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Bigger disappointment: USA Women's Hockey or Danny Ainge at the Trade Deadline

Feb 21, 2014|

No more Ortiz contract talk. Dino, Gerry and Kirk think the USA Women's Hockey loss was the worst Olympic loss in history.

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-- Friday a Fort Myers, Florida jetBlue park Dennis and Callahan coming at you we start with the -- rule. And a couple of observations the role is we are banning all puppy talk today -- You'll. Yeah market that unless you tell them gonna happen -- for parents are. The deal it is not o'clock. That deal there's talk about that too laughter opening oh yeah. How do you break and that -- -- -- -- sources say sources tell John Dennis that the deal is done it just waiting to make you know. Absolutely so we're banning -- -- OK okay good you're you've turned in to -- -- said he doesn't even understand. The discussion the debate doesn't even know why. Anyone would be at Texas I would shoot six or -- -- it's a no brainer Cecil and know you're throwing himself. He does not understand how anyone could be could make an argument against he can -- so. What he's breaking the rules right now I put -- to get couple reckon all is obviously going to be solved and that the success I. -- -- -- -- You know yet yet inspired. So you now understand. Words come and you -- now agree with him there is no argument against it. -- -- heard -- poignant and Hugo with Bordeaux and adult brain Hamas just too well -- Asia salmon whopper and give him what he want this in mind -- Forget -- else. Coroner Ed Henry wrote G. Groce the masses all these tens of thousands of people come here every day it is amazing when you walk around I'm sure you saw yesterday. Pedroia can run by middle Brooks could come by Bogart's Jackie Bradley and there's barely a murmur David passes gas supplies go. A second biggest star here Davis the biggest second biggest De'Angelo. Or cutbacks. Is on the field participating in -- yes -- strain and he was charged with five bucks for autographs. -- but he was allegedly -- that if something somewhere -- -- David Ortiz but that's which but he is sort of that network got very -- -- -- week was I was impressed that -- an old vintage -- structure the securities and poppy. -- The break up the yellow Jersey today in my -- well. All right so that's the rule no poppycock not deals done. You know opening day Wednesday before. First and all the threats on the road April 4 hole -- 31. We have -- home openers it's okay Mobil's April 4 -- -- -- -- came to. Assess allegedly. That's what you two zone and solar remember that threaten the home opener. It's Friday yes big -- big big day -- And that's the day. They won't do that day with the -- on the slow day they'll do it it's often is at three all the right. Is an off day on the road generally don't do. They'll do don't do it during homestand bit. Guess. It got beat them tickets this -- here in the next week it will be here thank god because I wanna go to. Parade with a -- a -- -- you just want cupcakes yes I wanna cup and I poppycock. Art are so that's the rule out talk about. -- Observations Danny Ainge did absolutely. Nothing yesterday. The Red Sox full squad did absolutely. Everything yesterday. Tom Brady. Is mentoring. Still the blank Tom Brady's mentoring. Johnny -- I felt and I know I'm very excited to -- his metric Johnny -- Zell. Yesterday here at camp we witnessed the most amazing what -- 180 degree. Perception and image turnaround. From bad to good will get to him and that -- minute up just put one guest of selected to exit. But after. And and I am seeking a word or a phrase if you will to describe. What the US women's Olympic hockey team did yesterday -- socially can help me out with a word or phrase what that was all about one. Think we know what they did yesterday while all illustrate about that game is. That they lost well. Watch in the game and -- people are tweeting like it's the greatest game ever played yeah right if you gotta you gotta do it yet the quality that I understand the qualities so far away from. Yeah division three men's college right whatever but there's. I think there's a people or tweeting about what is the greatest most of it they are why. Themselves to -- -- That's what you have to do you want -- yet put situation jingoism mafia is -- That you remembered title nine you have to treated as an equal sport men and women but it's which isn't it we just got plus those got -- whatever it's great that there there they should be there. It was a close game but I mean I watched the game it is being played about it yet if the men's game is. 55 miles per hour this game it's a 59 deaths are these games. But eighteen miles an hour over on the you about it but the right and then they'll obviously obviously they don't hit and -- -- But which is strange to watch you know it's like -- no -- league or whatever but. I was watching and and honestly I fell asleep and I missed the end. I was coming in the hotel I had I thought was okay entertaining but here's what it is. The story. This is the worst silver medal in US history the worst don't know no worse than it's up to justice the worst silver medal in history element why would simply to be where possible to this basketball that's the -- this is the worst silver medal history that we'll explain to you -- This was the worst they were ever gonna do is still the only two teams in the whole world to -- teams. So they finished last that's true they finished last among good quality women's hockey teams. I would say it's not the worst because they did it to themselves 72 it was -- to the sales go right that was criminal missing I. To just say I'm a man -- wrap my head around two point but I like seven to restore because it was taken and and here's the other thing -- decided to all of which were loaded with great basketball team together here's the other thing is this is all they have this is -- me last time they lost the that a second. This time they lost finish second and you know what happened in 2018. -- them while they were real to about they'll play again US Canada for the gold. And if they get silver it will be again devastating. When they go when they pick the team. They already got the silver medals to the goal is to get a goal and they failed again. They lost that's however they also Graham on the on the metals and apparently they were devastated because. They went to Sochi know when they were gonna guess over. Yeah end end end with three minutes and 26 seconds left they thought they were going to get double and they don't go back and play in the NHL they don't go back and play in the Stanley Cup Playoffs like. Like the men do amendment can lose in the US can lose today. And they still get to go back to their lives switches professional hockey which is. You know playoffs and stand and then in big time and what do the women would do they Gary Bettman said the talking but it women's NHL. -- got a hundred US dollars and hold them while -- so doctor how many people go to women's college games. All the people Twitter we're talking with a -- right nobody knows -- -- -- Whitman's NHL be a successful -- -- -- analyzing it as entertaining and it's compelling he has -- oh. The women's NBA would -- Well as well the government is a cult thing you know they have a small fall in the -- they go to the game -- this is no weather cities don't mass appeal to a no broad based appeal to a -- -- With with a satellite. This into the women's hockey is a real competition unlike the bobsled unlike sure -- ice dancing it's real competition real game real heartbreak as we saw yesterday. But they knew this was the worst that could do that's by their devastated they were about to finish out of the medal mean maybe -- people. Just started to an and they think there's more than two teams but there aren't -- as we told the other day Sweden has like 27 Iraqi players in the hole -- It's all the reason to being disappointed right -- would it was one and two you're right there working to finish third or fourth -- the medal count. Basically it it if it was it was there for the taking and and we go to the larger question is what they go home to is not professional hockey careers not you know doing other things like that. It's it's this these kind of vacant stares people who look at say. -- argued tried hard you know you deserve better with the sympathy thing is going to overwhelm them when they get home and it's going to actually do more Hartman good I think. It is feared a call choke on tortoise like people. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know hands -- around your throat. But then there are these other people who because of the US women's hockey team. You won't hear this and that but how dare you say that such a great effort what it if that was not a joke. Define what -- -- was it felt like. You know via Toronto. Choke against the rule yes yes Brooks against the black ops against right -- we just let it get away. And they did and they know it means. They admitted that -- but they know they blow could you think of anything could you got any other element in that from a hockey standpoint that would make it more were choked it was an -- about a three -- them. -- but a lot of this was this was at -- time it's it's a classic case but just and it's like the other sport that solid men's hockey it's like all the other sports with -- at one time every four years you have to play -- and if you lose the got to -- put them on suicide watch as they get -- -- -- -- and all that went through -- -- -- -- for years. Practice preparing and traveling went into this one game. And they blew it I can't imagine optimistic right there's not a woman on that team slipped them anonymous night. And they -- well I drank heavily right and I'm sure they did that got him but there's not a minute with a classic. You know what we did -- it right finish sectors those over one hour while silver -- the most overlap Bergeron to lose today and be Hampshire upset but then like -- don't want to be right back in the playoffs in the middle of that -- forget them in the Stanley Cup Playoffs regular in the Olympics that you know when you're in the finals. Right. Finals of the Stanley cut you win the Stanley Cup that's bigger than gasoline NHL yeah I was -- I hope so pumped they in the but it -- it if on the old room Panama it better be bigger. 22. Segway into something else will we get into today I think I'm going to once and for all bury that nickname to use it for a long time anyway. But Danny Ainge I mean does not compel me -- no longer ever called him to any -- data -- -- about it I am yeah chatted about about it. It shouldn't something he should have thought of us we wanted to limit -- bill could get excited. Tom went and they played tonight I don't have the schedule a mom I'm done for my fair statement lakers is that right oh that's right. Vocal that's what they need to -- doesn't it seem just so deflating in this demoralizing in the same team goes there and then they're gonna finish you know. If they go on a nice little run maybe get the tenth pick in the draft you know I'm excited about that. Think it's rather talk about Ortiz. -- David Ortiz who. I really am coming around to date Michael's old way of thinking Michael Jeffrey solve every -- of -- -- calls makes miked Michael Davidson Michael David Sullivan Bruce does -- there's even that argument. Against Dave Ortiz in the extension that's simply done to tweet us you know yes just -- of course he's not he's a dumbed down. No but there is an argument again right yeah but but by that logic went like him a five year extension that's one million -- yard escort before you know he did. Read somewhere personally said maybe I was too -- wrote -- the logical thing to do would be given a two year. Extension -- and a vesting option if he makes appearances in games and stays healthy that's second here is there actually talking about the capability of a three year extension -- short of -- killings goes again it goes again that is going to be one dark day in the press books that is going to be one dark day guys' ability the body parts yeah. They accessibility at their own Achilles did you portray arsenal -- to reports the skin to skin -- of -- Hamilton -- there. -- -- -- I think they're always there will be weeping and gnashing. But you guys do you know what your thoughts on any certain certain that. Jobs will OK with it because I didn't about policy Rondo go and I would had no problem if you know he moved Humphreys are actually some deals like that. But apparently Danny stayed true to the value he was looking to get because a couple of weeks ago. When it was pretty clear that Jeff green was like two feet out of the door. -- was going to be traded in about 24 hours and at a number brother GM's said. He is asking for way way way too much barely getting -- soft modest and it is certainly never softened. On his -- with Rondo. But I did find interesting in steeple it's piece in the Boston Herald today. I think the biggest meant as some general managers some with his counterparts in the NBA. He said I don't have a problem with somebody calling me. Even if I don't think it's a reasonable offer. But what I do have an issue with his people call me with really no intention to make a deal and just the intention. Of being able to say they called. The next thing you know as soon as they hang up the phone there are rumors that they're trying to get Rondo to it becomes a story -- talked about for seven days -- When infected never really did what Rondo and we definitely had no interest won't get a bit of it. And aims to any name some names honest to god you saying that they did this to me. And it wasn't right but I'm not gonna tell you who was he should come out say what was that wasn't he's he's he's now. Are close to -- -- but I'd -- you're -- straight yesterday no trades. But this deadline he got here have treated a year to train ride your trip rather right now for -- cents -- the -- but it'll have to want to attack. Against. And take what Rondo puts their records it's rather go back I don't know I it's good look at notes -- look at out exit bad gonna be bad the rest of bad enough without a bad have to be in the top five or six and they'd better have to get mom and Marcus Smart. Yeah sure sure. Six -- rated they're somewhere. Six -- six and they finished seventh. -- -- sepsis and they've finished ninth that's like me about it got to be that they blow it Cody has missed the board by not triple Rondo is. I -- points. As good as -- Bucket with ice cold self Cisco. Win win win -- -- well I have to agree with what's antidote but there you think they're gonna tank that you think tanking as easy with Rondo and green as would be without kissing the next. Attack. It just so -- trade Rondo who's going to be key player for them it's part of that get Marcus Marcus gonna be not even NBA all star. And -- -- in the year after that that would buttress our might not be judge here at sellinger. Always a different player -- -- he's going to be he'll be a good MBA player a guy he's a role player and and someone will get in my head of the Celtics didn't. Why can't lose they think they are tanking just became harder. Taking was going to be easier because -- was gonna unload some. Good quality that he did not do that he made -- harder. Could call it veterans were all emails and actually gonna -- 37 right at -- things right if they -- -- green. If Toronto he's asked if there was anything that would be neck and neck would know -- -- 27 games left. They could easily go seven -- these guys easily and if they didn't have Rondo and if they didn't have green and it and that's what would they go. Seventh one with a force twenty OK good. Good X so it really like the worst record -- as a matter -- -- about two percentage point difference between six or portrait and Rhonda for that I'm. Because it's not worth it. So I can't let it -- though you want those three wins that mean a lot to you that's all you ultimately want don't want me keeping trading either he just say. Or or trading at a higher value being means more than 2% you just that -- anyway. The gonna print and Mike and we but if he's planning on trade and said why did not. Why not wait it's pretty clear what happened here every general manager looked at Rondo and -- back from ACL surgery three weeks we don't know what he really is at this point and so they would be very very cautious what they offered to -- and whether -- provides -- -- wins -- former winter six more wins between now and the end of the season. What Danny didn't do and what I don't think -- should have done. Was give Rondo away for something -- -- might be able to get for him later or the value of Rondo being the leader of this team going for his. It is why I'd I'd abide by trusting. They have 101 round picks maybe over the next five years two years now they have 1617. Million dollars that was set seventeen picks in five years right 101 six to between sixteen and nineteen threat to the next five years from now after this next season there I think seventeen or eighteen million in the books tons under the -- she gets -- Rondo. And another good player and get these first round picks they're not far away. Trading rather think yesterday -- -- that you -- trip bastard green who cares okay I mean you can do that that he betrayed bass over 27 -- -- I want him more caves in on this year -- been more of a problem for you off onto a solution games who who is meant more who has kept them. Broad of that -- Avery more who's been more responsible for keeping them out of that top three and he's been out of the wigand's. Part towards morning. That's right he's been well he's been very good and Andre he's been nice she's been inconsistent -- and he also is doc in the trade green for -- doesn't like I like. I think that makes sense. What are Denny at at any point if it when he realizes that that their -- standing pat they're keeping Rondo we need to loosen games we need to get in the lottery. How's that conversation between Danny and the head coach go. I'm sure he doesn't say listen. Started undersized lineup. A lot of minutes at the end of the bench they'll sit Rondo every other day and they are back to back by the way so product play all the time. Or does he -- coach your ass off get these guys as good as you possibly can and if we win more games we really need to win that's okay Brad. Yet the other you know through has to be a conversation and Stevens and that the brother does play he knows it's going. Just as coach -- coached these are guys out here play I mean. There's no mental limitation for the really good players like that trying to. To lose to -- and -- it is but the guys out there. At the lakers tonight at 1030. And then we still have that at Sacramento tomorrow at ten. That at Utah Monday that they can begin taking in earnest others what scrub or they can. And in the middle of a start on those teams are great and then and a couple. At Utah than home against Atlanta them home against Indiana home against Golden State they lose budget games but it. It's easier when you don't have green that it's easier when -- on the -- And it's much much easier when you have Rondo. And it's harder you don't have Rondo two years from now to be the centerpiece of your team 67 sevenths -- 79837. Larry Lucchino would join us. At 805. Jackie Bradley junior at 905. And -- can -- his blaster and say. Of all the interviews we did -- all the people we talked to he may have been the most impressive yeah Jackie Bradley -- at a number of levels of maturity. Approached. What do V what are your favorite what are your favorite -- that coach wanted to get to. Some medication he's over that -- -- is that right yet salt -- up the rash cleared up the shot that we as a -- -- and -- -- -- we will hear from somebody action level I want entities that web service in this commercial break what I like you -- do is think of in the history of Boston athletes it's far back as you can remember. The most amazing 180. Degree turn around an athlete has made in the public perception. In his image not from bad to good does a lot of that but from -- are not from good to bad because of -- -- -- -- screw up. But from bad horrible despise. Ridicule scorn and two celebrated at a hero Maggette hit it takes place down near Fort Myers will direct.

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