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Steve Buckley, Boston Herald, reacts to the return of Jason Collins to the NBA

Feb 24, 2014|

Buck joins Dino, Gerry and Kirk in Fort Myers to talk about the significance of Jason Collins returning to action. Collins signed with Brooklyn after remaining a free agent since the beginning of the season.

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Dennis and Callahan and we -- broadcasting live from Fort Myers, Florida what time is at its 74966. Degrees headed for 84. -- wonderful day in paradise joining us here at the broadcast sites are different from the Boston Herald columnist Steve Buckley hello. Well look at you look at who but -- -- on our unwritten Dylan. I'm so happy guys great headlines back and get that right off my chest god do you think we are to do with that many and this is good job -- to you know -- does a good job you know I missed that did. That little music in the background idea that we don't want it we don't have and the ability to knowing that that helps rationalize their yes in the -- and nowhere is that it's a -- good client statements that -- tell me this Europe -- -- authority -- all things -- if I. I hate it if it. I hate the original regular this sucks though it sucks but I said it's over clock your forever going to be our go to guy but you call -- about that yesterday. You pose that question is though it be offended I'm offended I just I mean if we brought challenges that's the -- stuff as a quality. -- -- The people who work out as you go that's the problem. To level headed but you would throw a fit once in awhile. I -- commentator as the utilities but if I met at that I went into this knowing having been told by the monkey -- in the gay community. That in sportsman of these things happen my phone -- and and I. Did so with that knowledge so. I'm getting right wing do you think Michael Sam is that all disappointed that Jason Collins crystals on it's a request him but I don't think he has I think in the grand scheme I'm sure he's happy and I'm happy to Jason Collins is first. If only for bookkeeping is it sort of takes the asterisk though. It's like but Jason Collins came up he was playing Michael -- came up before he played and now all that's off the -- plus he's the right guys Doc Rivers that witnesses say the wind seemed to press conference season good act is everyone likes of several respects and he's not really there's not a question of can he play. Because he's -- -- -- twelve years you know it's funny is that I actually met him before he came out when I was a Celtics game. I met him to the degree that I say excuse me -- I was trying to get to Rondo that dinner tonight we can't he was in the locker room. And he he's a very. Regal presence is this statement like that about. Is down. What this -- but it's fair article a social experiment but they're experimenting with with salmon and certainly Collins. Wouldn't beat more meaningful would be less meaningful if they these were -- line. Top five players because in both cases they are marginalized in terms of their performance where they are in their career what are the beginning -- at the end but neither one looks to be a superstar at any point. I think it was more important with African Americans in sports the -- blacks coming in the baseball on the football and so forth a football and baseball. But as far as. Jason Collins goes and Michael -- I don't think you have to be a great player because -- think it's more than message even than the statistics we do and what I idol experience that. Every time somebody comes out somebody else comes out. And I have seen it happen myself so Michael -- coming out Jason Collins coming out. Is causing a ripple effect in the world of athletics that we can't even -- right now. I was -- the -- and missile that was an open main. And he restaurant and I'm getting weighed in on that later. And they look at me like. I mean not biblical -- I. I know him Republicans up and says you know his own so it's his. You know Steve -- innocent yeah -- It's for the money like I called them when as the -- coming out any and to advise me. It was great now we're great friends that mrs. Open -- it was a Portland somewhere else. And Michael -- you know -- on a great kid James nutter father I don't think my body not and he was like if not for buck. I wouldn't be you know who I am. Would you agree that from a general manager -- -- let's say in the National Football League if should Avian cloudy with a guide this would present more of a examination so what more circular to be short but more of an examination process if somebody and they'll never say this. Wouldn't want Sam on their team they could say well he's just not what we need he's undersized is have a position. But if a guy like cloning is going to have an impact in the National Football League -- -- of the guys. Which I mean but would it would provide. More reason for pause for these guys to say we can't say we're not taken this guy because he would provided distraction because he's that damn good. Well. I would guess that high profile athletes who were gay and closeted must also. Wave the commercial ramifications right. And will like get endorsement opportunities will I get this will like it that. And which I think they will by the way. If Johnny Weir I mean he's just he's just raking in and right now he's not one of the world's great skaters I mean he's just he's got a shtick and it's working and he's doing all right with it. And I think that if and I'm not say if so and so is you know where gay because people think he's gay but I I do think it's just been some measure -- more difficult. The high profile -- We mentioned this earlier in the broadcast when we first tee is affecting you were coming on a sort of wanna ask you this question you know -- me. We teased about you were coming on this. Debt that Johnny Weir and and his applications that he's he's embraced fully and it's part of who he has with the makeup lipstick in the jewelry and all that sort of stuff. Does that. I don't the rightward as offend you. Does that bother you as a setback any kind of progress cause or or what what do you think about joining we -- -- I -- I think he's hysterical hits it's. -- if you if you can separate. The athlete from what we're saying it's its performance it's entertainment and the and it's like. It's like he's doing -- talk show and I reckon -- whatever grades it's it's what his schtick is an oryx. And when it no longer works when the ratings indicate that his -- no longer works. The networks and whatever -- she's working at will douse them. And that's as simple as that is there any downside for for gay -- -- -- think so I mean -- it's you know Dave lawn mowed the umpire wrote a book behind the mask and it it was actually the first time I ever. Dip my toe in the water upcoming album was he wrote a book called behind the mask and -- you know pity me port -- empire. And right in that boy can he says I don't understand these dependent homosexuals I don't understand why they have to be the way they are. And I read that sort of review one of the national back in ninety nationals with -- and I was in New York in 1990. And it's like a Mike or how Leo you you -- entire books thing please accept me for who I am in it you can't accept the quote unquote of them are homosexual and in the -- He confessed to missing calls on the basis causing chicken players asses out which I don't remember that by the Iowa and I went to -- him to gay bar. I met -- opponent that to Chandler house -- a -- a particular threat I don't know what it was L Chandler but I had to meet I didn't even went so I'm told so I went ahead and I thought that that's you know that's my experience I went into the -- it was -- busy it was -- a Friday night and we are in place was packed. And I met Dave -- as accountable -- strange guy and a madam. Amount we we talked about this last couple weeks potential distractions. Jerry and I think disagree in this dealings with millions politics and a lot of potential distractions Michaels and in -- from Ime servers a distraction and he said he gets married he does this -- that was just hypothetically -- throughout ethical right for me I think this -- -- have to be Michael -- can be the next guy OK and for me in this generation for kids this age for most of them not all from most of them. -- it to be a big deal after the initial thing actual tickets and we've always talked about the religious guys the southern baptists who will an awful like Chris Broussard flat out say. I don't believe in that I think it's sin right that is -- -- Michael -- -- that the guy in the next locker says I think he I think his is lifestyle as a sin. Can't speak for Michael Sam. When people -- religion at me -- and I'm not particularly religious person I was raised Catholic. I. I'm okay with the policy isn't because it was so important my family grandparents. But the way from down on that is very very every line in the Bible that says let's burn negates. This is something else that's much more heinous and there. And if if you choose wines from the Bible to make your point it's a slippery slope. And Bible's great thing a thing religious great thing. But but don't weigh all your religion on the strict adherence to what's in the biased -- -- -- do you think it's -- -- -- -- -- -- etc. -- do you -- his spot in the draft -- -- up -- down. Because boy it's it definitely goes down because you can't get every single. Decision making the national for people to agree on one point. And if if only one NFL general manager. Takes him down a peg in his depth chart because of this then he's going to fall. We're -- in the workplace environment discussion here as well ambiance in your thoughts -- about the the NFL getting ready in -- on the road Naples this week. With the competition committee to try to legislate or. It's set up the parameters -- -- legislate on the field -- -- particularly Edward. So what's fight with what my my question is in hot. Do you think that's viable we've been discussing this all morning I mean is is is it going to be effective. They call a fifteen yard penalty that may cost somebody a game for using and well it -- the if you say it is the end it would and eight. You get fifteen yards as well as ending with an ER yeah -- an eight year old teammate that's where eighteen yard. That's where it's gonna be difficult it is. The with -- without the Boston accent I think is what you mean right yeah well that's yeah. I guess -- and -- and -- are tied it thanks I think if you say it with a Boston accent and you are from particular race it's going to be hard to call me up 'cause it's it's it's it's much I mean how many times have we heard that word. And lock rooms of -- evolve into service for many many years. After that as lean times in such as way from Kevin Garnett and expected in such a way that it's not offensive. What's offensive to me I was raised that that's a third rail rats just right way I was raised I was raised my -- mom dad my Brothers and sisters school. The whole bit so it it was understood that that was the third rail. If -- from different cultural where it's used in a different manner or different generation or different generation and it's gonna be tough you know Phillips art. -- then asking them to to legislate context and intent and isn't that virtually impossible to do. It seems to me what the gonna have to say is that word under any circumstances ends in a NC ER said injustice said in anger. Is going to be a penalty. I only did get asked these guys to call holding and and and holding and pass interference and decide what he met when he said that word. All the big picture here is that players that it's gonna have to be Smart yeah and it it it in the if they get called Florida. Then -- one of them because they have to understand what. All players have to understand what's at play here it's going to be. Crazy it's going to be a slippery -- inability of like holding in the NFL battle and -- I was saying it's the verbal -- one of them we -- -- -- have a scrum in some guys can use the eight version not the other version and the rest and here's something else in this in the cost them a game in the national he's gonna say I was talking to my team right. They go out. -- -- -- -- -- that is and and you get like you -- like this 75 you'll ref who's gonna have to just to see whether he was saying -- in the cool -- way. Horse and an anchor guys 45 years younger right they do do you if you ever gotten a hard time. And we've discussed when you first came out. How would it go for you in a -- like listen -- that the problem here Bucs are really nice guy and everyone likes. If this were someone like minute and he would be difficult -- an awful. -- a -- from -- -- but you know. I believe it isn't a factor that people just like Q and root for you. If you are Shaughnessy if you were men and do you think it would have been has gone as smoothly. I can't insufficient and had dinner would damn honest I'm not answer for him he's asking different him but he could undermine any different about it but Posey is the site as -- sales chart so it was just hard -- picture John you know. Not being heterosexual -- You -- -- my answer to that speaking for myself I have yet have a single problem I'm really very very proud. I mean would not -- a lot of fox pro illegal front of the crowd well. I actually got a homophobic -- before it came out in the end zone you'll see how we do that that most exclusive to Waukesha and down there and also. And I know and I used this before and you heard associating him. But the worst thing I ever heard of -- looks Olson I did not vote Ellis caught. Cool cool on God's green earth could possibly dislike Ellis wrote and I heard some Armenians and let you know. All god. And it was that kind of place it was that kind of late so the fact that somebody dropped an F bomb that the -- went on me when I was in the ends yeah fifteen years ago. I took that as well that's not him thinking -- -- that's just some -- just try to help of some yet -- But. Listen I Britain critical columns of hope and let me say so really really nice but the authorities have had a lot of fights with David -- including -- -- shouting match a few years ago in Toronto. And David hasn't even tilted toward anything odd direction so. The argument I have with David Ortiz above this that the other thing is strictly business like got to the -- nothing personal and no one on any of the fourteen aces that Amy and I've been. In locker rooms and it. The by the way the first day I ever went in the locker room that openly gay man. A week after -- came out. With that day it was welcoming elephant jokes I first about how deep. And that it if this is what a war and in so. But after -- about this let's not let's get a baseball question in here where does it go wrong for this baseball team -- could go wrong where the potential pitfalls of. Biggest concern and I and I'm frankly surprised that doesn't give more attention is closer -- -- you -- cannot possibly. Can't imagine him putting up an amateur last year he can do 70% of that and still be effective closer. But keeping in mind that he was the fourth option as close a last year after Hanrahan did -- our daily. And they and they finally in desperation turned to through you we are and he put up this historic season. Well what do -- now he's 39 from what if you if he gets hurt breaks down falters in some fashion can we expect them to go for deep this time. Probably the port deal but is not community who he got the studies that he'd be yeah your safety net and he had a great season last year with the cardinals until he didn't have a great season. And suddenly he lost his job well ours though he's been. Almost as good -- -- for you look at the statistics solid team but not not as the closer right that's true I guess that's that's a big. -- is you know it right now they are with that go on closing bracket to phrase this question has the judge in mum My Cousin -- might -- are you worried about the two utes. No I'm well three you to become middle troop. More concerns about Bradley because he he was on the stage a couple of times last year and struggled put it together toward the end of the tuck it. -- we have seen have success right until we got hurt the big leagues. -- we have seen has success when he waited up that six pitch walk against stud Jake McGee in the Tampa Bay series. How is he to get up there and do that he's a rookie should be looking at threes that now he he dug in there and he got the walk. And -- -- against Verlander download to an account yet saving Rivera went right and -- an end and he had a good game against lectures which was just talking about the other day. So at least we've seen them do it. Jackie Bradley junior hasn't done it yet and he did get the -- opening day against CC sabathia Leo look at it means that whether it goes right. So. As much as a white Jackie Bradley junior and I think he's gonna be a solid big league which is seventeen that would. All guests during the Dennis and -- here enough Florida get gift certificates to bonefish grill. -- a -- and -- at a at a but it can outwit. Wayside road Burlington mass -- -- -- they also have locations bonefish grill doesn't Cranston, Rhode Island. Knowing -- and south Windsor Connecticut also some give it. Buck's buck and you have real great gift that he had openly admits it the Red Sox World Series champion logo pro V one golf balls will run you miss every item list. The play never thirteen to commemorate the 2013 titled the most play ball on the PGA tour at every level of competitive golf Kevin but he's good golf balls coming -- right and get ugly girls that. Mr. Buckley thanks very much again.

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