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Wrapping up an epic US vs Canada Hockey Game with NESN's Jack Edwards

Feb 21, 2014|

We talk pucks with Jack, right after the US fell 1-0 to Canada in the Olympic semis.

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That one on the -- I'm sure -- is happening right. The only best candidate here. -- you believe for an -- now. And her ever heard that I'm rooting for Caylee was the only US citizen because. It's your game is fair game mr. -- Republicans believe that this is that there. Do you grade him -- never gonna take that they're always beautiful best implement it in the world. -- -- -- -- -- -- And so beautifully with the person who refuse to war -- -- is all about beauty you sent. Who said anything about that references to war from the get. A good thank you can be compared to comic yet banks right now all it. -- -- -- Like the references to war. On -- in the US but you know. And he's confusing it was like -- the blow above replacement policy. Let's see well anthems you're celebrating your freedom of the cuter freedom from wars technical problems with the lyrics to the how to by the US US at all that. But c'mon can't bring -- let's open up and knock it okay so what are we celebrate. An important to life. War. I mean I'm really -- a whole war. The whole Paul Revere what -- earlier you know I would ask that question -- but don't call me. As the biggest patriot we know ask the guy who at any moment. Could break into a five minute soliloquy and exactly with the fourth of July means to everybody especially. Do himself and that will be jacket or judge that was right now who is here of the Boston -- Boston -- has always brought to -- eighteenth -- which covers more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible and Jack every year jacket you know that every year has -- active directory and in its entirety. I'm out for the line. -- never -- you know make him rooted again today after losing the camera. Well. But it is it is the greatest document. Ever written in the history of English language -- changed the world and it brings me to tears every single time I read it does it's an amazing amazing document. It's in other a long list of usurpation and then no longer doing this by the -- through the middle of it that you. And I have to understand what they were talking about -- the beginning and the end of it absolutely clear in any age and. You're absolutely right in the middle of this hockey the miners were at a particular. Jack good thing today. They did not -- hockey game and relate to me the difference was that -- candidates. Players were better without the clock then the US players work there wasn't as much support it's gotten on for the US you know -- -- fact where. That they would have had -- all the times that -- it's Canada's old I was so much certainly US. For the US it was as so many times in the know 91012. Seconds in the door and out because they didn't have the depth and that in the attracted any prickly always talks about. Where you were attacked in the form a triangle when you look at that Bergeron who it draws the line they won. Almost every ship they skated the last fifteen minutes of the game when it was winning time then yeah it didn't result another goal being scored for Canada. What they supported each other shall unbelievably well you can really see. The ballot that next here that we're talking about when they're that that the the in Canada probably had in it. And today they found -- and they you know they got that violates say solitary flights are both out. And he was challenged a couple of times but really how well Canada's. Player played as a unit and supported one another our policy differences again. A Jack in its its sports talk radio we second guess that's just what we do. Now that you know the result of the game and you look at it with the benefit of hindsight. Is there anything the US could've done in terms of either strategy or let's go even bigger picture. It having somebody else on the team who wasn't there who would have been a better fit. Yeah you know I wasn't one that came first was selected accept that kind of looks like it all starts in rather than a team with a concept. And I would have preferred to have. The option. I'm going to a guy like final -- so instead of Blake Wheeler you know Wheeler have one really good shift in the third period I don't know he played in the rest the entire game. You know the he's been an invisible player in the tournament. And -- polls though is the guy who. As brought such a combative attitude -- is -- -- like David packets and that is a different package. You know a very good attacking player who played with tremendous intensity. And we'll give himself off on any -- that help the team may. It was that kind of player that I thought that the US. Was missing out on it and maybe you got to tip your cap that's the argument for. For including. The kind of player that he knew we're going to support one another. When they got the situation like that the by the weather got a totally different. -- put salt on Sunday against this week because. Obviously we can play it's totally different style special -- white sheet. They'll get to them in a -- funny you're watching these games leading up to today and it seemed like the US team played really well as a team they use their speed incredibly well right so that fore checked well -- speed was just evidence. Canada now until today it did look good but not great. You know they I think they are still questions about whether or not they were just an all star team assembled together or whether or not they were truly -- team. But I was just impressed today at their physicality and their defense compared to the US. Yup very physical with the -- Capel Meester who has exploited many many times actually especially down low. Elbow mr. burns looked at in assist the people look at this and they -- -- there. But he was easily able to exploit -- -- Canada's defense and that that's probably. So in this ring and a lot of time looking at. However. It's it's seen throughout the tournament that even though Canada was not in sync that they weren't getting. Toward getting in -- Think about the guys who who run that team and this again doesn't take anything away from them files let Peter Laviolette US coaching staff. At all -- You got Mike Babcock. Answering to the advisory is -- GM then as is the -- -- coaches you have -- Julian. And Ken Hitchcock and Lindy Ruff and those those are our. You know Babcock -- is that you referred all around coaching in many many ways. Those other three guys are absolute system defense got. And it if -- candidate defense does look a whole lot like the Boston Bruins he moved and I'm not just -- to -- the public about. Like all five skaters you know they. You work really paid attention because there there were layers there layers upon layers upon layers it just looked like the course played at their. All of that Jack we hear brain we -- brain today that should frighten you okay. But as I sit at the beginning of the show it to just watching watching the way. Canada played defense it was tunnel but watching the Bruins and penguins in the playoffs last year you felt like he had the opportunities that. That that team that defensive team has control of the entire game and I think. I went in that direction. Now because I saw what you saw operatives assault close. Soc code and a solemn. With with the grease board that's OK he's got some influence on the game plan absolutely. There's no question and and I know it's sources Schumer toward the end of our -- a little bit on Wednesday but if you're watching Patrice Bergeron away from the talks. -- third period. Is the way you wanna play if you wanna win championships you know we know -- convert Frontline today today nothing will jump out -- -- go back and you watch him. On video and watch how he played and what he's eating every situation whether it was what he has these fences don't face off by the way. The several outlines in Prague in adverse drug taking defensive zone faceoff what does that tell you and and how we were supporting his teammates. The notebook fox he one along the -- Such tell you weren't championships that's what it's about ten and you know in Canada -- come together just right while they're playing their best game of the tournament so that. Well three Bruins supposed to play today only to end up playing right you have Bergeron was deficit had a great game -- -- scores a goal for the Swedes and -- grass has the full low. He misses. The potentials for the semifinal match. But you make it I mean look I mean no there's nothing you can do about the flu but it sure seemed like a surprise that with so much on the line Tuukka Rask wasn't in the. Yeah not only that but I'm -- I mean this you have to feel snake bit or what I mean you feel for guys like like to collapse. Like Vladimir -- -- Who. Blew up his kneecap just for the Olympics again. You know a guy like John taveras who now have to watch the gold medal game while he's out for the season with a knee injury from the islanders and and team Canada. It's just it's terrible and stuff like that happens but it is hoped the -- could get through all the blog Alford Sochi into the bring it back to his teammates. You know Jack. Oh here at Fort Myers and that was. Talking to some guys in the press box and I thought Joseph McDonald. You know. Believe it jacket worse things that Patrice Bergeron hall of Famer. There. -- -- He is. -- -- ideas -- don't. And that's not -- the joint Mac also thinks how to play that is going to haul for these days about Pinochet is that he is all of paper but you know he got to get a good points that. Let me talk about those that we were weird joking about the eighteen person panel for the hockey hall of fame house -- got -- -- is on Colin capitals guys. He set out on all those people on the panel if you can find someone who has something bad to say about the trees -- Right and that's exactly what I was saying that is that is that. By the way thank you for Europe for putting out on the air because I was the first -- I -- a complete list of and I don't have any problem like camera being other outlets because whatever is a guy who dedicated his life -- -- And who loves the game and understands. The sacrifices the players -- to be great in the game so you know. NBC having the slot. It's it's it's designated NBC that bothers me a little put. That like Amber's got the -- bothers me not want that he is absolutely qualified and -- that. Like but that was kind of what we're getting accurate that there are not people on that on that can be. Who have reported there -- the hockey. And to understand that it is the ultimate team sport and that's without the absolute. Willingness to sacrifice. This Mormon. That might cost Jeter's season in order to win this small and this game that you have no chance to win a championship that's that's why. I feel so strongly that Bergeron as fortunate enough to get another few years and go without injury and and -- one more sensational thing. -- -- That he's gonna get it because he is appreciated for the incredibly the world professional that he is on the ice. Jack how does this all play itself out now only we talked you one -- lap early in the week I guess it was we're talking a vote. Pros and whether or not the NHL will now let them stay in the Olympics and and at that point it sure seemed as if a lot of the momentum was moving in that direction just because of once again the success of seeing all these guys -- -- to -- gets hurt. Personally -- that -- bother me that much I still wanna see the NHL guys I understand that that's one of the risks but they Soviet because he got hurt a regular game in the NHL just watches an Olympic game. Do you think that will be the nail in the coffin though for us get to see the NHL players in the Olympics. No I I. Are at stake and how we think that the at NATO which is very sophisticated in its market research. And despite its. It's public blunders in all kinds of areas yet it all very. It's in its audience research. I think they're trying to calculate. Whether or not they are actually picking up. Huge chunks of peripheral audience everybody's been talking about the -- the our quadrupling -- TJ overseas quarter of followers. After all she was the guy in the shootout taking what six and eight shots for the US against. The Russian team. But. You know were those already hockey fans who suddenly were aware that -- -- Twitter handle that they could jump on the -- -- and whatever thing. How they violate Jack a young kid who's not old enough to be on any sort of survey or anything. How do you calculate the effect of a father watching -- game with his young kid -- four years -- five years old right now -- and 51015 years from now becomes a huge NHL -- -- big hockey -- because what he -- in the Olympics. Well I would I would say that that the chances are that bad father already had. So home. Interest in hockey but I don't know if that's the second level research I'm talking about are you attracting people who'd never seen a hockey game before. And we're just watching because of the far as. War because the games have been on and MSNBC. Throughout the NHL season for the last few years later. So heavily promoted the Olympics. -- really just preaching to require already that's that's the research that idiotic they'll have to do in order to make the time calculation because it. It all as as your producer Ben will remind you. The World Cup in Korea and Japan which I called for -- the end game Ron at 2 o'clock and 3 o'clock in the war and it was punishing for the audience. And that's what time the games are going to be alive. For the US audience. When now when it -- Olympic order and next are held in South Korea that the editing tool time zone for the NHL. Our real quick Jack how to Sweden beat him. Possession around the edges. The rock city in export check. And a little bit apart block candidate speaking it has the right are. They sure look good enough today they beat the US jacket to talk TS are not under better circumstances but we appreciate it. Our great go read the declaration of independence to the -- -- -- Jack every Jack Garrity joins us via the AT&T outlined in the he's here in place of the bullets today kind of an odd day in the Boston -- you know was brought to you. By AT&T. I -- and think about the fact that -- that it's in South Korean -- and for years and so. You know. It is it worth it to the NHL to risk alone players to go over there if the games -- -- plated 2 in the morning second. And I understand them and see that law -- But I still think that stinks you know I'm in it it's such. It's such a great thing to watch all of the best players in the world now play in the NHL just better to success. Yeah I mean it's it's. This is great to watch but it's just. It's it's it's clearly in every four year thing it's that before -- thing that's who I won't write it but. But now them in the the worry here is that if they don't do it for years that one may do we do it again in eight years. Hard to imagine if they -- one Olympics often and come back we're gonna see this next in 2022. It'll be fine though and if we come back and if it goes back in eight years world. With a -- drop off now I just it's hard to imagine waiting until 20220. -- see this kind of tournament again you know. In theater I. It's an NHL point you. And it's really hard hit aren't nearly for a longer. Responds they have. And then and then and give back to normal mean at times. We talked about this last week. You can make the argument that it helps the league. You don't make the argument that. It exposes the only a little bit and it's an unfair comparison you know you come looking for. Olympic level hockey. Between predators and sharks did not find. -- -- if it's not that game even though it to great game -- a high level was not the same so. Is it opens you up to some pretty unfair compares. One quick note before we move on from this and reading through some of the text messages AT&T tax line. Asking whether or not I'm gonna call this the choke for the US you do understand that I don't call every -- that show cried. You'll understand that there's a difference between losing when you got a two nothing lead in the final four minutes. And you get heights as opposed to a game where you never led the entirety of the game at all and ended up fallen one -- thing. You do understand that I I see a difference there right you do understand that might that. A well I hope you understand because while we watch in the game today Larry Lucchino was talking to reporters and confirmed. But they are talking about an extension with David Ortiz right thing to do soccer -- -- its next WE yeah.

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