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SI's Jeff Benedict with Salk and Holley: inside the mind and life of college hoops phenom Jabari Parker

Feb 20, 2014|

We talk to Jeff Benedict of SI, author of this week's cover story: The Education of Jabari Parker, a player the Celtics would love to be in a position to draft when the time comes.

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The Celtics make no deal at the deadline you see this just coming out a second ago Michael looks like the Philadelphia. 76 -- of acquired Danny Granger from Indiana. That's according to -- -- -- and Yahoo! Sports. No more details as of yet but. Indiana deals Danny Granger to fill. Yeah they had in the deal means to us. Not the same players injuries this really rob them of -- Of his let us that they've been much better team without them so. Philly style we believe in the tank to pollute the mode and hoping to get one of these great kids who come around the draft this year to talk a bit more about one of them Jim Benedict joins us right now. From Sports Illustrated has the cover story on SI it's on SI dot com also Jeff Benedict dot com. And he's on Twitter app authored Jeff. -- Parker you wrote the story. What's your biggest take away after spending as much time as you did with him. How would you say he's probably the most unique college player I've ever come across he's. He intensely private. And for a kid -- such as superstar. It is an act like a superstar. You'd you'd notice -- listed on us and makes big big plays. He doesn't count as cast is look at the crowd reaction. He's one of those guys it actually reminds me of like he would -- this Celtic teams from the duties. He would he would make a play it's Cold War ended Egypt's turnaround rundown play defense. As if dunking the ball beating two guys is just what he's supposed to do. And he he's very matter of fact about it game and I think that that's. That's the kind of thing that might love to -- saw that. In high school the student -- saw that he had a lot of other interest besides basketball. Which I think Iran has helped him -- it really grounded kid really. You know you're just allow the story by the way so many parts of it is really. Jumped out to me -- problem one of things I noticed from the stories that. It seems -- my two steps you can say anything. To Jabari Parker. Anything that he wants he can be as honest as he once and and Parker will listen and react to the criticism my question is how did. Publisher's desk he -- -- steps to gain Parker's truck how to go about it. Well I think there's shooting you know Michael that's a great question is that. If you go back to Jabari history and I turned out to -- for Sports Illustrated two years ago this advocate who is. It is really early high school years dreamed about what it would be like to play for John Wharton. And -- tell you something right there. Mean how many kids in this -- even think about that stuff and he looked at market as the nearest thing to what militaries today. It's it's like Westwood East Africa -- to go to Durham. He -- so in some respects might. -- Mike recruited you -- the -- recruited -- he wanted to go here and in you that many many times whether that wanna go there was I wanted to be corrected I wanted to be talking they couldn't be taught anywhere out so might. She just keep that to me what I wanna work goes easy goes into security political egos too you know how cool it is from -- To coach silverlight Jabari who wants to be coached that much you know might lives breathes -- basketball and they have a teenager. Who's into it is much is -- in Michael wants that kind of tutoring who will sit in a dark theater per hour. Would it got a 66 years old -- -- -- film and look at the position of your eat in your hips and your hands in an -- -- into it. And that's the predicate to -- is I mean he is a professional in that respect and I I think that's what might get him have bonded so well. Jeff Benedict with a several of the -- bird Parker on SI you know I come away with a lot of conclusions after reading your article you write clearly he's a kid did that is driven in and is willing to go the extra mile in terms of his -- Does he have that killer instinct I think that's the one question a kind of come away wondering is does he have that killer instinct to be a franchise number one player in the -- No question and and here's the thing that people confused with killer instinct is that. Sometimes people think if you're not demonstrative. On the court her on the field that you don't have -- and and the reason I purposely mentioned in this story his connection to Ron Amadon. It because students young. And in tents. Killer instinct but if you want Ron Amadon he wasn't a demonstrative. Player he just went out and did the job. Week in and week out in in and basically was probably the only quarterback America. Who could succeed Joseph Montana and actually. Do that in -- -- he was intensely competitive. And and most people who play the Ron Amadon said he was the toughest guy they ever played it Jabbar it's a lot like that -- he hates to lose leads to lose. It keeps them up at nine. Just because -- doesn't -- -- Chastain and show emotion on his face when he -- believe me. There's nothing this guy wants more when he laces up issues and to win. You don't win -- high school championships and forty years. Without being incredibly driven to win but it's like to. Our chargers not I don't question his desire to win. I guess I come away and maybe is just the section where he's not taken the ball to the hole and he's -- a little bit passive I guess what I mean it does he have that. That ability to be the number one guy on an NBA team where he's franchise player and it's all on him and you better beat the one to make a play in the big mom because nobody else gonna do it now look TO. Yeah I had an outdated thinking that I think I you know in the store we talked about a -- fight game slump where he becomes passive. But. You don't notice would be what I was doing before that and look at what he's done it you know dozen games since that. Every time he gets the ball he he attacks the rim Dieter India moves that meeting where he is just. Ferociously go to -- play after play after play finishing. You know. Just very strong and I I think that you know Mike said that he said -- noticed it Symbian. That you played with a self regulators sometimes and he said this is something I saw and Kevin Durant when he joined the the US team he was young it was super talented and cabin was afraid. To separate himself from the rest of the guys that's not a but the character flaw or basketball what that says something about. -- who Kevin Durant is he's a humble guy and super talented -- is a lot like that Kevin learned that it was -- to separate himself from the rest of the guys on the US team in Q -- now become very comfortable that at duke in in the last twelve games. He has stood out head and shoulders I think you get it yet through the rest of the -- term enemy definitely has that. Jeff at the beginning of the interview you talked about uniqueness of depart Parker and I can hear it. As you. As you talk about it now I can see it in the story and it makes me wonder we've been going on and on about. This draft and how loaded it is in -- -- right Parker and -- and indeed. Is there any chances if he's that unique where maybe goes back to duke for another year. You know. I guess that a lot and I think that the thing is. This is where I would he answered because it reduces the waited to Parker gambling looks that it induces very much and we decision. -- -- That is why he went to -- if I wanted to be a journalist you go to Columbia he wanted to be Pat's book where and I think that everybody would agree he's ready. He's ready to play in the NBA there's a lot of entities that would love to take him. And put them in their uniforms at the same time that this young man who came to duke with a three point seven GPA and our students union and Chicago. It has had a remarkably. Enjoyable experience on the duke campus he loves -- there and the game will be mark. For him to leave similar to weigh the way it is for some children to leave home the first time he loves that Jerry loved Mikey loves teammate it was a campus but I think he knows in this league knows that you've -- that you need trajectory. And it and that -- is very likely that we're you gonna see him next fall it is an NBA city not in Durham. To play any defense can play defense. Yeah he can play defense and that's. That's one of those things that Mike has worked with him gone. I operate look. I'm not. Gonna call myself an expert on college basketball but I'll simply say this as a -- who's been in this program for the last five months I can he remarkable changes in the way Jabari played defense. And the way he can communicate on defense and that's probably the most telltale sign that he was a quiet this standard when he started to if you watch him now. Now he's very vocal. When duke is on defense when they don't have the ball he's much more vocal -- defense that he is on offense and that's a result of what he's been learning from my. Good stuff hey we appreciate I'm sorry about what this final question for you and -- the turn you into an NBA scout Jeff. Give -- an -- comparisons somebody who's playing in the league right now or who who's played in the past two does he remind you. Well right now I would take Kevin Durant in a lot of ways and I want to be careful not to you know over dramatize what I'm saying here. What I need is that I don't think Kevin and Jabari have character traits that are very similar. And and there are also super skilled basketball players but they're very similar character -- their humble. Other -- bull they're beatable they wanna get better brigade they're super committed they don't have a lot of distractions off the court. Those -- enviable thing to have when you when you're an NBA executive you're thinking about opening up your -- checkbook. I mean. Most of the time you can look at these guys and you know what ticket get you on the court but you wonder about the other things their commitment to training. They're off the field behavior -- and Mike -- it -- Jabari Parker. It is a guy with no demons. Similarly Kevin Durant as a guy with no demons and so I would say you he reminds me probably most of him. Our Jeff Benedict he wrote the story time SI the front page -- dot com as well. You can also read his book the system the glory in scandal big time college football it's available on Amazon and other places as well Jeff we really appreciate it thanks so much. It -- -- right are estimated -- via the AT&T hotline a lot to react to hear Michael -- Parker in the future of the Celtics after not making a deal today they do nothing gaining stand pat at the deadline your thoughts on -- And also David Ortiz. The agents meeting with the Red Sox why haven't gotten a deal done as of yet I think it's on the Red Sox get a deal done David Ortiz I think it's. It's a bargain at this point and in the US women choke away two goal lead in the final four minutes against cam that talk -- back of your calls in the second WE.

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