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NFL to penalize use of "N" word; Mut and Merloni discuss

Feb 24, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the NFL's proposed rule to penalize players for use of the "N" word.

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What shut our Butler and 937 WEEI your phone calls all day at 6177797937. You can text this year. On the AT&T Tex wanted 37937. Peter King has extensive Monday Morning Quarterback today and it's from man sell its. Cloudy to the 49ers -- -- speaking about. Even entertaining the idea of trading Jim Harbaugh for practically -- mean it's jam packed with stuff. And in the middle of that and it's it's tied in to an outside the lines show last night. He writes and the rest is after his big league news of the week. That the league's competition committee meets in Florida beginning on Friday. And one of the items on the agenda will be the discussion on a rule -- fag flag players for using the Edward. On the field during games. Peter writes -- unequivocally in favor rabbit and could see no reason. Why shouldn't be enacted why it wouldn't be enacted that the quick basically Twitter. Reaction from Peter King. In his column today and and it's basic that I get you wanna clean up the language your players are using you feel like that there. There's a certain time in place for certain words on the field the play. Maybe they feel like that's one of but he says I have no reason he writes I'm I'm not sure why this wouldn't be enacted. And I if your reasons first of all. This is pretty tough to. Talk about when he -- -- context of the war you have black players who. You know as recently as -- -- was flat and last year an MBA locker room it's it's locker room on the court for the celtics' Kevin Garnett was here. You have black players in the NBA you know in that league using that word is a term of endearment used that word pretty commonly. It's your read Peter King didn't you say that OK it's pretty easy to an act. Well we talking about every use of the N word on the field for NFL players is it always used derogatory and this is. This seems like a tough thing for me to just say yep go ahead and enacted no big deal where revocation might be a penalty on the field for talking your teammate. Because can be possible to do that's wise and stuff you know what is it is it's an attempt to slow down. A little bit. Can you envision. Dole. -- breaking up a pass it and in the trash talk itself right a great now you -- you stand over the guy taunting. Is a flag. In it is it is note taunting -- one word -- flag goes -- -- we got -- penalty. Well we call use of like these -- bad language yeah I like our it's fatal locker room during practice. During the week things happen on the field assistant coach gonna -- -- thousand bucks 5000 -- games that work. Now if you try to make it a rule if you say that it is one I don't believe going to be enforced. But it might make everybody aware more aware that the league is trying. And it might slow it down a little bit but I don't how can you enforce that. Really how can you enforce that I just I don't see how you can't. He should should the enforcement of it. Be worthy of affecting a game on the field the language used on a field affecting the game and again I go back to the MBA Kevin Garnett is beloved Europe Boston Kevin Garnett is one of my my favorite. Boston -- I will speak for everybody. Kevin Garnett use that word pretty liberally on and off the court when he was playing if you sat in and around. Anywhere near the floor you inevitably -- Kevin Garnett used that word. Use the N word constantly. There -- teammates he used that as a term of endearment and that to say that that is now a flag penalty and again I'm assuming they're gonna goal. Fifteen yards I don't know I have no idea but I'm assuming it's all on the lines of ponting a personal foul. If that's the case you tell me that used talking to repeat it that way to -- is worded fifteen yard penalty do affect the outcome of the game at a facility. Outside the lines last night it's and I watched it last night their mortar all day and they had. It comment. The head. Will -- whitlock in Ryan Clark where the Pittsburgh Steelers talking about this. And here's his will blogs take on the whole hobby NFL's reproach when he thinks he can it can work or not. Talking about the National Football League or in the illegal workplace -- complex. And I've talked to John -- about this and I'm I'm sure Jason whitlock has as well -- call me it's obvious and we had long discussions went through email. Whether voice -- voice from person about the use of the word he knows that I said I use it. And I now do I understand John's position on old Jason agrees largely with that. I understand the need to look at language went on the field to plate with a locker room war again. Any workplace we're going into new territories with this new ground with this I understand the need to look at I'm not sure that it can be legislated successfully. I'm not sure can be police -- that in the way it is well because again it's more complex. The use of this particular work the objection to it. The embracing a bit. Be that emotion wrapped around it is more complex than any word that I can think up in the English language. And so win -- league of owners who are very by the weight removed. From the use the word last sector -- black owners in the NFL right now. I'll -- when you have that situation. I'm not sure that they should be framing the discussion you are referred to my position on this as facet of my dear friend of 35 years Tony Kornheiser. You don't get a vote in this one. This conversation after the rain my people were a lot more intimately associated with the work. Wedlock and I go back and forth on years about -- -- you gotta stop doing this you got. That's fine we can do that in my opinion we can do that because we're talking about ownership of the word -- and -- -- context to everything. And that includes the NFL's objection to the use of the war. SI -- Got things can be tough it is kind of -- right LB had a followers can get together and vote. But the use VMware. You know all the white owners meet together in in vote on this I just. I just a little hold on the Jacksonville owners to be fair you Pakistan they've won that one not -- right so you know you've you've got. I don't know on the field right is different. When Riley Cooper. Right use then word. On the field to an African American. On the times that the -- to Levy's. I'm honest I can only assume I just assuming I'm just assuming it's probably unfair but I'm just guessing the only. Not stand Jimmy Graham is that we're coming out of his mouth as a different. -- an exit -- different sounding when the key to leave. Says it to another African American there when Riley Cooper says I mean that would probably wouldn't stand on the field right now not at all when -- at all. But I mean UC's -- hear it you know. He says KG just go to the games in front row you hear all Paris in the locker room with UN cover any Celtics gave before you heard Kevin Garnett. You use the war with team is -- this is the thing to me it's like you know when things happen. And then we sort of we we take the next step whether it's an overreaction or not. -- -- We need if we need to fix the culture in the clubhouse in the locker room. I think that is evident how people treat one another the bullying Nichols on whatever might be reaching a -- whatever might be. OK now we've taken a step further and say you can't use certain words when your plane NFL. Now that we can debate whether -- -- -- -- should ever be used I have no right used network. Put this slogan do now now gonna take Arctic words out of of the Plainfield. Human use it just in the workplace -- here on the field competitive it's like baseball -- took away at port MF. MF for right while playing baseball. Right that's garlic your version of you get big get -- for somebody or somebody's whatever some umpire also the stuff you can't use that word in the heat of competition. It just doesn't it's gonna happen and I don't know how to -- they can regulate is it would if. If on the on the football field now Michaels -- bitches that now I know what they're trying to do here I get the league wants to get the sport help I believe it's a slippery slope. That's the second thing the first thing is what you said legislating it seems impossible. It's now up to and hockey league. To decide whether or not 888 player was talking to his teammate or talking to an opponent. It's up to. You know one of -- it would be this -- -- -- this -- toward Brothers. Her up there on the field and they got a disciple was that it was not a term -- or use of the word was that really a negative views. And all bodily -- at college sports like as many B guys are texting -- -- -- assuming when I'm assuming. Unsportsmanlike conduct fifteen yards. So unofficial on the field who they have a hard enough time figure out -- to spot the ball to watch a replay is now in charge of and we're all about. Hone it how it's used and where it's Houston and everything and one of the one of the bits to a -- up I would say that the look at life when Riley Cooper. That whole thing broke. No I said this back there and got a lot of response on Twitter on tax of people agreement. Data segment two after those four individual spoke they kind of they went to the high schools and at some kids but is this segment he able means seeing -- mean Joseph green talking about it in one of the students in the high school what he feels about the war. And here we go pick them -- hotel -- recognized. Let's look. In order to -- the ER that's black and contains an -- and went with a enslaved. A black man would go team and it's kind of it it seems like he's got like. The ugly color over the in this community looks to assess -- -- -- -- said that back then right -- foot ER at the end you know as opposed to -- the -- it it. At -- some connect the army there's a different tone usually. When you use that word there I forget who was from ESPN an effort American report she's on I forget which is always on -- all the time she's talking about the word. You know bitch. We should meet my girlfriends we use it all the time but it follows a different setting not my girlfriends and somebody called me that it would have a different meaning. It would have a different meaning it was really hit home differently than when me and her girlfriends are out they use that word. And I and I agree it's about -- it's about how it's said and where it's set. It's text to bring up a very good point as it may be part. Why the NFL is doing this -- openly gay player going into league this year. The other is the the F word in the beat three letter -- -- that's the exactly part of this list to my feeling is that this is sort of the beginning. And I understand the -- I understand wanting to do -- that the backing behind it it is thoughtful. -- you don't want that his party your game. But the implicate the the implementation of it and associating penalty with it. Like what -- you talked about watching the show last night in what brought Ryan Clark talked about. Ryan Clark pretty respected member of the the Pittsburgh Steelers. And their -- eagle -- to their office and asked them to stop in their in their blocker -- And asked Ryan Clark as leader of the Pittsburgh Steelers to stop using that word is that African American and he's a -- -- leader did that work for out locker. Those caucus talking about -- where these easy calls an old man Rooney came and talked Ike Taylor -- in musical boy network -- being used in the music they played so I don't wanna. I don't want this music play in a locker room. So there was respect for him and they said that we went away from it for a while but eventually it sort of came back again and start play in the music again. No recollection he doesn't use the -- doesn't use -- and more at all but he is in groups of players that that constantly use it. Other African American players and talk with one another that use it in a locker room to use it on the field. Common new word on the field people are excited yelling at one another. -- united just I got to take that out of the game withdrawal flag for that I think it's gonna be two to harp on the deal. Yeah and it's it's John wooten who is the chairman of the Fritz Pollard alliance said the rule likely be adopted at the meetings in March quote I'd be totally shocked that the competition committee. Does locked up hold -- on what we're trying to do. We want this word to be police from the parking lot to the equipment room to the locker room. So he wanted to be. NFL to push for automatic fifteen yard penalty for first time offenders. 82 offense. The result ended rejection from a game. So that's never gonna -- that and that's never gonna happen the the right the idea that again these officials a -- -- their get it right -- -- player now. In charge of language I despite tough to believe. He just surfer means you're agree let's hear from Jason whitlock who has been he's long been. Password John wooten is he wants his word out of music he wants that a movies he Watson on the out of the NFL this was Jason whitlock yesterday -- part about tidal. -- word is a symbol of book culture -- as are openly sold. Fifty years ago the culture and the people we use the N word we're very hostile toward black people. Very violent towards black people very against black people educate themselves any ball. Not everybody did use the N word -- -- years ago with a steaming races are took action against black people. It's no different than today. The people that love the -- -- and love to use that are part of a culture that is still half out toward black people. Still anti education and still very violent toward black people. And I'm talking about the black people that are in love with his work if you examine the culture that the in the word represents. It represents the culture that is anti black. This symbol is more powerful than the confederate flag or any other symbol we have from race at them. It's still it's the most powerful of the longest standing and it's still stands today and it's embrace. By the very people pulled -- tended to destroy and that's what's added I'm glad the NFL is taking this day. -- had a strong stance on a ball no doubt -- -- the word should be taken out should be taken gatherings languish in the NB ever mentioned again. It's -- the other three were. Port on the same path as he was 61777979837. Is your phone a because of her Arctic let's give you a chance to react. To the NFL could adopt as soon as next month Jason is an act to lobbies -- much Lou -- Jason. -- lead our guys good. -- got -- -- -- -- -- a -- and I mean I had high school I played soccer in high school and I had a very good up and I was up in America and not a member earlier it and want solid dollar to ship channel -- our normal group and Edwards -- now know what the derogatory toward Daniel would reduce -- you know upgrade. It's -- you know. And kind of outlook that into -- in the mouth and never -- that -- -- again a black individual all around. It's just one of those things that -- animals with -- individuals around. Yeah there was no way I know we it was a mobile I'm -- -- black and I and our our group analytical or white friends or just have a lunch they're not kept. Big pot and then we'll -- -- to a pal and I was. An economic to -- -- -- mouth in that you're not lobby that would. And I never said it again and I'm 33 almost happened years ago. It's exit it's in the touchy subject with some individuals some individuals who don't like hearing a -- because then other people don't care. I mean it's like guys and women back in the day it was a derogatory buying by the way people. Black people but not a black people have taken it over and they music look at all kind but a lot of rumors but -- have won a light years. In an underdog Billy Graham scored you know whether it is the conversation weathered like eight other great clay and -- Edwards some out in back. They just don't like hearing a complex individual. Which I totally understand by the way a bag and it's completely understandable what I. It's it's it it's weird for -- because. If for some reason a Guy Ritchie cog veto way over the -- -- -- a story broke. It was from people it is a locker Allred she's like a black guy. He's the same language reading so some guys are are allowed to use it okay well. On the field plays the NFL gonna have a list the guys that -- those guys can use that word mean I just eats. Well that's that's one thing in -- -- to -- the face and -- lunchroom. It's one thing -- and that happened verses. And a -- officials gonna decide what context -- views on the field and by the way that's. Second only to a figuring -- -- it out of a game reviewer Charles Barkley say that you know I use that word and it continues their word. With my you know African American Brothers and friends whatever. You know of that and that sort of like that sort like the feeling was that I have friends. You know so we -- Catholic Jewish Irish Italian. You name it everything's fair fair game. We we've been friends -- middle school since high school. Now lodged a fair game sometimes things get ugly on some of these you know message boards in our fantasy football beleaguered text or whatever might beat. It it's fair game. You know because it's our group. To be comfortable say some things -- cinema but it does absolutely not. Absolutely not I have no right to did you ever use that word he noted mean to an African American but there's certain things. You know the second set Irish Italian Jewish Catholic jokes that dream my friends it's it's our group. Were close enough that nobody's offended by any of -- so to sit there and tell Charles Barkley can't use that word to another African American act to a point Agassi in -- -- whoever I want. In my in my body to my friend -- were close friends or -- all fair game Eric. Tell me what I can and cannot say don't -- my team a language I use with him and other places were on the field he's my teammate that's a language we use. Injuries in Northampton up with a Motley uniting through seven Andrew. -- been written later some of these points but recovered but. -- Michaels and coming into the leak they can't just and the airport. And I hope the conflict and to lay -- on computer -- not let them and drop but. You can't just in the airport for him. -- and are you gonna make it worse but this way don't get an entire offensive line this. Just covering without bombs and also would be and content you go. Let's -- the issue the NFL that one would -- and legal responsibility. If we want to eliminate the behavior. And listen to -- So that they can say well this Obama field. The bacon trying to eliminate it from the locker room and in all the text messages the only. Word that was sort of in determinant. If you could see what I mean is the handler spoke about your mother your sister you know but as violent and. So if they need to eliminate any kind of interpretation. And say that it all legal. They can protect themselves. Legally without actually. Admitting any responsibility. Utica -- is gonna be lauded as the couple words here under. Well I think to Michael Graham that could mean the league is the most. You know the most important factor but they can't come into the locker room and say -- We messed up you that can't be called me that she can't -- -- that. But they can't say well on the field -- -- -- and name calling. And that's about it. -- thanks your call as always it's. You guys are one react this'll get more your phone calls next 617779798378. TT -- minus 37. 937. -- in -- Sports Radio W media Butler got a 37 WEEI your call 61777979837. Can text us. On the AT&T text line at 37937. Getting your thoughts. On the note today and Peter -- Monday Morning Quarterback in the daily news story yesterday. Saying the National Football League is well one words one person's mind -- -- that -- expected. Two passing a rule that would ban the N word. From the field of play. And also wouldn't goes on to say the NFL. Is gonna push for an automatic fifteen yard penalty for first time offenders you're second offense would result. In an injection from Mac gaming getting your thoughts is that plausible -- and I basically. Agreeing that it's going to be really hard to enforce on the field. How do you do that during -- it feel to play between even teammates. Charlie's on a cellphone he's up -- not Lou -- Charlie. I got they have verbal you got a Charlie what's in your mind I think you did you major -- what -- pathetic excuse legal opinions on the of that. Or at all. -- owners don't really have a choice -- they don't vote to support. They're essentially voting to condone it. And you cannot put yourself in the situation owner. We -- million vote and don't use that word they really don't have any choice at all -- issues. And that I think he got that have been arguing for this because. -- you all agree that they like their -- network content on the field. Then you're pathetic thing is that correct reason you can make a judgment call. And we hit it indictment out of there and it took to make that word illegal so they don't happen it doesn't call it -- here. It I don't I think you know every company including the BEI. All of these against uses the words. To protect result means you are Ratner creating a culture of crap that they they don't have any choice at Embarq corporation. Well all they don't -- choice because agree with -- they going to. You really do think that -- gonna call penalties on us. Well if I get it hit eight the first block it or -- they come along that I mean Iraq. And then they're gonna happen. You know we we really at the do we really have to -- oh we we really really do at the start thinking about trying to separate the workplace and sports. Of course you can -- like K you got through like eight we can't keep compel it we can't do was keep comparing. Corporate America to the playing field and the -- salaries so that we athletes talk. With a billion dollar corporation sold -- that you know not let running out of fuel -- -- making million dollars corporate me billions of dollars now. Bartlett has been ruled that but he. Aren't well a guy -- a football field used yen where what happens if I do. She gets fired. Or to -- Go and dozens of house of the senate I don't know it's a fifteen yard penalty mega fired now that the -- but the -- all we wanna compare them stop. Stop trying to compare them stop trying to compare the salaries. Up to compare everything you worked in corporate America -- play pick up basketball game. Or softball game and it weakens the used the same language. On this football field although the -- court with your buddies -- you're doing your office to your boss why why -- we doing this. It's completely different. I understand why they want to do and I think the. Implementation of it is kind of crazy fifteen yard penalty to effect an actual game. When you -- again you have we listened to two teenagers last segment say. We uses the term of endearment it's not like it used to be there -- younger players coming up they used that language with their friends with their teammates on the field. So. You're asking officials to disseminate know which ones which. -- and you go to affect the game because of that I almost see it I'd be more on board as you say gonna start fining players. And you're gonna fall you're gonna this be a fine. But affecting -- of deciding your product on the field. Would language and some of your players believe it's okay to use and don't think it is the taken away Jason whitlock or mean Joseph green a rather spank. That's going to be fifty Europe helping your rejection that try have a hard time grasping -- -- -- Peter King says I see no reason why they should not be enacted it. That's my biggest reason you're gonna have games affected because of players language using language they think is okay that they use every day. That they use in the locker room. That's gonna be used on the field with their own teammates potentially. That's going to be a. A punishable what fifty -- it goes back to it goes back to the intelligent enough. You know old fool who went to use language certainly in. K I don't six years and use the F word. OK one I'm doing my job. When I get off my job a month on a -- my cosmic that's what comes out. -- idea comes out. I say things which you know what I'm intelligent enough to know that I can't do it in certain places. And yes. And the players so what is there a moment not to maybe a press conference that drop bombs and bombs and your name. That's probably not place or like you know when you're doing a commercial. That's probably not the time of the place -- doable when you're competing on the field. Language comes out language reactionary it just happens. That's you know you gotta be Smart enough knowing your audience knowing your job went to say when not through those sort of things. And I mean that would get -- here are different words. When it comes out of the N word you know it's like you get the group of players all African Americans are playing together and use it left and right. All of a sudden it's also be used anymore. They're gonna keep -- it in a comfortable with and they're setting and their players and using it on the field and -- some -- gonna say not -- It got just what your teammates just laid out somebody and they come over and a teammate there's dropped the F dropped the and bomb probably with an am F bomb to throw a flag. This strategy gradually his own team and that's how he expresses it. That's happen that's that's that's the prom you've uncovered here is that you Tom what teammates who feel like it's OK to use that language news and practice use it. In the locker room just in a car Jeff. -- -- -- -- -- In the interest of for the quarter I will say that I am a black American African American. And I disagree. With both your points I thought Charlie made a lot of good point you are squalor. And the point. -- will want to order articulate well -- ready 88. How can opener to white guys vote on it. -- that's you know none of -- being black and hold on. The speed of black players well. In 1964. Mean. Congress passed the civil rights bill at all congressman -- why. And -- in port. Any legislation. That black Americans have that we never performed today was crap I don't like people. But I didn't get the paint our relation to the thirteenth amendment the fourteenth demanded the 64 favourite built 65 automatic -- affirmative action soul. Let's Arctic caught out warrant you don't like guys -- -- it because it. Average -- is a little bit different I mean I'm pretty sure African Americans backed them all for not getting rid of slavery. -- every African American NFL all for getting word use that alert will be penalized for. What sometimes you don't know what that -- and let let let go back to those killed 32 orders. Out of 27 album I'm sure there are Jewish descent. In that it was ever a single word between -- -- K where it and I won't say it. -- be legislated in the outcome now like a ton of bricks on eight -- -- such ignorant I I don't personally you to where I hear brand. Well somewhat boy you do a lot of my -- I'm on my camera you live by it I don't like it and it that I have to stop and it continued to penalize the guys and they're giving it won't yacht penalties -- the stock. It will stop any -- And I I think that it apps to -- actually start somewhere it is good that. You know I'll take a stand in there and then hopefully. We will follow -- I don't think it's as prevalent in hockey actually never here at all. And I don't think it such that they're probably baseball I don't call profit figure things on the stand by in basketball while it needs to stop. And I think that sports are 8 o'clock about society so I. Like certain compared to what people the sport by my doctors and I understand your point here might -- Let me ask you this -- the -- Escude beat the use of the N word it's a new NFL. -- -- sports tickets used more. By white people or African Americans. -- I think we care more prominent black people quiet. Who knows because. I can no matter what are your college say I never edited are my black friend to him. But like you ask that you called upon to -- -- -- -- a new equipment they have. You heard that. -- didn't want to insult you I. I know why people are using it to you on the ground war but. Oprah at least it's it's you buy -- more no question. All that some naked that would you agree that okay. The N word used in sports I mean we've heard different opinions and that's not a change uses a term in the government. You're -- that some African American athletes of Charles Barkley said I use whoever walked. Shouldn't there be some. Bellwether Pia and education whether BA in camp we're gonna have a spokesman -- round and discussed the use of this word. With other African American players and we're gonna would have conference's ill in every single like you and -- -- talks to players about certain things we're gonna sit down talk about it. And tried to discuss it discuss it with our own as far as how why we're using it how we're using and how we're gonna be the ones to stop using. No no they shouldn't be because it. -- -- -- that you knew your history. Educate them that's what I'm saying let them know why Christian music. Jeff thanks for your call which have a lot of calls backed up and wanna give it to me I listen -- to build green make their point two ends mean Joseph green and Jason -- the way they talk about it. Jason -- -- in the locker room. And -- go to the the African American players and say why do you guys used to actually use it to his credit whitlock is written about it a lot he'd be -- -- to -- uses that thinks that it's completely. Ass backwards that pop up player a person of his prominence daisy but it's such an influence a young black Americans continues to use that word music. And he -- CNET -- movies he hates and so to his credit he has written about it. In terms or a lot from that'll be done that but he has written about I. I can always be too with so much I'm like -- the radio is not in -- for these teams like got to go -- what other players say hello Ryan Clark. Quote and it's gonna be really tough to legislate this rule to find a way to penalize everybody who uses this word the safety we spent twelve years in the NFL. And it's not going to be white players using it towards black players. Ryan Clark says most of the time you hear it it's black players using the war. So that's got to play in the league is black himself saying it's not the white guys say this word it's. It's black players using it either were a little autos and -- always scheming that's on sale without -- -- opponents are -- it's an awful -- right. And once the patriots is no question about it. But we're trying to take it out of the league. When it's used it's predominately used. By African American. It so it's. It's I don't know that doesn't mean something something else needs to be done. We -- gonna fine and penalize African Americans for use that word improperly. You know on -- if if if rule like I was born round run around saying it okay -- you can deal with that -- and they're gonna deal with that. Riley Cooper they're -- deal with it. But we are trying to take out of the game when -- -- African Americans that are Leo and Brian Cox not the only one that says. So. Are attracted a game for the with a educate them by the using my they should not use our. It's it's a weird spot to be in the league I get the premise behind it but I grew Ryan Clark. Trying to Ted Ted instituted markets Seattle I'm mark. And good afternoon guys more than instinct I think is they are out in public relations L. They've -- or outsourcing NFL right now by the Jonathan Martin Michael spam concussions. And pick for public. Bit they're all that negativity that sent Michael and that's -- -- -- that brought the girl. And I think the NFL is gonna get bored about OK which slurs are going to be good and which slurs are going to be bad in Tibet so broke they can't go out. It's one of those you know are all like microscope picked up and work flying around all -- replace some sort of our national TV that are gonna feel two. I mean it right now they're also the public relations nightmare. Washington Redskins nickname which is considered there's -- a better they're kind of in a no win situation here. Well he doubled at the microphone department date that words come up on microphones and NFL films they they believe that knowledgeably about all these other wars. That part is not new. There it's like Andrew North Hampton said that you know they're preparing to -- multiple words. And Michael sand gets in league it's horrible legislation thing and got to protect themselves as a league. Your thoughts on this continue at 6177797937. Coming up next on the daily diamond. David Ortiz has a new best friend. Japanese comedian. -- -- -- -- all I pronounce that right ducky I'm getting here the whole areas audio the two of them together next you don't wanna miss.

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