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Jeff Howe, Boston Herald: discusses Manziel and the NFL combine

Feb 24, 2014|

Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald discusses what he's seen so far at the NFL Combine, Clowney, and Johnny Manziel.

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I think you're being shall we call him a Texas guy. Foreign born and raised in Texas never really left the stage so that for them how the first big means a lot to me. John amid Zell wants to go number one will he will find out early may not -- in 937 WEEI. Jeff how the Boston Herald was on the scene in Indy at the scene for the come by this weekend joins us here on the ATP outlined Jeff -- and -- -- -- Well I don't how many reps -- you get the bench press while you were there a 778. Yeah just the bar. Don't know why I defaulting on the 2.5 seventy and I'm where I don't understand why the market as much as you don't that is. Well like I always say get a drug testing several guys when they go down to come by start with them that way you're therefore. Some some big days speaking this weekend I wanna get your thoughts because you're live tweeting -- -- happened when Michael Sam met with the media he. The sound but -- I heard in the -- audio I heard from NFL network he came across as impressive was that as impressive. Sitting there from Michael -- dealing with the media there and Indianapolis. -- DD RO. Orton have this month are so prepare for it or so or. I think preparation at all he is prepared for the -- And there wasn't that there could have been anybody in the media work room while at the press conference I mean exploits loaded it was probably eighty. More accidents hey Al last year. And I think it's the like -- you know what Yeltsin in the league mile surely -- all the way until it realized. There's several hundred people sitting there watching them and and they know their online television and getting also request and here are never even dark and quiet since he was funny he went. He can't get some people on their toes a little bit of advancers. He was he -- was open and honest and you know like I know there's there's criticism of the game EU and Utah. Either perhaps pressure situation perhaps Ers are -- Aware of what his role would be brought into the NFL. Not so much linked article yet and -- and be a big struggle -- but if he can be successful player he came across the the cycle in the NB a pioneer furthers this cause. And this situation that he's trying to root -- Big to side movement. Jeff I was wondering going to make it the -- binds as far as teams have been there and there are certain things are looking for individually -- They run the issues will be that -- did you see some numbers blown up also liked the player more -- in other words like -- you look and say speed you know through the roof. But should you kind of see that -- place you know on Saturday or not that's beat. Yeah I agree completely I think you're exactly right there I mean cloning to -- forty time and I thought it -- capital of the pretax last year and lenders. When a guy like these are here and criticizes your work ethic. And in that'd be the huge red flag against Yemeni. I think -- a guy like -- in case you know you have a guy with potential first meeting eighteen sacks for like eight straight seasons or something like that. And that's a tremendous -- to get out of the draft is it that the potential that you realize. I think -- -- you get a guy is going to be pain in the -- for 62 week in -- to figure out you can deal that ended on that he's not going to be EU leader in your locker room. Then then it's probably good -- absolutely miserable like that. Are a little off I think we're when he kept at the running back at a church speak rent like four to six in the forty I think that the guy who probably help -- on. But he then I mean federal the I would -- had a string of good work out there again I would look out and -- immediate. Leap second round exit capitalizing on some some of a lesser work coach from. Barry Jenkins and Nicklaus and maybe even tomorrow due to extend my climb up the board Tibet but I think the biggest thing he Lawler in the Columbine is the medical valuation. They're all able to get. The same information. It's like a crash course here if you don't have to travel across the country yet. So what Belichick -- don't have to go to thirty cities yet thirty MRI on these -- -- and get. Everything you need done and that's the most important part of it and then. The rest but it sort of -- all -- may and -- that the good speech for the next eleven weeks before the draft. Jeff how the Boston Herald joins us for a patriots -- appoints Jeff and their team building from what you know. Do they view the Columbine is more less of the same importance as other teams around the league. I'll probably saying yeah I I think probably everything that I just said I would say that it. I would think to -- here. They have it here bill O'Brien and you're taking over new staff and our new organization and you just wait staff together and you're just finally starting to crack down on the -- process it's much more important for -- O'Brien the number one pick. Or the other hand for a new coaches who -- going into this thing and he got them from all the drinks. Or who have minimal NFL experience they're trying to make connections around the -- -- networking. At night and with agents and so -- that's so. Yeah it's more port forgot like that not as much for garlic Belichick. But it's still I don't mean that it is not a significant week for. Jeff what is going on anyways with Cristiano apparently like he sees in the Booth again today the patriots -- -- it. -- the official yet. -- -- handled from what I can't seem to have guests and -- Seattle Belichick is not and will -- they are not the patriots are not the only. In that Seattle and trying to angle this week. These -- more successful he -- And a big reason for that it's I mean I've heard stories of when he was their records and you'd get a call -- an adult go go down and her crew. On campus today and had a lot of rules and regulations there so model they eat out with some friends -- also when -- gone round and networking gaming it's. We usually you start getting blown up by certain the only kind of go back to what you know me out there way. When this stuff. When people started really over speculating on what -- -- Thursday night -- become violent. He was. Restaurant with spell -- and Marty and he goes I know Marty Belichick stopped by about fifteen minutes. And it was nothing more than friends thing in doubt in my opinion I mean I thought we. I couldn't hear a word of the conversation or anything like that but I just keep going back to GO Belichick friends they've been friends for a few years. If Belichick wanted to bring him on staff. The he wouldn't need to do to borrow he had the number they could find a public. The -- they can figure out something the rope and normal business hours of the day. I think it may be Belichick his shoestring catch -- the year get a little boating on the history that he might have. We've seen in the college game but I am not under any impression that he stayed they are close they're linking up as the official patriots. And less so for me Jeff and of the EU and herald reported over the weekend heading into the weekend that Aqib Talib was going to be in Indy. To -- -- Bill Belichick about his contract do we know when and where that is stated already take place will take place and how do you view the negotiation a hard 140s he wants the pats and to leave. I ain't gonna be difficult because the league knows. What the the open market -- get a good amount of -- and are patriots. They're still dealing with some cap limitations they have restructured the Buick from the information that I learned over the last few days they have really made any progress on it though. It certainly believe that conflict that -- healthy they've been ongoing. I don't know exactly when he might have happened in India this weekend. I mean usually the agencies start believe on Saturday or Sunday Bill Belichick and arts and big guy in the apple -- their release. Tomorrow. Play a -- believe and are avid they have already and they are out by its conflict with doctor -- So I think that's a good sign -- from Powell. You talks I'm led to believe they're having with other players in in regard to restructuring or just ongoing negotiations -- agents and so on so port. Indeed it's public you might be the most productive talks out of any player they've got to see. -- Jeff give back to the come by and you're out there and listen journeyman so do you think that. He is maturing saying all the right things thirty -- you sort of has coached out. I think there's a lot of degree in the latter there and I I -- Reading into it and from following his career short career and this -- -- it sound like you delete the areas that vote. Changing restoring his image which is good any -- -- he's going to be the fate of -- wherever it happens to be. And I you've got a guy who -- realized net now. -- realizing it over six week. Here is earnings that'll -- Diego Diego pretty far south as we don't know I think it's kind of funny that he dialogue in the NBA and a -- outlook. But I think you eat you not making a popular -- markets is not. Being stubborn college Katie he's. -- -- admitting a mistake that has passed and it's a short time there and let you gotta take it for for what it's -- -- -- -- trying in the collapse -- start it shouldn't they want to start it ate because pretty multifamily. But it got a -- while -- get spotlight. It has a bye weekend off the you know at the paparazzi and all and to Mexico what they've done for Tony Romo and in Brazil what they've done for Tom Brady so Woolsey and it's tough for him anytime he's been on vacation people against. -- -- -- gonna get a our architect there too so it's gonna be talking after he proven out over an extended period of time but I do like. I like that the the start cities that we. Jeff we appreciate the time we are looking into. Your drug tests from the com Odyssey at the seventy reps is so pure will get back on that. My people are. -- and thank you Jeff. -- -- Jeff how UMass got a Boston Herald joining this year on the AT&T hot like interesting stuff there that the patriots having some trouble. It's free up the salary cap space that their best -- talks might have been with the key to leave. But all by the way they got to figure out how to get a pay key plea because they're up against that number already. We slowed to get started there keep and I and that with the patriots and -- In the salary -- 6177797937. Is your phone a -- Texas right now. On the AT&T text like 37937. Peter King as a note today. In the Monday Morning Quarterback says the NFL's try to do -- -- I think is gonna be really really. Hard to deal when it comes to rulings on the field we'll talk about that next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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