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Spring Training Report: John Henry, Tom Werner and David Ortiz contract talks

Feb 20, 2014|

FORT MYERS, Fla. -- WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Alex Speier talk about the message of manager John Farrell on the first day of full-squad workouts on Thursday for the defending World Series champion Boston Red Sox. Petraglia and Speier address the latest on contract talks with David Ortiz and general manager Ben Cherington's approach this year.

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Welcome back to jetBlue park in Fort Myers, Florida where -- 2014. Spring training continues for the Red Sox. I'm Mike to try and joined again by Red Sox senior writer for WEEI dot com. Alex -- Alex the first full day of full squad workouts for these Red Sox. And that some of the things that that we should talk John first of all was the team address the annual team addressed by Red Sox manager John Ferrell. In front of not only the players about the ownership is well John Henry and Tom Warner in attendance for that meeting. And John Ferrell told us in his press conferences daily briefing. That it wasn't really about the last out that he wants guys to remember the last out of the World Series of course of from last year. But it was the process how you got there that he wants that this team to remember. And I just like you that touch on what you think the players take from this annual meeting with John Ferrell. Last year the Red Sox won as we know and in no small part because they had a remarkable focus on the date today this is a team. It never lost more than three straight games which is a feat that's extraordinary thing to -- it hadn't happened to me to a baseball since maybe 2005. That takes a hell of a lot of preparation that takes a hell of a lot of commitments to what you're doing into the details of what you're doing in so. Bench Harrington followed bench Harrington spoke with -- today described it as a relentless. A relentless -- -- today. A a real kind of a real kind of embrace of doing the little things. -- to make yourself better to put yourself in the best position to win and you know we saw out there we -- their being in in just today here in drills during spring training. They're being an impressive. Elements of bit of commitments by up by the players who were involved so there was a rag ball throw and which pos socks -- -- -- pitching coach rich some more. Slams kind of soft balls and die and -- pitchers to kind of work on their reflexes into the Red Sox starting rotation the members of the Red Sox rotation. At least four of them Jake Peavy John Lackey. Jon Lester and Clay Buchholz were in a group together they were so competitive that if there is there is there may have been some wagers riding on it and you know they were -- they were diving they were really you know there really working hard at it. That's kind of the intensity. That the Red Sox love to see brought to the details of the game -- they believe permitted them to be so good last year and that's the process they believed it needs to be part of the wanna be good again this year. Right after that annual team addressed by John Ferrell Tom Warner the chairman of the Red Sox also of course in charge of NASA and the broadcasting arm of the Red Sox if you well. Spoke to reporters. And one at one of the things that if he mentioned any was poking fun at himself on the other owners a year ago at this time. A lot of fans and media and other observers experts thought we took a stupid pill but those were his words. Well you know one World Series championship. And twelve months later can change a lot of attitude do you think the attitude inside Red Sox ownership has changed. Yes. I think that they feel they they certainly feel less embattled there there was a sense that they are being interrogated lesser because let's not forget. Not only were they coming off the worst season that the Red Sox hadn't Jordan almost half a century but the Terry Francona about to just come out Francona the Red Sox years. In which the members of the ownership group got crushed and you know this is not a year in which they've been in battle in which they've been on the defensive. In fact it's not just that they're coming off the World Series title -- -- that they've been able to reconnect with the larger legacy of winning three championships. Over twelve year period which is something that no other organization Major League Baseball can claim so certainly. There is a greater focus on accomplishment. As opposed to failure I think that's undeniably clear for both the players were back as well as for the for the team's owners but again. You know there there -- the owners Tom Warner tried to echo that same theme which you heard from everyone in the Red Sox organization today look forward look forward look forward. Another thing way that the Red Sox are looking forward and Tom Warner. Address that he was asked about the Jenny -- our editors are missing -- -- Chris Capuano the real. Forward looking part of it's we'll get to that are just a moment Alex don't you worry but in moving on were his words -- Tom Warner he announced that Jenny Dell would be eventually moving on from NASA and the issue as it pertains to the baseball side of this obviously she and will Miller Brooks acknowledged on New Year's Eve at that they were in a romantic relationship. Do you think that. Taking Jenny -- out of the equation purposes presents a little less of a distraction. Will metal products that look at a I don't think that it's really I honestly don't know that it's a relevant story line at all we'll middle Brooks a baseball player. And -- other baseball players he's in a relationship. Like many other baseball players the person whom you with whom he was he what is in was in a relationship -- -- on the team allies that that is not uncommon. Four professionals in this field. And you know will -- Brooks had a bad year last year whether or not goes to whether or not you would connect. And certainly Werner description so Tom Warner does and said that nests and into any Dell agreed -- it would be a distraction. For her to continue to cover the team how that manifest itself you don't know I don't know they don't know. The question is who was well middle Brooks and what does he determined to do this year. Not about you know what is his FaceBook status right and and in this instance. -- that overlooks is someone who is young he's 25 years old we forget that sometimes he's incredibly determines to be really really good. He's coming to camp this year certainly. Knowing that there were things that went awry last year mostly physically because. He was injured at various times that hindered his performance that hindered his confidence that introduced production. He's determined to show that he's the guy we was in 2012 a guy who's extremely talent to bench Harrington described as one of the few guys in Major League Baseball. Because look at has a right handed hitter who's able to drive the ball out of the park from foul pole -- foul -- that's a pretty rare commodity the Red Sox are you know the Red Sox won a seat. If they can't get him to you know they can put him in position in middle Brooks wants to see if he can put himself. In position to maximize that Tom because if he can he's a really impact -- player. Bench Harrington and John -- both made note of the conditioning program. That middle Brooks underwent in the winter. He does look bigger he does look stronger and bigger and twelve pounds bigger indeed so. Expect bigger things from will Miller Brooks in terms of production in 2014. Certainly managed. Probably like that is the Red Sox hope though that's their hope but you know but at the same time we had to take a step back and say this is what it is to be a prospect this is what it is to be a 25 year old. And you've had two very distinct Major League seasons. And we don't really know. Which pat this is the -- it is going to be taking going forward so. That's one of the fascinating things about the Red Sox agreements you this here. Let's move on to what bench Arrington had to say. The general manager spoke at length of about 1516 minutes. About where the personnel stands at this point. Couple of news he developments first of all of the loss of Ryan Dempster hints announcing that he -- thirteen million dollars on the table not play 2014. Left the depth hole if you will in the starting rotation. Chris kept you want -- looks like he's going to be one of the guys that bench Harrington is going to asked to help fill some of that out. Right it kept you on oh has agreed to terms it was reported first by the by the Springfield Republican in mass live dot com excellent reporters there. One of whom may or may not be part of the WEEI dot com compound but Fort Myers beach. And Chris Capuano is provides direct talks with something they were missing in the absence of Dempster -- veteran depth. He's a guy who has an experienced Major League starter he has a track record. You more or less know. Beat -- this is the guy who understands what it takes to compete when he doesn't have his best stuff and some of the Red Sox stepped options wouldn't necessarily qualify in that category yet so. -- you wanna give them value in kind of being. Being a guy who who is a known commodity is that sixth starter he does also have some relief experience in fact he's been pretty productive. As a relief pitcher and ERA in the mid three's is a reliever and he's been really really tough throughout his career against left handers. But I am and I think I'm in the ballpark when I say to 31 averaged 288 OBP by lefties against him in his career so he would have value even if he's just adept starter on the Major League roster. Taking the spot that had been identified for Ryan Dempster. Another bit of a news Angolan news development. Here on Thursday day four of spring training with the Red Sox. Pertains to someone who's taking a bit of it informal batting practice session here inside jetBlue park right now that's David Ortiz I know you reported just. Few moments ago actually. That there have actually indeed been some talks but no contract proposal. Very good signs significant sign how do you rate it Alex in terms of you know the Red Sox and David Ortiz finally sitting down. Well finally sitting down I mean they've just arrived Ortiz and his agent for miscues have only been in Fort Myers for. You know a couple days so he got his legs under him and an -- and said let's all get together so I don't think there's been. I've I would say that this is -- rather efficient you know use of everyone's time that they've already gotten together. I believe that today represented nearly the start of conversations probably an exchange of ideas and more or less saying look. We want to be you know we want to. Ever on once David Ortiz to spend the rest of his career and Red Sox uniform so this is where you kind of start discussing. The framework of you know well what shape might that take and beyond that I don't really know the that was made today he didn't leave with an offer in hand or anything. But nonetheless the fact that there is dialogue of the -- represents the high regard that the Red Sox have for David Ortiz and affected everyone kind of wants to advance the process. And Friday will be a bit of -- change it in Red Sox plans the annual charity golf outing. Here in southwestern Florida here in Fort Myers. So the practice schedule will be adjusted accordingly on Friday will be back with you with more details. From and not only the charity golf event but also the F practiced. And the workouts leading up to that on Friday. He's Alex spare -- Mike but rally at WEEI. Dot com. And excellent.

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