -- -- going to be great -- here to talk about that some football stuff and more your thoughts Michael from what -- seen -- a spring training up -- W.

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