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David Ortiz still a polarizing figure among Sox fans (plus Alex Speier)

Feb 21, 2014|

Salk, Holley and Alex Speier talk Ortiz and his contract, plus what other interest was out there for him from other teams. And we take your reaction as well.

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Very hard for me to put myself and David they're -- teases mindset. Might -- initial reaction to your question is because he thinks he's going to be a very good player for years to come and he wants is security that comes from that. I do wanna -- read back your calls on this but you see the story Michael pro football talk. Just about three minutes ago this came out. The browns merely traded for Jim Harbaugh. -- Reading you right now Mike Florio is when I was a player are pro football talk dot com the browns unpredictable head coaching search. Merely finish with what would have been the most unpredictable outcome of any head coaching search since Jon Gruden was traded from the raiders to the box a dozen years ago. Her multiple league sources the Cleveland Browns nearly pulled off the trade with the 49ers. For the rights to coach Jim Harbaugh. A deal the would have sent multiple draft picks the San Francisco -- -- place between the teams but Harbaugh alternately decided not to leave the 49ers at the -- cannot immediately be reached for comment efforts to contact the -- continue the browns declined to comment specifically on whether an effort was made to acquire Jim -- they characterize the search as -- and the browns acknowledged that many options were considered -- they emphasized that their team's excited about its new coach Mike. It right. -- -- Drive at -- -- we were willing to give up draft picks we're willing to give money whatever it took. -- Jim Harbaugh but not that it didn't happen we're excited about. I like the teams I created. A deal would have been -- for several reasons are mostly in the -- in the NFC title game each of his three years with the team also we would have -- the same division -- his brother ravens coach John Harbaugh. Which means they would have been squaring off at least twice a year competing directly for division titles and or wild -- I think that's the reason not to do it. Unless it's working to broker. On the LP they would yeah they would -- they would go at an admission of course there would it would be a problem. That would be it would be worse than now Harbaugh Schwartz the browns on the personal for how about the brown it'll -- I get credit for trying but still just wanna make fun of them are actually wanna make fun of them. I agree with them with you about -- about Harbaugh on the niners know what you would tell -- you we're that the niners were willing to trade Jim -- and that he was the one ultimately said no. Why are they willing to trade a guy who brought them to three straight NFC championship games including one Super Bowl loss because I think they have a they have helped your organization in the -- Music right -- -- the 49ers again every they have a very good general manager. -- -- ball. They've got good ownership. They've got good players. And they probably believe that they -- replied not that that Harbaugh is if Obama coach -- excellent. They probably believe they have it their structure so sound that they can bring you any good coach and he can flourish and while coming out tell me how great their system was before Jim Harbaugh got there. What anybody might signals are imported into similar a similar roster and not do anything. They moved on from there moved up from. The organization is much stronger you know I understand the organizations a whole lot stronger partly because the Jim Harbaugh. Crazy -- they aren't thinking about trading him declare it part of it well part of it but I think with the browns. The -- -- -- that I respect the effort I respect the that the creativity. And trying to get them because I believe this more than ever. It's not just in -- -- NFL and other coach. Is is is critical and -- it a good coach in NFL OK it is worth three or four wins I believe that. But I think it's all sports now -- being down here watch in the Red Sox we all act and always the thing. -- culture and football is much more important than a manager in baseball I don't I don't I don't believe that. Make a manager in baseball is worth -- significant amount of wins to. But we never we never give those guys credit like we do football coaches but you can bring in the leader. A respected leader who can give your organization of vision. A unified vision jets were thought that's worth draft picks so I can understand what the browns -- doing what they're trying to do. News today Larry Lucchino was saying that there Red Sox are very serious about a conversation with David Ortiz they are indeed in contract talks. And yet people are still matter Ortiz god forbid he's whining apparently I've still yet to actually you're whining he's complaining he's threatening. He is not any of these things with these the types of -- type of language you hear over and over again. On what David Ortiz is doing because he's never done anything to not honor the contract or even threatened not to honor this contract always said as he'd like to be here longer by the way he's going to take less money than he's really worth on the open market to do so yet. People like Tony in Bridgewater armada Tony go ahead. Very. You go out there and we go to each and don't get chided the more common -- you want that story. Last year -- -- -- role that when this guy was it is -- wonder -- -- can come back thank that guy tore it apart track okay. One other -- -- who like each other multiple secret you would react like. That election. Don't want to put -- -- last year -- sure their Achilles there are that we're sitting at that and the other way and art baseball. A woman alleges that whole thing -- read you something hold on hey Tony wasn't that Tony was a free agent last year. Would he was going to be he was going to be he was about going to free agency. If there was that threaten rob rob Bradford has the report that there was another team willing to make Ortiz and offered up. And then the Red Sox swooped in and gave that to your -- -- -- about Alex -- from today Tony let me read do you trust Al -- Giving out smears Smart -- spears Smart baseball guy with good connections. Yeah -- yeah this is from Alex today. You know why the Red Sox went to two years with a Ortiz last deal. The team did so in no small part because that happened too because other teams were prepared to make multiyear offers to the slaughter coming off as a -- production 2011 and twelve. Yes Ortiz will be older going on 39 that he was when he signed his last contract with the Sox as an almost 37 year old following the 2012 campaign that ended with the injury. But his production hasn't slept. So he's telling you there are multiple teams ready to give him multiple years for the race. -- -- -- -- -- -- Ali Al plays acting like you know they can't be kicked out Tony Tony it could be it could be coming from the Ortiz can't maybe that's the case you'll realize what I'm done talking -- talking on and I'll make this point that -- that -- It could be coming from the Ortiz Camp David and that's that's entirely possible plot. The Red Sox felt the need for some reason to give my two year contract and I don't think they gave the two year contract because he's handsome acrylic there was a car. But well let's go to the I don't want to get it with two year deal last year or perpetrator -- as well including -- credit. Prepare -- electric unless it's. Arabs who -- indiscriminate one. YEU. And everything that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How many times this guy or let them and we look bad play on bill actually study kicked in the optics you don't give amnesty deal with. Pachulia because of what it's a lot it's the going to be as well. Will there be seven a rate suitors have David Ortiz gets the -- it. -- and it is -- that I don't want. Based on -- -- back and -- and Tony I'm on the -- -- the water so that nobody else should want. Around Michael I would over the -- came up with seven to nineteen in the jail that would want. To -- and -- they're getting that side table rookies last year. This putt there wouldn't call one day that they -- the last you tell -- that day. Obama have a right here for at least two seconds went quite comparable point. It was December. -- -- November 5 2012. That's what we're talking about to welcome -- now wait hold on -- November 5 2012. So -- -- right. Okay is that yes you know now he was a free agent now that -- free agent for six days. Seven days or seven or eight days he was. -- October 29 he was granted his free agency C got a couple days in October and any signs November 5. And he probably the had to deal couple days and I went to Oklahoma did very well when the the World Series and is there a fifteen day period. You don't play. You don't judge a player does and is looking -- baseball reference. Point like that swept up to apply. It then I will free agent right now what pretty -- it's like judge are you superior. And and unfortunately Tony you're not a Major League GM announced their talks to all of those guys it is telling you there's multiple teams out there that would give them that would give the money he is underpaid. -- Actually Beirut urged -- so they typically get a candidate. That's OI. Don't think it. -- -- -- -- -- Giving out spirit so -- -- he's just calling for everything David Ortiz is agent as saying you're saved Alex. Michael you know out pretty well right I don't prolonged take out -- guy about it and not just because he went to Harvard it's easy they went to Harvard -- Smart guy can't happen to go to Harvard where by the way he was the head of the debate team. But he's also incredibly Smart guy Tony. -- got the -- want the -- no secrets about one. Just -- you got the news that has. We want it to where all. That water table wrote yeah well that's what -- -- -- -- it. East of where those taxes. -- look. -- it. -- guard Tony. Earlier that there -- -- dialogue -- Tony just enough that's not trio dot com agrees that you're absolutely 100 that brought. Alex is Alex is sources are wrong the -- and have a resources and so he's got to go the sources he doesn't have all our president of Alice and you're out hours or so -- -- though it's so definitive it's hot. The -- and Tony I like angry angry Tony today is why why would anybody wanna bring back one of the great players in the history the Boston Red Sox 617779. 7937 -- tactical salt now WE yeah. Yeah -- chance to get together. With with -- -- here at some point. And as you guys know we know we. We prefer not to talk about these things it is get into details of those talks publicly David's a very important guy we all know that. Certain guys. Earned the right to have a hearing news that conversation was -- -- All right -- just talking about him and his article today in WEEI dot com how easy to just grab Alex beer and have them walk upstairs to where Michael's. Broadcasting from and I just grabbed it. Disrupt them grabbed them and drag him up here with them he was talking to. Wanted to secret sources that -- this conversation with in the right now. Japan is talking only at Bridgewater can recreate -- wars question sure looks you can go to permissions Pro Bowl uses agent -- -- Missed that the it's too bad -- -- going through your your article today and all the reasons that it -- Ortiz and whether or not he is he is under paid according to what the market is and you wrote that there were multiple teams that -- interest in giving them. A multi year year deal a year ago what do you think the market would be for David Ortiz. If you were free agent right now. Rob rob Bradford asked that question at the GM meetings I believe in the answer that he came away with from. He had one person on two years in eighteen to twenty million dollars a year. He had seminoles respond multiple years more than what he's making. It's it's pretty clear that based on the fact he was healthy remember it was help that suppressed his market last last go round. When he was two years of fifteen million per year. You know based on that he would be some -- he was healthy productive outrageously productive. He he would have been in line for pretty hard to -- that was at the GM meetings so that's from other GMs around baseball not from Ortiz is camp Ortiz is agents or anybody like that. To promote. The. But that's dignified Tony's response to the good stuff here are at last year. If he actually make it that to that fifteen day window. That teams have it is that when bill passed in the and he was that was technically a free agent available to all things for the Red Sox -- -- when they sign them at the last minute before he was available. It was it was right on the costs but basically it was a big basically the agreement was it was kind of a done deal. Before. I think. No actually he definitely received he definitely had an -- top of the teams. Yeah he definitely so he's that -- today when bill passed and -- got a lot of fifteen days they -- the new collective bargaining agreements and start expressing interest. Almost up and there really isn't an exclusive and exclusivity window anymore like there was. In and so there was there were expressions of interest immediately. I'm there were expressions of interest in multiple year deals immediately. The Red Sox moved very quickly before in those conversations. And it was a risky deal because the Achilles. There there was some there was unquestionably Summers and let's not forget that in 2012 David Ortiz also have been. Really one of the most productive seasons of his career while he was on the field so. From the standpoint of what he can deliver in terms of production if healthy. There was one thing from the standpoint of how many games he played there was another thing they were able to protect themselves basically. Of which I -- with regards to four million dollars. Of the thirty million dollar package that the tired represent you think they get a deal done in the next few days. I think that I I would be surprised if they didn't get one done before in the spring training it's clear that the owners. That would like to have it would like to stay out in front of this. I think it's pretty obvious particular teams would like to get it done. Everyone have the kind of shared interest in seeing him continue his playing days I think that. The real question is just how you define how to proceed going forward do you you create that kind of Tim Wakefield style deal. In which there's either an option tacked on or a renewing option and you can get around that by making maybe making it a vesting option based on. The number of teams played rather than having to negotiate every -- you know have to have it in the team's hands whether or not make that decision but. There are ways of essentially saying. Your David Ortiz your franchise icon there's value in that even if you aren't you know -- even answer production might diminish. In -- -- as a relatively healthy we're gonna wanna keep you around it's you know the lifetime status of a Derek Jeter. Or other Chipper Jones chipper jones' action interest income because his last contract -- three year deal I think for about forty million dollar guarantee. If he signs at the beginning of his -- 37 season and -- year from free agency used coming up on monster needs 36 season. But his production declines both in terms of health and how good he was brought to their career but he was still really did you know it's funny when you bring a chipper. Leads me to a question a lot of people have said over and over him but he's a DH but he's DH name one of the DH gets paid like that. We got caught -- right I'm OK -- and there aren't that many DH and their only what 45 guys that qualified as a DH last year for batting title as the DH but. Now if you're gonna pay that much money for Chipper Jones at the end of his career. You need him to be able to play the field at the same time. The advantage to giving a DH. A lot of money at the end of his careers are not asking him to do things that would that would be beyond what he's capable of doing so. He in weird -- almost worth more as a DH at the end of his career than somebody who plays the field. That's that's a really interesting thought might end it's it's kind of interesting to think fit. Who would you say had a greater likelihood of a plane a 140 games Chipper Jones who you know basically never did that. For a number of years in his career or or David Ortiz and DH and I do think that there is something to be said about. The diminished -- terror on the body you know you don't have to stand around in the field you are you know as subjects to. That there are a lot of ways in which you avoid injuries by virtue of that position. And in nick this is. What we do you think these conversations start with the Red Sox. Are these negotiations and negotiations a product of all the noise. Around David Ortiz is it product. Steve Burton interview or it's not something that was going on anyway and the noise just amplifies everything. Yeah I think that it gain greater scrutiny because there was this there was -- misunderstanding I think of what had been said in the Steve Burton in -- view -- -- there was there was this idea that Ortiz was hell bent on getting a multi year deal. That resulted met and I think -- just and hear the question because. Two days later something he went on on our -- On our hot stove show with rob Bradford was that we. And and he said did I just want a one year deal that's all I want it and he said -- -- we kind of checked in with them and things have been great you know we've things have been great in terms of -- talks. They talked with the Red Sox talk with Ortiz and in and his camp in December. They kind of agreed seemingly to advance the ball a little bit when everyone was going to be in the same place at the same time I was here in Fort Myers where. For accusing his agent is here David Ortiz was here all of the owners are here all the front office members are here so that's how you play let's make a deal right. Well apparently David Ortiz is just whining and he's not honoring his contract is -- -- to keep reading and over and over again here. On our -- line Alex we appreciate it thank you for actually bring some facts that this. We'll touch against him. Yeah and aren't -- become because -- -- spear -- is article the WEEI dot com and get explains where Ortiz in the Red Sox are. Perfectly and you guys are on -- we'll get to as many your calls possible we'll do it next salt and -- WE yeah.

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