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Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/21/14

Feb 21, 2014|

Salk and Holley's Answer the Question - 2/21/14

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So can -- now. 3793. -- on Sports Radio 93 point seven. Yeah I don't know. It's. Time or answer the question generic answer the question whit Sargent Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer that question would. Are we're gonna try to do this at the magic -- radio this is in the engineering in his greatest we've you know Michael Fort Myers and I think we are also able to get Michael. Mikey yes you guys like Adam wolf it was the greatest -- the -- that tool prosperity and hope for. Fort Myers all the way to -- street might got you covered Michael with the dirty as it must be dirty water Friday that's exactly what not yeah. Yeah and -- degrees part of that of course for the department of my first ever mr. competition which should be at 9 o'clock. I'm afraid that's gonna last in the -- the competition basically were calling the entire doing when radio was in world for people who came off the street and try to do the sports talk going head to head. And win arguments they're gonna battle it out here tonight. These are just regular freaks and losers like you elect me. And it's like. I just like for some reason I was thinking about reservoir dogs of the day. And so mr. picked as the -- that lasted the longest and that and then movies that so -- -- and a yeah and -- Hitler we will look at the real answer but would like your -- so I'm assuming that we things very. It is great yet that's -- it everything I hear myself we'll figure out. I'll read the spot into the questions brought you by heiress restoration specialist. Your property your facility manager -- -- the cold weather disaster plan in place. He prepared contact there as an 8774611111. Or go to heiress her dot com. Any -- that you know Michael and Michael talk for hours 12 bad areas when two of you guys -- -- just now I hear much here but he. -- talk about. Right. But we'll see how this goes a little you guys. Answer this question you accidentally -- or when your parking we've smoltz gave mark and you even know what your information or drive off and pretend it never happened. Is this can market your pants it's on the other car the oh. You asking eighteen year old then a twenty year old right twenty year old -- maybe leave. Eighteen year old then yeah maybe -- just aren't and I don't like it when I was eighteen I hit a car and screws people's army do with that went left a note on which you said sorry but you're archer. What's it. Guys into this question open casket closed casket or cremation. -- -- -- -- We year in yet but the job thing I've ever. Been to one moment it's a tradition -- him. I've seen every green and realized it's impossible. Code closed -- open casket. He faced down. Open casket cremation. You don't give your face down at least somewhat can park their fight there. Don't even know what that means bodies and -- -- is a great notes. Guys is any juror being if you follow an ambulance with lights -- just get through traffic. -- he's just you know trying to make sure bodies okay now to -- -- on the person and then as the definition of the term I think. And your lawyer -- think that the church. -- good states where else that's right there with we -- in what is littering and marking unit part of innovative aspects yet. It's right there on the following what would vote. What what he's supposed to do. You've got in the way you're not leading the -- for a little graphic. He let the other person was in front of you pull back in a traffic in everybody gets to stay in the same order they originally is following -- that's on -- We're pretty -- -- the next question. How fast could you run the forty are you ever been times salt. I know you'd be greatly hindered by the extra -- -- right. Have no wish to figure that out what do you think -- in the world combined cut. And under intense exercise. In high school we ran it 10600. Yards. Now metres. And six yeah. And six -- like Carl Lewis and that's your. Six for yardages I agree it's time but 1060000. Meters race is a New York as a yard smaller than a -- -- answers you don't know. Now I don't remember which is bigger yarder -- moderate in my district and leaders bigger -- -- -- yes yes I'm not great mind that your neighbors are -- -- some of you got a third of meters. -- I would do that as soon as -- Who -- guys do you think anyone -- who attend my bronze medal Olympic brunch tomorrow. -- not how many people if you are considering the game on Sunday. Are maybe that's it. A party is this. The bronze medal for what he what he could have fooled him. -- -- got a follow up what we don't know if we broadcast that at least cantaloupe and elect both. On its own state there. This woman and may be -- this is true because I don't think it's true which she claims. That she is allergic to the smell of now. Allergic to this now you think that's possible to be allergic to the smell of -- -- -- -- -- -- Pretty much good for it will look like either take over from the -- as far -- -- going to enjoy your weekend of Fort Myers will be -- the guys on Monday that by the.

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