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Discussing the Celtics direction for 2014 and the future with ESPN's Jeff Goodman

Feb 21, 2014|

We talk to Jeff Goodman about the Celtics lack of moves at the deadline, tanking, and what the general direction of the team could be moving forward for Danny Ainge and the Celtics in 2014.

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Celtics silent yesterday course they've made some moves earlier this year but. No moves yesterday trade deadline has come and gone to this is the team we'll see now for the rest of the way Jeff Goodman. We'll join us right now from ESPN covers college hoops but also the NBA in the celtics'. He knows he knows what's going on there as well as -- Goodman ESPN on Twitter Jeff what's going on. Then move mysteriously didn't sleep all day Ayers or something happen hibernation and I don't know what -- Is that what you think you think he should have made a deal that there's a deal there to be made yesterday that in make. I don't know I mean listen. I think you've got to -- top value for Rondo so if you want you can get top value or close to it. You he would trade in right now let's base runners values not. Not nearly as -- you would hope -- could be -- a comment back from knee injury. Not having some success I mean it's big you know big you know 55 or something like that would Rondo in the line up. And Bret Stephens had been able let's say you know run at being great he's been unbelievable leader. Ancient echoed the comments maybe they could -- -- somebody. And gotten close before value and then I think you make the trade but I think -- made the right move because again now that they were yet -- full value on the dollar. Well when asked about that Jeff how do you assess Iran those value verses. What you can get for what you -- you could get from I should say Chandler Parsons how to how do you compare those players. It worked at a -- Chandler. It's already. I've -- camera forever. And and he did not been accurate in -- can remove. It and most players don't but I think in this case you were right. They've got a pretty good coordinator. You know between heart Cameron Dwight Howard. I think -- worries -- how can we get better without -- -- one of those three guys in the best way to get better just. You know -- you know hot -- They may be operating at point guard position and I think that's kind of what you wanted to do -- You know -- Danny -- are certainly not gonna give up Rondo without -- are getting a hot hot lottery pick. In return. Multiple or try Anders ordering some sort of got -- you can you know maybe not build your your your -- around the pretty close topic. That's what some people look at -- a partisan. -- slipped into the second round when he was drafted but he's been unbelievable. You know as as a piece but he's not on number one guy he. In a -- you're ever gonna get a number one guy you know for Toronto at this point. Teddy get the number one guy I mean we we talked to Steve Kerr last week -- that seems to be the question. That every NBA general manager who doesn't count one asks himself over and over again. I don't like get that number one guy who's gonna change my franchise. Through droughts occurred off it is you're not LA. Your not even New York in. I think those places at least our spots where players want to beat Miami right now Boston is not a destination up and hit. Machinists with pretty camps for the most part. That water column you're now it was different when you pat pierce KG and -- Al. But the other the other aspect it's kind of overlook -- would be in the week. It's not like runners got this great reputation it's not like like players even though props for Scott that you would think every player wants to play -- -- -- -- they know -- reputation within the least it's not that good. That players are are are -- in the play it would vehement and wanna come to Boston because they can play with a pure point garlic run. What does that reputation what are they -- He style he's moody he's talked to get along -- he's not a great you know locker room guy. Which -- or reach him like Tubby Smith didn't like him. What Doc Rivers and get along which are to be it is coaches. Probably in in sports today. To get along to the highest character guys you'll ever spot Tubby Smith than in Doc Rivers and -- federations who -- -- -- coach in the Florida by his coach -- -- -- -- it. He's either very heady heady player with strong opinions that Thursday. It can be -- some -- I think -- Smart you know he he's extremely Smart we know that some thought probably Smart or don't do it. I just I don't like. The idea of building a franchise around rod but -- to repeat. What you at three all favors or to make shots around. You put him on a team work frankly it's how global market now there's not a lot of offensive weapons and -- Rondo -- exposed. We'll get one of the good things about talking to you -- I know you spent a lot of time not just know what's going on the Celtics is obviously your your main gig is covering college college basketball. For ESPN and this is supposed to be a deep draft. All of these guys that that have been talked about over and over again do you think they are all going to come out you think this draft will be as deep as it was supposed to be. I do what they talked some about you know all come out. Their joy and beat the so import from Kansas told me a few weeks back it strongly considering come back to school. And we needed him. That's -- and I know it's not that I don't believe in my pinkie is -- -- is -- report about smoke for years she could use another year in college but. This is all relative who is probably the number one overall pick him if that's the case to meet you -- What what's the benefit there are certainly more things that can happen that would hurt you. Outlaw market Smart even who would have been a top pocket a year ago and now -- -- but -- -- downward but certainly. Not have been the year he would like stock is all. But again he probably sent out it -- as he comes out I think you're part portal from duke. Also comes out Milosevic's top three guy in the -- a little bit of a drop. To the next you know the next two which are Julius Randall. -- Kentucky and -- -- action -- kind of a wild card guy. A 65. Athletic. Long. Great first step combo guard -- -- went to North Carolina played overseas and dot -- rock and Australia. And again not a lot of people seem against great competition. But from everything I've watched them film and everything to be out or eat together to probably go to tie its. -- improbable ordered lower them -- separate. -- of -- two feet to the fire here who's who's the best player out all of those guys who's going to be the best NBA player. I -- -- -- -- states like I know what him to get out to -- park obligated you know what. I'm a step that you haven't looked for the light -- career. He is going to be a -- scored about he will be. And not that I don't think Carmelo to back -- again I don't cover him all the time anymore. I've known to choose Syracuse and certainly seem over the years is he self respect that are absolutely. -- companies -- package but I cute been a part Parker is a higher terror Herbert you know Carmel similar bodies. They can both scored every level but not great athletes. That too -- compared to -- Parker to. Oil MB. He is still up in order I mean he can score in the post need to step how to shoot the already. He can block shots and people would -- player for a couple years the outsiders from men. In -- scares me to death. -- -- -- I discourse and what particular art collection what are you gonna. The -- -- the commodities used to and a get out Burton never -- and he's a guy -- watching closely. And he's so I went through great tradition but you watch him in this -- -- he really has trouble and get by guys -- handle. So I -- I think. A big interview -- Rudy Gay I think that's probably you know that we get to our concern Rudy Gay to market roads in because -- -- now criticism. And then you go to war man. It would like -- rumor that great defensively. Put a little bit challenge golf. I mean that they're considering where stock was that's and that's I mean a huge drop from from what we're hearing before the year began right yeah hearing you say that I -- it then my next question is. Is is this. This draft deep enough or are that are the players in this draft worth taking war. No I well. You know I don't honestly know because -- your Philadelphia okay what's the upside. That and not thinking OK what what you're outside you finish that would. You don't -- seven worse record and then like it appears to drop off after the top spot okay that you don't like. The Aaron award of errors all of Tyler -- and Syracuse medium market Smart shot like that so. I think it's it's it's -- one of the worst teams. Are you reconsider all or Phoenix or seem to look what -- -- on paper Phoenix has no right. Which -- -- wanted to wanna set out to be -- coach you would what he's done but I epic. Aren't they -- thing important this -- is not do that we made out to beat it still got the potential for the top five guys. To all be. All starts fairly consistent all stars like regular people like Broussard could start. And it could be special and it's just not a lot of big guys out there and you guys know that. Even catapults. I mean. And -- yourself that -- you operate. You know and I think you're part Parker yeah I think -- -- are to be one of the top it could be a popular site. As well so people can relate day that's what type of player he can be sold. You wanna take a popular would be a better pitching for popular right now there's been with the worst record in just keeping me you'll. I think my -- that's exactly ally and how I view the whole thing Jeff. So you and -- -- 100% there on the same page you appreciate all your insight that to be with us today thanks. Are going out all right Jeff Goodman he's yet joins us via the AT&T outline. Perhaps not as deep as it was supposed to -- I know that weakens his name is has not been as hot as it was before the the season actually began. But those are some some comparisons -- can't exactly get too excited right -- -- intra Riggans was that quote afterwards and -- that it Dahlia. -- every you know you like that. Why I like like I like quicken like Parker. I like Randall. The guy who would be scary. Is it beat because. You look at him right now he you're drafting him. You're -- everybody potential. In in all the drafts now except for football. And made it to two to three years down the road football easier topic and football expected to play immediately. But. -- beat you really talking about a guy from -- room. Who recently picked up the game it has a long long long -- ago. For him to justify being for for you to justify -- take that guy number one overall yeah. So that's the that's the scary -- -- Which nobody says about -- and -- and the floater -- you know sometimes. You know at times you wonder if you really engaged in the game but in terms of the things he can do on the court and what his body is. What is his frame is made for me he can put on 1520. Pounds he'll be athletic -- that he has right now. Only 1819 years old so I'm not it I'm not as afraid of of Reagan as I am in Beatles he may. -- so let's open this up we get to we have people on the -- wanna talk Ortiz we got some calls on the Celtics is well we'll do both execs on 777979837. Assault and all and W media.

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