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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - Trade Deadline Edition - 2/20/14

Feb 20, 2014|

We tackle four topics centered around trade deadline deals, steals and disappointments.

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-- -- Now our silicon -- swollen already roller board or the -- Fun game. -- -- We'll probably cells -- finally -- on Sports Radio W GE. I do agree. Through the trade deadline the final countdown. He had a jolt that they're doing it matches that. Using this. The top you have my innocence. Now. -- I think every group and I also thing carry. And -- -- for more. It's brought to you -- see beyond your technology ally get a business to manage -- let's see beyond manager technology. And by integrity windows and doors of the song -- have a stronger. Real warmest thing at. Which are hum. Commander. He. You can. -- -- -- -- So -- and -- It's not getting a later on singing it orally but it's not a good song about a four hour record at the -- of your view other people might regret. A lot of -- but we I've been. -- trade deadline day in the MBA and the Celtics well. And it. What -- Together. -- Celtics did absolutely nothing but they have done some big moves in the past what was the most no worth to trade that the Celtics made at the deadline in the last decade. The last decade. Well. I'll tell you it's entertaining. I'm not sure. It took up where they were trying to go at that -- What do you remember the return. A Antoine Walker and of course you river at every acquisition. Whatever would be rocket and its first -- -- 88888. Can't fly with that everybody was happy -- yet the they got back and wanted to and that same. I think deadline as they move a bunch of guys and Gary and the Tom who we got a -- yeah actually for the Celtics. Yeah a couple of feet so yet that's what that's going to be the most of them haven't been a lot of power to set her. Well it you know positive or negative. What you said significant them in -- pretty much changes the franchise. For better or worse at that point you deal way you're seven puts senator I thought they were good team with perk about -- better team with -- I understand I think the thinking that they were trying to go younger and have somebody knew it was going to be the next generation. And star for the Celtics and -- Jeff Green it turned into that guy. Can we be looking back it's OK maybe cause some short term but long term. He was this -- -- he was the succession plan but because Jeff -- didn't turn out to be that guy. I don't think he is only you do either but that's a really significant trade for the way change the franchise. A vote -- positive. That -- at a negative mood today the US choked. The Red Sox scoring Ortiz collected go to the Celtics feel like you think. -- We are the Bruins have made some deals at the deadline in the past that have helped them for the playoff run this year than it looks like they're gonna need a little help to. Pollution the Bruins target at this year's deadline. If you. -- this is easy it's easy yes and young man's name is Andrew MacDonald is not the operative Barbara for the dolphins ever McDonald. Young defensemen -- six point seven years old somewhere there place for the islanders. And that's the reason to which you can replace the islanders rescue that man. And I think it goes in the on this team. What's your point I mean the way he may be the guy and the islanders. Look even better today as a trade partner than they did a couple of days ago after Tavarez ends up with -- season ending knee injury that he suffers at the Olympics in Sochi so. Yes that's a new team that is now going to be seller instead of a fire fine but we all know they needed defenseman they need somebody who could fill that Dennis Seidenberg spot the questions. Is whether or not that guys really out there and whether or not you wanna spend money on somebody who's going to be there long term. France do some of them were talked about this few weeks ago. -- would you be willing to trade Marcia and or Brian Smith or or one of your. Wingers that you committed to for someone's gonna be around for the next few years and I'm sand on the are really. I'm gonna get Seidenberg back next year really just looking for a rental player or somebody who who I think is a complementary piece. I thought I think it's going to be hard for them to find that guy who's just a rental player who is another team is willing to give up. And who's going to be able to actually be better than the players I haven't really feel Seidenberg school. -- the last couple years threats about some rather big deals of the dead line. So ambulances have been bigger than others. Or worse deal that Red Sox pulled at deadline time. -- -- everybody hates. Eric got we've talked about this new and I disagree on this. Did you actually think it was a good trade -- I don't think it was -- -- but I think that it was thing I think it was important for them. Two to show that team that they were serious about winning and trying to go the extra mile obviously they got a guy that was helpful. But I think it was important for them to make a deadline deal for somebody that the team that the clubhouse and view -- As being the winner a winning player now granted he didn't live up to what he's supposed to do. Final thought it was an important -- to tell them hey we believe we knew we believe your contender were gonna go out and get that extra piece that you need and even if he turned out to state which he did it. And they played more confidence after that. When -- an excellent sense except that. Run. -- -- More and they start to lose -- on. Any help that happen blow yet. To really well so that. If they are but he was it with the with the he wasn't taking drugs earlier today here in Texas and it was a map in my optimistic and earlier that you literally stop the day he got -- There's something he would get that your. With the Rangers have that it will be closing in which it is yeah and community setup. And it's horrible. Awful. And that's where if this were sometimes it's better that'll please that'd be -- Red Sox. Almost outsmarted themselves. And thank god for that intellectual. Honest about well. There's Jonathan Papelbon saved them from terrible idea that was apple -- where they wired. We want Hewitt. Because -- -- -- closer. So wanna make and we know you can handle it the public you've become the setup guys. And Gagne closed from you OK with that perhaps it known her for a guy that I had to I don't know how to -- I don't know. I'm not okay with that and so -- happen but for the -- It would have been even more of a disaster they've done that now. Other people course -- -- of Larry Andersen for Jeff Bagwell somebody stirring it up and saying. This person. Anderson Schilling now now -- you went from -- right. Which is a good trade for -- both teams what was or wasn't -- Schilling and Brady Anderson shows part of my clock portrait. A -- and Anderson for Bonner Brett Brett. Who. Should be Patrick is back at my partner -- good -- in my parkers good pitcher here. You have that big -- with you we thought but arsenal because the deadline it wasn't an off season you don't talk like that the evidence knows they with that deadline Tony -- Think this is a perfect example. That whole logic of -- -- you've got to do it got to trade the kids Schilling and Ed Anderson yes OK and executed fine but he was this full. A good player. So -- trade those guys for a chance to win the World Series and they -- -- -- World Series with product now. It's just like it's only when they went to the -- they went to a playoffs -- -- -- that got okay they would they would guard the playoffs without. They want to play out of -- so again that was an 88 -- so 88 they used to be -- 8990. -- -- because the playoffs and lose the aid the enemy. What it would keep it. Well it what did it do for. -- I disagree with the -- that I think you have the opportunity -- a good team that you're trying to make better. You have the opportunity get Mike Parker who is a good pitcher and pitched well once he was here to go to the playoffs and 88. In denying -- go to the playoffs twice what Mike -- I'm the boss and he went seven and the re an 88 yeah. With a 263 ERA yeah certainly helped you get in 89 he had a good season fifteen and eleven with a four ERA. And then in 1990 when you go back to the playoffs. He's seventeen any with a 336. ERA. OK we got three really good seasons out of my pocket I'm confident we'll mix -- at a remixed classical for example like during a football game. You don't live in Cleveland nor do you live in Cincinnati. Making trades just to make the playoffs. Both are Red Sox are supposed to make not like 1980 it works it's a post -- we're not supposed to make it every year in the 1980s totally different story they're supposed there there are outlasting then no. You mean do you mean you can jump in the Red Sox. -- a consistent. Competitive team year after it but the bet here is that reflective. If you -- if you think about the Red Sox expectation that the impossible dream. So -- 67. That just keep going forward. And a lot of history of like our respect -- inventory report that. They were expected to be competitive every year. 1986. They make the playoffs. Right the worst tornado in there since. 75. OK but they were competitive that they are incompatible to have with the plants in eleven years that they don't want the next year. You trade for Mike Parker you go to the playoffs two more times in the next three years of -- -- Bill they don't know the history you don't trade good. Players for the opportunity to make the playoffs that you did then make it a pleasure one I only two -- allocated nearly. You think it was a good move for yes I do. You know I have no problems with the moniker for Schilling and Anderson deal that -- the -- one unfortunately. You know Anderson played -- to -- them to your Drake over there -- if he had helped you make the playoffs once they got hurt they would drop going to Ottawa not terrible. It was dominant gonna take that chance that well I think those that are about to make the playoffs and trying to win the World Series. NFL trade deadline is usually the quiet it is time for trade deadlines around four major sports. Should the league changed the trade deadline to move -- teams can make deals to help. For the -- yes a thousand times yes. Are going to be so much fun in the NFL -- the trade deadline in baseball -- that they were to move back in the NFL for what week eleven. Imagine a good team it's just a wide receiver away got a bad team that's trying to maybe even get. Worse for better draft pick or to help themselves out down the stretch bye week eleven or twelve those things are a little bit more set I would love to have a link trade deadline in the NFL. And I don't I don't know who make all that much different -- -- I think it's just a different sport and doesn't operate like the other ones do. Mean even if you move -- we. We did. I don't think -- -- huge increase productivity. So biggest it would do and the knowledge don't call for the sport. Still that I wish it was that I think that stuff is great and I think it's something as greatest football is and it's you know the sport that this country right now is obsessed with. I don't even more fun if they had just that one extra element of trying you know the conversation about adding a piece giving up somebody from team that is not going anywhere that year. Looking at draft picks for the future I think without a whole another extra dimension to over your right I mean clearly. It is not in the culture of the NFL to make a lot of trade that is. Ford Ford today. A lot here. Surprised that that you that you feel that way about my -- portrait and nevermind that trade at all.

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