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Harold Ramis, aka Ghostbusters' Dr. Egon, dies at 69

Feb 24, 2014|

Mut and Merloni discuss the passing of a legendary comedian actor, Harold Ramis.

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What -- 937 WEEI. -- -- -- Lost another great comedic actor this time Harold -- Has died he was 69 years old notice. Chicago guy first and foremost. It was awesome and ghostbusters. Awesome and stripes -- just -- -- yesterday it was on the unfortunate. During the day it was either watch right to watch some terrible Olympic size -- want to strike. Of a long time ago in 1981 now looks like he's. This third acting credit. When he played Russell was a -- One of the troops there that was there Bill Murray. And John Candy everybody else and obviously Joey plays -- -- most known as. You've gone. From ghostbusters. Ghostbusters two recently was that I forgot he was Chris -- data knocked up Joey. -- abandon go to dinner with his data -- ray -- dad is that the -- fatherhood not great it is and that was the last time I saw in the movie also -- the gold year one which at a -- that was its most recent. Acting credit here -- generic to write direct. Eat eat yet he is he wrote caddie shack he wrote strikes -- -- meat balls. The key -- wrote some balls on US aren't right he has a lot of you know we going to heat I was on this weekend transit yeah. Not meatballs. Wrote the screenplay for Groundhog Day. Other great Bill Murray movie -- So -- -- aside -- today at the ages six you know we've lost another great comedic after an excuse to go watch stripes this weekend or meatballs or Groundhog Day. -- --

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