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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Kiss won't accept a prestigous invitation

Feb 24, 2014|

We look at the latest news outside the world of sports with Kirk Minihane. Kiss won't be performing at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Piers Morgan will be signing off on CNN.

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Headlines brought you by AT -- to cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible -- by precision fitness equipment shop for the pros do and worker and hand those. Precision fitness equipment we start. It's CNN stands for cable news network. The backcourt Larry King I want Larry -- that show for up. I think it was 79 years 54 years you know. And replacement piers Morgan it's going to be less than three years it's over. CNN piers Morgan agreed to and that show. A specific date it appears orbital the New York Times last night. The show is not working people are watching the American audiences not one -- British guy. Come on fairways every night at 9 o'clock so he has essentially the rob should soon ski. Yeah. Of you know who along real well I don't know -- Kaczynski was much for it to an ego thing so Roosevelt Brown's record. Six in ten right but become the win over the public works. Given I'm calm on the win over the patriots a six attempt to win over the yes -- he was -- piers Morgan was like one and fifteen in mountain and you know the rumor -- duo rumor was that take that job Harbaugh did join it. No one what is Jay Leno Jay Leno which would make some sense you -- vote. Is that the what the worst thing eleven does enter. Interview yeah you want -- without the guy from what seems -- have I would watch but he would do better than piers Morgan the other guys out all. -- It never -- their last the attractively danger as us along with that last bit of a blow up six weeks maybe. Yeah -- picture toilet people would watch it get it that are opposite first last this last week is pretty pretty good example publisher has been. Piers Morgan's CNN every night. 364000. Total viewers. That was easily beat by Fox News is the Kelly file that's with -- Kelly. Two million and Rachel meadow and and -- -- -- -- two million for meg and Kelly 300000 for previous Morgan yeah here's set I say their -- That is a -- so it's over piers Morgan. Here is here's more. You still don't want to have any background check to see if somebody who is finding god may have a rectal would have mental insanity. Now explain to me why that in itself is not completely honest I. Good stuff -- Brazil. And that's that's one of the big things he said this -- and -- -- special on control he wants us to be like England and he says it hurt him in the flyover states yeah like they separate candidates that are given that. But it wants to go -- -- the Second Amendment when you're on the year following a guy who was on for a long time really successful. And people don't like Q it's hard -- sixty. Like who -- seen -- a lesson that you learned it's just it's hard thing you know maybe the guy you know do you -- about a -- -- was very well liked. Yeah yeah that's true it's the Drupal and neither. -- -- rarely heard a discouraging word rarely rarely -- Republica upon ethic like nobody didn't like connect he was like Larry King. Used to imitate Larry can you do that I've been listen to what you're very piers Morgan ish you know except when it well this little difference in terms of success but that's -- We want to exit wouldn't. Does piers Morgan yeah. It just Morgan was. Did its job wouldn't matter will still get invited to Howie Hampton's yeah small royals they couldn't vote you out on the on the in the island yes are you. Give your bash reporting date yet. We don't announce at this week is possible maybe in April yes OK April 10. If you do the rock and roll hall of fame -- -- New York so you're not until Thursday night. People don't think so I think it's mashed fried. Thursday or Friday this is -- this year but they're not gonna rock and roll. Or any point during the day. Ducked into the rock and roll hall of fame in April and said Sunday the forty year old group unable to Israel which -- should perform during the able to answer your city. It decided not to play in the dispute concerns over. Original members ace relief ludicrous whether the joint Gene Simmons -- it in my performance -- the hard line. -- Minister Ali shadow -- case -- -- in the lineup call it emotional situation where there's no way to please this just happens don't like -- happens all the time. Happened. Harks back -- happens every year but wouldn't you say the old geysers are the ones that are being in -- it is supposedly got -- -- -- -- -- -- Can't they'll look the same with the make up on top 25 guys other than what Gene Simmons tongue does anyone know a little different well now but I mean. The -- guys on -- to get it to two guitars that one. Mean seem solvable I mean this August suck at this point yeah just do what. Chili peppers that the suitable don't plugin that it didn't make it jump around anyway but really understand this every new inductees perform. Yes yes you have to perform you have to but he did perform usually it's with a person who ducks Bruce inducted two months. Some do so would a doctor Julius. That's happened David announced they have to pick whoever's gonna conduct of bright and perform with them might as of now they're not go public as of right out of -- This weekend. You know. This last year on -- times. -- -- Hopefully get a -- on all we can. I was I -- probably six one of which elements have you seen this enough that scene we gives the speech before that first battle right it's just. Perfect it's just the greatest -- -- put at first wife and Braveheart the top. Twenty best girls yes right right that which -- am tired yes yes particularly land up to look good even with that net around before it burned her. If you that -- that it had a -- number but I I was all out all announcement well at the sheep and you get out of the -- I always say that all great movies are about revenge that's the greatest revenge we -- whenever stormed the garrison. Just a role in the bristled as often fall into the -- Reporters always. Terrible dream which opens out of it all still got the quality of the president of thing with anything -- is -- -- -- it makes the case smashes -- magnet that right now at the shoulder surgery. Does that hurt and if so I just -- -- -- -- Oh coach and that Chris crushed -- that it at that hurt. So did the actual Wall Street as we know I was only on 9:30 ultimately it's 1 o'clock it is Friday -- that's true because the scope of the week and I understand this particular. Now I told my original CH I know. About what you can hear you just look at one theater you know I looked at both places. The tear him up there which are safe on this -- Reuters poll 15100 Americans that's what cities and hit the nine best picture nominees. Only six a sixty some percent people seem not. Yours you suck up till you see what the best picture nominees this what's the what's the most. That the most -- 50%. Next gravity. Nexus -- Wall Street 12% seen it. -- what was -- -- -- less than 1% at -- that would probably win this probably you have to keep track of these things you know yeah. Actually that they watch handicapping the Oscars credit metrics. Is it gonna go head to head against to a detective. Yes well then forget about the Washington. Of the -- tell me this. Who wins we use predict best picture -- -- this twelve years. CP -- except obviously ripe for twelve years after he said he cried for twelve years. Peter -- one possible irony that the twelve years of slaves literally he was a slave for two wells theory right it's always the case of pride for great -- Grow wide sort of love and a half years ago -- And yes images of what she thought in 2000 rush looked like capital says -- up right now doll is what the Wall Street that was shot nude she says American Consulate which yes and yet best actor. Between now we've got for voters -- I'll -- -- actual content. I was gonna say McConaughey hey. DiCaprio. Or Christopher it might be the guy the Irish guy in Filipino. -- what should note Judy -- is an -- that helps them but it. What -- didn't know what to it. Right and the right to vote DiCaprio so good and I know a lot of great actor whose performance is just unbelievable. Levee system on the departed was on this week and -- Aussie on. It's it's making the rounds and AMC and all that DiCaprio blows the whole field the way into that role but you know. David at a good rule but it just doesn't have that the gravitas of Libya and the good news. 2016. It's the presidential race this award will not be alone semesters represented. Maybe court to Politico. Who asked Deval Patrick weathered it seems -- running for national office Patrick. Was -- a fine for the -- sub 1016 nomination the past replied. Maybe maybe that says that -- make -- -- of my wife of thirty years she's a tough on the convinced. He dangled notion of returning the government after a break to second term ends early next -- of the ball Patrick may be running for president. You'll be dialogue now. Now if you talk about piers Morgan not resonating in flyover country that Deval Patrick. Well. I think this is -- Now now Democrats are Hillary. -- -- And Chris Christie over -- can sort. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The restaurants. Every day you wake up there like six stops you up to -- and and you have policies that I stored them. If you read it you get to play golf almost everyday and you get the line up toward Malia should not statistically. We stood. True you know the pack. Is back. Atlanta project by. 77937. That Santelli in broadcasting live Red Sox spring training in tendons in her Bogart's Jackie Bradley June would -- o'clock hour. General Steve Buckley next with the NC. -- -- -- --

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