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It's Papi being Papi... why are we surprised again?

Feb 20, 2014|

He'll win you world series, he'll hit in the most clutch of regular and post-season moments... he'll also whine about his contract once a year... why do we get so upset about it?

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This is John Henry yesterday questioned include. Fair perspective the luxury tax threshold so abuse -- -- report. It has been. If it really depends. There's. There's some. For some reason to believe that it may not be as important as we thought. A couple of years ago. It's. We. But we. We feel that leveled here users. At the top or near -- -- so John -- essentially saying no. Everything we thought about the luxury tax is not exactly the way it really is and then maybe -- 189 million doesn't need to be this hard rule for the Red Sox or even a soft role for them. Because some of the benefits they thought they were getting to being under 189 million. They're not really getting. So at least took at least a couple of of of quick. Opry action -- the first being. Why the hell are -- resigning David Ortiz right now. What's the problem. If you're telling me that you don't really need to stay -- this a 189 million whatever it's going to be even next year. What is holding the Red Sox back from signing David Ortiz to an extension I don't people have been quick to criticize Ortiz saying he's bitching and moaning when he shouldn't be David Ortiz complain too much. Would go the other way and say what helped the Red Sox waited this long to even have a conversation with a Ortiz -- -- what is preventing them from signing him into an extra fifty looking for 38 he's not looking for a long term deal on all that Michael you might -- but he's everybody says he's looking -- one year and one next year at another fifteen million dollars. I know that we've all been convinced that the Red Sox are now doing the right thing by not going into the long term big money deals because Carl Crawford Nader and Gonzales for such disaster. And I agree with the thinking. But we don't need to go so far the other direction that we think -- -- years for David Ortiz the best player on your team in the face your franchise the -- won all three championship -- That we don't think he can get one extra year -- so it's a two year thirty million dollars left on the deal for David Ortiz. How house how convinced are -- that that that the Red Sox shouldn't spend money on anything. Stop they should spend another fifteen million on Ortiz for next year's well. You know it's a good point that the the fans have gone the other way a lot of fans gone the other way on spending money. And it is it's all. It's all connected to last year and the good news obviously -- a World Series and they do it with a lot of guys. Who who weren't excited about this time last year. If your last February nobody is excited about articles about it excited about Shane Victorino. Nobody was excited when -- you know a few weeks later acquire my car. -- it -- a novel is gonna have a place in the team room will be more. He'll be he'll play more regularly that Jackie Bradley to hear that last in the whole phenomenon and a fresh talks are freed. Of the young players forget about Daniel Nava and all these guys on the Colmes -- Victor real whatever. Jackie Bradley junior art so that. With the extreme and it turned out so well. And people talk about money anymore talk about the Red Sox spending money. Back from the players or if a player like David Ortiz says. Yeah I wanna I wanna finish my career here right. In I want another year -- Track and another one yet another that I have a -- one year it's it's that's really what this is Michael I mean I think you just hit on. One -- bitch about something right this is Boston after also we got a bitch and complain about somebody somebody's trying to pull the wool over our eyes obviously right because the world is all about evil. So it's either got to be David Ortiz -- the Red Sox and in past years the easy thing was always -- a Red Sox John Henry has wanna spend enough money. John Henry is not really invested enough look at what the Yankees are spending the Red Sox. Are willing to spend as much and that's why they don't it's about the and to share etc. and look how -- they were for all these years the Yankees were good again because they didn't wanna spend enough money and now we're going in the other direction right. Other Red Sox are so Smart in these players are just greedy I can't believe these players wanna get paint ball. I'll tell you what at this point now that Henry is saying. We are going to spend more than a 180 or at least were willing to spend more than a 189 million let's go AMs. Let's do it we're not talking about a long term crazy contract it's gonna hamstring you for a long time. Why in God's name would you sign David Ortiz right now in fact why did you do it a month ago. To another fifteen million dollars for 2015. This is a no brainer 6177797937. You guys are on won't get you next alcoholic WB. You'd ask me question I'm more than nice to give us a -- But it's not like him and I want to -- that they took off on Kirkland lake you know. But you -- going to me with a question which plummeted to an -- That fired not so right. So that's what I do. Next question. Maybe should come to us more often and say hey wanna talk about my contract I don't see any reason whether it's -- side -- right now we wait for agents their get it done. He says he wants one more year fifteen million give it to home. I mean you -- -- and by the Red Sox have no I mean. Even if he gets hurt this year you're just looking at one extra year that you got to pay out David Ortiz first of all they're saying that a 189 million doesn't really matter to them anymore -- the problem. What's the downside to -- the downside is in a league that has almost no power and you got one of the better power hitters in the league on your team who saying he wants to stick around and by the way believes it to be hometown discount if he thinks he's worth more in the open market than the fifteen million he wants. For just one extra year here in Boston. Tell me why you wouldn't do that in a flash. I do wanna hear it. I do wanna hear it and I think we're gonna have -- -- buck was among the people who wrote about that yes and fifteen minutes. What happened who who who sit down right here in Fort Myers and well we'll talk about it but. And I think if I think it's an interesting discussion that's an interesting conversation because. May -- may -- a look at it something different I just think with Dave Ortiz these people are using very sound. Reasonable argument against. Signing. But I think there -- sound reasonable arguments for somebody else not for him on with I mean I think David Ortiz is in -- early. But separate guys like this -- sports. Where they are different and it's the team and you want the team dynamic in any excuse me you don't want anybody to be. To feel like they're above the team but let's be realistic there are guys. Who are exceptional. And exceptional people get exceptions. I think David Ortiz why those guys in Derek Jeter's one of those guys who was one of those guys with the Yankees. You have to work really hard -- Tom Brady is one of those guys are patriots what do you take -- it Peyton Manning is one of those guys they are. So. They're valued to Europe they're they're valued your franchise. It's so. It is so beyond. Description it is so obvious it is so overwhelming right the the benefit that you have. For for having those guys on your side. Helped you on the field help you in the business community help people view you in in warm Fuzzy waves. And in the -- before -- -- everything you've just said Michael. He's still not asking to be over paid what but I'm still asking for -- Qaeda is at most reasonable but think to me that's why I'm looking at feet. I'm not looking at low one that you do that we. Jon Lester -- why don't you do that with Koji. Why don't you do that we're. Dustin Pedroia you know or some. It's different. For him he means something different this organism that's. That's the and it for a decade to craft. You're still like him like educate we'll -- -- and fifteen minutes extra and at this doesn't have a nice. The 937. A full line slid Davies in the car right. Yeah I adore Palin. Might -- -- -- All you guys injured or -- daughters and she's is that where. All my daughter -- -- soup here at which opened up the speeds you're germs are bought and sold only -- -- as good graduation. I got a call about Ortiz because. You know on in the -- security why not call. Cookies that we forget how little updated spurs years here. Two weeks -- how if you compare him to the Gonzales. And the Crawford and the poor old and although. I. 2003. And I'm going to win it all three but I know we had a hell are. -- -- -- -- Almost got an okay you know maybe we could want and 07 total piece of knowledge you'll know and we certainly don't win. Last year it would both David Ortiz and are you kidding me you're telling me that a true except that fourteen million at a qualifying also. It's even what teams is only worth one million more scary point. Well you know I like. To -- and that the I liked the the fifth through through ninth innings of your comments but one through five accurate what support can get through I get to hear. Say underpaid -- just can't bring myself to say that on I can't. Let that I can't. Yeah you're right but it. That's now part of my I just can't see a guy making millions -- -- call that person underpaid as underpaid for the market I mean I can't deny her life but I apparently or security underpinning the market it's fine -- It does the money. He has been paid fairly throughout his career is that is not at a point where David Ortiz has been unfairly count your spirit that. -- about overpaid or underpaid and yet he Whitacre okay seated fairly competent yes so that's I believe that -- I think just like the big picture. David Ortiz -- those rare guys. You want him if he says I want in my career with this with this franchise he still productive. You want him here he wants to be here get it. It's just get it done and it may. It may even backfire. Thank you -- he -- may get hurt in. You know halfway through next year. So B you've had even had a good run you've been black. Text message salt you do which does the -- a contract halfway through. Maybe -- 0000. Well if you're an interesting question. Well I'm Laura -- if I were having enormous success yet good organization come to you Wednesday with a one year left in the deal we don't you'd have to think about going somewhere else. And -- -- -- -- -- the last contract signed -- right now and having that kind of success but by what they could you know I hate that example. For example does not does not work for anybody. In -- radio. Short of how ports. And yeah it's not just well. Don't look for this guy so. You know why would you do it for him you don't think -- -- I don't think that it was a CBS who had a last the only CBS and wish that they would sign a return to an expansion before he became a free agent last time left for serious. Yeah I say I do they nobody knew what to corporate about radio to promote him now my princesses excuse me -- -- poverty. Number one finishes I've had. But you know it's it's rare -- -- do it all the time but when you come across that guy you have that. That guys on your side you know just care they got a -- -- and -- Think I like -- you know comedic -- or certainly after nine. Think they shouldn't do it fact that the public think about it should've been six what a group. Not because he's gonna be better look at the bill. It's the fact that this -- in the year. Is this temperamental you know he was gonna pop -- a lot apparently still let this guy here. Lost in the shuffle is how desperate and I think that is what it is that we should. Because look at history. Look at the outfield Eric who we know how it lost production belt failure is what it is it people can really think they're both a -- Saltalamacchia the -- -- -- just looked good it is how light opera so -- million dollar report that you went to senator -- Right look at this right now are now part in the local property that cooling units for that they played as well wouldn't it well would it -- to -- potential little will pick. Think that's where we won't describe why Atkins Hawpe walked with you as like for two years we will still fight organization how a certain group. And that that's a great point recommend if he does leave. Are so let's say the -- and Ortiz says the Sox are one more year right now at fifteen million they say no no chance we don't believe you -- think you're gonna get hurt again we don't think -- -- -- is okay fine. So next year he becomes a free agent they start talking to and they say hey -- -- -- about that Bob of that though when your fifteen million he says well all right maybe. But you know what there's other teams that might be interested in David Ortiz the services so looks around. And maybe it's the I don't Chicago White Sox made up money to -- they needed DH and they come to him and say. There -- about two years. I don't know. Which which is what everyone would do right Emanuel a curriculum if he leaves for 425. More million dollars if -- would -- -- ya gonna kill effort 25 million dollars and a two year deal. It's all well and it doesn't have to be -- doesn't have to be rational adapt point -- he killed don't want I'd be -- the Red Sox and there's all your fault. He didn't need to come to this you're the one who let it get to this point. Take it right now while he's offering you an opportunity to just happen for another year where you don't have to worry about OK and I can't blame them not him. I want and who who disrespect them at apple was playing the game. We'll legged guy games -- like there depending on the game who are out today is February 20 yes. When do you think -- marks to me. David Ortiz revenue comfort -- I hope -- does. Doing what you will. Let's say yes because I don't think the Red Sox are stupid. -- march 1. I am angry I think yes I think you -- fairly soon. There's a deal. -- it makes so much since he's been out of shape about it and they all started called yesterday. -- ought to falls Contras or something like that and in debt after an aspect of it is -- The last thing that we saw. A hole -- we actually saw the Steve Burton interview. That was balls because that was -- hypothetical. And even answer the question. Overall that feel that feeling that David Ortiz has he's a guy with a chip. If the guy who feels like OK. I've been out for you if you're -- forming you're against me. -- -- as he said yesterday you don't believe what I can do and you know I'm great but he always thinks that. Somebody's not paying attention somebody's I'd given him the respect that he deserves so overall yes. Overall he's always gonna feel that. But I think that the last the last part of it is toll. Crazy but the Red Sox look at. The facts -- our trip and about this. And David beamer team yet they keep it in danger definitive yet to keep deserves that consideration. That to talk about a contract basically down for this Francesca took a look at the top of well just go get it -- and it probably will I agree with -- and I think they should I think the fact quite frankly that they should I haven't done by now. So that he need to say anything about it -- he Buckley why he thinks the Red Sox would be making -- mistake. To -- David Ortiz right now we're doing next -- let's -- now WE. What to make -- this tax exists in a lot of them like this Michael that says. Ortiz should shut his trap and just play. Tired of it always been about him in -- world there's definitely an I in team. Are here are not African happened. Even if he's not they shut his -- that they did go but it's not going to -- -- -- the other reality. Number not -- now and is trying to play along with the announcement flush out of thought. -- -- in the conversation and I become so open minded the last couple hours in front of a lot of I don't know eighty degree weather -- do it I don't know what it is I don't know. But. If people with that shot out and play. If David Ortiz just shot. If he just becomes me. I'm gonna do my job but it typically hear me. I'm just gonna I'm the director nothing else if you still. If he's still the dramatic David -- these. It. Relationship. We've got a hole it is that over and over and not hearing. If you keep it -- You're. Back but even more. Aren't prepared under you're right you're not going to change and this is not deal with reality. I'm sorry you're so sick of David Ortiz those championships he keeps winning must -- to. We're running really. I'm -- all -- -- so awful that once a year you have to listen to a guy said he wants to make more money that must be so terrible for you for all of the benefits you get -- a watch a guy play baseball for a 160 games a year plus what he does in the post season and he's been incredible to watch. I'm so close are you got to listen to him. Ask for more money that's so terrible. -- you. -- weapons I don't know just hasn't had I think we are just I -- -- the -- to or thought I jog shuttle that we're talking about NPR fundraising it's on the jogger who else. -- -- -- agreed to pay Ortiz it'll and it -- it on the money out what I grew what do I think the ultimate. But everybody as the fact that lacked here you know militant whom already are 81 at that he -- that they gave it -- and now -- daughter. And. -- -- -- Wait Josh how is he not on how did he not -- Right right. And all but will it how is how it's not honoring it to talk he did he showed up at spring training. -- What has he said as he threatened to hold out not play. So housing not honoring his deal he didn't sign a two year gag order he signed two year deal to play baseball so far is doing. It sorted by the way the first of those years they brought a championship to Boston. In the first of those two years he also brought a championship here and had eight great season including policies. I get it and that's what it's like -- thought that the million all of -- all of it back in a couple of people that I agree with you -- -- fact that people saying. Goal while debated -- at -- -- because they've looked at all of the league it's not. And he and I don't have it with that I'd do it and whether it would. -- -- support -- -- the he'll play in the deal and then apple money. I think that it -- he walked -- the -- one year deal and you can't tell. I think he's doing what Doug just every excuse me judge -- maybe -- or maybe your previous -- Josh. He's doing both. He's doing he's doing that would what you're saying he's doing both up and play deal. Any he's asking for more money right so he's so he's playing if current -- -- if that's up next the so he's he's giving you what you want but I've taken a step -- taking -- a step further. I think he's -- giving you would you want saying I also want what are yet. I'm happy to go out there and be big poppy and bring you enjoyment and and keep winning games for the Red Sox. I'd also like an extra year security added on to not to be free agent next year and worry about free agency. I don't really have to -- -- You speak you guys think that it only took to a deal right now right off that there's going to be any. Like distraction or are they I don't know how to. I don't either on the distraction. Distraction is not the right word will there be any more -- -- -- yet. Absolutely you'll hear it appears -- -- to a deal. There will be he. Two home runs in the two home runs seven RBIs gave him in June. And -- just happened that day. -- you know I guess I you know that. I wasn't worth the contract but -- -- throughout the year you know how many guys can do what I just did today that the rob Bradford. You know who have Bradford on this -- will save my. Mike Mike Mike -- I'm not wearing I'm not agree to them. Oddly the thing that. We re all predictable and he's right he'll be where he's right now to be right entails all twelve. Thought mark what's going on. I think guys. In my opinion. Despite Ortiz yesterday we we not get to be about -- and an eyelid and took pot there and templates and I'm like that's it was trumped up all. I thought that we need to get the -- are located here this request because you have free agent that intimacy and when your team innings at saint that you -- Located do it. And then the other thing that there's a small market for a cheap and OK we can eliminate -- baseball because there and actually they don't eat. But roughly 25% of the team out there in the urgently would be interest and David Ortiz for their produce or -- it is important that. -- -- Angel. It could have been known to spend money the Yankees who would definitely spend money out of an -- David Ortiz and stretching and Yankee Stadium just can't that it. This guy usually your door opened higher on that list or Seattle on that list that does not gonna happen. It's not gonna happen is going to be. As well an -- can happen that they they they don't offer a contract -- newspapers are recently belt and and David. -- -- pit -- create -- its -- -- that's what you're trying to avoid. I hear what he's saying that. You know mark I hear everything he's saying. I don't believe it's not where I don't even have -- -- I don't believe it that he doesn't believe that he there. Nobody. Not Michael I'm really do I hope it doesn't happen I want it on the team he's proven. Primary -- primary and that -- old W Madrid looked at the -- he may be insane that has to -- and I mean every recruit and wrong. And then too -- to exit at some point people great and it just wore that out and support team would be able to break. My interest and I think I understand what you're saying I don't know that he really is Michael I agree with you I think Ortiz in all likelihood to come back next year -- -- another season like this year. OK -- at 9590. PS last year. It a great year -- 564. He really had a great great season and then did what he didn't play out what he mimics that what does value that. 20000025. Million. Right I mean at that point to ease ease and even better player. And in whatever his value is you'll you'll wind up with the reds. -- -- always. -- -- -- -- I just the enemy and Latvia today and what you just do -- -- minority but OK but I think that this plan allow Portland today. We keep saying. Eliminate the National -- -- Saint Louis not Saint Louis but an international team you saw what he's getting anything Lewis you Sully did in the post season play first base. National League team desperate would you be which you've been at a 39 year old David or to battle zone and who has been it designated hitter for his career which you. Think about. Now the first -- well not that kind of money. Now I just think and not just because he's not a good first baseman he's not a terrible first baseman. I just think the winner in terror of standing out there every single game in his body would break he just breakdown. It just there's no need for him I mean if I were gay but I wouldn't do it because I think it would be sad way to end his career in a fire the other team is -- too much risk. As a DH I mean I think he can play another five years is DH always going right now. Doesn't mean he's gonna be great for those spot but he certainly got another few left in them to first get past the first baseman now what a great program. -- regret -- the purest a lot of the purest seed. -- -- -- -- You hit. A lot of us aren't good at them a lot of guys don't struggle with -- really just you know difficult for them to adjust. And you know what he does -- -- -- between advance. And the club -- Second swing didn't like commemorate the suggests that he's got to go back to feel a what do we do all we do was talk is not without much aren't they eventually get to orbit this three -- and I'd like another fifteen million please -- in Springfield what's going on. I got it got up and -- -- they aren't you heaters or really disturbing that -- are. They seem to be a victory and that they -- he's not. All the same player. So my question if you were picked up in -- What are your opinion is you're not all -- Not a good question it's if not is. It's not an outrage and it's like keys. Like a no brainer because one let's go back to what we're talking about Brian -- -- the position. There's no -- there's no designated hitter in the hall of fame. -- You know what I was in the gun should be there is Edgar Martinez now and -- -- collect hot but then again didn't -- didn't judge it and you look at homework you. If you look at it designated hitter. A lot of times people say they don't they don't they pick out the -- -- If you let the voters do the voters either say. It doesn't play in the fields marketable for that's one of the biases in the position. And the other biases they picnic silently take out hitter in the locker. Children are hitting if you don't have 500 plus home run and your designated hitter. OK well how great that -- stupid but they made me think how great were you like Martinez was a great hitter. It was a great hitter. He's not a slut girl like David Ortiz. So. Why and Ortiz also has the -- everything on and we talked you know who went and -- okay I'm gonna get there at the other -- to get there right now I don't know how the voters again it's I would personally would vote for David Ortiz for the hall of fame. I think the Ethiopia's first career at 930s great. 431. Home runs as of now when -- -- attack on one another fifty or so at least in his career could get the 500 may be and I think the numbers are going to be there for our callers that -- if his career against the day that ends today if you're looking earning it and four and thirty -- Is and I think I would vote form based on his post season numbers and everything he's meant for baseball during the time he's he's in the air. I can understand I don't I don't think he'd make it I don't think he'd I don't think he'd -- Gideon's. And it's and it's -- it it's a tough conversation maybe let that NHL committee well. -- -- it to him at the get the report the owners don't get Scotty Bowman and Brian Burke and let those guys vote they might vote -- -- got into the -- the -- Connecticut parents as they did Dave Ortiz and total ad hoc subcommittee for David Ortiz to work Deans in the car hi dean. Aren't great shell. Operatives couple quick comments I think are Ortiz should cool and that the in the first EH. Ever accept it is all the same maybe he's got so accolades in the post season and our great clutch performer or run got via apps. I'd outlook is negative approval but my question I want you guys to cram all of over pitchers. That our code. -- fifteen to twenty million a year that play every fifth game. That made -- seven NEC. So they don't get a decision that -- as a guy who played every single game impacts every single game. And it would you rather have a late game gets tight or an extra inning game that David Ortiz come to the plate for. I guess -- -- on -- in -- that valuable pitcher vs the value of Ortiz and that it. The early I think you're you're kind of making an unfair comparison yeah I don't like sort of that -- I think you're right -- right it's only every five games but they impact so the bigger impact on each of those games that they -- Is so enormous rise to end it there are responsible for almost half of that games though. Most Ortiz could only come up one every nine players though. I don't think you don't need to make a comparison David Ortiz is impact. And there's no doubt as a hitter he is incredibly impact full and sets the Red Sox apart last year they had good team without him yes. They World Series when he came out Ortiz last year in opera now of course he's he's we'll put them over the edge and he's probably. There's a few other players on this team who who you'd see the same thing about but he'd be right at or near the top of the list and right including one of the pitchers that -- -- to bash John Spencer and ultimately the roasters -- outlets and now they got a better chance about him and they do without Ortiz. I don't know bulked -- and I don't know I think so yeah but I don't know what they don't know. The ball came out of your hand -- rhetoric like that pack a military -- beat and Adam upbeat. Got -- it's great and I appreciate that call it. Good argument to -- simple and -- of all the guys we brought a couple years which is gonna make -- -- what about -- Jamal Crawford and that sort conference and in a call crop will be. All -- all. To cut. And property that have a lot hot air up here. It -- -- popular. Because that group -- -- how to play it. People get to school I don't -- -- -- at the pinnacle -- just would feel that it -- to capture. -- Go to leadership and you to stop by. I had to put it all you have the combination of everything that we were talking with Jeff Benedict earlier he didn't historian and Jabari Parker. And and part of that story was. Coach K just try to go Parker it's okay to separate from the group of special. It's okay for your talent take over. And in it for you to take over games and you'd be the best players don't be embarrassed about it don't apologize for whatever. You don't think they would have a conversation with David Ortiz how I don't think so and we did -- -- -- that's part of hopefully block it. Love the attention of the -- of the drama he -- this stage like the pressure. All of that stuff. And for for some people. A lot of them war in this business. The talking business for some people the talking -- get on the nerves and the some of the dramatic gains all the fuel demand and errors but it. It's all part of of who he is -- who will always -- to -- so what are the -- are waiting for. Why hasn't this been done yet I know that his agent is -- meeting with them now I saw the Alex spears story today in WEEI dot com. It was short but got right to the point -- mean Alex seems to think that there's decent chance that something gets done here. Mentions that that while they didn't say specifically what was discussed or that they are they are nearing a deal or anything like that they were caught having those conversations though. What all the way before. I imagine I have yet to hear a compelling reason why the Red Sox wouldn't spend fifteen million dollars on David Ortiz for one next year specially will play the cut after John Henry. Talked about the this a 189 million dollar luxury tax threshold and exactly what it means that the Red Sox as of now. It is -- to expect that the luxury tax threshold so -- ceiling -- -- It has been. Is it really depends. There's. There's some. For some reason to believe that it may not be as important as we thought. A couple of years ago. But we. We feel that level here users. At the top where nearly topped. To their needs as they don't need to limit themselves to record an 89 million they're they're able to go over that number. So why not spend fifteen million on Ortiz. And if you have to structure the way he did the last one which really was what two years 26 million which escalated because of the amount of time in -- -- -- OK if he ends up getting hurt. Instead of spending fifteen year old spending thirteen. OK -- US there's a good reason you know he said what what are whether the rest are waiting for. I think you're waiting for is some sort of court and this is a coordinated effort here so all you have yet to make sure the sports department John Henry sports department has the special. Jobs are now that the special section. Get the special columns are. Prepared and then. You make sure that you announced. This time so everything is ready. You know -- you gotta make sure that everybody's onboard it's going to be a great presentation mrs. Clinton Charles like -- 1984. This -- Charles Steinberg production. There may be dogs involved. -- beat it you'll be violins. There will be the -- banners fireworks -- gonna take over the globe like marketing department to begin to have part of what you thought that's a great guy maybe that's what they need. Maybe that's a great day that would help Chris -- as I saw doctor Charles today in in that that really. And that's not really no -- -- that really what I wanna say I saw him Utley who office. -- Well. -- While. While the president good cars that go to creases in the congress what's going on. Good afternoon gentlemen -- -- What's up Chris how are now -- said that -- have a leader as to why this David Ortiz -- hasn't gotten that right away. It might be contingent upon a real estate data acquisition they have to make certain. Or give it a key to get through his mount Rushmore of designated hitter so he could put himself right at the top. Maybe that's it -- I -- about are the best reason I've heard it I understand why am done already. They guy wants to be here by I don't -- -- whether it's ours wouldn't wanna hear for another year and the risk is fairly low. It's the ultimate no -- well why is this even a conversation. Dawn in an islanders or when it's not about what they don't you know -- really wanna I wanna talk to the people. You wouldn't talk to me about Melissa McCarthy. And I -- -- I -- talk with people who -- have the account -- More talk to the people -- a description to go back to the flip flops where were we were talking before plots at some point we give back. Well. That was part of the truth gets scalded -- flip flop that's just -- well you're sick puppy -- in the car that rank. -- on the under do agree with the point at media like. At least seventy. Go after Ortiz I think at that -- about their right. But what he's done in recent history yeah I can't think al-Qaeda and more and -- no other team that that. -- Bob because at that there's two different groups the teams that would -- -- we get the groups -- teams that. Could that David Ortiz puts them over the top there a good team and he had to huge bat to the middle of their order. And you get those other teams that are trying to create an identity trying to change their culture and become a winner who would try to sign Ortiz to help change their clubhouse in produce in the middle of their order so. It could be a huge number teams it would be interested in. Well I think all the teams would be interested -- in terms of teams that will be willing to meet the price. You can eliminate a few of -- eliminate Houston -- you eliminate. In Tampa I think probably but. Right probably maybe about I'm not a 100% sure about either could you -- -- I would eliminate Baltimore Baltimore can be in on it. The Yankees could be in on. Toronto could Toronto be -- -- yeah they seem to have money so now we got three Chicago. I don't know how many years left on Adam -- deal but Chicago if it's done is gone would be interest and taxes and Texas hold the angels aside angels could now they have to Arafat take them off but puts Seattle on seven. That's at least seven teams without are likely to do much about Oakland would. Probably no money Kansas City they -- bill abolish their product features and Leo we we got Billy Butler would add it to the Cleveland. The Cleveland harmonic -- -- they have no money. Cleveland. Terry Francona. Commits them to settle a bit of money on David Ortiz. A lot of money are ultimately. I put them in the 5050 category probably not but maybe. There's at least that I teams though that would have -- -- and it only takes one to offer him a ton of money needed to drive up the price. That the market's going to be out there. 79. But a lot hot that's a lot of teams that would have interest in one guy and if you're tell me he can't give many money because nobody else wants them. At least seven other teams would. -- it out and -- a ball for the contract extension and all of that but I'm also realistic. And that's in nineteen beard is going anywhere he's going at least earlier he is not leaving Boston no. Q why agrees and I think they're gonna sign and I think that I'm with you I think they will sign him in the next couple weeks the the conversation today at his region quickly. From Alex -- caller article which is up at WEEI dot com according to multiple industry sources Red Sox and a firm coups. Met with -- -- Red -- tease me. David Ortiz and his -- -- -- have met with members of the Red Sox front office including representatives of team ownership to have conversations about the sluggers contract status according to one source no formal offer a contract extension was made during the meetings quote. Just conversations. One source suggested of the meeting. Why not why did you make a contract offer were waiting for make the guy contract offer he said what he wanted to reasonable number make him a deal. How long were these meetings without an offer what the hell he's talking about -- what are you talking about and I you don't I'm doing other things wouldn't want the one thing. The war is much larger than just Fort Myers isn't baseball. -- -- things are dailies in Boston. Popular -- maybe maybe the anything some clueless will hear one axle and then -- week.

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