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Red Sox Youth Movement: Xander Bogaerts and Jackie Bradley Jr. weigh in on their increased roles in 2014

Feb 24, 2014|

Bogaerts and Bradley sat down with John, Gerry and Kirk to talk about the increased expectations for the upcoming season.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training Fort Myers, Florida jetBlue park get used to these two young man on our right you're going to be seen their faces for a lot of years to come. Wearing Red Sox uniforms in Boston's inner -- to my immediate well let's -- -- media rights in a -- Brooks is right of course Jackie Bradley junior be around for awhile to not -- your penalty you're going to be around a lot longer than we are I don't guys. Users. When asked him -- tough question when when asked about what team concerns are we -- the people that that well this that the other in invariably they say. And the uncertainty about the use in the middle that shortstop and center field is that a legitimate concern. Yes and well. You know as the young guys that doesn't have in my department of veterans of completely so there's definitely some concern but army. -- -- we have got a chance that the vote this sort of what we had you know so. That's about it what do you think Jeff you found itself and all the way things you can -- that is you know they're playing. You know there is gonna have their doubts and -- shown that you -- in all the doubts very rates are. Is losing a World Series make it tougher or easier for you -- as is you take the field this year. Does it take some pressure off I mean I think it's all relative speaking it's -- if you wanna put pressure on yourself but. You know. Just go into it thinking that you know you're going up they're help the team compete and get back to where. They were last year and of course you know -- eyes there. When are we watching because you -- overseers -- -- -- expecting you know you test if that that World Series and teen and if you don't it's you know is this considered failure so. But I mean that's what we continue to work everything that day strike it better. You mentioned time a little bit ago speaking of time. What do each of you know this February this bring about Major League Baseball and your careers and your talent that you didn't know a year ago. When you sat here. What tiller last year I guess is a short question where less there with a a little bit -- but you were -- Yeah however had ever for a few days of Democrats and -- from my of these so this election or first preachers -- before -- -- We have a lot of experience is -- all the guys and we have our guys belong commonly on the acquisition of the treated so you know offseason so it's good to -- on the guys at all. You know you are like the rest of us -- Everybody can tell you this for sure just about everybody knowing them. Was hoping they would say go by the Stephen Drew and say this is our shortstop we were all hoping for that. I'm glad to see there is no drew no offense to him but you're shortstop we wanna see which was stuff. Where are we surprised when -- when when they kind of let Stephen go. I mean he's so clearly you know so I meant. But I mean I'm -- -- -- -- -- in this the position and -- call up as a youngster also in the minor leagues -- this announcement so. -- third base and we're osu is that's pretty good and this is good to be able to focus on what position Opel socialists are not going back before photo of herself -- reportedly first -- -- be disappointed difficult and today. It's a tough question. That it has with a organist of the organization wants to with a few of you know what's best for team. And W Jackie Grady Sizemore and can't -- left handed if they -- -- would probably think it's a pure platoon but he's not so. Do you view it is your job to lose and he's just here's insurance. And I think that's the same way you know we're we're both teammates. Verbal both focused on. The single match -- a World Series game. You know competition is you know what drives us and you know that's what the sport based off and that's a wrap up so you know vote. But for sure gonna put our best. Forward. And I mean he he's great and I really -- wickedness and meet him. As a teammate and you know learn from them or your emotions like last October watching the -- -- -- kind of on the outside you were done at Florida important unfurled a little bit. And I look back home I had you know it some wedding planning away so I did not transfer Matt. Come around thoughts and patterns towards that make it's everything with where we were that the tough to watch them. I'm no not when you wind up I mean. It was great you know I had before. You know and I was glad to be a part of. Center so much has been set about you know where you are in the system number two prospect in Major League Baseball. Would you prefer people not have such high expectations of you because that pressure would you rather fly under the radar and have them say nothing about you or doesn't it matter. I mean if you fiery guy you do good you definitely feel real support so that's true this of this of this companies who -- was. Never nobody ever really knew what was there was there was a sign in now basically however the -- own guys and prospects in baseball so. I mean I feel no pressure at all I just go out there have -- I have fond. I enjoyed it gave up big again that the right way. What was the highlight for you was it taken the walks. And just showing the patience -- the maturity at the plate in the post season it surprised a lot of people -- be that patient at the plate. I mean I turn the switch was akin to propose seasonally got to refocus on me. That's a couple mistakes that you'll want mistaken because -- -- a volatile series so. You've got to review last year refocus since this stuff to do this project at the calls. You got a call it as early. Not upper left out there as a -- show. You can download to the right call shares via I mean and they said he got to refocus and I every bit as important immunity is is that they also want to -- so we'll see yourself. Had a -- of focus and it goes above Fitch's laid off of I'm gonna call it always nice. -- -- abbey before a game but was against thought just I'm just pretty much locked in because the way yeah definitely -- a lot of music. To a lot of gum governors -- is so that's got a small -- of. What was the highlight of your post season with the name a street after you or was I hated the idea par but I got -- in 20110. That's old left that -- people nobody's Oslo. What would get to do -- tonight we give it special privileges I have right now get a pencil ordered all that but a lot of good with them and you guys -- -- people executed at that you guys probably don't -- him haven't heard that was sort of the it's like William Wallace and bring it right yet like that right. Now I'm going here. Item -- battle sort of a 400 dollar on Twitter somebody asked to check your your pulled offseason hobby. And you said going to the movies -- movies what was the best movies on this season. The best movie saw this offseason. He willful Wall Street I did which of that I heard that under that thing yeah doesn't seem that we love. It's it's different. You've definitely got -- you know. What's he taking it hasn't been around you know united -- wanted to know they don't limit on it Giuliani your parents -- I wouldn't they have got to watch him my parents -- but I am a survivor. I did not think that was very very powerful and moving movie. I say that's up there and a top five. -- it was there especially did you read the book manages the I didn't books are better yes but not here yeah now what only locked -- the mediator in there and you can hear a pin drop from from everybody -- just that that powerful. Do you bring this guy with him to the movies. No he doesn't wanna tell me -- path to get what what do you married you know X -- do for kicks. Yeah they went back home with a lot of time -- felt real you know with him the best beaches of the world's to. We -- to do elect and all the America's takeover your beaches in the winter. Obvious effort to review of the Google. Let -- -- a plan on coming there. So how well -- not available -- it's it's it is is Andrew Jones a hero down there yeah still yup. I mean I don't think Eagles that often the result couldn't clear Japan and you can -- our youth of this goes -- is also. But he's definitely -- -- your hero for taking a walk in the -- has hit three home runs at the age in nineteen public appearances what's the big deal. I mean I think I won the World Series. Well. Back Esther we want it might be lost the got a vice Jacki for this guy he's getting married to discuss getting married yes it's great Igawa what was the by DJ he's the pick and play Seattle Portland and DJ -- band I. Did and he just -- did you did you. -- that really Olympian and where which language and and anti here. You know yeah win would get what it was your marriage that you better notice that if okay do Pearl Harbor day December 7 December 7 learned experts are still together -- did you still think that's -- -- yeah that's good was the -- so. Wedding song with all of need John Legend. Published. Guys thanks clear what you wish you picture yourself hitting in the lineup you are you a three hole hitter in the not this year not yet about now some day. Beyond filling them with through the bottom left -- very -- to a video army I don't know probably had in Nigeria with a manager gave excellent view that there. Well yes you're -- seller -- six to set seventh written after presents. As far as -- or was it also you're -- it was night. He was said -- and then we want them up like 67 it's OK okay so -- don't -- -- to cut -- do you know -- -- just still hasn't got his number one's nineteen. He's it is on -- Fred Lynn you know revenue that is yes I don't Fred -- asked. You're number two now right yeah. Do you feel faster with -- this is just as birds and -- did pretty well with that we'll see what a game exploited is it for Jeter went two it is. Coloring opposing views are cute and Haley who is also but I also number two with -- tomorrow and so. Those are. That -- guys that the -- who that was close coming up this sort -- Saturday golden -- are -- gonna say -- of the gold at the guerrilla -- duo of Fred Lynn and Jim Rice asked rice about when you see him down there it's kind of grumpy but today you know if you ask about the glory days are probably loosen up. A you have to with 25 -- to -- Germany in nineteen Sunday. I am happy with point five. Have within numbered so I -- a good note yeah I think it's great -- Jones album but -- but but eventually you want nineteen. So but you gave 44 repeat that we did. We just gave and it was just it was just kids from the start I. With the logo it that if you don't care we have in the order -- enough we wanna be hidden in the five views from -- -- was this bought the ticket for these most comfortable. I think -- below book -- you can't. Don't get all the work we got a controversial. -- -- -- -- -- you'd give it to you disagree I want to look at this -- lefty -- wanna do that to -- -- -- You -- -- that. The only -- of it was certainly enough. The goodwill. So civic arena during a. Whichever which brings me to my final question the NFL scouting Columbine was -- -- and nobody is focusing on the forty times to get from Kent State injury -- out of four to 640. -- victory of the two fastest guys in the team do you think. -- know who's pastor. Buckles is one really -- already stacked -- especially that you'll probably -- victory probably do. While public gets that I don't know. -- never known to you are right and left us about a match trees have been Victorino on him Jackie Bradley -- He's gonna get a lot to live over the strip them and -- -- probably not Ross thank Donald across grosses I know for sure vocal spree that is. Right yeah even with all the parents -- to. Now -- -- -- some of the pitches to that that missing them right run but I -- he is. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That's -- that's because when he makes his living with a dark and I was Ole -- like the fingers first -- Jackie Bradley juniors and a -- thanks for taking the time this year I think you've been in the news like -- ignorance is winning so yeah that is it wanted to dance for us I. As we have played themselves back to the club house every guest joining Dennis and Callahan gets a dozen pro V one golf balls from titlist featuring. The Red Sox World Series champion logo the plate number thirteen to commemorate the 2013 title. And -- gift certificates to be bonefish grill wayside road Burlington mass of wayside comments Cranston, Rhode Island doing to himself with Connecticut and and there's one right up on route 41 of you guys to go have -- -- to talk to guy that you parents during his court the final hour Dennis and Callahan broadcasting live from Red Sox spring training we'll be right back Johnny Jones joins us next. Yeah okay. Doom.

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