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Salk and Holley's Boston Blitz - 2/20/14

Feb 20, 2014|

We set the table for the biggest topics in Boston sports. Today featuring Field Yates of ESPNBoston.com and Steve Buckley of the Boston Herald.

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A look at all the big stories in Boston sports -- those on the inside. How these. Boston -- Boston -- on Sports Radio WG. First -- Michael this is crazy watching these two teams US and Canada now playing three on three in overtime because of a couple of a couple of penalties and I think candidates -- to get a penalty shot in overtime to try to win at Boston let's. Brought to you by AT&T will start off today with field -- -- in boston.com field. We're talking yesterday about your if he she put together the ten free agents the patriots should. At least consider this off season now looks like they're gonna get an extra seven million dollars added that the cap all the teams will how does that affect their their offseason shopping. Well. I think it may be up ordeal now that are believed -- the -- -- -- captors are out there are skeptical 230 million dollars and under we're extremely -- -- -- Probably had enough -- for athletes here a couple of our guys went off like he believed. Intuit element but I think now I think it's a little bit what money that they feel like -- the player. It would cost them more than probably most of the street affectionately culprits. We -- care -- weekly for the third here perhaps that impact guy on a multiyear contract but the facts are the salary cap is now. You know anywhere between four and seven million dollars more than what most people attribute yeah. A field Mike Lombardi is now officially. A member of the patriots front office what do you expect his contributions to be just. Will be official until Michael Eric I think -- computer immediately I America's probably all -- see if it could be coaching staff but. You know I think it's about circuit talked about what Mike Lombardi rain and an organization previously talked about his ability to evaluate. Personnel in the analogy of coaching staff work. I get to that kind of compulsory job or contribute. It anyway here's -- you know advocate here their VP of player personnel. He port for the leader of the person apartment but he also contribute to be coached there -- -- Value in a variety of different ways as there is -- editor director of our research for the patriots or so they're fighting idols are certain people they bring aboard they like. Bring about bring up or people who have exceptional football intelligence they're still believe our blog stated that -- -- for the -- You know feel the also look at Vince Wilfork we bounce back and forth on this talk quite a bit about yesterday. Is he guaranteed to be here next year is he a candidate to be restructured how do you see the offseason prevents. I don't think he's guaranteed to be here next -- just for the simple fact that I'm not particularly here in fuel imports in dollar terms up. For 2014 help what I'd be surprised if you're no longer be accurate to -- -- working yet I'd be very size I think every time. Early this time with the -- under partly. Through evaluating every player roster was not good -- Financial bulls now Wilfork I think it's certainly interesting player returned it was -- -- -- -- -- -- your -- -- your extension. One year at -- at a few of the Baltimore read it which it'll be basically give them. Based on the front or -- Here he looks more guaranteed money on the back again and got and the doctor says four more years of based in the accelerate that but what I think patriots we explore that option. Well or because. He still has tremendous value that you were healthy. It's just a lot to invest in the clear eleven point six million dollars first single he's in perhaps he's one of the players that. If we get them Oreo expense more than a lot of other players are entry in the funny here -- punter it could be candidates are expected. Finally got Bill Belichick speaking at 3 o'clock there at the com finally Iran -- -- -- DH you can find them on Twitter at yield Yates. I don't like this one -- all. We -- joy lives the first time -- the -- of blitz exclusive -- -- first world premiere we're joined -- I've. By Steve Buckley right here Fort Myers Buckley wrote an article the column today -- herald. Not really on board with the Red Sox is in that they've received them like that idea although he claims he's not a hater either. -- that it -- time to read about it later on later part of what don't you like about it. 38 years old Q what he says he didn't he break down years ago. That Achilles injury missed a significant chunk of the season and again I'll highlight that I -- get my -- in the column it was two years ago. He signed a contract we all growth but that was the lifetime. Achievement award the honoraria and that was two years ago we sign a contract. It extends through 2014 season. -- Why can't he threw about that contract that's for no. What they have to. I think it your idea what why they have to serve it up before he says yes I would like to an extra year. Added on top of that why does he have to be wise and one is going to only agents signed a contract. But he's not threatening not to play -- Now he's saying he would like in new deal right now I don't blame them I'd like in new deal right now so would you. What's wrong with him say he's not saying at any point he's not threatening to shut it down he showed up at spring training on -- emotional I don't -- I know you did so I don't understand what the problem is in the -- in my view the other way. The Red Sox are almost just marvel at that. I simply said pay attention I simply said he signed a contract for the 2000 which he sees it it's not that reflect best interests me is that standpoint. To extend him beyond 2000 which team when they -- after. Do you now do you think they'll how to lower the Jon Lester Jon Lester is different case because he will be read in the city's right to choose. So it's in the best interest to keep him one what if they see him or they want -- what do you think -- he's gonna have a that your that your. Probably will yes -- -- -- -- god knows I don't nobody can match what you watch your art and -- it -- day that wrote today I fearful that he right now. But -- fourteen -- -- -- -- isn't he isn't in line for in other. Large contract after that an internal money not turn them in terms of years but in terms of -- is another good year and it is worth another fifteen million a year after that. One year. Well. Well. But than some earlier but it I don't resistant PLC is worth a lot more than an -- -- -- about it the very market. I'm not a reward about someone else power hitters on the data from this -- negative from the perspective. I think there -- full of guys sports. Baseball bats -- hockey wherever. Who are you don't look at them as the same as the other people when you're seeing here she was one of those that I think it would be one of those guys here Boston. You hit many breakdowns and I think right now so be it. You'll you'll you have been blessed with the Boston red -- been blessed to have this guy on your side to deliver a lot a lot of clutch -- -- If a horse like that the lifetime achievement award given the Kurtz of the Curt Schilling -- eight million dollars. Think thank you very much an implantable that -- that's a good move for the -- about it advocate. No don't open up some effort for David Ortiz if it happens -- happen. Ortiz it's a good move for the rest this is all it's all in my. -- and which will. Course. -- -- What's your personal I don't blame him for the but I'll go beyond that it would just find out today. That that 189 million dollar figure is not necessarily a stopping point for the Red Sox. Henry says that hey Ari said yesterday guys that. That you might you wanna go beyond that that the benefits of staying under 189 or not they originally thought. So what do I care of Jon and responsible but extra money to make sure that the best player his franchise player the guy hopes when in my third World Series last year sticks around one extra year and it's happening. Why not get it. If you don't care that John Henry's finances in his pocket or I don't care because either in terms of meeting a page columnist newspapers opinions. My opinion is that they wouldn't extend beyond 2014 until we get a good start what I got to value down on this. You really think that they were -- deserved its -- globe columnist. -- -- -- that -- that that was a clever little one liners in there don't they give those away. When Soviet openly in the -- -- the inside track a couple of hours probably got right now probably appreciate it's kind of a buck in Boston see a body like that might anytime there's Steve -- we'll be right back at the blitz brought you by AT&T. They cover more than 99% of all Americans rethink possible assault while you're WE.

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