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Lou returns from Fort Myers and discusses what he saw from the Sox

Feb 24, 2014|

Lou Merloni is back from Florida and discusses the team's pitching depth, the left side of the infield, and upcoming young talent.

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All this must suck. This must suck for you Lou not only have to look at me for four hours again. But instead of a real actual green field. Your back staring at the mural of Fenway Park the looked -- for about three years now. Here's studio so I'll apologize for all of us to complain about pulled it was a notional. Units now let's. Laugh. The sun was out that made it the case. Yet and it's a B thirty all week now into the twenties and a freeze overnight it was like this week at Wellesley it was a mid fifties we get today's -- Now we got two days. Thursday Friday we got a -- -- shot which is all -- that was all -- and -- About my job like. -- What is right corner yeah nice beautiful weather my S thirty degrees again tomorrow. Freezes over garbage. Right back -- he brought the warm weather back -- forty that's that we get back in the winner. Oddly timed at 40 and don't call like that just a little in honestly SPF seventy. Got to shut it down -- 06 come -- part in California. Go back note and it -- funny as an old new guidelines. -- all areas that haven't exactly but now once it was the united mine -- break up my emotional moment. You know freshly cut grass. Everything crack of the bat it was beautiful to speed around it at my week. Nice weather and amply meet Joey Christian as a group it was weird that you you were under John Henry's umbrella one point. Talk -- that umbrella and you're -- hiding under the warn about the suns I'm kind of off not so let's. -- -- in -- much Larry com. The guys all spoke like 1130. In other block it's it's depiction of the umbrella with a sport coat. Guess that's the safe thing to do while I'd like to make fun of but it seems like now with. The waste on sun and skin and the way they're looking at the cancer thing else. Will be an umbrella you very pale -- which emotion. It's via except he's a -- -- on May not like here we on Italian scandal about. As and -- defense now is the and it always got the full speed full sort -- like Colin with the Mary Poppins. You know. That John doesn't down there a lot to talk about with you guys today at least an NFL stumpel what's gone on the come by over the weekend what's going on this morning with two -- cloudy. Just absolutely Karen -- up at the big the NFL's can try to doing it's going to be. Confident to do but that you just got back from Florida I got a list of things. That I felt going in and I'm curious what you saw because last year you came back and it was pretty good. Up close and personal on things the year before that he came back and -- out Felix you brought me a little bit overweight and I'll be honest I. Actually build James I feel like Bill -- as Smart as Bill James. I've gone all in all -- -- I have gone completely all I think that the the hype is -- I think that he went through some tough things last year. Made an emotional standpoint from -- maturity standpoint right talking to these are seen or read these are eased up during the year. Went up and down just got off kilter Lou I think I believe a year. Sanity a year of normal. -- -- the -- he's good approach to the the thirty hold broad. And -- is under RBI's local builders and RB I guy about 250 to sixty. Middle all the quarterback we see glimpses of all over the course of two years that is the guide I've hitched my wagon to that they're going to be better offensively -- last year. It's going to be because it will -- Brooks and he's got a heads screwed on straight and is going to be able to hit for power in all ball -- not just that. Why did the thing is the head screwed on straight is the part that's kind of the unknown to the -- just. He's fired up there's no question about it and I talked him a few times sneak in just. You sense -- them a lot throughout the week they want I was out there. All the reporters sit on the lot from wait for openness and on the side -- -- woman Brooks and Brian Butterfield another coach. At a sneak out to the field -- sort of sneak out with a and just kind of hang out right there watching but -- ground balls for you know hundred ground balls and you could sense -- in this case you know he's excited to -- year he await the start. Hitting wise results ice fired up -- tech music is a football mentality. You know so he's ready to go -- strongest lower after stronger. Might I I'd like for an available flat line. You know and in baseball it's like that's that's the difference in that athlete is it's a 162 there's ups his downs you got to -- you -- just. You know whatever it is that -- a bad a couple of games no big deal great couple games you have figured out yet just flat -- So physically it's all there physically it's been there I talked to Olmedo it'll bring up the back lash of the collision Ross. Not file territorial by the visiting dugout. The ribs the back that was somewhat of an issue and created him. Not trusting things that may be you know that was bothering to -- we used chasing. This was a -- was -- -- percent. And hopefully that's case the problem at a Brooks hasn't built up. -- if Dustin Pedroia. I give -- -- -- almost bothered me you believe. There aren't college street credibility at its regret on -- they would decide cycle habit every year Pedroia you see on the field Russ there's a period where he will struggle and inevitably you find out. After the fact our struggle was related to injury so yes did it and that's it's as -- as -- it doesn't have that he has been in the league long enough to kind of or success long enough for that but there again you'll go to. The baby was the back maybe it was the -- But there's no question that physically I mean he is stronger you know at first looked at Michael really managed to strong signal went off season. -- -- receiving uniform his legs are visibly stronger and he's on them more hitting wise. There's no swapping -- notice last year and talked him about. Offensively it's like you know eight. His legs are strong these guys -- off the work as much now my upper body at the swing is my legs are strong -- you don't need. The work that much your body that you're strong enough music I know so it's. The physically it's there now it's as you have that consistent. Mental approach. Where it short term memory you back to work all -- force albeit so what what can I do come back next -- -- hopefully get a couple hits that's over four against so what Mo Vaughn. And -- consistent approach that some -- -- unique to see from him but I do feel better it talking to a woman just looking at appears the forgot how hard he hits the ball. That guy smokes and feasible hardy but he can't they're batting practice I include Bogart's everywhere. Every David. Every one. The ball goes like twenty feet further and and most it's just that louder sound. He's so -- strong -- watched it BP and its just the ball hurts but it's just. He had he sold the hamster wheel dirt bag proud of him. He is using aluminum bat during BP failed yes or that lower. They were both doing it but middle Brooks is balls are going -- then Ortiz -- That everybody's. -- DOT's. Strong in practice shorts. So physically it's all. Our our. It's just now it's it's the classic thing you know percent. At that level all mental. Is the talent is there for a lot of people that's that's the -- that's it. Immediately on Twitter Julie gets on the careful -- -- -- middle -- house all you do that is over the top all about it middle and I worked out for Mike with a big. Proponent of Danny Amendola coming into the year and Indian idol had the real bottom is gonna happen okay within itself league got hurt what's in the impact player. I guess in more from him and all of -- from from middle -- up close yes there's been some issues. But I began a year of normalcy and maybe doesn't get at the -- you're talking mental problem I'm thinking about the year. Middle Brooks is -- -- he's -- read a story in the likely let's say he late April early may. Eric Mangini gained fourteen and wherever he has with five home runs early here comes Katrina. What's gonna deal with the Jenny DL catcalls. Every single game he's gonna hear from somebody in the stands yelling something about any deal might not be bad it might not be -- could -- be out -- You can hear that every game so there's a mental toughness that. It's I guess you say it's not that I have talked about a guy who went at the gates or his office a year ago -- a wire like it called up. -- admitted he need to focus on what was important to him. While blocking on the outside stuff this year. It's going to be just important not only for the guy behind whoever wants it has really really. Well because of that the mini soap opera. That developed in vault with a woman who Red Sox fans while. People like Red Sox fans are gonna get at least or -- that stuff. That's another layer layer of that when you -- mental publicity saying the right things I feel better about my all in a middle that'll be a part of what happens this year. How we deals back. But I think that dumb. It's a different approach you know last year was given tool is first in a big least 2012 nightmare the whole team. Negative approach everything but to get a better glimpse of it but he was dealing with in a year that everything worked out great for the team it was a nightmare for him personally. So in -- Purcell behind economic comes in is I getter in this job and I think. He's in a position at a said that football pro trees kind of attacking this spring training. Now you know hopefully not too much of one overdue audio. But he is. He sees all -- as far as I need to win this job and I need to show some people and I just hope he controls it mentally because it's all there physically for him to. -- guy you know I've always thought that he was going to be. A good player of Borneo wind's gonna happen are gonna happen in the city. You know it's gonna be a change of scenery is going to be that that the like gonna go off and be like I you know -- any -- this way to give back to Levy. -- that thirty homer power somebody else somewhere else and be that type of player hopefully can figure this thing I'm doing here because she's. Not to have that kind of production -- order. Offensively he was the god not on -- in on permit a pitching standpoint the guy that I I couldn't wait -- -- weakest. To see some of the video of him pitching Thursday's gonna pitch against BC I believe it is is Henry Owens. Who key flaw has top fifty of its prospects is 49. It is top fifties and -- -- He is not about what Bogart's number two on that Keith -- list. Henry Owens got -- never once has the same thing. Is can't miss lefty. Has every pitch has flown to the system strikeout to walk ratio was ridiculous at the Red Sox minor league level. You know -- thing is we talking this year with Henry alters the south so good does jump out so much to people down there in Fort Myers that. We're talking Henry Owens in August he's committed pitch out of the bullpen and help with themes that -- good Henry Owens. When you talk to people yes I mean when when when. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know -- bullpen. You know they'd they say that's the ceiling that you know Henry Owens isn't a guy announced they went down or watched him he's not a -- that really blows -- away. Only those -- bullpen. We've where it goes like BP this -- some nerves there's first big league camp is a blow you away because it's not like 9596. Except from the left side you know to meet a young Q Nicole -- Smokes. He's blown cheese you know that's -- catch enough to get and that makes those -- the stuff so much and what dominating nearly. Easy easy throws a ball pretty told slide BP it's ninety miles an hour. And you look at the reaction don't get much reaction now because of the hitters are ready what impresses most about him is the maturity. You know he's a guy that you know will will -- hitter. -- can read what -- hitters trying to do what everybody says you know that. For young kid the sickness or this -- sit inside and makes the adjustments during the at bat. That that the pitcher -- they call. That's currently the impressive thing people see it when he won because he's he's not gonna blow you away I guess that we it was like BP -- little bookstore to -- And it was you know big big dude I mean 656. I seventeen feet what's common -- -- You know but it's a -- three quarters here it is not a mile an hour. Really really good changeup meant big stops break the balls bacon looping and you're like OK it looks good. Buddies on those guys we get no game he separates himself. He's better if you did you would be BP yes yes saw me I wasn't. I wasn't blown away watching him physically. But I don't think you would be. Just when he takes the mound there's a different level Ali can already attack -- -- and as there was a still shot some video of the Comcast. Showed during the week and regular commentator on some of it and does he look in person. As much on video it's like chuck Finley yes of lefty chuck Finley -- taller guy. And the big swooping motion the way he threw him that's the first thing I I noticed when I saw pitches we'll see patterns of other chalk that yeah. I mean yeah it does in the tease -- big dude calm but it's just going to be much like it is with with Barnes are not -- fastball command. And for -- it is to break -- ball. You know kitty it's it's big -- is gullible about Hulk can tighten acting out. A little bit so I think that the breaking ball. Right now a fastball command the fastball command ceremony young kit but it's a breaking ball and if -- can kind of -- -- and a little bit. Then it's a sky's the limit your back and tells -- got a chance to read a putt Shaughnessy yesterday. As an elected Bogart's the next one. He mentions a -- -- bar and the great rookie season he had even dare to bring up and doesn't want to brings up Ted Williams and the way that he can't honestly. And look he's not the only one all right this is this kind of -- story here that Red Sox fans are argued coming off a World Series. And you have one of the best prospects in baseball one of the best young players in baseball he bought the number two. And it looks like he's gonna play every day. Why I act like fans get invested in young players they like eighteen but that young superstar does that extra adage to give Dexter. It sent to watch arena while you watch north siphon up gadgets what Bogart's here we go got two great parties Reagan do. Is she ready to handle this pressure like -- he looked unbelievable. Handling pressure Lester go on to the World Series and had a when you're really isn't a big league experience yet and -- some big walks became. Joint Ty Cobb and in Mickey Mantle as the three youngest players ever to have triples. Indy World Series game and everything look like it was sort of slowed him. Is he ready for what is about happened here which is your starting shortstop on a World Series team and by the way the vacant Nomar comparisons to. This year and they're calling you the next can't just prospect for the ball. There isn't it there isn't anybody from assistant trainer health coach health trainer whatever you wanna call it strict conditioning coach the manager to. -- did David Ortiz to anybody in a team that's where abouts in a boulder. There isn't one. Single concern. With him they all realize it is going to be bumps in the role that they're all bloody young players. But not want -- -- to -- Comcast and talk to rip foil left. It the same response both times -- you know we talked to interviewed him talking about the season. And it worked for -- -- start you off somebody here you know good look -- the American Boston in his first response every single time was hopefully. -- will CL -- goes hopefully will. It meaning that he doesn't isn't everything wrapped up. I mean I turned the switch was akin to kaposi's you know you got to refocus on mean. It's a couple mistakes that you'll want mistaken because the whole game probably a whole series so. It's got to review off period before Christmas this is stuffed into this project at the calls. You -- calling his Berlin. Not a fairly and others approach that you download to the right call yeah cheers there via I mean. And they said you got to focus on every bit as important community is is that they often you'll want to -- through we'll see yourself. Has the -- of focus and it goes -- pitches laid off over I'm got the call went -- way for us. Definitely -- before a game but what the game's start just I'm just pretty much locked in because that way yeah definitely -- a lot of music. To a lot of gulf governors -- is so. This kind of small so that I live. I asked him -- that the I asked him before -- -- you know after Comcast -- interview. That's you know I've I've been there -- -- two strikes or 32 pitch. Borderline and you just either back out of the boxes to strike a retreat to source a walk in -- first base. But there's that split second or two degrees and -- is gonna call. It was that close or you just got full. You know when you look at some weighty policy heater right in on a black as a hitter -- elect a gag gift for Butler played off like it was in. Video part gives it to you knew it yet threaten a new so you look. Like you view view that good you just kind of guest may be -- you get fooled in the dugout Jalabert. NASA does have some pitches that he talk right now World Series that we're just off the charts we're gonna hold Ron. He said the only one that I wasn't sure of was the three to change a pitchers at room. Is that but that could've went either way house for the little bit. And it is about of the net and they're all all the other 12 balls or probable five or sixty took it to signal -- he got a swing at those -- -- -- -- on. It began as a result Detroit. Insurers are actually spent like ten minutes with the talking about the at bat Bogart's. Wondered how the hell he could take some -- -- that he took against you know that all you were the old. Their pitchers wonder are they tipping is he picking something up there were impressed with his whole the calmness that he had -- senior young kids come up. Just went away you know it. There there isn't anybody concerned with him mentally and then you know what edition. Guys he's got to figure out he's got the talent to go with it and when there's bombs he'll deal with it and move on you know build off. Just dot com the meter hurdle with the U guys heard again today would DNC just comes crosses. You talked about Henry Owens being pitched -- right it is pitch it is is -- ability on the mound. Is beyond -- years from everything I've seen. Up close last shooter in the playoff front when I've heard this year. Bogart she's mature for his age like he got it's it's. It doesn't match his in the words he says does not match a kid. That is that young that talented. And is only played you know a small stretch of gains in Major League in Major League games but April will be adjusting in the because there will be a lot of eyes on him there will be a lot of pressure. Any -- -- up well Portland last year populace that well you know new World Baseball Classic and interfere with the spring training. The first time he's really playing cold weather. Lastly he hates doesn't like -- whether he'll play throughout the year before -- Salem in Virginia he felt that was reason. In Virginia for -- like Portland was out of control Baltimore march 30 -- he didn't come out of the gates well at all you know soap. You worry about a kid with that kind of pressure from Aruba I used to play in cold come into the season April. And -- evident a month of April or it's 235 to forty but in that again even if that happens I don't think anybody's really concern. Is that no -- only noticed the pick it up and as the season goes -- only get better. Our talk a lot of Red Sox your early in the show with your phone call 6177797937. AT&T text line. It's 3793. -- of football recap -- Olympics later -- we come back we gave -- chance. Before you left for spring training. The give us a projected Red Sox win total and we did this exercise last year. Where you talked yourself off the number is a lack a deputy change your wind tunnel give you a chance that nobody watched the Red Sox for a week. Give a different win total this team. If your opinion changed about the Red Sox a lot of get your answer on that -- phone calls -- -- -- on Monday Sports Radio WE yeah.

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