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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston: Celtics and the NBA Trading Deadline

Feb 20, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan joins Mut and Fauria to discuss Rajon Rondo, the Celtics other options at the deadline, as well as the impact of Russell Westbrook's return to the Thunder

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We sit and wait inside few hours before. The official trading below -- don't think -- a bit late but as of right now with. An -- 56 minutes or so of any age quiet on deadline day. Jack your quality SPF boston.com joins -- -- -- by our friends at Toyota of Nashua commonwealth mortgage -- by Lexus of Watertown. Jackie -- and Christian today how -- That are unpaid Jackie. Aren't that accurate I UN -- sunny you here mass. I am in Virginia. And there are looking at colleges often and the Sunday -- -- here for that hope. What's nice and warm there. We your. You're in Virginia we're sitting here in a lot of Celtics fans in the middle all wondered the same thing will the Celtics do. Thought anything today -- be heard anything on the trade fought for mediate between now at 3 o'clock. Well I expect to be something you know a big one would be conduct -- and and I I don't think the Celtics can be adverse. In the right situation to -- Rondo and I think we and I feel that is because. It's clear that he's given the mixed signals about whether he wants to be part of your future and you can understand that. He got entering the prime of his career and -- -- that we -- taken my wasting my my -- years. Of course the help -- can give them a Max deal more than anybody so they've got that in your favorite. So the problem is. People that want him don't have discuss the need farm and the people -- be interested in trading him to -- wanna give up those personal pixel first round picks are like gold this year. That takes Sacramento we know Sacramento had some interest in Rondo. I think the Celtics would have been willing to make a deal of them if they maybe would give the pilot -- first round pick which is the -- they're not gonna do they've got new ownership there. Shaq is part of that group now he would he would. You want it Rondo hit interest in -- -- -- -- I think you know if he did you know we that you've heard a little bit about Matt Moore and Isiah Thomas. I think that could work if there was a -- involved. But you can understand Sacramento. They've they've put feelings out there and they get word that they Rondo would recite them so they're just they're new ownership new GM they're not gonna make that kind of deal. It's too risky for them the next you know covered Rondo but what do you want that process on any text. There's nothing you can take back its -- going on with the public they'll have to do anything regarding Rondo. But if if the deal was right the picture right and a young player that is gonna cost a lot of money I think they would do it because I think that's where they are now relationships. It is so so -- for -- Rondo who. Who sees he covered by a lot of other teams who could be that that cornerstone that bank bet that could help them contend for championships. Why isn't it that the Celtics just don't lock him up long term or is it just something about him personally physically but they don't like. Now I don't think it's that simple -- so they made an offer to honor to extend him and I think it's team that would be looking at Rondo. They would not be looking at the cornerstone and I think I'm not sure he can be Decourt if you LeBron James. Is indeed Dirk Nowitzki is the is the Kobe Bryant. You know I don't think he has the easy you know maybe you're number two guy yeah that's probably dismembered. Superstars in the NBA if you're gonna be the number one guy's -- the -- down you know Max sky being number one guy you have to be able to score. And I don't know that -- can do that he's a special player. I can understand like you could want -- I would want them on my team with the right Mexican by the way the right -- with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett yes. Yes OK I'll at this point. Though about to me is is there is that -- probably going to cure Rondo and your candidate seventeen a lot. I think I wanted to stay but let me see let me see how this -- he can play in fact I don't blame him for that. And the soap action and OK we get back but maybe we need to if we do and from what I scored big in this draft -- -- draft that we all think it is. And having -- not on a team give -- a better draft pick and if we can collect more drastic than what do it if not. Rondo Rondo -- we can talk them into it they'd and we get something going forward and make an excited about being here. And also -- -- financially for him it doesn't make sense that the sign an extension now he waits he actually apparently. Get paid more always and you know what country that are not out on not an all -- And the company -- a video of the celtics' eleventh they contain thirty million dollars more than anybody else. And you know what that's true if anybody else that trade for now that you're back a little -- You trade for him you hold onto the very end you can pay 391 anybody else. Forget who like what's Sacramento we're -- he may walk on you all alert you to assign attainment of -- that things could happen but I'd still think they're right. Deal is on the table either for Rondo or for the Celtics and have to be provoked her Rhonda can walk on anybody. You know it's not as simple as they would go directly -- you anywhere you want yes that's true. What he's got to be willing to stay on. And resigning them otherwise let him make. Yeah and that's why -- -- the off season as a more realistic landing spot it if there if they're gonna trade -- would decide how they wanna know that because you have a longer time to figure out Kate. Anywhere the draft picture might get NB a what -- might be interest in my follow up would be Jacqui all this Rondo talk. -- -- supposedly -- shopping him when the report came out -- -- number one picks or do you think it was just pay will listen if you if you call but Danny Ainge wasn't. Gold but team by team setting a mass email hey Rondo is available how to characterize how they treated him in the -- trade talks last couple weeks. Well. I think a little boat it's true I think again for the right deal. I think it moved and and by the way he should because he had no guarantees from -- Rondo at this moment that you get it for the long ball. You know he's sent mixed messages on that so you can understand. But I would tell you this inning is really like Rondo he drafted him he and -- it kind of put their heads together did great skyward drafted him. And you I think he really likes him and believed -- him. But that doesn't mean it's this site is better provoke them in a bond -- I think -- really -- skiing but you can change a light you have a lot bought them but you know -- And I'm approaching the prime of my -- I thought man accused in -- -- -- -- guy but I would -- three years I want to win more ratings you can see it from both. Thought yes so does does Brad Stevens have any CA in this what's love or is it all comes from range. Are we I think in this one the that this is this is -- I mean you don't have Bret Stephens I think. As some say in the matter and he don't listen to what they not play -- now is if you can't get along with him. Too bad for you could he's going to be here that's the one person we can all agree on right. We're going to be here the next three years and that's Brad Stevens he probably only one we can agree on it'll be here for the next three years. So but I think this I think this is -- call any ownership called country and they don't have loved -- -- I know -- in particular really love them probably doesn't wanna deal but again. You know wanna get Colin I think. -- McMullen ESP of boston.com is joining us so as you talk about what happens for you now at 3 o'clock today Iran will be the big one night. -- and I argued about this earlier I think get a bare minimum it's got to be Nasser or at a Humphries contract is to reveal that countries -- it twelve million by. I think -- be the bare minimum Jacqui what what some of their expectation of what Danny really have to do between now at 3 o'clock. Well I think you know that makes sense and it's funny all the guys that we targeted right all the kind of you know lower level not the real flashy Rondo guys. Spent -- already been traded right. A Luke Ridnour all the people we all your market guy that would be going away from teams that don't really wanna get better. That wanna get picks that you don't want to do well on the -- They'd been moved right. So back to me where that fits into that -- so I think if anybody goes he he makes a certain amount of sense. So right Jacqui so earlier in the show -- you probably missed it but the most talked about his dream scenario. What -- your dream scenario be. Before the trade deadline for the for the Celtics. And as an example Jackie -- it was that they they find a way to convince Minnesota that Kevin Love really can opt out nick Kevin Love and Rajon Rondo on this roster at some point and a big picture dream scenario for the Celtics in the -- OK but what did you give up for every -- wells yet the best part of a dream of you don't know how you give to draft you know high you get there'd always wanted to draft picks I didn't I didn't put the whole team likely have to explain myself which is my dream scenario -- of of how this thing. How it starts to get rebuilt with the news Peter best he had last night to Kevin. Love told the timberwolves say guys I'm opting out you better trade -- -- do something good after next year. I'm not going to be here. Well I believe we kind of know that about Camelot and I wouldn't mind using Kevin Love is part of my cornerstone. But I'd have to give up from the -- I'm like good that the greens there's something else I would need a parameters that need real. I mean if we're talking dream why can't we just tell LeBron to come here and over and that's why I don't I -- the violent itself but then after that you'd be pretty happy where. I mean you know and and you can be up and you know I think you can stay put -- -- you can imagine a scenario in which he'd -- Miami not after what happened there and. And I think that Pat Riley and poster children and I don't think he's going anywhere but -- catalog again at some of the target everybody government LA. Right now and I thought it was funny like a kid like Freddie said right now like him better than electric and he's right by the -- -- that that team is a lot trouble they might make some moves today pal Gasol potentially. Could make the -- -- the Eastern Conference teams like L a -- tactic no matter what these teams do it's it's either going to be Miami or. -- Indiana that represents the conference in the finals are the western side Jackie. Can you make a favor right now have a hard time saying yeah I feel really good about backing that pima eye and -- it's much more wide open in the west. I suppose so but you know what -- Russell -- Coming back here is you know getting back into the next and if you wanna talk trade deadline it's almost like you traded for one of the best point guards in the league and you've just got them. And it because you haven't had a -- year. So I really like OKC -- like the way to constitute. Like the mission that Kevin Durant on they've got guys that can score but they've got guys they can defense. You know Houston insisting. And I'm curious what they're gonna do because they've got so many different moving parts that they could actually move on and an improved thinking which is a -- Antonio they're -- beat up we can't tell what they act and the corporate Miree airway and it is not quite there yet they're a little too young not quite decent enough. So I mean you know you've got a lot of other options there are -- still look at. And to look at okay see me anyway as a team that comes out of the way. Yeah Oklahoma City I look at that top three years as anyone of those teams that it depending on how healthy San Antonio is still a forty -- my last one. Would be about the return Russell Westbrook Kevin Durant is the MVP right now. He's taken over east but it. Unbelievable player Andy apps Westbrook they've got great play for Reggie Jackson from VC Jeremy lamb for UConn off the bench. How big of a hit does to rant MVP -- take -- -- on back to keep QB commands the ball so much -- -- -- had this free -- while Westbrook but now. You know I don't think that I don't look at it that way. I think mr. -- numbers have been up across the board defensively in particular I think he's getting a lot of credit for really improving his defensive. Effort -- you're right that this may go down a little bit because he's had to be the every man on that team but he still gonna score still gonna rebound the ball. I think if they win more. And they will win more I think what threat rockets acclimated back into things. And that ever be that here and be -- A lot of fun we'll find out how much Florida's for Celtics fans about an hour 44 minutes until the trade deadline -- enjoy the college search we'll talk -- next week. What Obama will be if they don't do anything wrong out there that aren't -- and -- and so I went there they got -- resolve. Well he got me he won't do -- just for the sake you don't expect it a lot of activity day. And it really hear all the players that we eat earmark the players that you feared getting motor all the ones that we thought would get removed from that teens. To better things and that that would you know that's. I think the Celtics fit that profile. What's that Brandon Bass Jeff Green maybe to that list thank you Jackie I had a great that I generate quality -- a boston.com joining us is always brought to you by Toyota Nashua. By commonwealth mortgage in by Lexus of Watertown.

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