WEEI>On Demand>>USA Women's Hockey lose 2 goal lead with 4 minutes remaining and lose the gold medal. Is this your classic "choke-job"?

USA Women's Hockey lose 2 goal lead with 4 minutes remaining and lose the gold medal. Is this your classic "choke-job"?

Feb 20, 2014|

If you lose the gold medal after leading a hockey game for 56 minutes of play and two goals, should that be considered a choke job? Should we not say it because it's the US Women who did so? We discuss the loss, the term 'choke', sugar-coating and so much more.

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A bunch of people saying I'm gonna ask why why what -- deal. I'm lose the game the US women -- the ones who lost their the ones of the tuneup and lead I'm putting and I stand within the on this when you got tuneup and lead with four minutes left in the game you should win that game. Right -- used to problem here's a problem I don't know why I feel this way. But it -- goes. Unless -- official does something. The so egregious and so terrible like the the figure skating difference of rice getting -- in in the Winter Olympics in 2002 or call you back. It's 72 and how. We were screwed out of a gold medal basketball. And Russia got a and they didn't deserve it. But unless something like that happen yet mad. And my country for the Olympics. -- it's not like the red you know it's like Joseph hindering him last year blowing -- April. And get mad about it if this picture just a little different. You get mad about Olympic performance -- -- I'm talking about not disappoint but angry. The pretty angry at the US loses tomorrow yeah I don't be angry and don't be angry at them out but if they blow a tuneup and lead the way the girls did today. I think he'll be mad of course you will be. You don't get angry at Olympic performance are not. Playing away and don't think it's. Going to be an added that the US it's only hockey it wouldn't be mad and anything else it wouldn't be mad at an awful bobsled. Does something bad but it bumps letters to war if the speed skater falls down or you know men's super cross or something that I if -- -- -- -- I'm trying to think -- examples when you've been mad at an Olympian. And I can't think of an example without power saw going on behind you there they do construction -- OK and cutting down your sadder than. My set to look -- we think we have -- we think we have a -- here. -- told you what hotel I stayed Atlanta I think we actually have something -- luxurious epithets sort of make sure your okay I don't want you couple nights ago crashing in anything. To Austin compliments because laughed as it would anybody would do after that experience that moment I did what anybody would do. I'll look to do it and LG envy for the rest -- -- -- until about a must be tough yeah that's a very difficult for experienced very good. -- or whatever -- fifty degrees and sunny here to say you know so -- had some good out of Florida you go have your fun it was fifty degrees sunny beautiful here. It to take that right to come back to to dealers who looks like the Celtics have done nothing that's first. Not really all that surprised it was gonna look in this way for awhile. But assuming that something doesn't pop up in the next few minutes -- the paperwork coming in late on the Celtics have done nothing in this is their team for the rest of the year. And it's OK you know it's OK I was I was. I was kind of excited about the possibility they were coming here is good player. And you think. Analysts there was something that went on between Hayward and Brad Stevens that we don't know about you would think that he'd become an even better player. If he was reunited with his code code that happened and then Chandler Parsons. Houston I think would would Daryl Morey likes to do and maybe it worked with other other teams with the workforce former boss. Other teams -- like to Wear you down. He'll Wear you down and he used to getting what he -- that I was able to. Like -- James Harden from Oklahoma City and it would do. Make enough moves to get himself in position did Dwight Howard gets what he won but this is the second time this year were clearly. He wanted to move O'Meara she. And he was gonna try to Wear the Celtics down not gonna work so that didn't work that deal fell apart and the same thing here you really want -- Rondo. But he didn't wanna give up -- -- -- won -- and I think -- try to wait him out in and it was like unsuccessfully again so. Is that it was a good thought but. If another -- not gonna play the game just can't give way. I -- especially with Rondo and there's no need to do that. As if you're gonna be able to get more form in the offseason and they're still the possibility that you're able to use them as a as a building block. For something you're trying to do long term and you could still lose games without him now which I don't think should be the goal. Really have a problem that I think would have been nice if an exciting certainly it -- you been able to dump a few more these players dumped a few more contracts and maybe even come up with some more draft picks along the way. But pay it and do it Celtics have made no deal they move for this -- their -- -- for the rest of the year 6177797937. -- and. -- -- -- -- -- Well let me -- -- -- the court right now they come at you or your result. In tiger grown up high and I -- life. And remember what the woman looked at. I have heard nothing more there -- about -- And equality. They don't want special treatment they don't want to be given that generation. And you know chipped. In Portland beat him okay that again. -- kept all. The world flat out choke job. There -- a bit should be at the PGA and. -- That's identified applause that's remains. He is writing what that they -- -- no joke they were up two up with more minutes left and right now it's winner. Sugar coating you left the show. -- Other girls. That. -- I'm glad I don't have report spurs while ago but they're thinking of anything to do -- People are sugar coating it because they're women women. Sugar coating because it. The Olympics do you tell me the US team as a two nothing lead to -- -- enable -- to -- -- your pocket you're you're gonna -- the joke. North or 400 yards against -- right at the Olympics the worldwide. -- patriot the that match. You're about Jerry are you mad about -- economic. Development. Matt. I'm not mad about it at the end of the competition and I understand you don't have to happen. But I think that that means that better -- that he would not be -- Barrett. You all to. Western -- delegate. And scored that second goal edit -- the watchable but other. The -- that. All Canada kicked out but not. And the US. Open and they let Canada Britain into them but -- -- -- 20. I tell you what the moment they miss the miss the open net it was over at that point as soon as she had a shot at the open net. It's the post open -- she hits the post -- -- to data from room blue line but just one of those bad luck plays -- enough -- you know that it's gonna go the other way right once that moment once that one moment happens it always seems like the other team finds a way to make you pay forth like the bad error. In the ninth inning of the game when your hand and always seems to come back to bite yeah. That's what happened to them. They choked Michael you watch a game they -- is no other way to say it now whether or not I'm furious about it I'm probably not you're right. But they did choke. They did -- and if it happens tomorrow because a more invested in what happens with the men's and the women's from that tomorrow. Yeah I'm gonna be pissed -- they they choked you don't walk around saying my country choked yes. My country as a unit joked Johnston Rhode Island have -- averages. They -- I don't like award joked I think we made a huge mistake coming up -- and you got to be aggressive ya -- -- that we had a chance to win. Kennedy came back however -- -- -- the problem I have with this game at the refereed lost control of it. There should be no way that you make -- -- call in overtime. On a play that have an eight minute previous. As is typical -- call on the slash but -- That's the referees that that they do you can you -- get to fix the referees got the whole game why why call -- slack when -- not even a lot of cheap actor pat you know what though John John you've already blown two goal lead at that point. Well you're right but you've already blown two goal lead four minutes. Yeah at that level important date OK a lot of play nobody went blank. Like a fired up people about this Michael Floyd at the US blows a lead tomorrow like this. We'll have full phone lines for four hours on we are showing that we are play in the game -- department of RO certain at noon. They want people tomorrow if they do if they do that if you buy all the things they choked -- -- -- on the preview with. I hope not this better not be free it's OK -- also. Offers very good and don't have a preview of the reaction preview. Of the -- are people really say that -- haven't seen that who's saying this over -- -- -- Hussein -- -- be chauvinistic but none -- and -- -- -- female particular female side of Twitter and they'll say the broads on Twitter and brought on Twitter our hearts are saying things like. A good job good -- and now he blew -- the time for the good job good effort is later right when the sting of choking away two goal lead analyst for minutes of hockey game is like right right. -- No good effort pajamas for a team that was expected to do much and then was able to. Fighting its way all the way to the silver. But I don't think that's the story of the US's. I honestly don't know that the story of US one ot not but there were dominant right. Haven't they always been dominant in this. I think they've been a dominant organization Michael or -- -- have been the dominant organized nation in women's hockey for years I don't I think they've won although in the gold medals. I can be wrong about what element I'm speaking directly at a Mirant. I think they've won every one of the gold medals they have nothing to be embarrassed about that yes they -- they just choked away to believe in final form and its -- -- game through the best the best players in the world all around the world. They tried. It did the best they could with what they have -- and unfortunately they choked. Entrees and Hartford eye on what's actually up. -- the game wasn't as and the gonna Google in almost any team I absolutely candidate not to look at Israel might that exact thing repaired while Rodrigo. On on just to clarify you're saying is -- because the desert country right. Absolutely it's a debate Huckabee second kid like Duluth Palin viable candidate -- -- to go out and make -- -- the Rondell. This about it immaculate. That -- between the number three -- pick. Got to twelve and thirteen but he recovered go to the Caribbean -- Fire and an eight win. Lucky -- not so are particularly should return again we're not that would Toronto now you're going to probably jumping and I think it. Okay and I don't know Rondo if it -- Rondo on the team and boost the winning all that might -- on court agree. That -- without out of the captain for an throw at us zero. Are you arguing that it -- -- are no creature and our friends with a -- the castle what why do you guys aren't you focused on the gender. The gender part of this because if this had happened have a demands even. They would be get abuse and Hillary and I atmosphere I think back to the first Olympic acts we remember. -- -- -- -- -- I think that's -- around that -- -- -- aware that. Now in my -- life. I've been mad at the scene now though it is that the -- that. Eight. In basketball. I was mad at John Thompson's. But not necessarily for. All bronze medal. -- got the bronze year bronzes so 88. But I was mad at him for construction teams he all of these great players and it's -- that he chills like -- defensive oriented Georgetown. Team -- In this scene and screwed up the coaching and so the US streak dominating basketball. Happen but that shouldn't be that man John Thompson because. Do we got 92 dream team. -- remember. Watching all of like being that my country. For not performing to -- -- -- -- of the country saw him thinking about affecting after this I just think it's embarrassing and two goal lead at the -- -- and I can't imagine that. Meant to defect affecting like -- like The Hunt for Red October and reverse by the way about could not have been more wrong Michael the fact meter maids have spoken. By the US won the first women's hockey gold medal and -- 110. What -- unit so -- solely in terms instead of being. The -- they lost to accept that they had a two nothing lead with four minutes left in the choked an eight choked -- -- some bombs from it doesn't matter who you choked it away to -- if I -- -- -- last year was better to you last year the Bruins or the maple who just aren't -- better right but the basically still choke that game away or just happened who have won the last 411. I think you can hold something happened makes it worse years against the -- makes it to rise -- the opportunity to unseat the giant that you failed you joked. They choked there's no other way to say I mean blown two goal lead with four minutes left you choke up the mock outrage it's not -- It's not you have to champ on the ropes and you you. Literal with Andy and I stand together Michael. Okay and in you know and you're just trying to be -- within your turn to be captain -- -- zones that are you trying to be friends of the castles. It has happened is because you love feel so much the curriculum and and you wanna be nice to work when you guys are who. In game four players for nobody came for players. Nobody can -- that yeah that's all I wanted to ask you can't name for the payment is that you don't know the players you don't hear that. But I watched most of this game on mute. Michael how -- so soon Ron is in Medford -- -- you know I actually just what I. The first or call a woman or a player right now he's well more let me get this is my pot and do something at all. This can still be able to go pick them up their coach I look we got to rapidly. Just keep continually. Let candidate rob -- on fire to the net will just dump a cunning guys. They played the game -- -- wonders can't replace. All the sudden they get it will not lead. Well you don't -- out there -- what way toward graduation what -- going to cost. And also it every angle who it's not because you choked. Sometimes one team overcome obstacles and comes out all the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Coach him up on but the other two goal lead with four minutes left and you lose you -- important that's right and if you don't win it's because you've joked. No other way to say that you complained that instead -- -- Blocked anyone -- -- -- pretty much everything in every instance took the lead four minutes after you lose or you don't run a sports -- problem that is the definition of a choke -- -- Better. Know and nobody in my world you -- tragically this is my job I have to speak for every -- where we're wrong and what -- with that doesn't -- show what a joke. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm gonna -- is if it's not that you know it'll. You know advocate -- alters when you have a lead and you lose no BS -- and I -- -- little choke -- is when the moment becomes too big for you. And now you change. Who are you -- you were enveloped by the moment it's too much -- you handle -- you don't think that's having a two nothing lead it though I don't know four minutes of a gold medal match for God's sakes so great players instead of may. That's that it choking is. The moment is too much free. You lose because he choked up but I spoke to me is. Oh well you're not ready for the moment the -- -- -- -- it is whatever it is that you lose the game. It's joke after this this is a choke. You're up to nothing with four minutes left the same way moment too was a moment to report it if it. But by this time you guys have had I don't know man -- watch this game on May -- I have a conversation maybe Ortiz and maybe now you know the roster and on you know the names on the roster right let. Who was too -- for I don't know Mike on -- and literally -- watching this game on -- you won't have a conversation with you about David Ortiz -- it's not like I'm I'm fully invested everything happened. But for the most part Europe to nothing. Especially with a gold medal on the line you got a few minutes left in the game the other team comes back and scores twice in the final two in final form and it's and then -- in overtime. That's the definition of a choke the same way Toronto choked. At the end of the at the end of game seven against the Bruins may -- because the moment was too big for maybe they just stop playing their game. But they choked they choked it away. Except we're not talking about Bruins Toronto and in the those were the two best teams in the world. Right right. So here if you that you're the two best teams in the world you're playing in the Olympics. If you're one team very talented apparently US that's an opportunity that then -- US women's hockey history or anything but clearly they have some ability. Against the team that has dominated the Olympics. If that answer -- may be it's just that the sheer talent. Of Canada. Come in the coming into play in the last four minutes of the riches of Providence high about possible. -- Michael Obama did. Yet that I that this call is do you have some serious drugs as well -- sell two minutes. Yes I am one -- 1 could though I am and I'm not here every year. -- -- -- -- -- -- Started thought that the may believe that -- that oh naked choke. I. I don't think oh yeah. Diplomatic. Obama on it the Maple Leafs -- -- against the -- Then why are we thought about log -- so. I'd like to write about it. With Michael thought Mike -- here. Right I don't -- our Reggie you've got -- I'd ever ever Everett. You have questions about drug. If -- do after a few questions. If it was a joke. Question if it was a it was a joke. Wins. Maple Leafs what are we get so excited about that moment it was -- the top games we've -- -- it was incredible comeback. I told Michael if you put the whole country Joseph and why -- we likely to read about it. -- -- -- Shutting them out red clad human Michael are only tougher race he's not got no answer for a bridge that -- outwardly no easy answer the easy answer your question. Because it's a different perspective. When it's your team that gives up the lead you can look at them and say they choked when it's your team comes back you can give them a lot of credit for what they did it's not like when you -- the other team didn't do anything else that was great. Candidate did something great but the US also choked both things happen simultaneously. My perspective is not as of Canadian citizen I really don't care Canada's point of view from the US point of view they have the -- on the rope and they failed to capitalize that failed to win. When they were up to enough of -- four minutes left that's choke. So if you care about the team your team wins they had a great comeback. If you don't care about the team your team loses -- so yeah and I can look at it I can't they can't had a great win. Soccer Canada had a great win they did in the US -- the same way the Bruins had a great win and Toronto choked in Chicago at a great win in the Bruins choked a couple of weeks later. We both things can happen at the same time the Bruins joked when when they had a in game six -- -- the game away not the series but the game. Had a lead at the end give up two goals and thirty seconds or so yeah I do I am having that's a joke. A close -- a great job by and with creep great job by -- -- -- second party -- today maybe your responsibility to every team -- know what I -- given responsibility. Chicago with a better in the Bruins last year -- when you say chokes you and your definition that I'm using too narrow. But I thought nothing from two -- last year in the playoffs at any point in the -- I didn't see anything and they say. Oh man it's too big form. Oh he's he's got a melt in the spotlight he can't handle the pressure -- -- would like I did against a superior -- the team. The big points going into it by himself. But he was great against the penguins against some people think the best player in the world Sidney Crosby so from me to say that he choked. Against Chicago by giving up those goals. I don't think outlook on the that you dropped from two of the of the nerves got the best of them. Only the talent on right under us now to get the best deal I just think you've got our media an opportunity to close at a game sometimes that can sometimes just can't count on -- going to choke job.

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